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There’s an odd contradiction in right-wing ‘thought’. On the one hand, they’re Randian heroes, the wealth creators, modern day Atlases who support the world while ‘parasites’ try to take their wealth and bring them down. On the other hand, they’re victims who need subsidies and special treatment. Fed Farmers CEO Conor English embodies the contradiction.

Check out his piece in the Dom on Monday.

It starts off by talking, rather oddly, about child policy:

If all parents had a positive rather than negative attitude towards children; saw them as an asset not a liability; saw the best in them, not the worst; were proud of them, not ashamed; supported, not humiliated or criticised them as they learned by making mistakes; and wanted the best for them – then we would be better off. If they simply just said to their children that they thought they were great and that they were valued, I suspect our crime statistics would be lower and many people happier.

Wow, Conor, better get your brother Bill on the blower and share that great policy: ‘Hey, Bill, I’ve got this great idea to solve our child abuse and crime problems’. ‘Yeah? Well Christ knows we don’t have any, what is it Conor?’ ‘Well, what if everyone was just nice to each other?!?’ <Click>

But it turns out Conor is just using child abuse as a metaphor for our attitude to ‘wealth creators’ like himself. That’s not as grossly offensive and insensitive as you might think. Nah, it is:

But while we may have concerns about attitudes to children, what about our attitudes on other fronts? If we changed the word “children” to “business person”, “exporter”, “farmer”, “manufacturer” or “wealth creator” – can we say New Zealand has an attitude different from that of some parents towards the children they abuse?

If we want to remain a first- world country, someone has to make some money somewhere in this country to pay the bills. The attitudes of those that contribute to making that money, and of others towards them, is critical. Wealth creators are like children. There is no future without them. Everyone has their part to play, but someone has to start the money-go-round…

… If we want New Zealand to be a place where talent wants to live, then we simply need more people that see the glass half full, whether they are looking at our children or wealth creators. So let each of us decide to be more positive. While we cannot control the attitudes of others, we can control our own. So are we up for it?

All of which is, I think, Conor’s ham-fisted way of saying ‘hey, arseholes, stop asking that we ‘wealth creators’ pay for our pollution and stop farming for untaxed capital gain, which results in huge international debt. Instead, give us bailout every time it’s too cold or too wet or too dry or too hot (remember, don’t expect us to pay anything towards containing climate change). Oh, and pay for our irrigation.’

Actually, I would respect Conor more if he had the guts just to come out and say that. It’s the blubbering tone he adopts when he compares the wealthiest and most powerful New Zealanders to babies in need of cradling and care at the same time as using the Randian term ‘wealth creator’ that gets me.

When did right-wingers become right-whingers?

[For a look at why rightwingers have adopted the language of victimhood to defend their position of privilege, check out Irish’s piece]

18 comments on “Another right whinger”

  1. freedom 1

    they Mr English, the difference is, the need for a nappy on a chilld is at the other end

  2. Tigger 2

    For one of the English clan, a nest of nasty homophobes, to speak of supporting children no matter what is utterly laughable. Support them, yes, unless they happen to be gay…

  3. cowbell 3

    This from Gordon Campbell and Rod Oram makes a similar point

    • Red Rosa 3.1

      That really is a disturbing piece CB, well spotted.

      Dairy is our major exporter, and its marginal costs of production are steadily climbing towards those of the more efficient US units. Pasture these days does not come cheap, especially if irrigated.

  4. Malcolm 4

    Conor English is scaling the heights of truly awesome mentalness there!

  5. Peter 5

    Rod Oram (National radio today) sees new hope for the future of FF now that they had new leadership. Apparently the new regime will be keen for dialogue with the 87% of us who live in town. It all sounds promising.

  6. Frank Macskasy 6

    “If we want to remain a first- world country, someone has to make some money somewhere in this country to pay the bills…”

    Yes, Conor. We get that.

    But the corollary to that is, If we want to remain a first- world country, someone has to,

    * pay taxes

    * keep the environment clean

    * provide services that keep us where we are, instead of becoming a “Somalia” at the bottom of the Pacific.

    So, Conor, next time you turn your water tap on for a drink of clean, uncontaminated water, just bear in mind that society achieved that incredible feat by mandating our elected representatives to prevent pollution and set standards.

    The Third World would love to have what we take for granted, and many feel that they don’t have to pay their fair share.

    • Jim Nald 6.1


      Now, here’s a fantastic idea for the Minister of Tourism to continue to sell this country to his cronies –

      re-branding New Zealand Inc as New Somalia Inc.

  7. marsman 7

    Wonder if he sees his brother Bill as a wealth creator?

  8. Murray 8

    I cant see any whinging in his piece at all, Just reasoned comments.
    The only whinging around here is the constant whining we have come to expect from the so called bloggers on the standard.

    • vto 8.1

      Murray it is entirely apt that Conor English uses the metaphor of children because that is exactly how Federated Farmers act EVERY TIME they get challenged on an issue… “oh boo hoo hoo, why is everybody always picking on me? It’s not fair … waaahh”.

      Fucking pathetic.

      Issues around environmental degradation are entirely justified and never get answered properly by the farming sector. They would rather everyone just sit down and be quiet. Witness lachlan McKenzie about a week ago.

      Grow up.

    • McFlock 8.2

      one of those highly irregular verbs, eh Murray?
      I whinge.
      You complain.
      These were reasoned comments from a wealth creator.

  9. Rusty Shackleford 9

    Breaking News: Politicians Are Hypocrites!

    In other stories today, a cat good stuck up a tree and the All Blacks under performed at a world cup.

  10. According to this article in NZ Farmers weekly we have nothing to fear!

    A brother of National Party deputy leader Bill English, it should not be assumed Conor English’s politics are identical.
    Described by an associate as “a pragmatist who understands the long game” Conor English is his own man with a definite vision for the future of Feds and its role in agriculture.
    With a background in agriculture and extensive experience in politics and economics English is expected to give the sector a voice that should resonate “even the leafy barbs of the inny and outy Aucks”, a quote taken from the kiwiblog website.

    Em, aren’t the Nat’s and Federated Farmers literally one and the same?
    But back to the article; as we have just read he has little to do with the Nats….. em, well, no

    During his three years at the Federation he was involved in helping the organisation adjust to the new MMP environment.
    He then moved to the Beehive to initially undertake the role of press secretary for Warren Cooper going on to became a private secretary and then press secretary and advisor to John Luxton, number four in Cabinet.
    English’s parliamentary work involved working with ministers who held portfolios covering ministerial responsibilities that included commerce, industry, associate international trade, biosecurity, lands, fisheries and agriculture.

    So, he worked for National ministers….

    • Jim Nald 10.1

      Sounds like bureaucrat. FF think we are stupid? Or they can’t be that stupid surely?

  11. Also,
    he has one degree but climbs to the top – nepotism?

  12. MikeG 12

    How did Fed Farmers get my email address? I’ve just been spammed with this article in an email from Conor English. I have never given my email address to Fed Farmers, but interestingly I have corresponded with the National Party via email – although always to their Parliament email.

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