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So, one internet comic writer challenged another internet comic writer to draw 200 bad comics and this was the result. Awesome on so many levels.


I especially like number 10. I wonder if that will be New Zealand come November.

12 comments on “Bad Comics”

  1. Monty 1

    You say “I especially like number 10. I wonder if that will be New Zealand come November.” – I think drastic surgery is required to cure you of KDS.

    Looking at the latest Roy morgan poll (which back the colmar brunton poll) I would suggest that National will win and even better – those useless sods from the Greenies will be swelling the ranks of the unemployable.

  2. Monty – you are a dick.

  3. Steve Pierson 3

    I’ts also not correct. The Roy morgan poll does have National touching 50% but Lab is up to 35.5% and Greens are still well over 5% on 6.5%. I assume tane will be delivering his graph in due course.

    New Zealnd First remains within striking distance of 5%.

    I see the pattern remaining more or less steady as it is now, with Labour tracking up from it’s mid/low 30s trough to mid/high 30s and naitonal tracking down from it’s mid/low 50s to mid/high 40s by the time the campaign proper begins … and then things will get really interesting – leads usually narrow during eleciton contests, especially when an unproven challenger has been out in front (look at how Labor was polling until the campaign and then through to the election in Australia)

    There, the two way split peaked at 22% in favour of Labor but was down near 5% on election night.

  4. Steve Pierson 4

    honestly though – bad comics, it rocks.

  5. Tane 5

    Steve, these are awesome.

  6. randal 6

    that snake looks pretty “slippery”

  7. Christopher Nimmo 7


    That is pretty fine.

  8. Monty 8

    Steve – I feel sorry for you being so deluded.

    Winston’s constitutency is dying. He is a prick and no one wants him in parliament.

    The Greens will go – their support gets less each election. If they are saved it will only be because enough dis-affected voters transfer their vote to Labour. After Clark and Cullen have been disposed those voters may return to Labour in 2011, but that will also be the demise of the greens for sure.

    No one is listening to Labour any more. Their purile attacks have backfired and on election night Labour will learn a lesson in humility. They are cracking at the edges and soon will implode.

    National will win an absolute majority, but will include the Maori Party to demonstrate to NZ that National and MP can work together constructively. Labour will take nine years (maybe 12) to recover from the demolition job national will do to them in 2008.

  9. Monty, what a rich fantasy life you have. It’s not chemically enhanced, is it?

  10. Tane 10

    I think Monty’s on the wrong thread.

  11. lprent 11

    Ummmm so was Steve.

    I added a poppy to the header for the day

  12. Tane 12

    Why he was too. What an odd thread. Nice touch with the poppy Lynn.

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