Barclay/English cartooned

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Plus a bit of twitter humour –

8 comments on “Barclay/English cartooned”

  1. L0L ! … Witty !…. and all in a nutshell .


  2. WOW English is going to have to be as slippery as a slippery thing if he is to get out of this one. The contempt and ridicule for Bill English from those cartoons says it all. The tick from dipton has scuppered himself and hopefully his parties election chances.

  3. Penny Bright 3

    Yep – PM Bill English has a new name.


  4. Johan 4

    Outstanding political cartoons!

    ..and John Key resigned to be closer to his family? Yeah Right, pull the other one.

  5. ianmac 5

    What is strange is how over the last 8 years various mis-steps by Key and others (Dirty Tricks) were soft pedaled or ignored, yet other issues by Labour were given full power of the press. “I am sorry for being…” “$100 thousand bottle of wine….” “David signed a support document 8 years ago…”

  6. McFlock 6

    Such a debarclay! lols

  7. Philj 7

    The MSM appear to have awoken. Must be close to an election.

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