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Looks like Saturday was the first day that election billboards were allowed up. Political parties were out having fun. Here’s a selection,


Couldn’t find much of National that was worth posting.

I also found this from last time, and while I’m not generally a fan of defacing billboards, this one did seem to work,


I’m feeling a bit let down by the geeks. In 2011 there was a website where you could make your own billboards.



33 comments on “Billboards at dawn”

  1. Ad 1

    In Auckland yesterday we haven’t got that wet putting up billboards since Clark’s early election in 2006. Went home and had a god hour in a hot bath to warm up.

    • Tony Veitch (not etc) 1.1

      And I hope your prayers were answered!

    • mosa 1.2

      Ad Helen Clark’s early election was 2002 and and held in July so yeah it was bloody wet and cold.

      • Ad 1.2.1

        Appreciate the correction.
        So many elections, so many campaigns.

        • McFlock

          lol and too many arseholes

          Jeez, was it 1996 wgtn central when the nat candidate went to support the victorious prebble (after being knifed on telly by bolger) and got jeered at the door by the little toryboys?

  2. James 2

    I hate the billboards everywhere – they become just a mass of signs for all the parties.

    What annoys the crap out of me is when they are defaced (any of them) people have worked hard to raise money for the signs, been outside in the cold and wet installing them and they are entitled to be there.

    Just because you want “the other side” to win – defacing them is a pretty shitty behaviour.

    And that’s for all parties – because I’ve seen all of them defaced over the years.

    Except for the Colin Craig ones – they were so bad people left them up as is – that was worse than what people could do to them.

    • SpaceMonkey 2.1

      “Just because you want “the other side” to win”…

      No… they are an opportunity for public comment. That some people choose to make derogatory or offensive comments indicates to me the depth of feeling.

      • James 2.1.1

        Really ? So I think little will be a disaster (strongly). So you think it’s ok to go deface his signs?

        • SpaceMonkey

          If that’s the only way you know how to express yourself… go mad.

          • james

            I guess Im just a bit smarter than the people who can only deface billboards then.

            That and unlike yourself – have respect for others property and (even if I disagree with the message), respect people like Ad’s work above to get off their ass in the cold and wet to get out there and help put them up.

    • The decrypter 2.2

      DON’T SCRATCH james–james “the DOUBLE TICK PARTY”.

    • mauī 2.3

      Funny only nat supporters are worried about sign defacement. I wonder why that is lol

      • james 2.3.1

        I doubt you could give a reasonable citation for that as I hardly represent all voters.

      • Banjo 2.3.2

        Funny how they’re worried about the defacement of a sign but not bothered when innocent people’s reputations were in effect defaced or tarnished by the last PMs dirty politics crew.

  3. Billboard.

    Bill board.

    Bill bored.


    Sounds about right.

    The do nothing National government of bored / boring Bill.

  4. rob 4

    is there a law when they can be put up? matt king nat kaipara has had his up for atleast a month and shane reti nat whangarei had one up all yr.

  5. Venezia 5

    Nicky Wagner has had her face on election billboards in Christchurch Central on the back of our big red buses for at least the last six months. (“We are here to help”).

    • Wensleydale 5.1

      “We’re here to help… but really we’d rather be cruising the harbour instead of stuck in boring meetings with disabled people.”

    • Rob 5.2

      That’s right
      I’m from the Government or the inland revenue dept
      I’m here to help you
      Yeah right Steven!

    • tc 5.3

      Macindoe has had billboards up in Tron for weeks already

  6. adam 6

    Yes there is a date, when billboards can be put up. But some politicians have been getting around it by advertising meetings, or their electoral office etc….

    That said not sure how Denise Lee (Tory scum standing for Maungakiekie) got away with it….As the meeting ended weeks ago and her sign was left up on Onehunga Mall…

    • Cricklewood 6.1

      Same for both sides Michael Woods meeting signs have been all over Mt Roskill for months…

      Hell ive been driving past a long expired NZ1st sign abvertising a townhall meeting…

  7. mary_a 7

    Yes, I’ve noticed the hoardings going up. Haven’t seen many of Labour yet, only one. Greens are out there 🙂

    Best hubby and I saw was this morning when we were out walking in a semi rural area of the country. A blue board featuring Bill English … “Delivering for New Zealanders.” The hoarding was in a paddock with grazing cattle.

    Very appropriate, Natz and English advertising in a field full of bullshit 🙂

    • halfcrown 7.1

      Very appropriate, Natz and English advertising in a field full of bullshit 🙂

      Ha ha ha. Well done mary_a I like it

  8. alwyn 8

    Are the ones you publish for the Labour Party a fair sample?
    Are the candidates all so offside with Andrew Little that they aren’t willing to have their face on a billboard with him?
    I guess it will mean that they can use the billboards next time though, as they won’t have to somehow scrub out his picture and replace it with the next leader.

    • the pigman 8.1

      “Are the candidates all so offside with Andrew Little that they aren’t willing to have their face on a billboard with him?

      Are that Nat trolls so depleted of insight or imagination that they’re just going to rehash the same attack line of 2014 re: David Cunliffe “he’s not on their billboards because they don’t want to be seen with him”?

      I’d pretend I expected better from you alwyn but… really no.

  9. greywarshark 9

    Grant Robertson appears to be the winner of the first skirmish at Messines.
    (Historians and writers disagree on the strategic significance of the battle, although most describe it as a ..NZ Labour… tactical and operational success.) I

    • alwyn 9.1

      Isn’t that one on the grounds of the Russian Embassy?
      Gosh has Grant being having pre-election meetings with the Russians?
      Like The Donald Junior?

  10. greywarshark 10

    Delivering for NZs – and Blinglish is wearing a delivery guy’s jacket and endorsed by Domino’s (Pizzas)? That’s not bringing up the lucky number to my liking. I’ll stop buying mine from there!

    • greywarshark 10.1

      The one with Dominos on it. I fell for that, of course you can do anything on line. Can someone confirm that it never made it to an actual physical Billboard, or CardboardMan as he might be known, if someone had thought of it?

  11. Tanz 12

    How many people take any of them seriously? I have never chosen who to vote for because of a billboard sign.

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