Blubbering into oblivion

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I had to laugh at this comment by Mako about my least favorite wingnut…

More desperate anti-Brown smearing from Slater. His latest allegation is that ‘Looney Len’ wants every school to plant 500 trees a year. A waste of our precious education budget! he wails. Child slave labour! he howls. ‘Surely one of his backers wouldn’t have interests in nurseries?’ he blubbers. And what if the schools don’t have any ROOM for 500 trees? Utter madness!

And you might well agree, unless you click on the link in his posting, and discover that Brown’s plan (and it’s really proposed only as a ‘friendly challenge’) is actually for every school to GROW presumably from seed 500 plants, which the Council will then match, and plant out along estuaries and creeks to beautify storm water areas and natural waterways. I’m no ecologist, but I think this idea has some merit, and I have no doubt that many school children would enjoy being involved in such a scheme.

So Team Banksie, STOP MAKING SHIT UP. And learn how to spell ‘pohutukawa’.

It really tells you a lot about the pathetic state that both Cameron Slater and the Banks smear machine have been reduced to these days. Misrepresenting a story like that is just idiotic. Either that or they got exhausted after dragging their finger over the headline.

Roll on the local body elections when we can at least dispose of one clown with his outdated campaigning techniques and mayoral parking.

If we’re really lucky the courts may constrain the other one sometime shortly thereafter. The courts grind really slowly and a year waiting for a trial isn’t uncommon. But the courts lack any humor about challenges to their authority.

46 comments on “Blubbering into oblivion”

  1. Good to see Len committing to the “Eco city” concept. Westies will be pleased.

    If Greater Auckland becomes an eco city then something good will have come from the amalgamations.

  2. big bruv 2

    When will Jesus Brown tell us who he had dinner with?

  3. felix 3

    Is the slug still alive? Who knew?

    Good on him for highlighting Brown’s idea though. Sounds like a no-brainer – low cost, edumactional, socially beneficial, environmentally helpful, AND presumably financially advantageous re Kyoto.

    ps Lynn, why is there always one less comment than the count?

    • Pascal's bookie 3.1

      why is there always one less comment than the count?

      Looks like the twitter trackback thingie

      • Lanthanide 3.1.1

        I’ve mentioned a couple of times that the trackback thing is counted as comments and that it’s annoying, but haven’t received any response (at least, not that I’ve seen). Presumably he wants it to work that way?

        • lprent

          Hadn’t ‘seen’ them. My moderating eye is pretty selective when I’m scanning.

          Just got home and I’m looking at the code. Should be easy with the home page and single post. Bit more tricky with the smart-phone theme. BTW: anyone notice the upgrade on the iPhones etc during the weekend? I can now reply on the bus!

      • lprent 3.1.2

        Correct. I will fix it tonight. And the errent search box that moved in wp 3

        • lprent

          Darn – that filter should have fixed it. Looks like the counter isn’t picking up correctly. I’ll try again in the morning.

  4. big bruv 4

    Come on Jesus Brown, who was at the dinner and why did you charge the hard working people of South Auckland for your night out?

  5. big bruv 5

    Speaking of bludgers, got a job yet felix?

    • felix 5.1

      Why? Is your make-believe company hiring again?

      Pay your debt, bludger.

      • big bruv 5.1.1

        Still sucking off the tax payer aye Felix.

        Thought as much.

        • felix

          Baseless speculation on your part, bludge.

          Your own deceit, treachery, cowardice and un-trustworthiness however is a matter of record.

          • the sprout

            you should really honour your word bb, rather than pitifully trying to avoid the issue, lest we think you are full of shit.

            • big bruv


              I can assure you that I will not lose one minutes sleep worrying what left wing people think of me.
              There was a stage when I would have cared, in my youth I had left wing sympathies but years of seeing how corrupt and dishonest the left are in NZ changed my views.

              • felix


              • The Voice of Reason

                This isn’t about your politics, it’s about your credibility. Is that really worth so little to you?

              • Pay up BB

                Even old fashioned tories believed in honour. It is true that many of the current lot are only motivated by greed but a bet is a bet.

                If you think that the awful left is corrupt and dishonest then you have just become a leftie.

  6. big bruv 6

    “Your own deceit, treachery, cowardice and un-trustworthiness”

    Shit!, that would make me an ideal Labour candidate for the Auckland mayoralty.

  7. American Gardener 7

    Ignoring Len Brown’s failure to explain who was at the the infamous $810 dinner his tree idea actually sounds quite good. Get kids doing something practical to manage CO2 , beautify environments stabilize banks etc etc

  8. Croc 8

    There a a myriad of studies showing the benefit of getting kids gardening:

    To be against ideas like this is to be anti-education, anti-community building, anti-environment and anti-common sense.

    • Cnr Joe 8.1

      Croc- quite.
      My architect sister is managing a large new school development and is specifying fruit trees on the grounds and trying to get the board to consider vege gardens out the front of the school where ornamentals normally would go. They seem to think the produce will get knicked, but she’ll get her way….

      • G8 8.1.1

        My kids have a vege garden at school and it’s a hit – your sister is onto it as is Len Brown with his plant planting idea

      • MikeG 8.1.2

        ‘Garden to Table’ is a program that some primary schools are running – the kids (with lots of supervision) look after the school vege gardens and cook the veges produced. It’s very popular with the kids.

      • Croc 8.1.3

        Who cares if the produce gets nicked?

        People will be eating healthy food. I’d rather them nicking organic fruit off a tree than stealing candy bars.

        We really need to get past this idea of private ownership of everything. Community/school gardens should be just that – for the community.

        • felix

          There was a proposal to replace the dying palms in the main street of my backwards retarded little town with a variety of fruit trees, but it was rejected by the backwards retarded council because they were worried that people would eat the fruit.


          • Croc

            The US government originally opposed the Victory Gardens scheme during WWII because they thought it would damage the agricultural industry.

            Go figure.

  9. Better a Jesus Brown than a Lazarus Banks.
    If Brown keeps going like this the kids could run the Olympics and Banks could graffiti the new jail inside and outside.

  10. peter 10

    Guys, no one cares what Slater thinks, He like his ilk actually beleive that their rantings matter and have any relevance in the real world…

  11. Disengaged 11

    I remember doing something very similar to this when I was in Primary School around 20 years ago. We grew native seedlings at school and then went on a field trip to replant the local eastuary.

    It was a great project, we got to learn about how plants grow, how the local wetland ecology worked and also got a sense of pride from helping the local community. In fact it was still a sense of pride when I went back there last Christmas and saw my handiwork still thriving 20 years on.

    How can giving kids more information and pride in their community possibly be a bad thing?

    • Absolutely. It’s a sure-fire way to help kids (and adults) develop a real sense of the connection between their own actions, their shared environment, and their wellbeing

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