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Friday is the day of action for ‘Save Campbell Live’.

Nationwide organiser, Jo Bond, instigated the day of action across a few
cities in New Zealand because she believes that good quality
investigative journalism is important for a well-functioning democracy.
Campbell Live has proven itself to be excellent at holding people and
organisations accountable for their actions.

Rallies in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin are being organised and
led by Jo. She is working closely with the Auckland rally that is being
organised by Ruth Crichton. Jo says, “I hope that everyone reading this
will either come along to a local rally, show their support online
and/or watch Campbell Live at 7pm every weeknight on TV3”.

Details of the rallies are as follows:

Auckland: Meet at the corner of Symonds Street and Karangahape Road at
11:30am. There will be a march to the TV3 office at 3 Flower Street to
present the Save Campbell Live petitions that were organised by Action
Station and Scoop.

Wellington: Meet at Te Aro Park at 4:30pm. There will be a march to the
TV3 office at 72-74 Abel Smith Street, a march back, and then a rally
with prominent speakers. The theme of this protest is “Campbell lights
up our screens!” Please wear bright colours, bring your brightest
umbrella and a small torch.

Christchurch: Meet at 455 Hagley Avenue, Hagley Park at 12pm. There will
be a march to the TV3 office at 335 Lincoln Road, a march back, then a
rally with prominent speakers. The theme of this protest is “Thank you
John Campbell.”

Dunedin: Meet at the lower Octagon at 4:30pm. There will be no march,
but a rally with prominent speakers. The theme of this protest is
“Campbell lights up our screens!” Please wear bright / fluorescent
colours, bring your brightest umbrella and a small torch.

There is also a 24 hour virtual protest on Facebook:

Spread the word, bring along your friends, whanau and neighbours. It’s
going to be awesome!

12 comments on “Campbell Live – Day of Action”

  1. Kiwiri 1

    This is very important to support and I will be at the rally!

  2. Puckish Rogue 2

    This is why Campbell Live might be getting the axe

    The ratings are falling and have been falling since 2013

  3. JanMeyer 3

    [drum roll] …. in the great tradition of progressive protest movements … civil rights, women’s rights, Vietnam war, nuclear arms race, Maori rights … we bring you the next compelling instalment: to protest in solidarity with a wealthy white middle class middle aged male, resident of Grey Lynn no less, who desperately needs your support to keep his job as New Zealand’s last remaining beacon of broadcasting truth and light! His employer Mediaworks will listen attentively and respond positively if enough of you get out today and express your heartfelt chants and liberal pleadings … 🙂

    • Realblue 3.1

      Ha, in that same context this wealthy white guy needs to perform better to stay on air. You want to keep, then watch it. Protesting to keep a wealthy guy in his job in a privately owned company is bafflingly stupid. But give it a go I suupose.

      • Kiwiri 3.1.1

        Interesting perspectives.

        I’ll be there to support what has become a privatised role and source that provides the important public function and service of investigative journalism.

        It is deplorable that we have come to this point as a nation, having substantially run down and sold out the public function of public broadcasting that asks the difficult and politically challenging questions, holding people/organisations in positions of power to account.

      • Puckish Rogue 3.1.2

        Got to keep those one percenters in work i guess 🙂

  4. philj 4

    The real issue is the shocking state of our national media, especially TVNZ. That’s what we should be shouting about, not a privately owned TV programme.

  5. Murray Rawshark 6

    As usual, the morans personify it and make it all about John Campbell’s job. They might see it that way, probably out of envy that they’re prepared to lick more enthusiastically than Mike Hosking and they’re not on tv, but it’s not about that. It’s about one of the last remaining examples of decent journalism. It’s about a program that asks questions that don’t get asked anywhere else. It’s about openness and our worth as a society. I’m not surprised that the trololols have trouble understanding that. For them, a good society is one where every red blooded male makes his daughters grow ponytails.

  6. SMILIN 7

    ratings? If more watched who understood the level of social disintegration that CAMPBELL HAS EXPOSED since Keys right wing hatchet squad took over in this country and screwed the social services outside of govt as well as in they might have some idea of what is going on in this country ,A country being dumbed down by inheriting the dross of Bush’s legacy via the PM and his illustrious career before politics
    This so-called improving economic climate in NZ is a farce driven by extreme right wing doctrine so that thieving pricks like uno who can get to convince by lying that its all ok, give me strength we are going to hell in a hand basket with a bigger economic bubble that will kill our sovereignty, TPPA, AND THE PRICE OF FUEL IS least 50c/ ltr above where it should be but the Govt doesn’t want us to be aware of this on national television on a regular basis like so many of the issues Campbell brings to the fore
    Key deserves to be deported back to his real home not this country

  7. Reddelusion 8

    Not bad 80 people close to his week night audience

  8. Mark Freeman 9

    11:30, 12, 4:30 on a Friday? Aren’t the workers, taxpayers & productive members of society otherwise occupied? I guess we’ll see on “the news” who rates this hugely compromised, discredited & hypocritical MSM puppet of the increasingly failed & irrelevant Left.
    A source whose identity I’m protecting overheard a phone conversation between CannedBull & Dotcon discussing how much it would cost to run a daily anti-Govt rant…

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