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Keep it seemly …

24 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. McFlock 1

    J: G’day Bill. It’s bloody awesome being a backbencher – I read the paper all day, have my favourite toys and a few beers close to hand, Bronagh gave me a packed lunch in a brown paper bag with the crusts cut off and everything!

  2. Carolyn_nth 2

    Bill, today’s news; tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper.

    So I’ll take my beer bottles, souvenirs from travelling to meet the BIG power players, and my duty free bag, and I’m off to Hawaii.

  3. ropata 3

    “What are ya wearing that shirt for John? I always thought you were a pinko. No more namby pamby social services on my watch. I am going full Galt. All hail Rand!”

  4. mac1 4

    “You’re learning the ukelele, John?”
    “Yep, ticked all the other boxes……. now it’s Hawaii and good-byee.”

  5. shorts 5

    “Sorry for making you do this John but you see I really need those coat tails right now”
    “Sure Bill, sweet as, can I go now?”

  6. One Anonymous Bloke 6

    Reptile humours nervous underling.

  7. joe90 7

    Page three, John, the pony tail pics are on page three.

  8. Editing the draft copy of tomorrows herald.

  9. silvertuatara 9

    Blind trusts you say John…..blind trusts…..ha ha ha he he he….better look into that one….do you have Ken’s contact details.

  10. @GCSBIntercepts 10

    Our @GCSBIntercepts transcript of the actual words spoken: “You’re the PM now Bill. And most importantly, no backsies.”

  11. fender 11

    “I’ve never done an honest days work in my life Bill, I’m not about to start now”

  12. Paul Campbell 12

    At least pretending to lose at golf to Obama was easy, you’re going to have to take lessons at faking failure if you want to make it believable

  13. Anne 13

    John, can I have the keys to your top drawer?

  14. burt 14

    Don’t worry John, the same thing they are calling for you to resign over they’ll be saying it’s no big deal when they parachute Willie In to the top of the list.

  15. Philj 15

    “I see there’s no jobs for me in paper Bill.”

  16. Irasible 16

    See you’re reading the travel section John. Looking for a cruise somewhere after the 23rd of March are you? Caucus will be holding a night of the knives party for you.

  17. mosa 17

    Two smiling greedy prats.

  18. rod 18

    Hi Bill, I’m just looking to see if there are any photos of me in the papers.I love putting them in my scrapbooks. I’ve got thousands.

  19. mosa 19

    More negative stuff on the Labour party Bill.
    Good to see our friends in the media still delivering.
    And you wouldn’t give them the money they asked for B.E.

  20. Christian Carruthers 20

    “John, will you still be needing the key to the pony tail draw?”

  21. Pete 21

    That bad memory over all those years and yet you still remembered how to get here?

    Trouble is you forgot that you’re not supposed to actually be here.”

  22. Doogs 22

    “Nice editorial JK, can I write tomorrow’s one?”

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