Chart o’ the day: drop meet ocean

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17 comments on “Chart o’ the day: drop meet ocean”

  1. Matthew Hooton 1

    Are there really 500 cycleway workers? That seems quite a few for a project like that and would suggest the policy has been more successful than I expected (had assumed it was a total flop).

    • I agree with Matthew 100%.
      Did I just say that?

    • freedom 1.2

      I would like to know how many of the ‘500’ are simply State and private sector employees tasked for the Cycleway but were actually employed already, under Urban Planning or Surveyors etc, and how the number of new jobs created by the Cycleway of Insignificance stacks up against this total.

    • Blighty 1.3

      I can’t believe people pay for that spin from you, Hoots.

      500 workers in total so far but how many hours has each been employed for? The government doesn’t know, but it’s unlikely they’re all fulltime, permanent jobs, eh?

      And this is a $50m project. Only employing 500 workers is $100K per worker. Not cheap, especially as these are unlikely to have been long-term jobs.

      • Lanthanide 1.3.1

        One would think these cycleway workers are the very epitome of what Bill English called “fake jobs”.

        • McFlock

          Yep – in a future history of New zealand the cycleway will be a footnote in the same chapter as Forbes’ & Coates’ ditch-digging/refilling.

    • Kaplan 1.4

      Are you really that oblivious of the facts around National’s cornerstone jobs policy?

    • Bored 1.5

      Matthew, you may recall that Campbell was reporting on the increasing kilometers of cycleway on his show regularly….it got more than a little embarressing for Jokey. Then Campbell stopped doing it…do you think he got “nobbled”?

      • Yeah, by a $43 million “loan” from the Taxpayer, doing what the right do so well – play fast and loose with other people’s money, socialise the loses and then bitch about the left being preoccupied with wealth redistribution

        • Roflcopter

          Show us where the Gov’t actually gave them $43M…. you can’t, because they didn’t… loser.

    • bbfloyd 1.6

      i would hazard a guess that the majority of workers counted as working on the “john key memorial cycleway” are the ones working on the ones already commenced by local councils etc before johnny sparkle had his little epiphany..

    • mik e 1.7

      MH its the sort of financial failure I have come to expect from the spin machine.Its slightly better than boot camps.and other band aids this govt has tried.

  2. The Voice of Reason 2

    Key promised 4000 jobs and like most of the things we associate with the PM, it lacks substance. So far, only 200 hundred jobs that can be in any way associated with the cycleway have been identified. That doesn’t include yours, of course, Matthew.

  3. Richard 3

    Bet you the workers are getting about minimum wage, not $50k

  4. Ianupnorth 4

    Richard, from what I have seen some of the work has been done by people on PD – does that even count as paid work?

  5. Craig Glen Eden 5

    If its a National minister its them being ambitious, proactive, and ambitious for the less well off needing a hand up if it was Labour spending the money it wouldnt be a real job aye?

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