Chisholm enquiry whitewash

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Just as almost everyone predicted, the enquiry into Collins (dumped today to confuse coverage of the Gwyn enquiry) delivered a nice big bucket of whitewash. Labour’s Megan Woods:

Key’s vile smear machine questions left unanswered

… “This report has deliberately narrow terms of reference and so is a once-over-lightly look at the role of Judith Collins in the Prime Minister’s smear machine and the reasons for her dismissal.

“The report does not include key personal correspondence and phone calls and doesn’t interview major players, including Cathy Ogders, who gave the Cameron Slater email to John Key’s office.

“There needs to be a much broader inquiry into the issues raised in this report, primarily that key people in John Key’s smear machine were involved in undermining a government official.

“On the same day this report was the released, the Inspector General of the SIS released her findings which laid bare the extent of the vile smear machine run out of the Prime Minister’s office. …

emerson on collins enquiry

7 comments on “Chisholm enquiry whitewash”

  1. Enough is Enough 1

    Get the Police involved.

    Government initiated enquiries on their own corrupt ministers are never set up to find any wrong doing.

    Look at Phillip Fields. When that crook got investigated by someone who hadn’t been instructed by the beehive, he ended up in jail.

    The same needs to happen here.

    Collins must go

    • GregJ 1.1

      to quote Sir Humphrey:

      “The whole object of internal security inquiries is to find no evidence…Government security inquiries are only used for killing press stories. They are to enable the Prime Minister to stand up in the House and say we’ve had a full inquiry and there is no evidence to substantiate these charges”. 😈

  2. Tracey 2

    Collins calls Slater a liar… Thats what making things up means, right?

    Get that media, Slater is untrustworthy so stop using him as a source.

    Carrick Graham, Odgers, Slater impugned. Collins not guilty but considered some actions unwise. That means lack of judgment. What is it about this PM and his cabinet and their lack of knowledge and judgment. Are they all drawing salaries under false pretenses. It feels like this cabinet is a kind of laundromat or parking lot

    Vote for these people at your own risk. While every effort will be made we are not responsible for anything

  3. js stern 3

    No surprises here.

    Knobbled from the start.

  4. Tracey 4

    andrea vances piece at is worth a read.

    “… It did not seek out crucial evidence – Facebook messages from Collins deleted account (still retrievable), emails, and missing phone records. The author appears to have shrugged off Slater’s withholding of emails from the inquiry. He didn’t think it necessary to interview key players, lawyer Cathy Odgers and Hanover boss Mark Hotchin. …”

  5. b waghorn 5

    If you Google Chisholms name or go to kiwis first . com it will give you an idea why key picked him.

    • Murray Rawshark 5.1

      Not too bright, a slow thinker, and scared to upset authority? Handpicked, with all the Key attributes for the role.

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