Collins resigns: Twitter becomes safer

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bad twitter gaffeYesterday Judith Collins announced that she was quitting Twitter.

Embattled justice minister Judith Collins is abandoning Twitter, and Prime Minister John Key says he backs her decision because it’s full of “trolls and bottom-feeders”.

Key said he had not given Collins an edict to stay off social media and it was her idea to remove herself from the twittersphere.

Some mischief makers may mourn the passing of this well-known troll from Twitter, including an awful lot of journalists and  their bottom feeder golem wannabes. But there will be many in NZ who currently tend to avoid Twitter may begin to cautiously test the platform again now that at least one blowhard has retired from it.

Of course there are the other bored public servants who find trolling on social media to be a productive use of their taxpayer funded wages. But I’m sure that their bosses will be exerting more effort to make sure that they are either busier in  their jobs in the future or have to start looking for another job and make themselves productive again.

But hopefully Judith Collins will start a trend and we will see fewer of this category of troll making such complete dorks of themselves in so few words on the Twitter in the future.





8 comments on “Collins resigns: Twitter becomes safer”

  1. framu 1

    last night news story on this was priceless – first the trolls and bottom feeders quote from key followed by many examples of judith being a troll and bottom feeder on twitter

    a total and deliberate set up

    add that to the cabinet club story and the oravida story all in the one bulletin and things start to look very interesting

    maybe attacking a journo really isnt paying off at all

    • ianmac 1.1

      On the Paul Henry Show last night, Paul had a reasoned discussion with an online “expert”, about the Twitters from Judith Collins. He used some of the twits from Judith essentially saying that she was responsible for the rough patches herself.

  2. Tracey 2

    one less bully in cyberspace.

    still so many more to go…

    As a taxpayer I am happy to pay for Ms Collins appointment with her doctor to get her medical certificate for her upcoming stress leave. Without it, how can we be sure she isn’t just pulling a sickie to avoid work?

  3. Tom Gould 3

    Do the bottom feeders and trolls include Tory mouthpieces and Collins acolytes Glucina and Slater? Seems the final sympathy card in the pack has now been played. Only a matter of time, really. Word has it that she has picked up a nasty allergy to the truth.

  4. Tracey 5

    V Clever Mr Emmerson

  5. NZJester 6

    John Key has a Twitter from what I understand so he should know if “it’s full of trolls and bottom-feeders”.
    But then again maybe those are just the people following him on the service!

  6. Funny how Key lambasts social media being full of “trolls and bottom-feeders” when he himself admitted in February that he is in regular contact with none other than the Sultan of Sleaze, Cameron Slater, aka, “Whaleoil”.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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