Congratulations Black Ferns!

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Congratulations Black Ferns!

Black Ferns win women’s rugby World Cup final over England

New Zealand restored its supremacy in women’s rugby by relieving England of the World Cup by 41-32 in the final on Saturday.

The All Blacks won a game last night, but it is the Black Ferns who own the front page of the (online) Herald today. An overdue sign of changing times. Good stuff.

24 comments on “Congratulations Black Ferns!”

  1. dukeofurl 1

    Just a point that needs repeating.
    ” own the front page of the (online) Herald today”
    No it doesnt
    its just later news to the earlier All Blacks headline. The Mayweather-Mcgregor nonsense will likely replace it later

    These headlines change through the morning, often the change is after cookies detect you have seen the earlier headlines. The numbers of clicks affects positioning as well. A lot of clicks and it stays, no clicks and it will slip down the page fast , real fast.

  2. Whispering Kate 2

    What a cracker of a game – I hope the AB’s were watching it – all power to the girls – both teams gave us magnificent excitement – and what a boon to get it on free to air this morning even if it was delayed. The Black Ferns need more coverage and respect from Rugby followers.

    The commentator also was not interrupted by a medley of assorted retired players putting their oars in so that the commentary flowed. The yellow cards were a minus so the team must get their discipline in better order.

  3. Ad 3

    OMG that front row.

  4. Carolyn_nth 4

    And thank you to Prime for showing the WRWC final this morning. Not pre-advertised, so just caught it by chance. Awesome second half from the Black Ferns! Smart, athletic.

  5. Doogs 5

    Totally awesome game. It even eclipsed the excitement of last night’s cliff hanger.

    These ladies have something to teach most men’s teams it terms of tenacity and go-forward. They were wonderful at continuing to move through phase after phase and deny the Poms possession. They even got better in every aspect of the game in the second half.

    Also, did you notice how the English team relied on size and up front grunt. Reminded me of past NZ and SA tests when we faced a raft of tanks in the forward line. Didn’t help, because they always ran out of puff in the last 20 mins. Same happened this morning I think.

    Bloody marvellous game ladies. All power to you!

    • tracey 5.1


      • Carolyn_nth 5.1.1

        I noticed the ref called the players “ladies”.

        • Ad

          The captain called them girls.

          • tracey

            Which is also “wrong”.

            A girl is a prepubescent female. Just because she has captained a winning rugby side does not mean she is to be followed or believed in everything. It is not only men who have things to learn about how to address females. Women have a long history of denigrating themselves and each other. Language is powerful.

            • Ad

              When they come in to Auckland airport, you can pop over and tell the Black Ferns your view of gendered terminology to her face.

            • mikes

              Oh, so you’re right and she’s wrong? Who the hell are you to tell the Black Ferns captain how she must address her teammates?!? Referring to her teammates as ‘the girls’ isn’t denigrating them or any other women. it’s an expression of camaraderie, of a close knit unit, of friendship. Yes language is powerful, it’s a shame more people (especially those who think they should decide how it is used) don’t understand it a bit better.

              No wonder modern women are abandoning the current version of feminism in their droves.

              Further, Richie McCaw and probably pretty much every men’s sports team captain in history have probably referred to their teammates as ‘the boys’ at some stage. Are they wrong as well in your world? Should mother’s not call their young sons “little man” because they are really little boys and not men at all? Have you not thought that many women like to be called ladies?

        • tracey

          The Brits have an annoying tendancy to do that.

          • Carolyn_nth

            I’m not so bothered about the use of terms like “ladies” or “girls” for grown women. It depends a lot on how those words are used.

            It was an interesting juxtaposition to them being called “ladies” in the midst of rough play. And some of the said “ladies” could be heard swearing on occasions. I think I heard the F word at least once.

            • tracey

              Fair enough. I am bothered by it cos one is laden with judgment and the other presupposes we remain infantile.

              As was once said. “Woman is afact. Lady is a matter of opinion”

              • Carolyn_nth

                Woman can be used in a derogatory way, too. Also, words change their meaning over time. “Woman” originally came from “wifman” or wife-man = a female servant, I think. And lady original was more the head of a household – so some class connotations, as well as both having connotations of being secondary to men.

                I’m not so keen on the use of the term “girls” for grown women – Though these days grown men are more referred to as “boys” more than in the past.

                Ultimately, I go with how the term is used.

            • mikes

              Referees refer to men as gentlemen in men’s games and ladies in women’s games……so what !?

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    Beginning with best female haka I’ve seen in a long while:

  7. tracey 7

    Time for them to join the Junior, Maori and Sevens as All Blacks…

    • gsays 7.1

      That raises a query, what should they be called?

      Women all blacks?
      Female all blacks?

      I am happy with black ferns, but really it is what the team is comfortable with.
      Not what you or I wish.

    • mikes 7.2

      Except ‘All Blacks’ is a registered trademark so they’d have to be called the ‘Women All Blacks’ ? Or maybe the ‘Black Ferns All Blacks’ ?

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