Crushed Collins to ACT?

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Judith Collins is probably the preferred choice for leader among Nat members – but of course they don’t get a say in the matter. Instead she had her bid quickly crushed in the back-room leadership process – seems she doesn’t have many friends among her colleagues.

Bill English has just made his opinion clear. While fellow leadership contender Coleman was left untouched, Collins was the biggest loser – demoted and stripped of her prized portfolios / posturing platforms, police and corrections.

What next for Collins? Burning ambition, a significant personal following, no future in National. Time jump to ACT? She must fancy her chances of taking over that pretend party and building it up to a “kingmaker” role.

53 comments on “Crushed Collins to ACT?”

  1. Henry Filth 1

    I rather think that if National lose she will contest the leadership.

    If National win, then I suspect she’ll follow Dame Jenny into the boardroom

  2. Rae 2

    Does Judith Collins not understand that she is, by and large, much loathed?

    • JanM 2.1

      Only by people who still think the world is a vaguely civilized place 🙁 There is a significant portion of the populace (a minority, I hope) who absolutely love the sort of rotten behaviour she displays

    • james 2.2

      Not by all by a long way.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 2.2.1

        Cameron Slater, Chinese customs officials and illegal kauri exporters, for example.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Yeah, the generally corrupt will hold her up as some sort of hero. After all, she’s been getting away with all sorts corruption in the public eye for quite some time.

          • b waghorn

            most don’t pay enough attention to know how crooked she and some in the nats are , so you do the left a disservice when you accuse anyone who rates them as being corrupt,

            • Draco T Bastard

              I didn’t do as you say.

            • Matthew Whitehead

              Getting away with corruption kinda implies that most of her supporters don’t understand that she’s corrupt. There are very few people out there who will put their hand up and say anything approaching: “Hey, you know the reason I love Judith Collins? Because she’s so corrupt.”

              Now, there’s a few that clearly think something along those lines. Certain cetacean byproducts, for instance. But the vast majority of people who like her are just conservative types who for whatever reason refuse to believe she’s corrupt.

    • tc 2.3

      a badge she wears with pride and a ‘screw you’ atitude

    • Chris 2.4

      Narcissists don’t usually.

  3. Richard Christie 3

    ACT is not a road to being PM, so the choice is contrary to ambition.

    • Well, being a support party can lead you to a certain type of infamy, to whit one Winston Peters. The thing is, you have to be a support party that could ostensibly side with either major bloc to maintain that status.

  4. pdm 4

    In the unlikely event that she did move to ACT that would secure my Party Vote for them.

    Two electorate seats and say 3% of the Party Vote would be hugely to the benefit of New Zealand.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 4.1


      Terry: Oh, one of your specials please Harry.
      John: One specials please son.
      Graham: One special coming up.
      John: Oh, I say, have you seen page eight? Nixon’s had an asshole transplant.
      Terry: Ohhh, have you seen the stop press then?
      John: No.

      Terry: The asshole has rejected him.

      Monty Python

  5. One Anonymous Bloke 5

  6. Morrissey 6

    It’s a sad, well worn path.

    STEP ONE: A long, controversial career doing nothing of value while you’re in the National Party.

    STEP TWO: A move to the infamous ACT cult.


  7. Enough is Enough 7

    “Judith Collins is probably the preferred choice for leader among Nat members ”

    I doubt that very much. Judith has no friends either within or outside the party. The only known supporter she has in Blubber Boy.

    • Infused 7.1

      National knew she was toxic. Hence voting English. The public hate her. If she got PM, National would have dived.

      • garibaldi 7.1.1

        Exactly infused. That’s what we were hoping for. Never mind, it won’t happen over night but it will happen!

    • billmurray 7.2

      Enough is Enough,
      blubber boy is filthy on National and Labour at the moment.
      He seems to be lost by Collins non-promotion.
      Seems to be irrational.
      Unless he gets a grip he will lose supporters.

      English read her support within National right and his moves have strengthened his mandate.
      He will however, because he is still cautious, keep a eye on her as he re-shuffles again in May 2017.

  8. adam 8

    Thought this might help the discussion.

    • Gosman 8.1

      You are aware that Sociopathy is not something that is formally recognized aren’t you?

      • adam 8.1.1

        Do we have to have you mansplaining everything Gosman?

      • emergency mike 8.1.2

        Neither is “arsehole”, but they definitely exist too. Point?

        Antisocial Personality Disorder is certainly formally recognized, and sociopaths and psychopaths are usually thought to be a subset. Though many argue that there is no meaningful difference between the three terms.

    • NZJester 8.2

      This video matches former PM John key in a lot of the signs to watch for.

  9. Infused 9

    She will stick around to see what happens with English next election. If National win, I’d bet she will move on to something else. I’m not sure why she challenged English. Poorly timed imo.

  10. Greg 10

    Colin’s and Upton are zombie MPs waiting

  11. Cinny 11

    Or will she start her own party? I still predict she will leave National

    • JanM 11.1

      I’m inclined to think she will live to fight another day in National – she’s arguably no more awful than the Shipley woman – they seem to have a fascination for Lady MacBeth types over there

  12. wellfedweta 12

    “Judith Collins is probably the preferred choice for leader among Nat members – ”

    Evidence? Polling?

    “but of course they don’t get a say in the matter.”

    Yes, they do. They get to tell the MP’s who they prefer.

    “What next for Collins?”

    National changed it’s leader in days. No petty public squabbles, no instability, just the seamless passing of the banner. Labour supporters look on with envy.

  13. fisiani 13

    A nothing story made up on a keyboard. Ah well. Summer is here. The BBQ talk is who will replace Angry Andy and when.

  14. John 14

    Once Don Brash publicly backed Crusher for the job of PM it was the kiss of death for her aspirations.

  15. the pigman 15

    After seeing the Stuff “Private Business, Public Failure” interview with her as Corrections Minister on Friday, I knew her goose was cooked.

    But as for a jump to Act, shh, don’t give her any ideas!

    I’m happy to feed the JC-loving echo chamber believing Saint Judith is their lady and saviour.

    It was undignified though, what Blinglish did to her… leaving Crusher without Corrections or Police…

    On the plus side, some inmates at Mt. Eden will have a better Christmas now the decision to ban quakers from delivering them roses has been reversed the morning the new Corrections Minister stepped in. The timing was uncanny 😉

  16. Thinkerr 16

    Election 2017: big defeat for National.
    Bill English, Paula Bennett, Stephen Joyce all party seniors and all out of favour. Even if not out of favour, then spent forces.

    Who next to lead National and rebuild the party?
    If recent aspirations still apply, it would be out of Judith Collins, Simon Bridges, Jonathan Coleman vying for leader & deputy leader.

    And I know where my money would be.

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