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29 comments on “Daily Review 01/07/2016”

  1. Pat 1

    Thought the world couldn’t get any more dysfunctional?……remember, this guy was VOTED in….


  2. James 2

    Brian Edwards on little,


    “After 18 months in the job, the Leader of the Opposition still looks dreadful on television and sounds dreadful on radio. His ‘bubbly personality’ joke has descended from irony to farce. In a recent interview – I think it was on Q+A – he said y’know so many times that I eventually gave up counting. He talks to his interviewers but doesn’t engage with them on a personal plane. He looks and sounds like the caricature of an old-style British trade unionist. His personal ratings reflect all of this. That, sadly, is a losing formula for any aspiring Prime Minister. Pity!”

    Interesting observation. I always thought him more awkward than anything, and sometimes coming across as “angry”.

    • Kevin 2.1

      Maybe he should just start saying akshully, look, at the-end-of-the-day a lot then Bri can give him the seal of approval.

    • mickysavage 2.2

      It is shyte. Bubble people should stop talking about politics. It distorts what people are actually thinking.

      Little is doing fine and Key is tanking.

      • Colonial Viper 2.2.1

        I think people are tiring of Key, yes, after 8 years of him as PM. But as for Little doing fine? Brian Edwards has a good professional eye for media competence. Neither is he a right winger. Regardless of whether or not you think Edward’s analyses is skewed or not, it seems clear that Little has a massive amount of preparation to do before he is going to be about to go toe to toe with Key in the TV debates next year.

    • tc 2.3

      You can’t get much more beltway than that. So detached from reality.

  3. ianmac 3

    Has this been aired today? Refreshing really for difficult times.
    “Jeremy Corbyn is not standing down – 172 Labour MPs cannot drown out democracy
    The Labour Party could right now be exploiting a bitter Conservative leadership contest, writes Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.
    The shadow chancellor writes exclusively for the New Statesman amid one of the most turbulent weeks in politics this century.”

  4. seeker 4

    Thank God and thanks for this link ianmac.

    • gsays 5.1

      it could be argued greg, being a white male helps.

    • KJT 5.2

      Judging by the comparatively wet bus ticket sentences given to 4 young white males in Whangarei recently, it obviously pays to be white, privileged, and stealing just for kicks.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.3

      “So the figures for tax evasion are phenomenal while they are relatively small for benefit fraud,” says Dr Marriott, “but we have quite different attitudes to the two crimes. It’s not uncommon for New Zealanders to pay cash to tradespeople, for example, even though that is a form of tax evasion.”

      A Cashless financial system would help prevent that type of corruption.

      She says the relatively lenient punishments awarded to tax evaders are unlikely to act as a deterrent to others.

      The laws needs to not be arbitrary and yet that is what these massive differences in punishment for the same crime is. It is an awful and unjust arbitrariness brought about by racism, bias and bigotry. In fact it was to stop the arbitrariness of how the rules were prosecuted that brought about the idea of constraining sentences within ranges.

      It’s obvious that we need to set ranges on white-collar crime as well. I’d suggest that any such crime that has a value of less than $100k that the person does not go to jail but is on house arrest. Over $100k the person goes to jail at 1 year per $100k. Reparations are to be paid in full and may be taken from the criminal’s estate, including any trusts that they’re either a beneficiary of or have paid into.

      • Greg 5.3.1

        Remember this, 107 50+millionaire NZers decare tax of 70k,
        and theres been silence ever since.

      • Sabine 5.3.2

        acshully no, paying a tradie in cash is not tax evasion. The tradie not declaring his cash payment is.
        and no one gets paid when your cashless sytem is down, hacked, or there is no electricity. ahhhh, minor details.
        Btw, those that don’t want to pay taxes will just simply trade a Rembrant for a Picasso in exchange for services. Taxes, as Gareth Morgan said on Facebook, thats for payee suckers.

        • Greg

          How about bartering and something of a stateless green economy.

          Would this frighten the government.


        • Draco T Bastard

          acshully no, paying a tradie in cash is not tax evasion. The tradie not declaring his cash payment is.

          Which, of course, is the whole point of paying cash in the first place.

          and no one gets paid when your cashless sytem is down, hacked, or there is no electricity.

          True but it’s not really that high a risk. Power doesn’t go down that often, processes and protections can be put in place against crackers and the system will have multiple distributed backups that can take over at any time.

          Btw, those that don’t want to pay taxes will just simply trade a Rembrant for a Picasso in exchange for services.

          And the IRD can and does prosecute people for having more than their declared income could possibly pay for.

          • reason

            The problem is Draco that no one should trust a government ( or salesperson ) who makes up stupid dishonest reasons to adopt their policy.

            Paula Bennett and you seem to share the same lie ………………… to push your own different barrows.

            A big part of your sales pitch is how wise and fair your govt would be ……

            But before you even got out of nappies ……………… you were pushing Paulas lies.

            You blew it Pal …………….. you are now suffering from what is known as “no credibility”.

            We’ll watch Paula to see how she deals with it.

            My advice is do not co-op other peoples lies into your own arguement.

            • Draco T Bastard

              you were pushing Paulas lies.

              I’ve never done that.

              you are now suffering from what is known as “no credibility”.

              I’ve got plenty of credibility but, as you keep lying about me, you’re losing any you ever had.

    • reason 5.4

      From your link greg ……”Benefit fraud cost New Zealand $22 million in 2010″

      vrs info from a ‘scoop’ link

      ” New Zealand’s four largest foreign-owned banks have thrown in the towel and settled tax avoidance disputes with the Inland Revenue Department for more than $2.2 billion”

      No-one got in any trouble for the banks actions …………… which were all done with a ‘tax vehicle’ designed by one john shewan .

      I think the banks were let off %20 as well ……………….

      • Greg 5.4.1

        Banks have customers to fleece, and they can create money, so its likely it didnt affect any profit margin. Or has been reported too.

  5. Hanswurst 6

    Meanwhile, in Austria, the results of the May presidential elections have been overturned by the country’s Constitutional Court. The presidential candidates from the Green and Freedom parties had received 50,3% and 49,7% respectively, separated by just 31,000 votes.

    In the wake of Brexit, this electoral rerun is of particular interest within Europe, since the Freedom Party is seen to be weighing up the possibility of following the UK in holding a vote on leaving the EU. The Freedom Party is a nationalist organisation similar to the French “Front National” and the German “Alternatives for Germany”, and is generally in favour of far greater devolution of European policymaking to its constituent nations. A swing towards the Freedom Party would increase the likelihood of Austria’s (and potentially other nations’) following Britain’s suit.

    Both the Green and the Freedom Party presidential candidates have openly discussed breaking with constitutional conventions by utilising the president’s de jure right to dismiss the government, with the Freedom Party’s candidate flatly stating that he would do so if the latter did not satisfy his expectations on economic and immigration policy.

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