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ban muslims and men

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15 comments on “Daily Review 03/08/2016”

  1. adam 1

    Jill Stein has chosen a running mate, and boy is it going to put some noses out of joint.

    Personally I like him. He is a real radical voice.


    • Sabine 1.1

      should have invested in popcorn futures.

      these are interesting times we live in.

    • weka 1.2

      Crikey, he doesn’t hold back :mrgreen:

      as an aside, did Stein choose him, or is that a party thing? I don’t know much about how the US Greens work.

      edit, I see her choice is pending approval by delegates at the convention this week.

  2. Paul 2

    This good cartoon reminds me of another fine example.


  3. Ad 3

    Just in case we could figure a world that took that kind of cartoon logically, may I introduce, the Society for Cutting Up Men. They’ve been around since the 1970s:

    • weka 3.2

      Hard to see what the value is in posting that on the standard tbh.

      FWIW, the video appears to not be from the group that published the SCUM manifesto in the 1970s. It should be pointed out also that the SCUM manifesto was satire.

      The video above has been posted on youtube by an MRA man offering a $1000 reward for any information leading to the identifying of the women in the video (or the people that made it) for the purpose of doxxing them. Given the serious violence that women are subjected to via the internet and doxxing, this video needs to be understood in context. Whatever one things about the validity or otherwise of the satire, posting links to men who openly intend to harass women is hugely problematic on a left wing site

      (Ad, I assume you didn’t see the connections?).

      There’s also the issue for women here, about being exposed to this dynamic yet again and having to be part of a potentially hostile environment. I might get really lucky and someone might moderate the thread, or it might die a quiet death, but it might also turn into another unsafe place for women especially feminists.

      Sorry, just really really sick of this.

  4. Pat 4


    ‘If humanity fails to prevent climate breakdown, the industry that bears the greatest responsibility is not transport, farming, gas, oil or even coal. All of them can behave as they do, shunting us towards systemic collapse, only with a social licence to operate. The problem begins with the industry that, wittingly or otherwise, grants them this licence: the one for which I work.”

    • Philj 4.1

      Thanks Robertina,
      Indeed, the MSM is a huge issue that is being continuously overlooked. Now, why could that be..?

  5. Robertina 5

    Barfoot and Thompson is suggesting Auckland market is showing first sign in five years of cooling:

    Meanwhile in the regions ”panic buying” is leading to risky behaviour:

    I’m house hunting myself, and would never panic buy, but it is frustrating. Decided my own area would continue to stagnate or even decline and then a lot of Auckland money entered and prices rose more than 10% in a year.
    It’s impossible to tell whether this is end days of a bubble, or whether we’re seeing a structural shift whereby the regions become as inflated as Auckland and Queenstown and average income people cannot buy homes.
    If there is a crash it could just mean credit tightens up massively and investors hoover up even more houses. It’s dangerous to think this time is different, but it’s like the housing market has become too big to fail in NZ, which is increasingly a rentier economy.
    I don’t listen to the likes of Olly Newland as he’s been predicting a crash for over 10 years, but when ANZ boss David Hisco spoke out recently that was very interesting.
    Will probably just keep dithering which might or might not pay off.

    • Sabine 5.1

      two things.

      a. Auckland will have a small slowing down of selling only becasue people are stopping to sell. One can sell, but one can not buy anything with the money received as it won’t be enough. so many are holding on to the property, and not enough new properties are entering the market.

      b. the regions will see some influx of people looking for houses, as investments or as safe keeps for themselves.

      not to worry barfoot n thompson you will still make out like a bandit. .

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