Daily Review 05/09/2017

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60 comments on “Daily Review 05/09/2017”

  1. Ed 1

    Stepehen Joyce is a world renonwened expert on finance so…..8 respected economists must be wrong.

    • tracey 3.1

      Nick Smith who abused his position of power to help a friend, lied???!!?

      • Cinny 3.1.1

        Funny that came out today, was told last night by a local that Smith had played it up big time.

        He’s going to be pissed off when the sculpture hits town.

    • Molly 3.2

      I’m guessing that when push comes to shove, Smith will say it was a metaphoric “rubbing my face in it”. Given that angle, there may have been a lot of pushing and shoving too.

  2. Ad 4

    Corbin Dann at TVNZ news smacks down the National “$11b hole” attack line.

    That plus Clark countetstrike is Slapdown Tuesday.

  3. Robert Guyton 5

    In this interview, Jacinda is, well, wonderful!


  4. ianmac 6

    Joyce is incredibly obtuse on the $11billion hole on Checkpoint after 6pm. Flatly continues with his position. Amazing!
    Cameron Bagley also on line.
    Includes the experts who deny Joyce.

    Here it is!

    • tracey 6.1

      Just what we need. A Finance Minister who doesnt understand numbers. And a Former Finance Minister and now PM who agrees with him. This has to reflect on Billshit’s economic credibility too

      • Pat 6.1.1

        he knows exactly what he’s doing (and that the numbers work)…all he is attempting (and polls will say whether he’s succeeding) is create doubt amongst those soft Nat voters…unsure people stick with the devil they (think they) know.
        ….as to reputation, he hasn’t one to lose

        • Glenn

          Didn,t the Donald win his election by doing something similar? Waiting for Joyce to start calling Fake News at the news media any moment.

        • Anne

          Well Pat if they’relying on third time lucky I have a feeling its going to be unlucky this time. Why? Because the media have decided to play a straight ball and are telling the whole story. In 2011 and 2014 they decided to stick with Key and so let the Nats get away with the lying and cheating.

          Eg. the Donghua Liu Affair

        • lurgee

          ….as to reputation, he hasn’t one to lose

          English has economic credibility with a lot of middle New Zealanders. he said, in 2010, he’d deliver a surplus in 6 years. He duly delivered it. WE might not like what he did to get there, but we were hardly ever going to vote National, were we?

          For the voters thinking about switching, his perceived competence and reliability, versus Labour’s sketchiness on tax, are going to be significant considerations.

          Labour needs to get a simple and consistent tax message out. It isn’t like no-one could have anticipated National would attack them on this front, FFS.

          • Pat

            joyce is fronting this…it was he who stated his reputation was on the line…English has kept himself at arms length…and yes they were always going to push the tax/costing line but an outright lie shows just how desperate they have become

            • lurgee

              Am I going crazy or did your earlier post (the one I quoted from) not mention Bill English’s credibility?

              That’s why I posted about English. Because I thought you were talking about him.

              • Pat

                you must be going crazy….never mentioned English,said the Nats..and Joyce is both fronting and campaign strategist, though it would be fair to say that English risks his reputation by being complicit but if he wins it will have been worth it and if he doesn’t nobody will care…its politics and almost expected.

                • lurgee

                  Ah! It was Tracey’s comment above yours I was meant to reply to – particularly, “This has to reflect on Billshit’s economic credibility too.”

                  Quoted from the wrong post. So I’m not mad, just careless.

          • swordfish


            Yep, exactly.

            Around 140,000 former Clark Labour voters swung to Key’s Nats in 2008, attracted first and foremost by his charismatic leadership and his / English’s perceived economic competence (as highlighted by the 2008 New Zealand Election Study).

            Similar numbers of Nats are now considering moving back to Labour (including, no doubt, many of those 140k 2008 defectors, women in particular). Jacinda-mania certainly has them interested, English’s National is looking tired and out of ideas, a long-term, latent desire for change is finally finding expression … and yet … and yet … they’ll still be difficult to win over decisively … they need solid reassurance about Labour’s economic credentials.

            Values, Vision, Inspiration, the ethereal, Inter-generational change will only go so far … especially with Middle-aged and Older swing voters. I can imagine some thinking … ‘Where’s the Meat ?’ … lots of exciting, superficial froth (including the Let’s Do This slogan) but where’s the substance that shows us conclusively the Country will remain in safe economic hands.

            Remember these are people who, in many cases, have happily voted National for 3 consecutive Elections. They are not English-sceptics.

            • Pat

              which all reinforces my point

              • swordfish

                Yeah, actually your 7:04 pm comment was absolutely spot-on (I hadn’t got around to reading the upper reaches of the thread – just purely responding to lurgee’s argument without worrying too much about what or who he was taking issue with. I’m nothing if not an intellectually lazy geezer) 🙂

                • Pat

                  “I’m nothing if not an intellectually lazy geezer) ‘
                  lol…let us hope enough voters are not so inclined

                • lurgee

                  without worrying too much about what or who he was taking issue with

                  Seems that I wasn’t too concerned, either.

      • bwaghorn 6.1.2

        face book is being flooded with nat lies this being one of them , hopefully more than 43% of kiwis aren’t easily fooled this time

      • Macro 6.1.3

        We knew Billshit wasn’t a MoF backside when he constantly predicted 173,000 new jobs from one “budget” to the next! He just pulled numbers out of his posterior.

  5. dukeofurl 8

    National is turning into a train wreck camapign

    remember the Corporate Manslaughter proposals ?

    “Justice Minister Amy Adams has ruled out corporate manslaughter being included in the Crimes Act, saying it is more appropriately dealt with by new health and safety legislation.”


    They couldnt agree on anything at the end as the Business backers wouldn’t allow that to happen

    Apparently Whats good enough for Mothers cant possibly apply to business
    “Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says abortion should not be in the Crimes Act and she would change the law.

    “Prime Minster Bill English, a conservative Catholic, said he supported the law as it was and he would be opposed to liberalisation.”

    Access to abortion is governed by the Crimes Act 1961 and the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977.

    During the Newshub debate on Monday night, Ardern said she would change the law if she became Prime Minister.

    • ScottGN 8.1

      It’s been a train wreck from the start. Remember the first week when they kept parking Bill in empty, wintry paddocks or fruit picking sheds with just a couple of flunkies? Coleman and English scuttling out a side door at Dunedin hospital? Paula Bennet can’t help herself mouthy self and fucks up one of their meat and veg policies? Now Joyce has jumped the shark. It’s extraordinary just how bad National is at campaigning. This National Party campaign will keep poli sci students going for years.

    • tracey 8.2

      Ardern could use this. Is there another debate? Again National protects Directors whose workers die or are maimed on the job but criminalises women in trouble.

  6. joe90 9

    RIP Walter Becker and thanks for the funny lyrics, putting jazz into rock and making awkward cool.

  7. joe90 10

    Sea surface temperatures in the high twenties and 3/4 days out from significant landfall with the possibility it could move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico.


    #Irma has now generated more Accumulated Cyclone Energy during her lifetime than did Hurricane Katrina (2005). pic.twitter.com/Vl8D3qpwAX— Philip Klotzbach (@philklotzbach) September 5, 2017


  8. Ethica 11

    I notice that some of the pro-Trump fake-news propogandists from last year have started to pop up on Facebook with anti-Labour and anti-Jacinda comments. An example is that the abortion policy will allow/encourage abortion up to full term. They are probably being fed this rubbish through social media. I hope our investigative journalists and media outlets are watching out for such deception.

  9. Incognito 12

    Only National can manage the economy while also continuing to increase access to the world-class health services people need.


    And there we have it (again), the sheer arrogance of National, the borne-to-rule mentality that flows from privilege and closed-mindedness.

  10. Pete 13

    I heard something of their elective surgery numbers.

    What it really said was: Jonathan Coleman has be quoting for bullshit numbers for ages but the new ones are real.

    • NZJester 13.1

      There are large numbers on hidden waiting lists waiting to get on the actual official waiting lists. Doctors keep trying to get their patients put on the lists and they are knocked back until their small problems that could have been fixed easily are so bad they have to be put on the list. Even if they get on the list if the money is not there to do their surgery before they are on the list too long they will get knocked off again with some bureaucratic trick so that the waiting times are kept artificially lower than they really are.

  11. Hippie’s ! , – Aussie ones !

    Time for Labour to be in govt , get this election wrapped up and have a dance !

    daddy cool – eagle rock – YouTube
    doin the eagle rock▶ 3:48

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