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Daily review 08/10/2021

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, October 8th, 2021 - 61 comments
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61 comments on “Daily review 08/10/2021 ”

  1. Ad 1

    Likelihood that Level 3 gets extended to Northland and down to Taupo: higher by the minute.

    Draw a line from Awakino to Taupo to Tauranga and you've got half the New Zealand population in L3.

    This is going to be a tough weekend.

    • Cricklewood 1.1

      Yep, going to be plenty of opprobrium directed at Auckland… prob govt as well for dropping Auckland to Level 3 and not keeping the border tight…

      Its busy today stuck in crawling traffic twice for the first time in a long time.

    • Gezza 1.2


      Hipkins press conference on One News at 6

      Northland to be at Level 3 from tonite. Some scrote testing positive for Covid obtained an exemption letter for social services by false pretences. Subsequently revoked. But they have spent four days in Northland, possibly travelling with others, and are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers & authorities, according to Hipkins.

      • Pete 1.2.1

        Four days in Northland. Only two petrol stations listed as places of interest which suggests they did not use the tracker.

        Refusing to cooperate? Refusing to cooperate? Put their names out. There's bound to be someone who will know them and be able to give a line on other places they've been or track via credit card/eftpos use.

        • Cricklewood

          Probably 'cash sales' dont think that naming them is a good idea at this point… better to continue enquiries in the background so others dont go to ground. Getting a hold of their cell would be a good start surely could get a warrant.

      • observer 1.2.2

        It's just a person turning armchair reckons into reality. Taking us from "imagine it, predict it, model it – and prevent it" to "experience it".

        This is "Living with Covid", except it won't be one person, but 5 million. And they won't need to forge documents.

  2. Pete 2

    "And it's believed she was travelling with another woman who authorities have yet to locate.

    A reporter at a hastily arranged press conference said they had been told the woman is a sex worker but Hipkins said he could not confirm that – he had not been briefed that that was the case."


    A sex worker comes to Northland and fucks the whole region?

    • Gezza 2.1

      Couldn't suppress a grin at that one, but it's far from being amusing, & you are so right. If the story's true, they've just gone & screwed everybody up there.

      I want to know more about this exemption letter they apparently conned out of somebody in authority. I just heard Hipkins say when they checked the information they were given they realised it was fake & revoked the letter.

      But when? And why did they issue it seemingly without checking in the first place?

      • Patricia Bremner 2.1.1

        Yes Gezza I did a wee snort. But I agree!! Why did they not check first? A bit slack.

      • AB 2.1.2

        “And why did they issue it seemingly without checking in the first place?”

        Because they would have to do this for everyone and slow down the process of granting approvals – producing howls from the usual business quarters. Basically there is no substitute for a wealth-behaved citizenry.

    • Cricklewood 2.2

      Would explain the urgency, close contacts indeed…

    • joe90 2.3

      Bogus documents, multiple addresses visited the across region in a short period of time and she’s staying schtum. She and her mate were doing deliveries and if they say a word, they're up to their necks in trouble with some very, very bad people.

      • joe90 2.3.1

        But on the bright side, genome sequencing will identify all the cogs in the machine – organised crime, distribution, couriers, suppliers, retail dealers and their clientele across Auckland, Waikato, and now, Northland. Fucking geniuses.

  3. Thanks to Gerard Otto – our leader in action.

    May be an image of 2 people, child, people standing and outdoors

  4. Patricia Bremner 4

    My heart goes out to anyone who has a wedding organised for tomorrow or a funeral in Northland. Who gets cut out to get your list down to 9 plus the official.? Such grief.

    Yes, these two fraudsters should be named if they are uncooperative. People will know where they have been, and can phone a given number if embarrassed.

    • Pete 4.1

      The Wanaka names came out. Did that region have to go into lockdown? No. Any comments about that couple not using the tracking, not co-operating? No.

      They're expected to be in the Papakura District Court on October 14.

      I expect these two will apply for name suppression when they are charged. Assuming they are charged. With the bare bones of information out so far can anyone suggest why they wouldn't be, shouldn't be?

      • Gezza 4.1.1

        "The Wanaka names came out. Did that region have to go into lockdown? No."


        Did either of them test positive for Covid? No, is my undertanding. So why even bring this red herring up?

        • Pete

          Testing positive a red herring? I'm not sure if the rules say anything about test results. You break the rules or you don't. Test status undoubtedly would feature as an argument in mitigation one way or the other.

          The point is that two people in each situation apparently did something they shouldn't have done.

          • weka

            Not sure what your point is exactly. If the woman today has broken the law, police will be looking at pressing charges.

            Because she tested positive, the most important thing here is to contact trace and limit the spread of the virus. She can be charged later.

          • Gezza

            Well, I’m expecting that both these Northland visitors will be charged.

            If the one they’ve caught won’t identify their companion, one hopes they also get charged with obstructing the police.

            (Unless they can present a very plausible reason for not divulging that info.)

      • Cricklewood 4.1.2

        If its true that they were sex workers naming will push clients completely underground.

        Best option is to obtain their mobiles (via warrant if needed) recover any info and contact any number that can be seen/ recoveerd with a get tested/ self isolate messags and go from there…

      • I Feel Love 4.1.3

        Thanks Pete, yes. The hypocrisy sometimes, sheesh.

      • miravox 4.1.4

        "The Wanaka names came out"

        The authorities didn't release their names. It was widely spread on social media – hence their attempts to get name suppression, which they later abandoned.

        The principle of keeping names private is a good one, imo.

  5. Herodotus 5

    Had great plans for a Christmas present for a DOC worker, unfortunately, great concept BUT I have failed. There is far too much surplus money out there. I follow auction prices as a basis for how the economy for some is performing, and in seeking something different for a gift. And thought I had a real winner. Henry Richard was a great pioneer and 1 of many unknown amazing individuals of NZ. But a book going well over my budget 😭



  6. Cricklewood 6

    Ok so I've made some enquiries with my local mp and the MOH as to whether or not there are plans to make an alternate vaccine available to those for various reasons are unable to have Pfizer.

    The answer I got in shortened form was… you're on your own.

    Thats really fucking shit.

    • Janet 6.1

      My son has genes that cannot handle glycol – in fact 10% of the population has this genetic incompatibility with glycol but the Pfizer vaccine uses this as a lipid.

        • ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis
        • (2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide

      I share your anger and frustration . What I do not know is if there is an alternative non glycol vaccine ? If so they should have sourced it by now .

  7. ianmac 8

    Since Northland is in Level 3 with Auckland, are the people allowed to travel freely between the levels?

  8. weka 9

    I see Michael Baker raising the possibility of the North Island has a suppression strategy and the South Island has an elimination one. Is anyone else talking about the geographical advantage in the separation of the islands and what the practical aspects would be?


    • Cricklewood 9.1

      Not really, but it should be seriously considered.

      That said if you read my post above, and without saying to much and my very personal reason for asking they can go and get fucked.

      Im done with this govt, im so angry that im seriously considering civil disobedience. I dont feel I have any options left.

      • Gezza 9.1.1

        Your anger at there being no plans to make alternative vaccine(s) available for those who for a medical reason can’t have the pfizer jab is understandable – but what would your possible civil disobedience entail?

        You wouldn’t want to risk doing something that might expose you to Covid, I imagine?

        What civil disobedience action do you think you could take that might persuade the powers that be decide to purchase alternative vaccines? (Not criticising, just curious.)

        • Cricklewood

          No idea tbh will prob stop scanning as a start… just gutted really might print the bg proxy response I got from my MP…

          • Gezza

            Did you see SPC’s comment below?

            Never mind going thru your MP, why not compose an email to Ardern & Hipkins, setting out your concerns, & fire it off to them directly?

            It’ll probably go thru flunkies’ hands first but they all do have their own email addresses at parliament.

            I’ve emailed Ministers directly in the past a couple of times.

            Can’t do any harm. Might do some good. And maybe fire it off to Stuff, the Herald, tvnz, & newshub too?

      • joe90 9.1.2

        Because your wingnut friends with doctorates are so fucking special, right?


        • Cricklewood

          Nah not them… family member.

          • Cricklewood

            I realise she's in a very small group, irrelevant statistically but fuck feels like shit, what the hell do you tell her kids if the worst happens?

            • Janet

              If you add her small group to my sons which involves 10% of the population it is not small. The MHD should be supplying an alternative vaccine .

              • SPC

                Astra Zeneca has developed an antibody drug as an alternative to vaccination – the antibodies last up to 12 months. The trial results were good and it is now seeking authorisation to produce and supply to the market.

                Unlike existing anti-body treatments provided after an infection as a treatment, this is given before any infection.

                According to AstraZeneca, late-stage human trials showed the AZD7442 treatment reduced the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 by 77 per cent.


                This when combined with Merck's anti-viral treatment offers an alternative to vaccination, for those unable to be vaccinated (immune system won't produce antibodies etc).

      • weka 9.1.3

        Sorry to hear it was like that. Public health can be brutal to individuals 🙁

  9. joe90 10


    New Hampshire Republican state Representative Ken Weyler shocked constituents and angered colleagues in both parties after pushing bizarre and bigoted conspiracy theories about the pandemic, one of which stated the vaccine contains tiny, living, moving tentacled creatures.

    The theories came from a document which also contained extreme anti-Catholic views and claimed the Vatican is run by Satanists pushing the vaccine.

    Weyler's claims are so bizarre one of his colleagues took to Twitter to urgently beg constituents not to listen to anything he says.


    • Gezza 10.1

      The US Congress has so many representatives it’s not surprising it has its share of loons.

      • garibaldi 10.1.1

        I think it is fair to say America punches well above its weight for its share of loonies!

  10. Talking about deranged. Just called my 83 year old mum in England for a catch up and she started giving me some facebook driven bollocks about our covid response, and how our c*nt prime minister has let us all down, and how all you kiwis are backwards for believing leftish rubbish.

    Put the phone down on her.

    • Gezza 11.1

      If you give me her number, I’ll ring her & put the phone down on her too. 😠

      • The Al1en 11.1.1

        She'd eat you for second breakfast lol

        • Gezza

          No chance. I win all my fights by hundreds of metres. 💪🏼 😀

          • The Al1en

            Yeah sure, take advantage of your big, hairy, Hobbit feet

            But I’m fuming. Researching the death rates in London for the past weeks and listening to “why the fuck should I wear a mask” made me not only pissed, but left me anticipating a sombre 3am call in the not too distant future.

            If it’s a stupid gene, I want the test now.
            Already feeling like a chump. Worst $4.80 I ever spent.

            • Gezza

              Losing your mum to Covid 19 isn’t something I thought about till now, Al1en.

              Now I understand your concern & why so peed off. Sounds like your mum still thinks she’s the boss of you? Or, at least, not one to take advice from her children.

              With a bit of luck maybe she’ll be among the ones who not even this virus can subdue. Has she always been a bolshie, tough sort of bird?

  11. Probably just an idiot.

  12. chris T 13

    Pretty funny watching an irrelevant Winston Peters getting air time on the Nation, pretending to slag off the party he personally decided would be govt.

    Edit: And probably will again given his beef with the Nats if by some miracle he gets the chance again.

    People take the opportunistic idiot seriously though. Which I continue to find odd.

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    Health Minister Andrew Little will represent New Zealand at the first in-person World Health Assembly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from Sunday 22 – Wednesday 25 May (New Zealand time). “COVID-19 has affected people all around the world, and health continues to ...
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    New Zealand is committing to trade only in legally harvested timber with the Forests (Legal Harvest Assurance) Amendment Bill introduced to Parliament today. Under the Bill, timber harvested in New Zealand and overseas, and used in products made here or imported, will have to be verified as being legally harvested. ...
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  • Government welcomes historic pay-equity deal
    Settlement of the first pay-equity agreement in the health sector is hugely significant, delivering pay rises of thousands of dollars for many hospital administration and clerical workers, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “There is no place in 21st century Aotearoa New Zealand for 1950s attitudes to work predominantly carried out ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Government delivers new ICU space at Christchurch Hospital
    Health Minister Andrew Little opened a new intensive care space for up to 12 ICU-capable beds at Christchurch Hospital today, funded from the Government’s Rapid Hospital Improvement Programme. “I’m pleased to help mark this milestone. This new space will provide additional critical care support for the people of Canterbury and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Next steps for specialist mental health and addiction services
    Budget 2022 will continue to deliver on Labour’s commitment to better services and support for mental wellbeing. The upcoming Budget will include a $100-million investment over four years for a specialist mental health and addiction package, including: $27m for community-based crisis services that will deliver a variety of intensive supports ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • 195,000 children set to benefit from more mental health support
    Budget 2022 will continue to deliver on Labour’s commitment to better mental wellbeing services and support, with 195,000 primary and intermediate aged children set to benefit from the continuation and expansion of Mana Ake services. “In Budget 2022 Labour will deliver on its manifesto commitment to expand Mana Ake, with ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago