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28 comments on “Daily Review 09/04/2018”

  1. adam 1

    Was directed to this video, a bloody awful conspiracy – proven in court in 1999. If you have the time, it’s 51 min long. Truth at last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King. Some great outtakes of King’s speeches intersected throughout the documentary.

    • adam 1.1

      If that is too long. Here from the Prophet himself, in his own words, why we need to talk about economics. What we need to see, and act on. run time 3:44.

  2. Monty 2

    Hi Question to @weka @Bill or other authors/Mods

    Is it possible to have a page similar to US elections regarding the US/Russia/UK/Syria/Spy/nerve agent debate that is dominating Open Mike day after day.

    It is good it is being discussed and debated, but it would also be good if it had its own space to and not overtake open mike everyday.

    I might be asking too much but if you dont ask you dont get.

    • Exkiwiforces 3.1

      Yeah mate something fishy is going on atm, as there is heck of a lot bullets fly around and god knows what else than at your local sideshow alley atm.

    • Stunned mullet 3.2

      “Wonder what if it felt the same in July 1914….”

      Well no, for one thing there wasn’t instant news/twitter/facebook/bullshit etc in 1914.

      • Exkiwiforces 3.2.1

        Also must of the punters back then were backing “War” like they were at races backing their favourite nag at race 5 called “It’s a long way to Tipperary” Riccarton Racecourse.

    • Bill 3.3

      Most likely Israel indulging in its sporadic b/s….although using missiles instead of fighter jets might be seen as upping the anti somewhat.

      • Stunned mullet 3.3.1

        As above – it appears they may be sending Iran’s proxies a message, poor bloody Syrian public which ever way they turn there’s someone trying to stuff up their life.

      • Exkiwiforces 3.3.2

        The ABC 7 o’clock new said it was IAF air strike on the SAFB. This is the second time that the IAF has attack this AB this year and last time was in Feb over a Iranian UAV that was launched from this AB.

        IMO that this was a stand off attack using their stand off type missiles that the IAF have. This type of attack keeps the aircraft outside of the SAM and AAA gun umbrella, but with any air attack of this sort comes with some risk as the current Syrian Air Defence is strung like a dogs breakfast atm and it has to be backed with some very strong intelligent to carry this air strike.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      Western Australia makes up about 75 per cent of the live export trade from Australia, or about 1.4 million head of sheep annually but WAFarmers says the live export trade allows for a sustainable lamb industry to supply the domestic Western Australian market.

      They’re doing it wrong. The mere existence of the local market is enough to maintain supply to that market from the local farms Exports shouldn’t be needed to prop up the farmers.

      What they’re actually saying is that there are too many farms producing too many sheep and the only way that they can keep prices high is by exporting.

    • Exkiwiforces 4.2

      The ABC news tonight saying they have banned the live trade of sheeps to the Middle East Area.

    • Stuart Munro 4.3

      Saudi is over a barrel. As the authority over Mecca they are required to have sheep available for the Haj – they’re short between 2 and 4 million per annum.

      As countries that are good at growing sheep, NZ and Aus could have got to work and come up with a solution. They’d probably be well paid for doing so.

      It could’ve been a different kind of livestock shipping with lower mortality, or a farm in the kingdom with foreign technical support, or some mixture of the two.

      But they’ve made a cock of it as usual. Didn’t take it seriously – a trade which could go some way to replacing the British frozen meat trade we lost awhile back. But our pollies don’t care – useless troughers.

  3. adam 5

    John Key was scumbag PM, ruling over a cluster of scumbags. The man is bereft of a conscious, a ideological hack who caused undue pain and suffering to protect corporate criminals. A liar, that media in this country supported in those lies.


  4. Pat 6

    A counterpoint to the self absorbed ravings of Hosking


    Mr Easton paints a statistical comparison of the more egalitarian NZ I remember from my youth and the neolib ‘paradise’ desperately desired by Hosking and the like.

    We cant afford the rich?…well not the obscenely so and there was still scope for reward and incentive within a much narrower band.

  5. joe90 7

    The world’s most moral army.


    Mahmoud Madi, 14 – arrested overnight in Arroub camp.Same Israeli army that tells you protesters are "terrorists" also wants you to think soldiers taking kids in night raids is A-OK. "Take care of yourself, don't be afraid" his mother cried as they took him.video via @qudsn pic.twitter.com/UdBM5v75G6— Ben White (@benabyad) April 1, 2018

  6. mikes 8

    In light of Taika Waititi’s comments on NZ being as racist as fuck I thought the following statistical world map was interesting.

    It shows that NZ, along with Australia, most of the Western democracies and South America are the least racist countries. The most racist are in the middle East, parts of Africa, India, the rest of Asia and Russia


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