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23 comments on “Daily review 10/06/2019”

  1. SPC 1

    The latest polls showing 52-39 (TV1) and 48-42 (TV3/Newshub) against marijuana legalisation is diasappointing (the difference again says something about their poll samples). The polling was consistent at around 47-41 for legalisation of marijuana in 2017 and 2018.

    The swing against has been led by National’s Paula Bennett, who now says she is not surprised by the latest poll, saying she expected this once the public understood what legalisation meant (IMO the party’s obvious opposition has influenced party supporters).

    This is a pity, as the consequence of people going to get marijuana is often meeting someone encouraging them to try meth (addictive, better profits for the dealers).

    There goes improved well-being (legalising marijuana should reduce access and use by young people, just as legal alcohol sales at age 18 did for alcohol use).

    • WeTheBleeple 1.1

      Lying to the public should have far more weight than lying in general. They'll do anything to make it look like they've got something to say.

      Hopefully some public education rolls around early next year.

      Notice how every time they talk about weed they find some dreadlocked/pierced tea cosy wearing feral type for the picture.

      So the media are playing nats game on this issue too. They're quite worthless except to their masters.

  2. Fireblade 2

    Online Poll. 

    Who should be the leader of the National Party?

    Simon Bridges 16%
    Paula Bennett 19%
    Judith Collins 65%


  3. Ankerrawshark) 3

    Good call Al1en.   #lets keep Simon 

  4. Rosemary McDonald 4

    Not. O.K.


    Survivors of abuse in State Care attend 'mock' hearings for the Royal Commission of Inquiry and Satyanand falls asleep.

    'Never happened' says Commission spokesperson…

    Survivor Paora Moyle did not attend the pilot sessions, but she has met seven times with the Royal Commission and has repeatedly raised concerns over how the commission is engaging with survivors and a number of other issues.

    She says she also witnessed Sir Anand falling asleep.

    “At two of those hui Sir Anand fell asleep whilst survivors were talking and woke up catching the end of our korero and gave some random comment to appear as though he was present throughout our hui.”

    A Maori survivor Moyle knows, who did not wish to be named, attended the pilot meetings and was highly concerned with the way they were run.

    “Recently I had a mock interview where I was helped to prepare my testimony by a wellbeing worker who appeared to have as much knowledge of trauma as my big toe. Where do they get these people from with no experience at all of engaging with survivors?. Like we are stupid people that need to be mollycoddled. She didn’t even try to form any connection with me beforehand, just on the day stuff.”

    This has all the hallmarks of another balls-up.

  5. SPC 5

    The art of the witch hunt.

    Last time it involved Simon Bridges hunting down the person who leaked his expense details a few days early.

    This time it involves attacking those hunting down his own leaking of confidential information.

    The entitled one, no one will dare leak on me after this, to how dare anyone try and hold me to account for doing the same.

    If the hypocrite is the least respected of people this would explain his poll ratings and why they will never improve.

    Perhaps he is beginning to udnerstand this, that he will never be PM but could return to Cabinet if he take the government down with him in a bout of mud wrestling – taking one for the team, being used as Gollum by National for this purpose.

    • Anne 5.1


      Last time it involved Simon Bridges hunting down the person who leaked his expense details a few days early.

      This time it involves attacking those hunting down his own leaking of confidential information.

      To my knowledge not one MSM journalist has point this anomaly out. Interesting.


  6. Muttonbird 6

    Poor old David Seymour. Imagine having to go to the media to explain why you aren't a white supremacist.

  7. Ankerrawshark) 8

    Just been phoned by Curia and did a political poll.  They asked about leaders and for National only asked about Simon and Paula.  Not Judith……….




  8. WeTheBleeple 9

    While I don't understand half the stuff he bangs on about…

    Hope DF is out there and is ok? 

  9. Exkiwiforces 10

    To Adam @7, I actually predicted that a pull out of Iraq and possibly including the Greater Middle East Region when I had a look at the forward estimates IRT vote Defence etc and posted it in one the Budget Threads (can’t remember which one it was now) when I was still at the PTSD clinic as I’m trying to get for East Timor/ Timor-Leste 20th anniversary of when (we)  INTERFET finally booted the bastards (TNI) out of ET 20yrs ago.

    I was surprised that the NZ media didn’t pick it up back then, but then again the useless NZ media was still pushing old Bitch face bridges tanks for teachers and other useless waffle that is NZ media nowadays during Budget time.

    Sorry the damm IPad won’t let reply to your post yet again.

  10. soddenleaf 11

    Okay, can't seem to reply to individual posts but can create a new one..

    Why is National Newsspeak so easily accepted, acceptable? They criticize yet never provide alternatives, well beside lower taxes, less government, etc.

    Given how unappealing lower taxes for the rich, who see the danger, and swiss cheese govt that leads to cctv, or now the budget leak, National's vision is surely lacking. They can't bring in more men like dotcom, not enough housing. They can't pollute the waterways, done. Really, child poverty is already too high. So they've left themselves early dumps of internal and now budgetary doc's to get hot under the collar about for weeks on end, talking up process, who didn't do what when.

    Could we be less served by an opposition.

  11. soddenleaf 12

    In reply to why media doesn't criticize Bridges, it didn't criticize Key either.

    On another note, Media wants us to believe Trump will romp home in the primaries. Can you imagine for the next few decades Republicians being for the party of Trump! Christian conservatives backing breaking up families, or supporting land grabs in the holy land removing any veneer than Israel is just a continuation of the Crusades! 


    oh and why can I reply at the bottom of the page but not to comments?

  12. CHCoff 13

    Best brexit candidate?


    There would be no better way of saying Brexit is about renewal than renewal of their Cons party.

    Then after no money for the EU if they don't ship up, suspending parliament to follow through the original vote if neccessary, ploughing money into public services, sacking the cabinet if not up to par, cutting a trade deal with President Trump on the world stage; then they would be well placed for their premier's approach in post brexit world to form special relationships and chemistry in specific relations that you can bank on.

    It would be a change from up to this point all the Brexit fudge wouldn't it.

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