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20 comments on “Daily review 12/06/2019”

  1. Kat 1

    Someone said I must listen to this….well Hosking better not ever be involved in any future election political debates, his political bias and ignorance of whats happening today is astonishing. He was shown up to be the nincompoop he is. And what is he up to creeping out from behind the fish wraps quarantine wall.



  2. ianmac 2

    Another lie from Simon?

    New Zealand's Five Eyes intelligence partners contacted the Government Communications Security Bureau three times after the Treasury claimed it had been systematically hacked.

    But GCSB Director-General Andrew Hampton is rejecting claims by National leader Simon Bridges that they were concerned about the so-called hack.

    Instead Hampton characterised the contact as "three routine information requests and/or offers for assistance from Five Eyes partners in response to media coverage of the Treasury incident".

    • Muttonbird 2.1

      See what happens when you have a baby-man like Simon Bridges in parliament? He can't be trusted and causes all sorts of errant mischief.

      Now the five eyes partners will be looking sideways at the opposition, and particularly Simon Bridges, and quietly noting they and he are loose cannons and incredibly deceitful.

      After all, if they are capable of something like this, what sort of stunts would they pull on their security partners if in government?

      • Incognito 2.1.1

        They’d be stunned by Simon’s stunt.

      • Anne 2.1.2

        Who is supplying Bridges and co. with this information in the first place?

        Surely inquiries – including routine inquiries – within the 5 eyes network is material not available to anyone without top level security passes (or whatever they maybe called). Is it possible for them to OIA such material?  Or is someone on the inside passing them the information?  If it's the latter surely that is a very serious breach of protocol and security.

        • Anne

          Have just found this;


          Hampton said that Five Eyes partners had not raised any concerns.The GCSB has a long-standing practice of not commenting on its engagement with its intelligence partners for reasons of national security.

          “However, due to the need for clarity regarding the Treasury incident, I can confirm that Five Eyes partners have not raised concerns with me directly or with my agency.”

          He added that the contact was operational and Ministers are not required to be briefed.

          So, how did Bridges and co. get to find out about it?

          • McFlock

            That's a very interesting question.

            He gets a weekly security briefing, doesn't he, as leader of the opposition? I hoped he asked about it then, otherwise that is very interesting indeed.

            • Anne

              Yes he does get a briefing, but how would he know to ask? It's never happened before so there is no precedent to follow.

              Neither the Deputy PM nor the Minister of Finance knew anything about it which surely means the Govt. were not briefed. Is this another Oppo. attempt to make out the govt. is incompetent?  Something very fishy is going down.

              • McFlock

                He probably hopes the yanks ask about him all the time. Desperate for attention and relevance lol.

    • Fireblade 2.2

      I wonder what Simon and Amy think about the actual content of the Budget? 

      All their talk has been about their own "unauthorised access hack" circus and not much else.

  3. joe90 3

    Yup, economic anxiety.



    • Sabine 3.1

      working class man economic anxiety even 

      • AB 3.1.1

        That is how it plays out. Large parts of the white, male middle to working class have been quite unconcerned that "economic anxiety" has crushed the poor, black/brown, disabled and female daily. But once global capital comes after them too – sends their jobs to India/China, starves the state of the tax revenue needed to fund decent health care etc, – then they go ballistic. Some of them even do things that will actually make the problem worse – like vote for Trump.

        It's easy to point out their deplorability – but smarter to try and get them on-side for a genuine economic re-set.

        • Sabine

          to be honest, i don't five a flying fuck about the trump voter. 

          everyone who voted for trump, absolutely everyone, will get what they asked for. 


  4. Brigid 4

    Submissions on enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

    The submission summary is on this page:



    "A large group of submitters raised concerns with dairy conversions in the Mackenzie Basin and the impact that the current transitional arrangements for ending tenure review could have on land use
    by enabling more pastoral land to become freehold."

    So that's good.

  5. Pat 5

    "Groundwater, the source of 40% of India’s water needs, is depleting at an unsustainable rate, Niti Aayog, a governmental thinktank, said in a 2018 report. Twenty-one Indian cities – including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad – are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020, and 40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030, the report said."


    1.37 billion people and no water …..CC is a future problem?

    • greywarshark 5.1

      What about this story of drought in India WtB.   Is there any way of managing?    The man in the field has trees and green showing behind him in the photo.    Perhaps they need to change their practices and open up areas to be commons for grazing.

      In Coober Pedy it is very hot  and they have dug out rooms underground – the terrain is sand and siltstone    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coober_Pedy#Terrain

      Can people establish circles of green for fodder with a big tree in the middle.    Could they have trenches that they pee into and then cover working in circles around the tree.  

      Could trees or plants provide water – like coconuts?   They could grow in India.




      Indian water study:

      In addition to severe drinking water scarcity during drought, the quality of the drinking water was found to be a major problem, and it apparently was neglected by local governments and users. Severe contamination of the drinking water with nitrate-nitrogen, ammonium-nitrogen, and chlorides was found in the analyzed drinking water samples. Hence, in addition to the water scarcity, the results of this study point to an immediate need to investigate the problem of contaminated drinking water sources while designing relief measures for drought-prone areas of India.


  6. greywarshark 6

    In Nelson the Wikipedian at Large Dr Mike Dickison – this Saturday from 9.30-10 to 4 pm is doing an edit a thon to show how to do it and open up Wikipedia's methods to all.   There may be some places still.    It is being held at the city library the Elma Turner on Halifax Street, just down from the Trafalgar St bridge and the City Council.    It also is free.    Your own device is needed.

    To see if there are still places – Email to – Rosamund Feeney <rosamund.feeney@ncc.govt.nz>

    Ngā mihi,
    Rosamund Feeney
    Community Programmes Coordinator
    Nelson City Council | Te Kaunihera o Whakatū
    P 03 539 5507


  7. Poission 7

    Riots in HK over extradition legislation.

    Critics cite China's alleged use of torture, arbitrary detention and forced confessions but the government says safeguards will be in place.


    In NZ court of appeal overturns extradition to PRC citing concerns over torture (with significant source supressions in place)



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