Daily review 14/11/2018

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30 comments on “Daily review 14/11/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, it’s worth your time.

    The Lobby – USA,

    Episode 1: The Covert War.

    • Jack Ramaka 1.1

      Much better quality journalism on Al Jazzera than what we get here in NZ from the likes of Mike Hoskins or Duncan Garner ?

      • Draco T Bastard 1.1.1

        Neither Hoskins nor Garner give us journalism. IIRC, Hoskins actually told us he wasn’t a journalist.

        What they give us is slanted BS designed to amplify the RWNJ philosophy of greed and hatred.

        • Jack Ramaka

          DTB you are 100% correct they give us RWNJ edited BS which the moronic, uneducated NZ people swallow up in spades ?

    • Cinny 1.2

      Thanks for the link Ed, just watched the doco, that was stunning.

      • Ed 1.2.1

        I’ll watch Episode 2 tomorrow.
        My other viewing this evening was the talk about Pike River.
        The details are damning for Key and Whitall.

  2. BM 2

    Hilarious, hard to believe it’s not a piss take.

  3. Jack Ramaka 3

    Man gets off charges of swallowing 102 packets of methamphetamine, could only happen here in NZ ?

    Deemed only for personal use, yet we lock up Green Angels who supply medical marijuana for terminally ill patients ?

    Bit like the Czech Drug Mule with links to the Hells Angels getting residency here in NZ, it depends who you know and how big your cheque book is ?

    If you are brown and poor they will bang you up for 5 years, but if you are 50 years old a son of a well known winemaker you will get home detention ?


    Corrupt little Banana Republic we live in with a corrupt judiciary, police and government officials IMHO ?

    • Draco T Bastard 3.1

      There is certainly corruption in NZ. Has been since the signing. We’ve only believed that we were less corrupt than other Western states when the reality is that we’re just as corrupt and getting worse.

  4. ianmac 4

    “Immigration NZ has completed its initial investigation into the residency case of Czech drug-smuggler Karel Sroubek and has passed the findings to him for a response.

    Sroubek has until the next Friday to respond, which is right on the deadline for Immigration NZ to complete its investigation.”

    But no exposure to the public. Yet.

    • Jack Ramaka 4.1

      Will be interesting when the facts come out, definitely something fishy going on in behind the scenes ? Maybe some political interference by Jacinda & Co ?

      • ianmac 4.1.1

        The Immigration lawyer says they cannot reverse a decision based on previous information. A reversal can only come when previously unknown facts are presented.

        • Jack Ramaka

          So if other evidence comes out of the woodwork which was not previously disclosed to the Minister ILG the Czech is Gone Burger ?

          • ianmac

            That would depend on the seriousness of the “uncovered” I think. A traffic ticket? Nah. Drugs? They already knew that. Nah. S we will wait and see.

      • JC 4.1.2

        Ever thought about “Talk Back Radio” …

  5. Jack Ramaka 5

    DTB yep ever since the Wakefield Bros turned up here in NZ and set up the NZ Company, back in the 1830’s.

    Recent Labour & National Governments have been selling off illegally acquired maori land to the wealthy USA seppo’s like Peter Thiel and their Nationalist China Party’s cronnies ?

  6. Chris 6

    No question about it.

  7. Ed 7

    Abby Martin.
    Brilliant and fearless journalist.

    “Beyond sick. Hollywood celebs just raised $60 million for Israeli Army in massive gala. SHAME on Pharrell. Aplusk & GerardButler for endorsing apartheid & war crimes. Israel slaughtered 219 unarmed Palestinians & wounded 18,000 in just the last 6 months.”

    • Jack Ramaka 7.1

      I need to be careful what I say here as you are not allowed to mention a certain word on this site as it is culturally sensitive. However people closely aligned to the Isreali’s have a very big influence in Hollywood, enough said otherwise the RWNJ’s will be jumping up and down squealing and demand that I be removed from the TS site.

      One should visit the Whale Oil & National Party’s Kiwi Blog sites and see how culturally insensitive they are towards indigeneous people of Maori or Pacific Island extraction ? Enough said otherwise I will be described as being racist and may be banned ?

      • JC 7.1.1

        Why bother here then Jack the Muss…

        Go an join the Wankers there. And/or on “talkback” … Your Clearly of their ilk

        Or is it that you have nothing better to do ….

        Most likely!

  8. Jack Ramaka 8

    Doubt whether I would last very long over there, tried it a few years ago and got absolutely hammered. Quite entertaining though. Prefer it over here so long as the trolls are not feeding.

  9. RedLogix 9

    An interesting TED that hits on one of the big themes important to me. Why do we have to choose between nationalism and globalism, between loving our countries and caring for the world? In a talk with lessons for avowed nationalists and globalists alike, Wanis Kabbaj explains how we can challenge this polarizing, binary thinking

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