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nikki kaye want to be homeless

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48 comments on “Daily Review 14/07/2016”

  1. Gangnam Style 1

    More on Checkpoint about the ‘Ghost Affordable Houses’ in the special housing zones Whenuapai etc… People are finding it hard to even apply, who is oversseeing all these affordable houses?

  2. swordfish 2

    Meet Britain’s new Foreign Secretary – the man who will head foreign intelligence in a nuclear-armed P5 state …



    I mean, you couldn’t make this shit up, could you.

  3. Johan 3

    What an appalling statement to make by Nikki Kaye!!!
    As a servant of the state, she should make it her business to solve some of these pressing problems. Now lets have all the National Party members sweep each crisis under carpet;-)))

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Well, technically she is right, a fraction of homeless people prefer to be of no fixed abode.

    • b waghorn 4.1

      But she didn’t clarify that ,she just started a horrible meme for her knuckle dragging brethren to sprea.

    • mpledger 4.2

      I really don’t know if that’s true. A fraction of people can’t manage all the things that go with having a home so they’re left with no other option but to be live on the street. If someone managed that for them then I’m sure they’d rather be inside, out of the cold and wet.

    • North 4.3

      CV…….why the fuck is your first response to that monumental shit to ackshully say “Yes…….well OK Nikki I’ll go with that……”. You’re going with the Tory thang, and the Trump thang…….are you into anarchy CV ? Just keep them cool agreeing along with them until zap……you anarchy them ?

      Fuck Man ! I am really puzzled by your very strange behaviour.

      • Colonial Viper 4.3.1

        Have you never talked to homeless people and their families/former colleagues before?

        For a smallish fraction of them, they have, for one reason or other of their own, chosen that lifestyle.

        A few of them even have thousands of dollars in the bank even as they continue to be of no fixed abode.

        Of course, for the majority of homeless, a roof over their head, a warm bed, hot meals, and proper medical/mental health care is entirely preferable.

        • North

          Yeah. Your last paragraph says it all CV. So why try to make it different to what your last paragraph says it is.

          I remember decades ago I came into acquaintanceship with a famous All Black (through his wife whom I knew well). He was a diamond dealer (those SA connections) who’d regularly go to Mumbai then known as Bombay.

          He absolutely insisted to me that there were these street beggars who would beg away all day and then at 5.00 pm go around the corner where their chauffeur was waiting to take them home in the Rolls Royce. FFS.

          As convincing as the bizo about people “choosing” to be homeless. Again, muddying of the waters by ‘homed’ people who should know better.

          • Xanthe

            Hangon hang on . CV in this case is right, some people do prefer to have no fixed abode and good on them , they should be able to live in dignity . And engage in society following that choice.

            This is not to minimise the very real problem of the many who do not want to be homeless and are suffering under the yoke of neoliberal totalitarian slavery.
            and i see no indication that CV was attempting to do that.

            • North

              By invoking a miniscule percentage in connection with homelessness CV adds to the falseness…….he does this deliberately and he’s no better than Kaye in my book, worse if you like. Kaye is talking shit to avoid responsibility. CV is just grievously bitter and never misses an opportunity to strut his bitterness. If that involves embracing Trump he’s happy to do it. He needs to be careful what he asks for. Other than that he’s fucking boring of late.

      • Chris 4.3.2

        It isn’t “going with the Tory thang”. It’s acknowledging that by using a very narrow definition of choice – and of course Kaye’s being extremely disingenuous when she says it – there is, in a very limited way, a level of “choosing” involved. It’s the same thing as saying that people “choose” to go on the dole, but you have to also acknowledge that that “choice” isn’t really a choice at all if you have no other way of feeding your kids. Alan Johnson describes the homelessness issue well, particularly when he talks about the realities for people of overcrowding and the need for people to have personal space, independence, solitude, peace etc and how being on the street or sleeping in your car can provide that, albeit for some people or for a limited time, but importantly, this doesn’t mean that that’s what people want. It’s about 5 mins in but the whole thing’s worth a listen even if to be reminded of the amount of shit that can come out of David Farrar’s mouth.


  5. joe90 5

    Who could possibly have seen this coming?

    The way clouds cover the Earth may be changing because of global warming, according to a study published Monday that used satellite data to track cloud patterns across about two decades, starting in the 1980s.

    Clouds in the mid-latitudes shifted toward the poles during that period, as the subtropical dry zones expanded and the highest cloud-tops got higher.

    These changes are predicted by most climate models of global warming, even though those models disagree on a lot of other things related to clouds, says Joel Norris, a climate scientist at the University of California, San Diego.

    “I guess what was surprising is that a lot of times we think of climate change as something that’s going to occur in the future,” says Norris. “This is happening right now. It’s happened during my lifetime — it was a bit startling.”


    A fifth year of disappointing snow in the Sierra is part of a much larger predicament of record-low snow across the Northern Hemisphere, a setback that scientists identified Wednesday as another reminder of the alarming pace of human-caused global warming.

    A panel of climate experts organized by SEARCH, or the Study of Environmental Arctic Change, met in Washington, D.C., to draw attention to the historic melt-off of snow and ice during the first six months of 2016 — and the resulting problems.

    “We lost the snow earlier than anytime on record, and it wasn’t just in one part of the snow-covered universe,” said Dave Robinson, New Jersey state climatologist at Rutgers University, noting that as much as 30 percent of the land in the Northern Hemisphere is typically white. “This is the lowest spring snow extent on record.”


  6. Greg 6

    Nikki isnt being original, she is reinforcing John Key’s musings about people making lifestyle choices, and that NZers just dont care that much about politics.

    If National really believed that, then they dont really need 6 millions in there war chest.

    They wont be turning away new donors.

    Thats Tories for yah.

    And she only won Auckland central by less than a thousand votes

  7. Jilly Bee 7

    A member of my extended family – a brother of my daughter in law attended a house auction in the Howick area today, he bid up to $900K and was outbid by a couple with a suitcase of cash! The final price was well over $1million and out of his ability to bid. I strongly suspect that even the $900K would keep him in hock for too many years. My question is – I do wonder how clean was that cash! I’ve just looked on the Labour Party’s app re housing prices in your area. The price our place we purchased 12 months ago in a Waikato town has risen by over 20% – bloody scary. I haven’t mentioned the ethnicity of the couple with the suitcase of cash who paid cash for the Howick property.

    • whispering kate 7.1

      I have heard this as well Jilly Bee, expensive cars being bought with wads of cash and houses as well. As it is not documented just word of mouth this cannot be substantiated. If it is the truth then don’t the Car Dealers and Realtors who sell these cars and houses have a duty to advise the authorities of this cash floating around and if there is tax paid on it. The money has to end up at a bank for processing, why are the banks also not reporting this. Surely these organisations are guilty of aiding and abetting the circulation of cash without a legal trace of where it has come from. How does it end up in the country, surely it would be found with customs at the airport or is it processed through the Casino here. Dodgy business and dirty money probably, proceeds of drugs or guns. This country gets more corrupt every day it seems.

      • Wensleydale 7.1.1

        Realtors and car dealers aren’t known for their flawless track record of integrity and ethical behaviour. Last time I checked, they were regarded as almost as untrustworthy as politicians.

    • RedBaronCV 7.2

      Don’t you have to declare large amounts of cash as you come in through customs?

      And as to 9 below . a community / voluntary service being used to assist without charge?!

      • dv 7.2.1

        !0k is the limit I believe
        Lawyers and Real estate agent NEED to be caught in the Money Laundering laws.

      • Goodshepherd 7.2.2

        And that’s what I gave her – the name of a local lawyer. As you say, the information was given freely.

        I wondered too about getting cash through customs but I imagined she was withdrawing from a bank account as she needed to. I don’t even know why cash was needed at all.

        I don’t remember the number of houses she’d bought at that time but she was heading for the South Island the next day. Her plan was definitely small town NZ not the main centres.

      • North 7.2.3

        If you’re more or less kosher who’d fuck around with live transport of cash. You don’t need to. Can be done very safely online FFS.

  8. swordfish 8

    Third Branch in Labour leadership contender Angela Eagle’s Wallasey constituency (Merseyside) passes a vote of No Confidence in her

    Ewen MacAskill @ewenmacaskill “Unofficial meeting of Labour members from New Brighton branch in Angela Eagle’s constituency pass vote of no confidence in her 55-9.”

    Two branches in Wallasey had already passed no confidence motions officially. This is the third. Eagle’s CLP has had enough.

    BBC Newsnight
    “We feel hugely let down by Angela” – Wallasey constituents tell Lewis Goodall why they are unhappy about their MP Angela Eagle’s leadership bid.


    • weka 8.2

      What is CLP?

      I saw yesterday that they were stopping branch meetings until after the leadership vote.

      • swordfish 8.2.1

        “What is CLP?”

        Constituency Labour Party = similar to our Labour Electorate Committees (LECs).

        “I saw yesterday that they were stopping branch meetings until after the leadership vote.”

        Yep – that’s why the New Brighton branch’s no confidence motion was taken during an unofficial branch meeting. They obviously weren’t going to put up with any gagging order from on high.

        • Colonial Viper

          No doubt the plans of the PLP (and their various establishment loyalist hanger-ons) would be working so well if it weren’t for these meddling kids.

    • millsy 8.3

      Angela Eagle is yet another privatisation-and welfare cut supporting Blairite Tory wannabe. The UK Labour party is infected with them. They would slot straight into the Tories. or the Liberals.

      It is not core Labour values to hand over control of schools to corporate and religous groups, as Tony Blair’s government did with its academy scheme, which our charter schools have been modelled on.

  9. Goodshepherd 9

    About four years ago I was volunteering in a small town CAB.
    A woman came in with a briefcase of cash. Her English wasn’t great but with goodwill on both sides I understood she needed a lawyer. She had been sent by her extended family with all the money they could raise between them, to tour NZ to buy residential property. She was in a hurry. Her bus would leave later that afternoon but she had seen a property she believed would meet the family’s needs and wish to get the deal done.

  10. swordfish 10

    Blair and Cameron – Birds of a Feather

    YouGov (12-13 July 2016)

    David Cameron has been Prime Minister for six years. Overall, do you think Britain is now a Better or Worse Country to live in ?
    (same question asked about Tony Blair in June 2007)

    ……………………………..Cameron (July 2016)…………Blair (June 2007)
    Don’t Know……………………….8%……………………………….4%

  11. Rae 11

    There are quite a few people who are of no fixed abode out of choice, many have sold up, bought a motorhome and hit the road, so yes she is right. BUT, if we are discount the people who are “homeless” by choice, perhaps we should also count in, those who might be renting a house, but would rather buy but can’t. Renters are subject, in the main, to the prospect of being evicted at any time with a mere 90 days notice and to often having to live under many landlord imposed restrictions. Hardly a HOME, is it? The only difference between these people and those living in cars or on the street is that they are able to pay for a better class of homelessness.

    • Draco T Bastard 11.1

      There are quite a few people who are of no fixed abode out of choice…

      Define “quite a few”.

      Personally, I’d be surprised if 1% of the population did that and I wouldn’t consider that to be “quite a few”.

      • North 11.1.1

        Yeah there are of course those who’ve sold some property to buy a $120K motorhome. Some who’ve done that while retaining a home on a section in a town. To which they return from time to time. My sister-in-law an example. She and her partner worth up to a mill’ I’d guess (I may ackshully insult them – in their terms). And good on them. But not homeless FFS. They don’t claim that status themselves.

        Anyone who wants to define that as ‘homelessness’ and enter it as a factor in the ‘homelessness’ debate is a fucking idiot. Muddying the waters. Like Baggage Bennett. It’s crazy that I even say “debate”. There is no debate about it. There is a fucking crisis !

        • Rae

          I think you might have misunderstood my comment. I simply wanted to say that if Kaye wants to include the “homeless by choice” then best she INCLUDE those who rent though they would rather buy but cannot afford, as homeless as well. They may have a roof over their heads, but it is not a HOME! How can it be when you can be tipped out with a mere 90 days notice. If those are included we are looking at a MASSIVE problem not just a tip of the iceberg one.
          Maybe if the reality of what is happening is all encompassing then maybe, just maybe, something meaningful will be done, which goes way, way past booking a few motel rooms.
          Is thinking outside the box not permitted here?

  12. Pat 12


    some searching pertinent questions and observations…..many of which apply to the NZLP just as easily

    • whateva next? 12.1

      and the linked article by Gary Younge on this article also explains alot…I like another quote from the abundance of opinions about Labour Party’s current situation:

      “….how a party can so comprehensively snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”

  13. Robertina 13

    George Monbiot should be a must read for those blathering on here as if Brexit was the great rising up of the proletariat; donor money nearly matched the vote:

    At least new Brexit boss David Davis has decreed that since the workers won it he won’t let their rights be cut:

    ”The great British industrial working classes voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. I am not at all attracted by the idea of rewarding them by cutting their rights.”


    • weka 13.1

      Can you please link to more than once instance of people on the standard going on about Brexit being a rising up of the proletariat? Because I think you just dropped that straw man.

      Am just getting sick of the lowering of the debate. That Brexit was manipulated by people with money doesn’t exclude analysis of the reasons why certain groups of people voted certain ways.

    • whateva next? 13.2

      An excellent TED talk which gives a rational explanation for Brexit:

      [Tidied link. TRP]

  14. gsays 14

    listening to the radio and reading the standard, reflecting on the recent two police shootings.

    the suggestion of body cameras on armed police officers.
    i am thinking “yes, great idea, must happen”

    pondering a little further, a shudder went up the spine with the thought of the constabulary filming the citizenry.

    • mpledger 14.1

      It should be triggered to on when a police officer unholsters a gun or taser.

      I thought tasers had cameras?

      • gsays 14.1.1

        There is a lot of ‘context’ lost if filming starts when weapon is drawn.

  15. weka 15

    Lucy Fisher ‏@LOS_Fisher 1h1 hour ago

    NEW: Labour NEC procedures cmte has ruled 6-month freeze date applies to affiliates in leadership contest. Stops £2 sign ups by Unite et al

    Interesting commentary too,

    Literally shutting down party and breaking their own rules within 48 hours to stop JC. I didn’t think any UK party could behave like this>

    Aaron Bastani ‏@AaronBastani 57m

    Most astonishing this otherwise rational, nice enough people all for it. The extreme centre gets v authoritarian, v quickly to get their way

    Sadly people that will gain most from Labour establishment deceit & double-dealing is UKIP. Stakes are so high. These cowards have no idea

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