Daily Review 16/03/2018

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13 comments on “Daily Review 16/03/2018”

  1. adam 1

    The porn star, look at the porn star, don’t question the official narrative.

    Some rough language in the following video, it is satire. 6.12 minutes long. Oh and it’s Jimmy Dore, so some might find that hard to deal with – just scroll past.

  2. Brigid 2

    Syria: 4,000 civilians evacuated from E. Ghouta via Hamouriyah humanitarian corridor

    I just don’t know why the Syrian Arab Army isn’t slaughtering these Syrians though. Perfect opportunity.

    You’d think at least they could throw some chlorine/ sarin around.

    • I don’t think “Look, they aren’t murdering people!” is a particularly high bar to clear.

      • Brigid 2.1.1

        It’s a sad day when it becomes obvious that every comment written in jest has to include the /sarc tag.

        Ah well just like we don’t all have brown eyes, some of us have more cognitive activity within our skulls than others.

        It is what it is.

        • francesca

          There’s some pretty sour folk on here
          I like your writing Brigid, its a relief from all that snarling stuff that a lot of the (I suspect) men go in for
          keep it up

  3. Cinny 3

    Did you know that youtube are wanting to partner wikipedia?

    If you watch a youtube clip that is currently topical as a conspiracy theory aka Critical Thinking, youtube will direct you to a relevant ‘de-bunking’ wikipedia page.

    The problem with that is….. anyone can edit a wikipedia page, you, me, kids, corporations, promoters, the government, anyone. Let’s face it many turn to wiki for a quick overview of a topic, trusting every word published. And much of it’s content is useful… but…

    Wonder if said partnership will break or create fake news? If any are looking at programming/targeting some humans, the youtube/wiki could be a win.

    Youtube however failed to inform wikipedia of it’s intentions.

    Youtube and Wiki the ‘go to’ youth sources for ‘accurate’ information.

    • NZJester 3.1

      There have been lots of cases of IP addresses of people editing politicians web pages to remove negative link supported content and put on unsupported positive content that have been traced back to those very politicians buildings.

    • francesca 3.2

      That really leaves us open to some heavy duty manipulation and consent manufacture(as in Noam Chomsky)
      You know, I’d rather let the fake news rip and tackle it from the education end.Teaching the kids critical thinking, logic, skills of cross referencing, recognition of confirmation bias, etc, other ways of accessing info.
      Thanks for that, wasn’t aware of it

      • Cinny 3.2.1

        Far out yes, educate the kids, give them the tools, they can take them home and teach others.

        Love Chomsky, should be more of him on the telly, a higher level of reality TV.

    • McFlock 3.3

      Yes, anyone can edit wikipedia.

      Except those pages that are consistently spammed with bunk, false edits, etc. In which case they send the article to arbitration and peer review and lock it from further edits.

      But its main strength is that anyone can edit it back, and any admin can ban the biggest jerks. Wikipedia has a lot of issues, including issues similar to the gaming culture (bullying, discrimination, etc), but it’s not quite the propagandist’s dream some might think. Knowledge might not be guaranteed by democratic consensus, but the nuttiest theories usually get kicked out when you have tens of millions of users.

  4. rhinocrates 4

    Wayne is such a big proponent of ethics. As a lawyer, I thought that he’d have a lot to say about Russell McVeigh and sexual harassment in the legal profession generally, since Russell McVeigh is widely described as being merely representative of a wide malaise.

    So Wayne, what do you have to tell us from your long experience? After all, you’ve spontaneously had a lot to say about the ethics of certain darker-skinned women in the legal profession… Surely you must have plenty to say about the ethics and practises of old white men? Your colleagues, right? Why the reticence now?

    Can you enlighten us? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    • dukeofurl 4.1

      Wasnt Wayne Mapp more of an academic than a practicing lawyer ? Although that might put him in the area of students/interns .

      I seem to recall years ago a woman law student who was what you might call ‘large busted’ and how she felt that was a hindrance in her future career.
      What she meant was she was being ‘pestered by male lawyers’. A surgeon offered a breast reduction.
      This what she felt was forced to do !

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