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24 comments on “Daily review 16/07/2019”

  1. marty mars 1

    The awesome ones. Thanks for that photo.

    Down in Reefton for 3 nights with the family – coal lingering but what a place – love it – this is our country for me – where we came from and where we are headed imo

    • Anne 1.1

      Looked up Reefton and it seems a nice place with lots of wonderful walks and mountain views on offer.

      There is one part of NZ where I have never been and that is the West Coast of the S.I. apart from the Milford Track which I walked in the late 1970s. Yes, I've missed out on some good things. Too late now. Arthritis has done me in for anything other than the gentlest of physical activity.

      But I can still appreciate the beautiful places on offer in this country via the internet.

      Edit: and it’s always good to be reminded there are some amazing people who live in America. These four women are among them.

  2. joe90 2


    • mickysavage 2.1

      He should be.  How did he get to become a kiwi?

    • Anne 2.2

      So, that creep still supports Trump. Says it all. An alt right winger who, if he thought he could get away with it, would rid the planet of anyone who is not rich, white and doesn't support dictatorships.

      Can we de-citizen him?

      • Wayne 2.2.1

        Stripping citizenship for people's political views. One small step toward dictatorship.

        • lprent

          Just like selling citizenship for party donations (as I suspect happened) is one small step to corruption.

          Peter Thiel in so many ways simply isn’t that useful as a citizen, as his lack of interest in te place for anything but a bolthole seems to indicate.

          Perhaps you’d care to comment on that? Because that is the exact reason why people think he should be relieved of any further obligations towards this country.

        • Muttonbird

          Yet your man in the White House has asked for people who disagree with him to leave!


        • Andre

          On the other hand, stripping citizenship that was improperly and even corruptly obtained is quite another. That's something that should happen quite a lot more.

        • OnceWasTim

          Geeeeeeze Wayne. Hasn't some little Filipino Rest Home worker come along yet and reminded you it's the 21stCentury?  I'm thinking (for your sake) they better had, before life in RymanCare kicks in. If you're lucky, perhaps a Boag (dripping with pearls, a rooster neck the re-imagers forgot about, and a raft of gNatz Celebs) will come along to rescue you………..or maybe not.

          Fuk you're a relic!  Incognito has another thread going on regarding the Dinosaur at the moment.

          Won't be long before the media gigs dry up too. Clip the ticket while the going is good is my advice. By the time you kark it, you might just have enough to leave a legacy on a living (though dying) planet

          A fa fa fa fa fa. A fa fa fafa fafa far

        • Anne

          A bit of tongue-in-cheek wishful thinking Wayne. Should have emotified. 🙂

          Actually, the Trump is only one step away from an attempt to do exactly that – strip ‘coloured’ women opponents of their citizenship.

          • Wayne

            I did appreciate you were not really serious in your comment. I made it in part to elicit the sort of responses that I got. Something that I shouldn't really do.

        • Morrissey


          Thiel, a ruthless enemy of free speech, should never have been granted citizenship in the first place, because he so obviously failed to meet the character requirements. It's no surprise that he was given citizenship by a regime that ran a filthy secret campaign of character assassination and defamation from the Prime Minister's office.


  3. Herodotus 3

    Why did teachers have their pay deducted the following pay, yet the pay increase have been delayed and will be backdated from mid Sept. ?



    • In Vino 3.1

      For each teacher, the amount lost through inflation will be minimal when they get their money at last in September.

      But for the central authority that pays out that money, millions of dollars of temporary credit will have been exploited to somebody's benefit.

      Certainly not the teachers'.

      This is part of the inflation delay rip-off. Teachers' last contract expired Oct 2018. No pay increase until July 30 this year.  8 months.  That is a loss of 1% over that period for teachers. (Inflation does still exist.)

      Now it is delayed another 2¼  months. Again, peanuts for the individual teachers, but  millions to be used by those who are not paying out in the meantime.

      Backbench politicians back in the early 70s had the same pay rate as top-of-the-scale secondary teachers. Parliamentary salaries are now set by the Higher Salaries Commission. They follow the old procedures that even teachers used to enjoy.

      Any announced percentage increase is immediate and permanent and backdated to expiry date of last contract. Politicians still enjoy those conditions now.

      Teachers did not recently get a 10% pay increase as the media headlined, because it was over 4 years (not immediate and backdated) and due to time delays and inflation, teachers in 2020 (second part of pay increase)  will be back in real terms roughly to where they will be in September this year (receiving the belated first lousy 30%) , when current inflation rate will have eaten away the 1½%  they got this year owing to no backdating to expiry of last contract .

      This shit rip-off system for the rest of us is why Parliamentary backbenchers now receive (I will not say earn) double the amount of a secondary teacher on top of pay scale.

      Secondary teacher on top of pay scale now gets half of what he would have got back in the early 70s, by comparison.

      Cushy for some?  I believe all pay increases should be given the way our Parliamentarians get theirs.  Teachers' 10% should have been immediate and backdated.  Otherwise the 10% figure is an outright lie.  How many of the headlines added the 'over 4 years' drawback?

      Fair is fair.

  4. Fireblade 4

    Online Poll

    Do you think climate change is caused by humans. Yes or No.

    It's on a right-wing blog, but vote and let them know what you think. https://ysb.co.nz

    • greywarshark 4.1

      It's a wonder it doesn't read – 'Do you think climate changes?'

      Gordon Campbell is feeling as cynical, when thinking about Wellington and  particularly its buses.


      The Buses, the Buses

      Amidst its character-building elements, one thing that Wellington used to be able to boast (during its brief “coolest little capital” phase”) was that it was a small, beautifully compact city that was easy to get around, thanks to an efficient public transport system. Not any more, folks. Famously, this week marks the first anniversary of the demise of public transport in the capital. On July 18, 2018 – a date that will live in infamy – the city lost its old bus system.

      After eight years planning, the regional council (a) replaced the transport system in midwinter (b) in the midst of a still unresolved industrial dispute (c) with the requisite bus shelters only half built (d) to service a system that the regional council neglected to trial beforehand.

  5. Ankerrawshark) 5

    Gordon Campbell is bang on about the cricket.   No need for the super over as we bowled them out.   It should have ended there.

  6. joe90 6

    Impeccable timing.


    • greywarshark 6.1

      I think Kim Darroch is a great maverick and stands head and shoulders from the clown dinosaurs in the British political melee'.

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