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33 comments on “Daily review 19/03/2019”

  1. SPC 2

    Wonder what they will do to help students who read books there (some cannot be ordered on-line and loaned out) in support of their university study?


  2. Not particularly political, but perhaps folk can do with something uplifting,… it isn’t the Todd Standing bit in the first section but the amazing woman in the second bit…

    The world is an amazing place…

    The miracle of Bigfoot. A new step forward in the Discovery of Sasquatch

  3. This is more on the woman…

    Anna Breytenbach

    The Animal Communicator * Anna Breytenbach * To … – YouTube

  4. greywarshark 6

    3/19/2019 Dr Julie Bhosale shares daily racism directed at immigrant husband.

  5. I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to make political comment about a tragedy, but I couldn’t help noticing in their speeches in parliament today that Jacinda didn’t use the first person pronoun once, while Simon used it at least twice, that I noted.

    She really hasn’t put a toe wrong during this whole sad event. A PM we can be justly proud of.

    • patricia bremner 7.1

      We’re well represented. The PM is dignity and steel with a heart of gold. One of a kind

    • alwyn 7.2

      What on earth are you trying to say?

      I thought that the first person pronoun was “I”, if singular, or “we” if plural.

      Jacinda Ardern made an excellent speech. It was most suitable for the occasion.
      She used “I’ or “i’d” perfectly appropriately at least 18 times by my count.
      I have no idea how many times she said “we”. Nor do I care.

      Simon Bridges would seem to have used “I’ or “i’ve” about 10 times. He also gave an excellent speech for the occasion.

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all.
      What on earth are you trying to say, and why are you saying it?

      • LOL – a minor aim achieved, Ally.

        You went back and listened to the two speeches and counted the ‘I’s’ to pedantically refute my statement.

        I would have done your soul a lot of good to listen to a real stateswoman’s oration a second time, and to contrast her with the bumbling of Soimon.

        So maybe it was just the impression that Jacinda was speaking for ALL of us, and Soimon just for Soimon.

        • alwyn

          I didn’t listen to it actually.
          I find the way she puts “d” into words quite painful to listen to. Things like “positividy” grate.
          I simply had a look at Hansard, as should have been obvious from the link I provided.
          You clearly never read or listened to either of the speeches. You could hardly have come up with such a puerile statement if you had.

  6. Fireblade 8

    The owner of a Christchurch insulation company that promotes Nazi themes has been charged with distributing objectionable material.


    • marty mars 8.1

      Good – I hope that scum feels the full force of the law.

    • patricia bremner 8.2

      That is what should happen, and keep happening.

      • I feel love 8.2.1

        I’m quite astounded he has stayed in business. We really have been complacent too long. No wonder there’s a whole bunch of digital shredding going on.

        • James

          I’m not surprised people didn’t complain for a long time. I’m guessing most people (like me) has no idea of the symbol or the number.

          But agree glad to see his business is now gone burger.

  7. A Guardian podcast on the killings and new tech/old terrorism links, featuring Eleanor Ainge Roy:


  8. SPC 10

    Elliot Ikilei deputy leader of the New Conservative Party (possibly someone who deserves David Moffat as his boss) is making the case that the (alleged) murderer is not really a white racist nationalist but just someone taking the piss. And the real threat is the left and the media …

    Its all on Whaleoil, on a You Tube video there. Guess we know what his party is going for later this year then.

    After 15minutes.

    • Skunk Weed 10.1

      Another False Flag like 9/11 in the USA you reckon ?

      • Sam 10.1.1

        Well his UN migrant pact argument kind of got destroyed Y’know. Poor guys probably furiously cultivating a new grand narritive on how terrorist bible might be correct in some places. Probably have to have a listen now.

    • Sabine 10.2

      so it having done just for ‘the piss’, is making it better, is that what he is saying?

      Amanda Marcotte has a good write up on this type of ‘its just a joke’ ‘it was done for the piss taking’ and it got nothing to do with white supremacy trolling


      • SPC 10.2.1

        I think his nihilism line is part of his family values stick, so posing this as some nihilist taking the piss is just him taking this event into his own political worldview.

        • Sabine

          nothing conservative about this guy if he believes that one takes 50 life and is prepared to take more ‘for the piss’.
          nah, i stay with the white power movement wanting to start unrest and trouble.

          • SPC

            Sure, his WP sign in court, his travel in Europe seems to portray him as being of, and playing to supporters of an anti-immigration cause.

            The problem the New Conservative Party has is they are opposed to the UN migration compact – in league with National, so they would like the spin it in a way where they can pretend otherwise.

  9. Where are Gosman and James today they have been particularly quiet today, too busy consulting withe the National Party and the Alt-Right Groups ?

    [lprent: Gosman got a weeks ban for going off-topic in a post on semi-automatics in NZ, with a vague accusation way out of NZ and using completely different weapons. He then acted coy about it – which meant that it was deliberate based on previous behaviour. BTW: please remember that I have a *long* memory for past behavior. ]

  10. greywarshark 12

    David Fisher top journalist NZ Herald and on a reference group set up by the NZ Inspector General of Intelligence (I think that’s the right description).

    The thought at the end by the Muslim woman listening was that it was going to be protracted and something much more quick is needed. She mentioned an attack on two young Muslim women since the shooting and worries about what next?

    NZ Security dropped the ball on white extremists
    From The Panel, 4:16 pm today
    Listen duration 9′ :30″

    An inquiry into the agencies associated with New Zealand’s national intelligence is to get underway. White supremacist groups have sprung up in the West with many responsible for killings around the world. Investigative reporter David Fisher says these activities on and off line should have sounded warning bells here, ahead of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

  11. greywarshark 13

    I heard part of this while driving – talking about how difficult to get google et al to
    remove stuff already up.
    internet technology
    4:26 pm today
    Stopping violent content online
    From The Panel, 4:26 pm today
    Listen duration 3′ :57″

    The role that social media played in the spread of a video of the Christchurch attacks has become a prime focus of the analyis of the event. Questions are being raised about the willingness of the big tech companies to face their responsibilities in the online world. Alistair Knott of the University of Otago presents some possible strategies for identifying and road-blocking violent content.

  12. SPC 14

    Back in the day the Christchurch based franchise was given the name Crusaders by the NZRFU – then headed by David Moffet (now New Conservative Party leader opposed to immigration/UN migration compact).

    Given there is the Christchurch Canterbury (Clark) Kent angle, maybe it is time for a “quick change” rebranding to “caped” crusaders – immigrants can also be useful. But they don’t need horses, armour and swords, they just get given their super powers to be converted from provincial rugby wannabees into international All Blacks while at the Crusaders. Just takes a drink from the cup of champions.

    • Rae 14.1

      I thought maybe for a modern crusade they could parade people dressed up as Dr Lance O’Sullivan, wielding inoculation syringes and riding Kaimanawa horses.

      On a more serious note, I reckon people will become aware of that person’s admiration for the original crusaders and that he very likely sees himself as one, traveled to some sites of the old crusades, to pay homage, not doubt. Maybe he even chose Christchurch to carry out the atrocities because of the Crusaders team which will then will bring it back to mind every time the team plays, especially at home. I think eventually it will happen. People think he wins if they change the name, me, I think the exact opposite on that count.

  13. And this is just what I’ve been saying / trying to say / hinting at ever since this thing began for us last Friday , – that the potential for garbage exists in every one of us. No matter what political bent either to the Left or to the Right , non religious or religious,…it is a flaw that marks our species.


    A high-ranking member of ISIS has called for revenge after the deaths of 50 Muslims in Christchurch.

    The terror organisations spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is believed to have issued an appeal in a 44-minute audio recording.

    The New York Times reports that al-Muhajir broke six months of silence to call for retaliation.

    “The scenes of the massacres in the two mosques should wake up those who were fooled, and should incite the supporters of the caliphate to avenge their religion,” he said.

    Islamic leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge after …


    So far we have seen a man desperate for votes and reelection [ Erdogan ] and now the idiot leader of ISIS , use this for their own spurious political reasons … and sandwiched in between are moderate Muslims, who in this country must only wish these types would desist in their bile filled inflammatory remarks.

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