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51 comments on “Daily review 19/06/2019”

  1. Kat 1

    Was that the Natz Collins-Mitchell ticket confirmed in parliament today or does Hipkins have finely tuned ESP………….


  2. The Chairman 2

    Wellington's being told the city needs to come up with innovative ways to pay for climate change mitigation and prevention.


    Do you think the Council will come up with a fair structure?

    Wouldn't it be better to tackle this from a national level opposed to local?     

  3. Cinny 3

    Good news for the coast and their landfill issue.

    Interestingly, WDC were told not to build the landfill where they did, but they did it anyway…

    I wonder if maureen pugh will sign up as a volunteer, she made a song and dance about it, tried to get a petition happening, but before it was even handed in, Eugenie took action.  Even though WestCoasters are often anti Greens and don't believe in climate change, Eugenie still helped them.  Good work Minister.


    • Pat 3.1

      WDC are not alone in the siting of landfill sites….I can think of numerous examples by bodies of water by many councils

      • Cinny 3.1.1

        Yes for sure Pat, for sure.

        It's scary how people didn't think and just threw it in a hole, tbh most farmers probably still are now.

  4. riffer 4

    Christopher Luxon has just resigned. Is it too soon to predict he'll be parachuted in to lead National into the next election?

    • Chris T 4.1

      One after I would guess.

      Even Collins isn't dumb enough to want it now after ChCh

    • TootingPopularFront 4.2

      John Key loses second CEO in 3 days, is he getting careless or clearing the decks for total control of two of NZ's biggest corporates and his American friends?

  5. ankerawshark 5

    Riffer, yes re Luxon being parachuted in……………………….

  6. ankerawshark 6

    Just been surveyed again by Curia, second time in under three weeks.  This time more local body questions, but still asked about Jacinda, Grant and Simon………..And no demographic questions to rule me in or out of the survey.

    • Sacha 6.1

      Did they call your mobile? Demographics carried over from previous surveys..

      • ankerawshark 6.1.1

        Sacha, no they called landline.  And last time the only demographic they asked was did I have kids under 18 years living at home.   

        • Sacha

          Interesting. So they have some other way of knowing those details about you.

  7. ScottGN 7

    So Luxon has resigned at AirNZ and hinted at a possible move into politics? Need anymore proof that National has given up on the next election and is now looking to 2023 at the earliest?

  8. WeTheBleeple 8

  9. Careful what you wish for Anne and Kat, Christopher Luxton will present a real challenge to the current government.

    • AB 9.1

      Probably he's just getting out before the role of the airline and tourism industries in exacerbating climate change with their CO2 emissions is put under serious scrutiny. In a sane world these would be sunset industries because they deliver entirely discretionary 'experiences' to the well-off, rather than anything fundamentally necessary.

      And he's just another spouter of 3rd-rate corporate word-salad. Bit of a joke really.

      • roblogic 9.1.1

        If Luxon does parachute in to National he will be a real asset.. not a patch on Jacinda of course, but given the narrow margin between the parties he could tilt NZ back to the right

    • Anne 9.2

      Follow the creek mate. You’ll find your paddle one day.

    • Blazer 9.3

      Luxon is bald.
      Has NZ ever had a bald P.M…b4?

    • WeTheBleeple 9.4

      A premature ejaculation in a suit.

  10. joe90 10

    That nice Shapiro boy couldn't be the respectable face of hate.


  11. greywarshark 11

    Victoria has today introduced permitted early dying when someone has a terminal illness – but two doctors must say that they are convinced that the person will die with 12 months.     So an effort to make a thoughtful and kindly change to be there for such people, but still unreasonable barriers to jump. A Victorian firefighter only 54 years old still had to go to Switzerland to die with dignity. He talked about it with his family and he and his wife applied to the Switzerland authority and was relieved that they could go through it in a way that was calm and loving.


    Wife's two minutes to say goodbye to her firefighter husband before his lethal injection

    …Troy, a veteran Victorian firefighter, was just 54 when he opted to die quickly, by lethal injection, rather than slowly from multiple system atrophy, an incurable and untreatable disease.

    If the disease is allowed to run its course, sufferers are reduced to a vegetative state, and can often die choking on their own mucous as crucial functions like swallowing become impossible…

    "The kids, they've seen and experienced things that kids shouldn't have to," she said. In the days before they flew to Switzerland, Troy choked to the point of unconsciousness, with his family around him.

    "He stopped breathing for two minutes. He was worried that if that had happened when we were not home, we could have found him choked to death," Christine said.

  12. Peter 12

    Paula Bennett is so determined to get to the bottom of who said what, when in the budget 'leak' thing. Really fussy about exact details being known and coming out.

    It was really good when she applied the same rigour and enthusiasm to the leak about Winston Peters' private details being made public before the 2017 election. She did didn't she?

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