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36 comments on “Daily review 20/06/2019”

  1. ianmac 1

     Leading ammunition supplier Paul Clark is warning a "revolution" could be the only option for gun owners if the courts do not side with them over the government buy back scheme. Interviewed by Lisa Owen tonight about the buy-back plan. 

    Boy was he outspoken and threatening all sorts of consequences if the Government did not do what he demanded.


    • marty mars 1.1

      I hope he gets audited and looked at by the appropriate branches of Government and then if he is a danger to society i hope he gets a trial and a nice defense lawyer and gets to spend some getting the support needed.

    • Cinny 1.2

      So he supplies the police and armed forces…. they should now find a new supplier after hearing that. 

    • Peter 1.3

      I was surprised Lisa Owen got away with what she did. She didn't do anything wrong, just kept asking questions and Clark obliged. I understand gun owners being peed off with what they've been offered. What I didn't expect to hear was a (supposedly) reputable member of the gun world suggesting what he did.

      Gun owners so peed off with what they're being offered instead of trading guns in they give them to the Mongrel Mob? Because the Parliament votes in a way he doesn't like he suggests revolution?  


      • Anne 1.3.1

        …just kept asking questions and Clark obliged.

        She showed why she is a superior interviewer than most on offer in this country.

        Intelligent questioning which elicited the information that he had been talking to a few National MPs who had agreed with his stance.

        Mark Mitchell anyone?

    • solkta 1.4

      "Revolution, because what have you got to lose". Umm, your life retard.

      Perhaps there should be an IQ test for a gun license.

      • joe90 1.4.1

        Revolution, because what have you got to lose

        Pricks are singing from the same song sheet.

        Accelerationism is a term white supremacists have assigned to their desire to hasten the collapse of society as we know it. The term is widely used by those on the fringes of the movement, who employ it openly and enthusiastically on mainstream platforms, as well as in the shadows of private, encrypted chat rooms.  We have also recently seen tragic instances of its manifestation in the real world.

        The concept of acceleration has existed for years as a fringe philosophy.  Some of the earliest examples are rooted in a Marxist notion that the intensification of an unhinged force, such as capitalism, for example, will inevitably result in that force’s own self-destruction. However, some white supremacists have adopted the terminology and determined that a societal collapse is both imminent and necessary. On March 21, 2019, one anonymous 8chan user, who promoted white supremacist views, wrote, “I used to think acceleration was a marxist [sic] trick…Now, however, I see its value.”

        B***** T******, the alleged perpetrator of the mosque massacres in New Zealand, subscribed to accelerationism — the concept was specifically articulated in his manifesto, which he posted moments before his shooting spree. T****** dedicates an entire section of his manifesto to this concept under the heading “Destabilization and Accelerationism: Tactics for Victory.”

        T******’s actions seemed to breathe new life into the discussion of accelerationism and spurred a resurgence of references, paired with praise for his actions, on platforms including Gab, YouTube, Reddit, 8chan and others. 


    • joe90 1.5

      Lew chimes in.


    • McFlock 1.6


      Someone take his guns off him, please. At least until he calms down.

  2. indiana 2


    I wonder if the person making this ruling can define "reasonably clean"?  Probably wouldn't have gotten to a tribunal hearing of the property manager deducted the cleaning of the carpet and processed the bond refund.

    • McFlock 2.1

      Clean enough that any reasonable person would say "it's clean".

      Reasonableness tests are pretty common in law, and don't seem too difficult to administer for most people.

  3. joe90 3

    Always the quiet ones.


    The sun was setting at the Cheeca Lodge resort in Islamorada when Jerry Falwell Jr. smiled for the camera, a national evangelical leader nearing 50 posing next to a young man he had met poolside in Miami Beach.

    The photograph shows Giancarlo Granda, a handsome, 20-something pool attendant whom Jerry and his wife, Rebecca, 52, befriended at the Fontainebleau hotel in 2012, and within months, would set up as part-owner and manager of a $4.7 million South Beach hostel.

    It was an unusual partnership: The president of the largest Christian university in the world, a school that prohibits gay sex, agreeing to operate a Miami Beach hostel, regarded as gay friendly, in conjunction with a “pool boy” with virtually no hotel management experience after they met at the storied Fontainebleau, a favored South Florida vacation ground for the Falwells. Yet there they were, not only business partners but mingling socially at Cheeca, an idyllic, exclusive resort in the Keys.



  4. Brigid 4

    Most tenants are hopelessly ignorant of their rights even though the Tenancy Act is available on line and Tenancy Services will advise on all matters relating to the Act. Schedule 1A of the Act even lists the maximum that can be awarded for exemplary damages.

    Also on line is a record of all Tenancy Tribunal Hearings – pays to look to see what hearings a prospective landlord has been involved with or tenant if you're a landlord.

    Incidentally this: "The landlord has been ordered to repay the bond plus a filing fee." is typical of the herald and it's penchant for spewing mis-information. The bond is always held by the Bond Centre therefore the ruling will have been that the landlord must sign for the release of the bond.

  5. joe90 5

    Fuckers know exactly what they're doing.

    • Ad 5.1

      If Trump wins the Presidency again, the left in the USA will be targeted like the Communists were in Spain in the 1930s. 

      Of the democratic countries, the left wing countries that are still around are:

      Portugal, Spain, Greece, Denmark, and New Zealand. 

      That's five proper democracies  – that I can think of – across the world. 

      The  lights of the left are going out fast. 


      • joe90 5.1.1

        Of course a true progressive will be along shortly claiming the only way to win is by moving even further to the left.

        • Ad

          Because there are so few governmental torch-bearers left,  the causes that the left really cares about will have to be achieved through means other than government.  I suspect they will primarily be through projects of the imagination such as film and television fiction. 

          It sure makes New Zealand a very, very remote place to be. 

        • mauī

          Don't worry Biden will save the left…

          • joe90

            I’m going for Warren/Buttigieg.

            ( Hopefully Sanders goes gracefully, but he won’t.)

            • Ad

              They only have 500 days to go, the Democrats are a total shambles in both policy and leadership …

              …wheres Trump is fully funded, mobilized, and targeting Florida like he should. 

              Trump has a much better shot than he did a year ago.

  6. reason 6

    " aids is gods punishment "


    " tinky-winky is gay "


    • Ad 6.1

      Irony and hypocrisy no longer have have no force anymore to alter politics.

      • Stuart Munro. 6.1.1

        Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid — Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade." "Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall, "But Irony — Cold Irony — is master of them all.

  7. Fireblade 8

    Iran shoots down US drone.

    Iran says the US military drone was flying in Iranian airspace, but the US claims it was flying in international territory.


    • Anne 8.1

      So, what was it doing in such close vicinity to Iran if it wasn't spying on Iran?

      • Brigid 8.1.1

        If it wasn't flying in Iranian airspace, why was it so far from American airspace?

  8. joe90 9

    Assad's industrial-scale extermination campaign continues apace.

    According to the information attained by STJ’s female field researchers in Hama province, there are about 700 death certificates of detainees, which have been delivered to the Civil Registry Directorate in the city of Hama and its countryside from the beginning of 2019 to the date this report was written in May 2019.


    • Brigid 9.1

      Joe I think you would be served better, as to information relating to Syria, by reading Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari's address to the UNSC.



      The Syrian army has little control of Idlib, it is Nusra Front, who are supported by Erdogan’s Turkish regime who are killing Syrians.

      Al-Rukban camp is a Syrian land occupied by US forces, where it sponsors a terrorist group called Maghaweer Al-Thawra. This faction collects 100 thousand Syrian Lira from each Syrian civilian who wants to leave the Rukban camp, extortion money, with the knowledge of the US forces.

      • joe90 9.1.1

        These notices are being sent by the regime themselves to the families of  people they've murdered in Assad's abattoir, Sednaya Military Prison, in Damascus.

        Yet you and your ilk persist in trotting out the same old it wasn't us, must be some other blokes, eh, claptrap.

        For shame!

  9. joe90 10

    But not concentration camps.

    • Macro 10.1

      Excellent article on the US concentration camps for young asylum seeker here:

      I’m a Jewish historian. Yes, we should call border detention centers “concentration camps.”

      It isn’t just accurate. It’s necessary.

      This week, conservatives weaponized Jewish suffering to divert discussion from the massive human rights abuses occurring at our border.

      Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), daughter of the man who called torture “enhanced interrogation,” scolded Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for using the term “concentration camp” to describe the growing civilian detention system, including the reopening of Fort Sill, previously a Japanese American internment camp, to hold children.

      Since then, Jews have split on whether it’s appropriate to use “concentration camp” outside the context of the Holocaust. There are those who find the term too emotionally charged, or who believe the sheer scale of the Nazi Final Solution bars any possible comparison.

      Though I disagree, I understand. My father turned seven on June 22, 1941, the day the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. I was raised with the story of how my grandmother saved my dad and aunt with her quick thinking and a cramped spot on a cattle train leaving Odessa for Siberia. Those who remained were shot. As a Jew, I bear witness to the memory of those who did not survive.

      I’m also a legal historian, and my research on genocide and crimes against humanity has made clear that while the Holocaust is unique in its scale and implementation, the perpetrators and motivations are not. Genocide is a human crime, not a German one. In the wake of World War II, human rights laws were written in the hopes of preventing future tragedies, not for labeling the past.


  10. soddenleaf 11

    Strange how the tax switch, that gave wealthy people huge tax cuts are forgotten about. How everyone loves low taxes, low public taxes, not low private ones. The internet has expanded what credit cards, etc have been doing, taxing us privately, taxing us both financially and for info nation.

    Low taxation is a left-wing issue, not a right-wing conservative one. Freedom of so each is not going to be defended by the heckler party ACT. Justice was not by three strikes which did away with justice by politicians tying the hands if judges. Family is routinely undermined by the Christian conservatives. Our news speak media has lost any semblance of balance, of informed journalism, what was the gun owners shoot off about, he was no spokesperson for moderate gun owners. The NRA serves nobody when it does not concede ground. What is Israel but an extension of the Crusades, assuring Christians access to the Holland without unfair taxes, or worse! Get some prospective medium, big capitalism is turning us all into serfs. Private taxes must be lowered.

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