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11 comments on “Daily Review 21/11/1027”

  1. indiana 1

    I think there will be quite a bit of judginess in the comments that follow…

  2. rhinocrates 2

    No fucking shit, Sherlock.


    “We haven’t yet learned to deal with the gig economy legally, or indeed practically. Companies like Uber, or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Where the employment status is less than clear, and where the work is often short-term, or one-off, you start to have a group of people who miss out,” Professor Anderson says.

    “They’re not protected by the minimum wage, they miss out on holidays, and they’re probably never going to qualify for parental leave. The minimum protections usually revolve around being an employee rather than a contractor, and at least some of it revolves around continuity of employment…

    These days, union membership is more a middle-class characteristic than a working-class one. “The big unions are the Public Service Association, the various education unions, the nurses’ union… Unions don’t tend to represent relatively unskilled people, the way they used to. Enormous chunks of the workforce now don’t have any union representation at all.”

    OK, the people who wrote the book know it. It should be required reading for anyone in the unions and in Labour who wants the party to remain relevant. In particular it should be required reading for Carmel Sepuloni, Lees-Hyphen-Luxury-Yacht-Galloway and … oh fuck, Parker has responsibility in this area too.

    • patricia bremner 2.1

      Well Rhinocrates, were Joyce English et al any closer to solving this?

      No, of course not. They were leaving it to the mighty market.

      All work revolutions (massive changes) have victims. Some are predictable others not so much.

      This current government of just over a month, has hit the ground running.

      They at least are going to look at frameworks which support workers rights.

      Is your complaint it is too slow? Well hell, wait 100 days at least before you lose it.

  3. joe90 3

    Whovians rejoice.

    The under-appreciated electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme is to be honoured posthumously with a doctorate from her hometown university as the programme gears up for the debut of its first female lead.

    Largely ignored in life and barred from working in studios because she was a woman, Delia Derbyshire, will be awarded an honorary PhD from Coventry University on Monday.

    Mostly unknown and uncredited during her lifetime, she created a new wave of sounds and arrangements in music during the 1960s and 70s, and paved the way for more women to work in the music production business.

    Born in Coventry in 1937, Derbyshire’s unique sonic palette was shaped by sounds of the Blitz and the air raid sirens that surrounded her as a child. Highly academic, she won a scholarship to study maths and music at the University of Cambridge, where she immersed herself in sound.


  4. Craig H 4

    Might want to check the dates in the title…

  5. Anne 5

    Hmmm… 39 years before William the Conqueror conquered England’s green and pleasant land.

    A lot of arrows flying through the air but that’s about all.

  6. Macro 6

    Interestingly Hindu-Arabic numerals were only introduced to Europe in the early 13th C. So their appearance today is rather precursory!
    Fibonacci is credited with their introduction to Europe with the publication of his book Liber Abica in 1202.

  7. eco maori 7

    War creates refugees and War is usually about stealing something from the neighbors this is fact War has no place in our World Society. Kia kaha

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