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31 comments on “Daily Review 21/07/2015”

  1. Atiawa 1

    Is ANYONE advising Andrew Little? TV 3 News tonight saw him flummoxing, incoherent and looking and sounding a total incompetent during a Paddy Gower interview regarding Chinese Auckland property buyers.
    This is the third occasion in recent times where Little has been made to look anything like a PM in waiting.
    1. Superannuation
    2. 90 day trials
    3. Chinese property purchasers.

    • b waghorn 1.1

      Gower is doing a hatchet job on him

    • To be fair, Gower was doing his best to wind him up with the bullshit about the race card. TV3 are pretty desperate after the Campbell cock up and all they’ve got left is trying to go for the Fox news end of the market. They get about a third of the viewers One News do. A sad decline, really.

      Andrew is doing fine, generally, but there is always room for improvement.

      • mickysavage 1.2.1

        Yep I can’t think of a time when Gower has tried to wind up Key in the way he tries to wind up Little or Cunliffe or Shearer or …

        • whateva next?

          Exactly, I did a reading with my 23 yr old and she didn’t hesitate to say Gower was just trying to wind up Little, and makes Gower looks desperate (not Little as was reported!!)

        • Atiawa

          He who pays the piper calls the tune.

        • adam

          What I’ve never understood when dealing with gower why no one has done the

          “Why don’t you just go back drinking with you Tory mates, paddy – they will buy you a gin”


          “You been back drinking Nick Smiths home brew, again?”


          ” Look paddy, I know you like to be the centre of attention – any chance you could report the news?”


          Well the floor is open folks.

          I’m sure others here could offer ways to put the smug little Tory lick-spittle in his place.

          • Atiawa

            This isn’t about Gower. who I’m told from a close family member of his, votes Labour. This is about accepting that we have a bias National government supporting msm who don’t want a left leaning tree hugging coalition government elected in 2017 controlling the treasury benches.
            Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us who do.
            FFS nothing much has changed since the 2014 general election, except they have become even more brazen with their support for Key Incorporated.
            Labour and AL have to be crystal clear on every single issue they comment on. There can be no grey or opportunities for unsympathetic media bosses to gain an advantage to exploit due to a lack of clarity.

            • adam

              If as you saying Atiawa it’s the producers and bosses. Then don’t do anything with the media, unless it’s live.

              Stop doing the stand up interviews. Politely and firmly turn the media down.

              Draw a line in the sand – how much credibility will the media have, if the loyal opposition, won’t talk to them – in any other format except live?

              No doubt people will say its not practical. But, look at Bernie Sanders, he has been demanding, and getting live interviews only.

              Why let an obvious bias system, keep operating in a bias fashion, and then do nothing but complain about it?

              The other option is to create or invite in other media into the country. I’d suggest RT – because that would piss off the right wing in this country, no end.

          • Clemgeopin

            I have good advice and choice words, but probably inappropriate to post here.

      • marty mars 1.2.2

        yep gower was trying to wind him up and I think little did okay really. Although It seems like labour set the fall-trap up and have fallen into it, no good plaintively asking who set the trap now.

        • te reo putake

          Yeah! I’m always available to do the ‘devils advocate’ stuff if they want to road test ideas before they go out into the wider world. Not that I’m a hardened cynic, but some stuff is pretty obvious.

      • Skinny 1.2.3

        One News coverage of Gowers jack up made poor Paddy look like an idiot. Little lined him up well I thought.

        • Ffloyd

          Gower IS an idiot. No contest there.

        • Ffloyd

          There is something about Gower that is not quite rational. He should not be on TV as a political reporter. His bias is too obvious and he should not be taken seriously. He may have started out with good intentions but has obviously been bought. Don’t have TV3 anymore so he is easy to avoid, but the bits that I read about him more than justify our TV3 boycott.

          • Skinny

            Gower, O’Brien, Garner and Henry’s idealolgy gets in the way, making them overly subjective in their views. Add the silly ratings games where they sensationalise political reporting, so it beomes hard for an opposition party to get fair media coverage. Politics is a serious business but not to these shills.

    • john Williams 1.3

      You are just a National Party wanker. Go play with yourself if you want a jolly.

      [You couldn’t be more wrong, John. Not everybody who criticises Labour is a Tory. Or a loony lefty for that matter. TRP]

      • Rodel 1.3.1

        Gower was trying to wind up Little, who needs to stop trying to be polite and should learn the art of squashing such obnoxious’ worms from the expert, Winston Peters. Or better still just say, ‘Cut the crap Patrick..anybody got a real question?’

        • BM

          I reckon Little should concuss the next person who looks at him funny and then eat their liver, because that’s what a future PM of NZ would do.

          • Skinny

            Gower can mash up the video while Little is chowing down on the liver and add audio of Key making that sucking/slurping noise… just for you BM seeing your blind and all.

          • adam

            Your problem BM, is the current PM is such a “nice bloke” – he’s starting to look as weak as piss, and rather churlish. Not really a bloke you want leading a country, in the building shit storm.

        • whateva next?

          ……….and only respond when he gets a real question. (that’ll be the day)

      • Atiawa 1.3.2

        Thanks TRP. I must admit I’ve found wanking twice as safe but only half as good.

        I’m a huge fan of Andrew Little. His genuine concern for other’s along with an ability to put into words Labour values and beliefs rates him highly in my book. He is nobodies fool. Yet on three separate occasions he has allowed the likes of Gower & co to either misrepresent what he said/meant or turn the hunter into the hunted.
        He requires and deserves better advice.

        Good on you as well John. Take no shit.

        • cricklewood

          I think one of Andrews weaknesses is that he can lose his cool in the face of a blustering idiot I remember Michael Laws getting under his skin on radio a 4 or 5 years ago.
          Needs to spend a bit of time working on the Winston Peters approach…hopefully he’s working on it cause Gower will start picking at the scab no doubt…

      • Weepus beard 1.3.3

        @trp’s response. They are splitters though.

        Key’s government will not be defeated by a bunch of splitters.

    • vto 1.4

      Little did fine. It was good to see some strength and calling a spade a spade (not that there are actually that many spades in the world…. ( (

  2. Les 4

    Watching Phil um Twyford arr speaking in fhe um house came to the conclusion he um arr needs to up his um act.Shearer was the um master but arr now Morony um ar is arr at it too!

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