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50 comments on “Daily Review 22/06/2016”

  1. Greg 1

    barry soper said hi to me at the countdown akl cent supermarket a few hours ago,
    he looked a little lost?

    fk, i should of asked to do a story on how in why Auckland libraries are managed better than the buses, n the cards are cheaper,

    🙂 its downhill to Christmas,

    • whispering kate 1.1

      You should have told him his editorials in the Herald are crap and to pull his finger out and earn his living for a change. He’s old enough to know better than produce the garbage he does. If I can rant at the Herald and tell them their journalists are rubbish – Greg you lost the perfect opportunity to let him have it eye ball to eye ball. I would have had a field day with him.

    • M. Gray 1.2

      Soper is just another one of Keys lackeys

  2. b waghorn 2


    Duff sure as hell doesn’t think much of the return of Hone!
    Makes a few good points to.

    • Bill 2.1

      The ‘good points’ being? What jumped out at me (besides the bile he reserves for Hone Harawira) was how right wing and vile the entire column was.

      Harawira should have highlighted some murder of a Maori kid instead of highlighting any systemic politics of oppression? (That’s pandering to the lowest common denominator apparently) Oh, and then he should introduce Maori to books on parenting skills. In short, Harawira should support Duff’s books in schools stuff and otherwise shut the fuck up.

      And what’s with Duff and his ‘warrior gene’ shite? Sure, genetically, we’ve all got the warrior in us. But for God’s sake know when to apply it and certainly not to advancing the Maori race.

      By that column, the man’s a fucking c grade wanker.

      • weka 2.1.1

        Sounds like fairly typical Duff (yep, RW and vile). Some of it’s funny though. He likes KDC as a gifted but flawed German (I’m guessing that corporate thievery is ok so long as you play the game right). And the bit about supposed traditional Māori views on women given who Harawira’s mum is.

        • Draco T Bastard

          (I’m guessing that corporate thievery is ok so long as you play the game right)

          It’s the same old, same old. Stealing from the poor is ok but you’re not allowed to touch or threaten the unearned wealth of the rich.

      • amirite 2.1.2

        Agreed, Bill.
        Oh, and it’s hard to read books if you’re hungry, cold and frightened. House them, feed them first, and then give them books.

      • North 2.1.3

        Much as I actually like Winston, voted for him Northland by-election 2015, and am grateful for him on a number of important levels……..Duff’s (“Look at me I’m up myself”) portentousness reminds me of Winnie when he was still an insufferable National Party puppy/poopy. There’s a touch of the Hosking in Duff too which is troubling. All power and thanks to him with the books however. His field of expertise.

        Maybe he should listen to and be directed by his own first line. Rather than heaping shit on a man whom he’s incapable of rivalling in that man’s field of expertise…….courageous leadership.

      • b waghorn 2.1.4

        You don’t think there’s any truth to the idea that forever telling people they are victims will have a negative impact on a persons view of themselves and the world around them.
        Does Hone have a anti domestic violence stance?

        • weka

          Not as much impact as actually making them victims via poverty. I don’t believe that Mana forever tell their people that they are victims anyway. I think Duff is misstating the issue because he doesn’t like the focus on collective response.

        • North

          “Does Hone have a (sic) anti-domestic violence stance ?”

          I don’t know. I expect he does. Do you know ? It’s important that you come up with something reliable to show that he does not or couldn’t give a stuff, if you wish to justify what looks very much like an attempted smear there B Waghorn.

          In my recall Hone has not engaged in forever telling people they’re victims. Thus your first query is predicated on a baseless framing of the man. Which is more commonly seen in those who think Maori have been ‘over-generously and gratuitously privileged’ at ‘our expense’.

          Protest about racist injustice is a responsibility. That it takes many comfortable, selfish, cargo-cult wannabes out of their comfort zone is not Hone’s problem. Neither is their apoplexy about him.

          I know that’s not you B Waghorn so why use their framing ?

          • b waghorn

            Just asking questions to see what answers pop up , and i don’t do sneaky smears i do blunt honest {misguided on occasion} swings.
            I do think Hone has done his dash in politics and the broader left will be the loser for him coming back.

            • marty mars

              But he does have a constituency, shouldn’t they be represented by their choice of elected representative? If that person gets in of course – the left would be better off with Hone in the house and Mana round the table imo

              • b waghorn

                I guess he needs to way up whether what his chances are of getting in , over wasting 100k of the vote.

                • weka

                  IM got 34,000 party votes last time, Mana 24,000 in 2011.

                  It’s only wasted if that vote would go to another party in sufficient quantity to give them another MP. I’d say if Mana didn’t exist the votes would go to Labour, Mp and Greens rather than one of them.

                  The electorate vote can’t be wasted.

                  • b waghorn

                    I was thinking more the way national and nzf would get a % of the party vote in the event of mana not getting back in.

                  • b waghorn

                    My understanding is that under MMP the party vote for a party that doesn’t get in is split between the elected parties based on the % of their party vote, so national scooped up 46% of manas support at the last election and labour 28%. Whether that has an actual effect on the outcome of an election dye to the % staying the same I’m not sure of.

      • M. Gray 2.1.5

        I find that offensive Bill ‘Maori books on parenting skills’ perhaps we should get books for your people on pedophilia

        • Bill

          You having a go at me for the words of Duff?

          In Duff’s own words – “…now let’s start with the awful fact that yet another Maori has murdered a child. Followed by ideas on what to do about it. A book on parenting skills, perhaps, Hone? Nah. Too hard.

          For what it’s worth, I’ll see your ‘offensive’ and up you an ‘odious’.

          • M. Gray

            Why are you listening to Duff he is a d… head and talks a load of rubbish his last piece about Maori warriors was in poor taste to. Maybe the beating he got as a child has made him turn on his own as he never says anything positive about his own people . He needs to say some Maori are beating and killing their children not imply we all do that.

            • Bill

              Christ on a bike!

              See comment number two. Not put there by me (obviously). I responded to that comment – more specifically the content of the link provided in that comment – with an opinion or three.

              How the fuck you get from the simple act of me providing a response to a comment, to some shite about me being offensive, and then to some other shite about me giving credence to Duff… it’s all beyond me.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Oh, look, the rich demanding to get more handouts from the government:

    Private schools should get more money, and it is none of the secondary teachers’ union’s business, the ACT Party says.

    The government giving out money is always a citizens business whether Act thinks so or not.

    • vto 3.1

      Seymour’s lost the plot..

      what a bludger.

      Get a frikkin’ job Seymour ya lazy bludger

      • North 3.1.1

        You hit the nail on the head VTO. He’s a squeaky little punk. Learning troughing at a ridiculously young age. He’s fucked forever ackshully.

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    And Mossack Fonseca are back in the news:

    EXCLUSIVE – Panama Papers NZ – Mossack Fonseca’s main New Zealand agent, Roger Thompson, drafted legal documents for his foreign clients instructing them to avoid countries that have information-sharing agreements with New Zealand, the Panama Papers show.

    When Panama Paper stories first appeared, Prime Minister John Key denied New Zealand was a tax haven, saying the country “has full disclosure of information”.

    “A tax haven is where you don’t declare information, you can’t get information, a locked box… We have information-sharing agreements or double-tax agreements with over 100 countries,” he said.

    Not much point in having information sharing agreements with “over 100 countries” when the lawyers are telling their clients to avoid those countries. This also conclusively proves that NZ was, and is, being used as a tax haven.

  5. Anne 5

    John Oliver’s take on Brexit. Very funny – especially the last few moments.


  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    Vet removed for exposing appalling conditions on live export ships

    The Federal Government removed a respected veterinarian after she presented evidence of cruelty and appalling conditions on board Australian live export ships, according to documents obtained by the ABC.

    Do you really need any more proof that governments the world over work to protect the rich?

  7. Gangnam Style 7

    Keep Mike Hosking went up yesterday, has 19 signatures so far…https://www.change.org/p/keep-mike-hosking-at-tvnz

    • vto 7.1

      That is hilarious

      It cannot be ignored and must now make front page headlines across the country

      Then he can go off and join Henry – the Hosking & Henry Show

    • North 7.2

      That’s Mike 16 times, his wife 1 time (she doesn’t want the vainglorious prick at home all the time), his Ferrari/Maserati 1 time, and John Key’s Office 1 time. Stout expression of how wonderful the sucker is !

    • mauī 7.3

      Meanwhile the Get Rid of Hosking petition got 145 more signatures in the last 37 minutes, just checked!

    • Draco T Bastard 7.4

      Brilliant. We’ll get a somewhat more accurate assessment of just how loathed the dimwit is.

      • Gangnam Style 7.4.1

        Keep Mike up to 35 now! Winning!

        “Mike tells it like it is” – No, Mike is bought by Sky City, Mike sold out a long time ago, Mike likes to bully the weak.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Presently 18,433 for getting rid of him and 46 to keep him. IIRC, the getting rid of him petition had more than 5000 signatures in the first day.

  8. Roundabout 8

    Did anyone see the Stuff article about the Mr Big operation reveal? I wanted to pass it on to a friend but I cannot see it – does anyone have a copy or a link to it?

    • Gangnam Style 8.1

      No, but TV3 & TV1 News plus Checkpoint all had stories on it. Cops had a lot of fun with that one, it’s worked this time but overseas experience has shown flaws with the method.

      • Roundabout 8.1.1

        Ah, thanks. Don’t have access to those shows where I am. Found a weak coverage elsewhere. Thanks again.

  9. weka 9

    New Zealand wins the internets!!


    (so tempted to put up post about the ban).

  10. Draco T Bastard 10

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