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14 comments on “Daily review 24/04/2019”

  1. Poission 1

    And Hades, king of the realm of shadows, quaked thereunder.And he sprang from his throne, and he cried aloud in the dread     of his heartLest o’er him earth-shaker Poseidon should cleave the ground     apart,And revealed to Immortals and mortals should stand those     awful abodes,Those mansions ghastly and grim, abhorred of the very Gods.               (Iliad 20. 61–65)

    • The extra space in the prolonged hull has room to carry equipment for deep-sea operations, like small-sized nuclear-reactors aimed to provide power to secret military installations on the Arctic Sea bed.
      The other countries on the Arctic Sea must be so reassured by Russia’s impeccable record of nuclear safety.

  2. joe90 2

    Surprise surprise…

  3. greywarshark 3

    Chris Trotter on TDB commening on the CGT as mooted by Interest.co.nz 4/23/2019 says that ;
    …The Tax Working Group Chair, Michael Cullen, warned his protege that the prospects for unanimity on the CGT were dim to non-existent: Robertson asked him to press on. The final (majority) report presented a CGT of such breadth and bite that it could not possibly survive politically without the most aggressive and creative campaign being waged in its favour. And yet, from the Labour and Green leadership there came hardly a word. Week after week went by during which the opponent’s of the CGT waged a vicious, unrelenting, and ultimately successful, war against its introduction.

    Voters who might have been willing to accept a CGT that targeted property speculators and land-bankers were astonished to discover that their KiwiSaver nest-egg might fall within the Taxman’s reach. People working from home faced the prospect of accounting for CGT on the bedroom they had converted into an office. I would not be the first to speculate that Cullen may have deliberately concocted a tax of such punishing scope in order to save Ardern and Robertson from themselves. [Chris’s bolded.] If so, then he succeeded admirably! 

    The contrast between the Labour leadership’s handling of the CGT and their handling of the TPPA could hardly be sharper. In the “explosion of rage” stakes, the 30,000-strong Auckland demonstration against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in February 2016 ranks highly. So angry was that protest that Labour contrived to position itself proudly alongside the agreement’s opponents. Within weeks of becoming the government, however, Labour and NZ First had deftly executed a u-turn on the free-trade deal. Did the angry opponent’s of the TPPA explode in rage? Did they heck-as-like! The Left generally acquiesced in the new government’s 180-degree policy shift like lambs. Why Ardern and Robertson did not do the same re: the CGT remains a mystery.

  4. joe90 4

    The new coalition of the willing. Willing to protect rapists and force their victims to give birth.

    The US is threatening to veto a United Nations resolution on combatting the use of rape as a weapon of war because of its language on reproductive and sexual health, according to a senior UN official and European diplomats.
    The German mission hopes the resolution will be adopted at a special UN security council session on Tuesday on sexual violence in conflict.
    But the draft resolution has already been stripped of one of its most important elements, the establishment of a formal mechanism to monitor and report atrocities, because of opposition from the US, Russia and China, which opposed creating a new monitoring body.
    Even after the formal monitoring mechanism was stripped from the resolution, the US was still threatening to veto the watered-down version, because it includes language on victims’ support from family planning clinics. In recent months, the Trump administration has taken a hard line, refusing to agree to any UN documents that refer to sexual or reproductive health, on grounds that such language implies support for abortions. It has also opposed the use of the word “gender”, seeing it as a cover for liberal promotion of transgender rights.


  5. Janet 6

    Well it is now being said that IF the CGT had targeted just passive investments eg:empty houses, unfarmed land, share trading gains, appreciating collections & art works, palatial mansions over and beyond the average persons housing need -etc-  and if the tax raised from such a CGT was earmarked for environmental corrections then it would have been well received. Instead the modest savers, like most of us , continue to pay tax on the interest received from our meager savings in the bank and those with wealth  enough continue to to enjoy their ability to place their money where tax does not touch them.

  6. A 7

    I really feel for those in Queenstown and Auckland caravan parks that are being (Q), and are about to be booted out (A) for the sake of even more residential property. It’s a great loss for this country

  7. Exkiwiforces 8

    Daily review 24/04/2019

    Trying to reply to Joe’s post, but the god damn enternet/ wifi or the new comments section doesn’t like my IPad.
    Anyway I find this action by dumps mandarins to be f***ing disgusting, as I and countless others have seen, encountered or step in to protect women, girls and yes little boys or picked up the pieces when rape has been “use as a weapon of war” clearly these wankers don’t give a toss about the victims or those that have picked up the pieces be it Peacekeepers/ Service personal, Medical people or other NGO’s and really don’t give a shit about the rule of law/ justice or the morality of the victim/ victims or those trying to look and protect after them after being rape.
    I’m really starting to hate the SOB and his mandarins.

    I’ve just taken my evening drugs for my PTSD as I have an early start tomorrow morning and I’m probably now not to get any sleep now and that’s I’m a grumpy old veteran tomorrow at my PTSD clinic during group therapy tomorrow as well.

    God, I want to be like my ancestors who burnt down the White House in 1815 and this time having the asshole taped to his chair while inside.

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