Daily Review 25/07/2018

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17 comments on “Daily Review 25/07/2018”

  1. Gabby 1

    Andrew Hoggard doesn’t understand why roads keep falling apart. Mystifying.

  2. Cinny 2

    Am absolutely ecstatic over this news. Jan Logie, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    “Green Party MP Jan Logie’s domestic violence bill passes, making New Zealand the first country in the world to create a new universal entitlement for domestic violence victims to take 10 days of leave in order to reclaim their life.”

    This is huge. This saves lives. This gives those who need to escape a window of hope.

    Such emotional news, far out, tears and all.



    To the tories who voted against it….. wtf kind of sicko people are you? Pro domestic violence? How on earth could anyone not support such a bill?

    • James 2.1

      If you read your own link you would see very clearly the reasons National did not vote for it.

      That does. It make them pro domestic violence – that’s a stupid statement.

      Try reading your own link.

      • Roy 2.1.1

        That’s a pretty thin straw to clutch at. That link said they wouldn’t support it because it would be “too onerous on small business”. So someone’s crappy business is more important than victims of domestic violence. At the very least it’s disdainful and callous, and in fact is indirectly is supportive of it. Sickos is right.

      • One Two 2.1.2

        Missed the question marks did you, James..

        NACT voted for the continued use of depleted uranium…they are pro violence…

        Whatever their reasoning…cowards…every single one of them…

      • Cinny 2.1.3

        “Mitchell and other National Party members said they agreed with the intent, or the spirit, of the bill, but they insisted it would not reduce domestic violence”

        James, what did national do to help those suffering from domestic violence while in power?

        Did it work or help change ANYTHING?

        At the very least this encourages long over due conversation.

        At the most it saves lives.

        Meanwhile those who make money a priority will be concerned, greed does that, clouds ones thinking.

        On the other hand a life and death situation… ones thinking becomes crystal clear. However I wouldn’t wish that situation on anyone, even if it was the only way necessary for some to understand how it feels.

        • Rosemary McDonald

          Excellent news Cinny and an appropriate follow up to my leap upon the newly released Ministerial Diaries of Green Party Portfolio holders. Being a strong proponent of open government that I am.

          I was very impressed by Jan Logie’s Diary indicating she had met with 10 (rightly un-named) individuals in relation to the ‘violence’ issues. Most Ministers simply don’t speak with individuals directly. Most Ministers rely on conversations with organisations representing various special interest groups in order to gain a complete picture of the issue.

          Top marks to Logie for having the good sense and integrity to step outside of the usual protocols and actually speak with real affected people.


          I am very sorry that I cannot extend the same accolades to Genter. With regards to the promised review of Disability Support Services with particular focus on the promised ‘review’ (well, being picky, they did promise to repeal the Public Health and Disability Ammendment Act 2013, but what’s a few broken promises between friends eh?) of paying family carers.

          Genter did have contact with various groups under the ‘health’ and ‘disability’ headings, but these are the same groups that have been working at the coalface with Government for the past near decade, and all have their snouts deep in the disability funding trough.

          And despite many of us having tried to engage with Genter on the family carer issue there is no record in her diary that she has actually met with any of us.

          Just met with the usual organisations who have a vested interest in keeping every last disability dollar flowing through their accounts. Getting the same flawed and biased message from the same folk who did well under the National government.


          But this Bill, allowing for survivors of domestic violence to have space to sort out their lives, is an excellent step.

          Now, repeal Section 70 A sanction….https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/09/benefit-sanctions-actually-linked-to-long-term-welfare-dependency.html


          • Cinny

            Hugs Rosemary,

            I’m so hearing you. Maybe that’s the key to it all, listening to real people rather than the ‘usual groups’. Maybe that’s the way for people to really understand.

            Thinking of those that face the challenges that you and yours do, may they receive good news sometime in the very near future. Change is well overdue and much needed. I’m so proud of you for advocating and being so involved with pushing for much needed change. With every thing else you do in your daily life on top of it. You, beautiful Rosemary are a person that inspires me, people like you are the real hero’s. Much love to you and yours from me and mine.

            Momentum, yes 🙂

    • marty mars 2.2

      Great news.

      gnats add to peoples misery – sickos indeed.

    • Great news Cinny. Rackoff James.

  3. Rosemary McDonald 4

    And more excellent news…


    Tegal has suspended its application for the Giant Chicken Farm….

    A reprieve.

  4. A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable , … and a tramping party travels at the speed of its slowest members… same principles of community’s of all sizes looking out for one another.

    It is good to see those who have been victims of domestic violence given some temporary respite.


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