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23 comments on “Daily Review 29/08/2016”

  1. Jo 1

    Andrew Little needs to get his office sorted and quickly. Obviously the Labour leadership knew several weeks ago that McCarten was leaving and a new Chief Press Sec should have been in place before this announcement. Don’t go for another big name ego, Little needs two faceless professionals, who are proven in the job.

  2. Muttonbird 2

    John Key personally reassures the Chinese immigrant community.


    I wonder when he’ll take the time to reassure the rest of us.

    • ScottGN 2.1

      But the rest of us aren’t so generous when it comes to giving the National Party money or party votes.

      • Muttonbird 2.1.1

        True that. I’m reminded of BM’s concern troll earlier about the fundraising capabilities of the Labour party.

        Clearly the Labour Party aren’t in the business of selling political favours.

    • Whateva next? 2.2

      Exactly, such a personal response, wow.

    • Bill 2.3

      Maybe the Nats are simply seeking to capitalise on Labour’s alienation of the Chinese community. Sure. I know many don’t see anything wrong with what Labour said around Chinese house buyers, but it’s the perceptions within Chinese communities that counts.

      And that (cough) news report informing people that burglary was the most hated of all crimes and suggesting Labour were crying favouritism over National producing propaganda targeting the self-same group that Labour have possibly alienated…you see how it’s meant to play out, yes?

      • Muttonbird 2.3.1

        How does the perception within Chinese communities count?

        They can barely bring themselves to vote, it being such a novel event for them, democracy and worker rights being illegal in their own country.

        No, what counts is the perception of recent and not so recent serial and amateur property investors in NZ who are being told that their fragile wealth is dependent on the continued flow of dirty money out of Asia.

        It is the National government which is driving wedges in between different sections of New Zealand society.

        John Key’s personal apology to Chinese immigrants confirms this.

        • Bill

          Wow. Just fucking “wow”.

          • Muttonbird

            Someone has to say it.

            Massive immigration. Government laps up the benefits but refuses to pay for the outcomes.

            • Draco T Bastard


            • weka

              “Someone has to say it.”

              Indeed. Your comment is racist. Because the flow of money is coming not just from Asia, but from many places with better access to finance eg the US and the UK. Focussing on ‘dirty money from Asia’ reinforces stereotypes and entrenched racism against that group of people already living in NZ.

              Worse, you just said there is a portion of the NZ population whose perspectives should be discounted because of their ethnicity.

              Bill and I have quite difference views on immigration, but myself, I can’t see any reason why we can’t talk about the need to limit immigration without being racist in how that conversation happens.

              • ropata

                FFS we have to call a spade a spade. There is an obvious trend here, my whole neighbourhood (Hillcrest) has changed drastically in the last few years, I can often be the only non Asian on the bus in the morning.

                PC crap should not take precedence over legitimate concerns about housing speculation, money laundering, and widespread immigration scams

                FJK’s “cabinet club” and grovelling to Chinese community — not racist
                FJK’s policies forcing poor Polynesians to sleep in cars — not racist
                Muttonbird’s comment about obvious (widely reported) issues — RACIST!!!

    • whispering kate 2.4

      Well it reassures the rest of us that if we have the misfortune of being burgled we should mimic a Chinese accent and we will get a patrol car around and something will be done about it.

      What hypocrisy that the PM is wont to apologise to anything or anybody but will immediately ingratiate himself and personally apologise to the Chinese community because of their homes being burgled. How many others of us have had to wait and given up on any police doing anything about it for us. At least the Chinese community has done a favour for us and maybe if we are very lucky the police may have the time to investigate household break-ins from now on.

      Meanwhile our ghost house next door grows grass ever longer.

      • Muttonbird 2.4.1

        Agree. Collins today forced the police to go back on the policy she previously had them implement and that was to not record burglaries as crime.

        Now she’s realised that was a mistake and has forced the police to again record burglaries as crime.

        She’s good at forcing entities removed from government interference to do certain things whenever she wants them to, see.

        This is a win for all New Zealanders but I’m concerned that the Chinese community are to be the recipient of more police resources that the rest of us in the wake of John Keys’ personal apology to them, and only them.

  3. billmurray 3

    Oh No, not another rogue poll from Roy Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or do the choir have any other excuses ?.
    Colonel Viper and Swordfish what are your opinions on this latest poll ?, I respect both your opinions.

  4. Takere 4

    Re McCarten. You cant be employed by Parliament & political party and run a local government campaign at the same time aye?

    • I believe you can, but the important thing is not to be doing any non-Parliamentary campaigning using Parliamentary resources or time.

      • Takere 4.1.1

        Ta. SR. Matt will have to carry 3 mobiles, 3 lap-tops & 3 of pretty much everything else! Efficiency! Haha!

        • Maybe just two if he multitasks the local and party stuff. 😛 The important thing for Parliamentary Services is making sure Parliamentary funds are spent appropriately.

          • Ad

            Just very good to see Labour HQ paying attention to Auckland with dedicated resource. Hope it pays off with more votes.

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