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18 comments on “Daily review 30/08/2016”

  1. Gangnam Style 1

    Oh the f*ckin’ irony, NZ exported water at risk in Asian markets because of our shoddy ‘100% Pure’ claim is being shown up for the bullshit it is. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/83664121/100-pure-reputation-could-take-another-hit-after-havelock-north-water-fail

    • weka 1.1

      The setback comes after Miracle Water’s first shipment was rejected by China late last year.

      The company said on arrival in China the water, which is drawn from the Heretaunga Plains, was found to contain nitrite levels too high for the local market and was sent home.

      Sent back home? I wonder who they managed to sell that to then.

      • Gangnam Style 1.1.1

        ” I wonder who they managed to sell that to then.” Prob to NZ consumers, at a premium price too.

  2. mauī 2

    Richie’s movie comes out tomorrow. That’ll be great, it will take my mind off newsreaders treating video of indian dairy owners fighting for their lives fending off robbers as a frickn joke. I’ll wait for the next story of hundreds of brawling Remuera youths fighting their way through a luxury car dealer and wonder why it never arrives.

  3. James 3

    Nice photo for the thread.

  4. joe90 4

    I made it to the three minute mark…

    The media has spent years hurling sexist attacks at presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. From attacks on her appearance, her cleavage, her sexuality, her “PMS,” the tone and volume of her voice, her laugh, her emotions, her age, being a grandmother, being called a “bitch,””castrating” and a “vaginal American,” the claim that she’s only successful because of her husband and more, it’s hard to overstate the barrage of sexism Clinton has faced during her time as first lady, senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate.


    • I minute and that scared me – I need a milo now.

    • One Two 4.2

      Ample material to ‘attack’ The Clintons about without needing to resort to pejoratives or ad hom

      Nothing can disappear the history of crime, no matter how much some wish it could

      Joe, do your postings and ABT position provide you with the comfort levels you crave?

  5. ianmac 5

    That ex MP from Northland must be still awaiting court action since it is nearly 24 months since the last election when rumours were flying.
    Anyone know the state of the play?

      • ianmac 5.1.1

        Oh. Thanks Joe. I guess we must trust the court process, and perhaps admire the talents of good lawyers. Hope the girls are OK though.

        • miravox

          The ‘talents’ of lawyers.

          Girls asking for massages, including wriggling a foot at the accused doesn’t mean sexual abuse is not happening in the relationship.

          Massages, foot or shoulder rubs with another adult present does not mean sexual abuse is not happening.

          Several witnesses having no concerns about these ‘massages’ could mean they weren’t paying close enough attention to what was going on.

          Being in close company or embraces with the complainants certainly is not an indication of innocence. It is definitely possible for abused children to be in close proximity with an abuser and photographed with an abuser. This is akin to a beaten spouse being disbelieved because the couple were happy in a photo together. How many people would believe that these days? (on second thoughts, don’t answer).

          If eleven jury members dismissed the charges on these grounds alone then they either were not informed about how surreptitiously child sexual abuse can occur or were naive. These factors may simply show how abuse can be hidden in plain sight. Especially if the relationship the child has with the abuser is otherwise good.

          I think this reporting is harmful. Conflicting testimony in private events is always difficult, but the media can clearly state a particular person was cleared of abusing children without reinforcing excuses that do not prove child sexual abuse could not occur in these contexts.

          • Lawyer

            An ill informed comment based I nothing other than personal bullshit with a good dose of “man hating”

            “I am sorry for being a Miravox…”

    • ianmac 6.1

      Ah yes Sabine. ““Uh, yes, actually,” replied Key. “That’s why we haven’t done anything for eight years.”
      So that’s the reason! Should have guessed.

  6. save nz 8

    Forget China’s Elevated Bus, Indian Engineer Designs Caterpillar Train That Flies Over City Traffic


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