The right for Spy’s to break the law, bill.

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No Right Turn has reminded me that the deadline for submissions on the Spy bill is 7th October 2016.
Submissions.  can be made here.
The spy bill.

The bill makes it illegal for civil servants, or anyone else,  to blow the whistle on the Government.

It makes it legal for spies to break laws at will, commit crimes while spying and bypass protections against surveillance  of New Zealand citizens.

And then makes it illegal for anyone to tell anyone else that spies are breaking the law.




16 comments on “The right for Spy’s to break the law, bill.”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Do Labour support this bill? If so, why?

  2. One Anonymous Bloke 2


    Is “I was just following National Party orders” a legitimate defence against charges of human rights abuse?


  3. Thinkerr 3

    If it’s legal for spies to break the law, they wouldn’t be breaking the law, but I think I get your sentiment…

  4. Philj 4

    Other questions to be asked of spies and Spying is, if they do break the law, will they be found out, and be held to account in a court of law?

  5. mosa 5

    Another blow to the freedom of information, truth , justice and democracy and a major victory for suppression , illegal activity in the name of government, lack of accountability and creating the perfect environment for corruption and fear to flourish.
    All achieved by an ELECTED government against the interests of New Zealanders who want transparency and the truth of their ELECTED representatives.
    Shame on all of us for not protesting this outrage , we deserve everything we get from Key and the rest who support this bill.
    This is as unjust as the TPPA and not one dissenting voice to be heard.

  6. keith ross 6

    Apart from the national party I would like to know what threat that we face that requires the ability of a section of the govt to need to break the law to operate? I can’t think of a single threat that we face that is anywhere as dangerous as the policies that have been put forward by the current govt. Surely they can be countered by the legal means available to the spy dept? I can understand the fact that the danger is imminent from national but this goes to far.We are not the USA, hellbent on locking up whistle blowers for thirty years at a time.

    • dukeofurl 6.1

      Its not only break the law, but the ability to create fake personal identities and fake businesses.
      What could go wrong ?

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