Discussing “constituency matters” with the Brethren

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brethrenscan.gifToday’s Age gives a few insights into “constituency matters” the Brethren discussed with John Howard from 2003 to 2006, the last about the same time they were commissioning private investigators to dig dirt on our Helen.

Support for George Bush and the war in Iraq featured highly, as according to the Brethren “God has clearly supported and vindicated the initiative (in Iraq) and we are assured they will continue to do so as long as there is dependence on Him for guidance.” There is obviously something wrong with their line to God, as it was wrong on Iraq, and their prayers didn’t work for Brash or Howard.

They also provided political advice, cautioning Howard against changes to Medicare before the election. However they advised “If you consider it necessary to change Medicare we suggest you leave it till after the next election.” He took their advice, sacked the then Minister Kay Patterson, put in Tony Abbott who gave a cast-iron guarantee that there would be no changes before the election in 2004, then brought a levy in in 2005. The National Party also seem to be following this advice here.

Congratulations to the Age for keeping up a 14-month freedom of information campaign “during which Mr Howard’s office stalled at each step.” Once again the Aussie media do a better job than ours; nobody has so far asked Howard’s mate John Key exactly what were the constituency matters that the Brethren discussed with him in May 2005 prior to their letter offering a million dollars to campaign for National’s party vote that year.

Support for the war on Iraq perhaps?

6 comments on “Discussing “constituency matters” with the Brethren”

  1. Tamaki Resident 1

    you’ve managed to add a few superfluous characters in the link to the Age that screws it up.

  2. Tane 2

    Fixed. Cheers for the tip.

  3. dad4justice 3

    Interesting to read the reason why our Prime Minister did want to met with these EB people .

  4. The Prophet 4

    Hmmm….not much traction in the Brethren these days, is there?

  5. Robinsod 5

    It appears not. The thread about Shadbolt is probably drawing most of the attention at the mo’ – it is much closer to home and let’s face it, we Kiwis can be an insular bunch. It is interesting to see what’s happening over the ditch, however. I’m especially interested to see that the police are investigating.

  6. Pascal's bookie 6

    Well, what is there to say really, The EB’s are a bunch of antidemocratic folk with weird ideas, and John Howard was at the very least prepared to pander to them in return for their dosh. Surprised?

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