Dr Doolittle strikes again

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While most focus on Joyce’s inability to read costings, the portfolio he presided over for a few years is amidst claims of cheating, pressure on teachers to pass failing students, and now;

NZ Universities about to drop out of top 200. Chancellors cite low per capita student funding. Current Minister says funding has increased but offers no alternative explanation for the drop despite a warning issued last year.

The Universities have never been great on “teaching” but now they are dipping on research too.

Another area with Joyce’s fingerprints all over it.

And finally businesses are starting to tout for clients in Christchurch wiho may have homes with faulty repairs by EQC. While Joyce wasnt Minister for Rebuild he was Minister of MBIE. This includes Building and Housing, building and resource consents and the Building Act and Code.

Are we heading toward a Leaky Home type period for earthquake repaied homes? Fast tracking and loosened regulations?

31 comments on “Dr Doolittle strikes again”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    How on earth did he get the tertiary education portfolio with his academic record?

    This is one of the other arrogant things about the Nats. The portfolio shuffling has been through the roof. Surely for the sake of capability and efficiency we should ask for a particular minister to have some aptidude for the role and then to develop experience in the role but the Nats seem to change portfolios more than their underpants.

    No wonder Joyce doesn’t have a clue about anything he’s been involved with.

    • tracey 1.1

      He got it for his business accumen. And through PTEs he has allowed a degree/diploma for sale market which has impacted our tertiaries who have lowered standards to attract/retain students. Through essentially tacking permanent residence onto student visas he has generated alot of money to offest local costs. BUT the domestic students are also passing when they shouldnt and academic integrity is in the gutter

      • dv 1.1.1

        YET tv3 had to be bailed out by govt with $43m.

      • dukeofurl 1.1.2

        What business acumen ?
        he got in early on the FM radio boom, where government licenses to broadcast were doled out far too cheaply, and people like him made money ‘on selling’

        His arrival at national party HQ must have meant he had a chance at the source, giving out favours and crony capitalism rather than being a bottom feeder.

        No surprise MBIE was his creation, with immigration strangely included

    • Wensleydale 1.2

      He’s pretty good at lying and smirking though. Minister of Smarm. That’s his portfolio right there.

  2. Adrian 2

    If you think he’s bad, he’s the best of the bunch. Now that’s fucking scary.

    • tracey 2.1

      I know he is bad. He gets away with political murder. His fingerprints are on other portfolios too. SERCO comes to mind

  3. greg 3

    what would you expect from https://youtu.be/t_iUFW-8_ME Bilbo bagins

  4. Its time to give the giggling blowhard dildo kisser the boot .

    Steven Joyce the ‘ minister of everything’ my arse.

    He was wrong about losing Northland and he was wrong about 11.7 billion dollars. The guys a bonifide confidence man and nothing more.

    That’s who’s been in charge of this country for 9 years , – a motley , rag tag bunch of small time con men and women and confidence tricksters , – starting off with John Key and ending ( for the second time ) with Billshit English.

    When will New Zealand ever learn and stop being so gullible ?

  5. Incognito 5

    Joyce’s idea of tertiary education is like having STEM-factories that spit out market-ready students in exactly 4 years’ time and no longer. These STEM-factories are, of course, run like real factories rather than like academic institutions that fulfil their duty as critic and conscience of our society as laid out in the Education Act.

    • Pat 5.1

      factories with zero quality control that is

    • tracey 5.2

      Which is why the scythe through Humanities. NZers still have to fund every law student in the country despite only 1 in 4 law getting jobs in Law Firms. No cap on those courses from Dr Doolittle though.

  6. Janet 6

    The universities , especially Auckland, must have been “dumbed down” by far too many foreign students.
    Did you notice that turning our state tertiary institutions into an education business began soon after Kiwis had to start paying course fees. Was that the real reason for the fees ?

    • … ” Did you notice that turning our state tertiary institutions into an education business began soon after Kiwis had to start paying course fees. Was that the real reason for the fees ? ” …

      Exactly and precisely.

      They knew full well what the long term goal was to be.

      They never ever had New Zealanders best interests at heart , – ever !!! It was always about THEM. Them and a small collection of neo liberal racketeers who spun the bullshit line about ‘ govt waste ‘ and ‘ inefficiency ‘ and how privatization would ‘ promote competition and cheaper prices’.

      And those who stood to gain sucked that up like a sponge greedily eyeing up future financial gains once the public sector was dismantled . And to do that they had to spin a line , once that was done, and they had gained a beachhead , … the next stage was to deliberately underfund public services, – on ALL FRONTS.

      They did it with health , education , prisons , state housing – even law enforcement , .. lest we forget the talk about ‘ private police and military forces’ not so long ago from some vested interest quarters.

      New Zealanders have been played like a song by these subversive fuckers,… and despite the initial hick up of mass public protests of the early 1990’s ,- after they got away with the Employment Contracts Act , and the Mother of all Budgets , – it was game on for them and the dogged dismantling of OUR social democracy.

      And to hell with New Zealanders just so long as they could plunder the country they didn’t give a shit.

      If this had happened in many other country’s there would have been howling lynch mobs in the streets baying for their blood and their heads put on stakes in prominent public places as a warning to any future treasonist’s. They are fortunate this is still NZ. Just.

    • tracey 6.2

      They havent been dumbed down by international students. The ranking relates to the quality of teaching and research of the Institution.

      Joyce has used international fees to enrich private providers and presumably to enable the govt to use the income for other things. This might make sense in a business sence but academic integrity is plummetting and with it the quality of domestic and international students.

      EG tertiaries keep records of International student attendance. Internationals MUST attend every class to keep their VISA. In 15 years atca tertiary I never once heard of NZIS asking for these records.

      • Once was Tim 6.2.1

        And what’s more those international students have been lied to by offshore AND onshore agents, who’ve made promises that could not be met. They’ve come here under false pretenses, then booted out so that ‘churn’ can be achieved. (Or as one lawyer put it: “flushing the pool”).
        If NZ wants to attract those foreign students, it’s up to NZ to ensure consultants, PTEs, labour supply companies et al act ethically and are regularly inspected.
        NZQA, INZ and the Labour Inspectorate have not been properly resourced in the past as the record shows.
        We have a very shoddy record of fleecing students and immigrants generally, and sometimes booting them out before they get a chance to cause a fuss or consult a lawyer.

        • tracey

          Absolutely. And Immigration know who the dodgy agents are but do not revoke licences or chase change in entity names

          • Once was Tim

            Btw, I’ve heard one opinion recently that those lied to, ‘churned’ and ripped off are now so numerous that this gubbamint has set itself up for some sort of class action in the not-too-distant. Presumably that’d be down to government oversight agencies scoring a massive FAIL.

      • greywarshark 6.2.2

        Thanks Tracey for keeping cool about this because if sure is a sore point. We do have to keep the system utilised by government in clear view so we can make telling blows with criticisms.

  7. eco Maori/kiwi 7

    My views are the same WILD KATPIO.

    It looked like they were playing musical chairs with our ministry portfolios when of there asses got hot pass it on to distract the voters .

  8. peterlepaysan 8

    The university listings is somewhatof a hoax. It is basically bs.
    The universities know this. Its a game.
    NZ uni’s suffer from chronic under funding (what else do you expect from National).

    • tracey 8.1

      I agree. It is an academic snobbery game. Resesrch has always been the focus not “teaching”. Standing in front of 400 people spewing words at them, then leaving, is not “teaching”

  9. Pat 9

    “Are we heading toward a Leaky Home type period for earthquake repaied homes? Fast tracking and loosened regulations?”

    thats a given

  10. Ross 10

    There’s also a pattern to Joyce’s behaviour. Before each election he likes to attack Labour’s spending plans.

    I would’ve thought that National, instead of obsessing about Labour, would be trumpeting their achievements over the last 9 years. I guess there haven’t been any. 🙂


    • tracey 10.1

      And only one journalist noticed the pattern?

      • Ross 10.1.1

        Yeah that does seem odd. But I dont think Labour noticed it either but I could be wrong. At least we know what to expect from National in 2020. 🙂

        In the article I linkef to, Vernon Small guves Joyce the benefit of the doubt and reckons he didnt tell porkies. I disagree. All Joyce had to do was contact Grant Robertson to discuss the issue. Joyce wouldve quickly realised his error and it eould never have made the news. That wasnt what Joyce wanted.

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