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Election night roundup

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 pm, November 26th, 2011 - 350 comments
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We will try to keep updated with the results of the election as they come through. And we hope that you will do the same in comments. Hopefully we’ll keep the level of punditry down to a less boring level than dead time fill requires for broadcast media.

Feel free to tell us what you’re seeing in your neck of the woods.

Scoop has the bullshit buster Keith Ng doing the numbers and charts. 2011 NZ Election Results Graphic & Charts. That will be worth watching.

Phil Goff doing concession. Good campaign. Not a good result.
But we do have a number of new MP’s.
Lost a few. Like Kelvin Davis.
Need a bigger hall.. Too many media.
John Banks is a singleton MP. Adjunct National MP
Paula Bennett is done.
Looks like Auckland Central is going the Wrong way.
Tau Henares isn’t well liked.
NZF now certain to return to Parliament with around 6.8%. Let Key’s nightmares begin.
Epsom – Goldsmith is overhauling Banks yay!
Looks like Damien O’Conner has recovered West Coast Tasman
I’ve been picking that the Maori party will lose a seat
Waiariki looks tight after 27% count
Tāmaki Makaurau – really really tight after 11%.
NZ First looks like they will break the 5% and then some.
Greens are doing well.
Electorate results for electorates with high counts look predictable.
Bad news for National with 5.5% counted
Based on the early returns it looks to me like they won’t break 50%. Labour is holding up well
Epsom with 6.4% of the vote – again small booths.
John Banks 46%, Goldsmith 37%, and Parker 9%
All pretty boring with low returns at this point (and these will be as usual the small churches and schools with traditionally conservative voters.Early Referendum results at 3% are therefore interesting:
retain MMP 55%
alternative is FPP 48%

350 comments on “Election night roundup”

  1. LynW 1

    Great! Welcome back! Looking forward to the results!

  2. Carol 2

    Bomber says there was a large turnout in Sth Auckland:

  3. kriswgtn 3

    Levin had a good turn out @ the polling booth across the road from home- was packed from 9am omwards and was steady til 6.55pm

  4. ghostwhowalksnz 4

    When are we going to see early results based on the polling booths last time. For too many years now , we just results from small ( mostly rural ) booths and they are just aggregated by electorate and compared as a % with the final electorate result last time.
    Surely with computer spreadsheets they can compare early results with the same early booths last time. ie this is the result from 6 booths from say Taupo and it is compared with the SAME 6 booths from last election.

    Its not rocket science, a smartphone could handle it easy.

    Come on TV3 and TV1, lift your game.

    • Michael 4.1

      That’s not a bad idea, but it would be much, much easier if we had electronic voting in the first place.

      • lprent 4.1.1

        For whom? I’d like something to hack

        • Draco T Bastard

          Done properly it’ll be as secure as paper voting. Hell, I think it could actually be more secure simply because the voters would be able to check their votes.

          • Colonial Viper

            Say NO to computerised voting. ‘Done properly’ nope its a joke and far less resilient than our already very efficient paper systems which in the case of an unexpected event are far more resilient and reliable, and far less susceptible to wide spread tampering.

            Any distributed computer system can be penetrated and results changed at a key stroke. NO NETWORKED COMPUTERS ON GALACTICA!

            Remember the original question was simply why can’t the TV put up the results in a sensible statistical fashion. It has nothing to do with the voting system, It has everything to do with the choices of election show execs and the general dumbing down of TV.

      • freedom 4.1.2

        like the machines in the US where the manufacturer testified in a Senate hearing that they can pre-programme them to produce any number they wish no matter what the voters do on the day?

  5. marsman 5

    Holding my breath!

  6. Small turn out in the booth that i went to in. chch east., tv3 is way better than tvnz, giving early results already.

  7. mmp is here to stay.

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      Nah the Tories have set the referendum up so they have a second bite off the MMP cherry in 2014. Although against FPP, MMP will come out ahead. Probably.

  8. lurgee 9

    National 48%, Labour 31%, Greens 12%, no ACT, no NZ First, probably no United Furture. 2 MPs for Mana, because I voted for them.

  9. Redbaron77 10

    I scrutineered at a booth in Northcote electorate. There were very few quiet periods with steady streams of people coming in throughout the day…

  10. DS 11

    Christchurch Central and the booth over the road seemed very busy.

  11. lurgee 12

    Go Goldsmith!!

    (Just feels odd cheering on a Nat!)

  12. Salsy 13

    Nat only on 50% but advancd votes favour Nat. Means only going down from here…

  13. So national to finish at 47% of party vote and labour around 30%. Seems the polls were right.

    • McFlock 14.1

      You mean the polls that were averaging 50-51% a couple of days ago, and 56-59% NACT a month ago?

  14. lurgee 15

    Wonder if this will be a 2005 election, where Labour started 10% behind and dragged it back, point by painful point, or if it will be a 2008 election, where there was very little movement from the initial shares?

  15. Whats happening with the electoral seats? If your a blogger are you allowed to call it?

  16. Pete 17

    Nattional has slipped under 50% with 3.3% counted


  17. So I can call it? if not you can delete, National wins the election, they wont need a coalition party but may take one in.

    That was a short night.

  18. TV3 is giving much better coverage with the results.

    • jpwood 19.1

      Agree TV3 ahead at this early stage, large booths from South Auckland migth swing it back to TVNZ but ironically the wasted votes on Maori TV might be the differance between the two.

      • McFlock 19.1.1

        But although TV3 have a commanding position, have they lost the chance of getting an outright majority in the ratings simply because they still breathe air into Paul Henry?

  19. gobsmacked 20

    Advance voting is a good guide …


    I’ll bet one large chocolate fish that Winston is back.

    And so is Key, alas.

    • freedom 20.1

      I watched the first fifteen minutes of coverage and it has to be said
      Two networks
      Two panels of experts
      A dozen blokes and only ONE woman?

      luckily someone at SKY has a sense of humour and Predators is on, so is Carrie
      What a night for work to be so slow, i could use the distraction.

      • weka 20.1.1

        Ae, and add in MaoriTV and there are another four blokes and one woman (although they rotating their panel).

  20. Banks is in, it would seem.

    • Salsy 21.1

      Banks is only ahead by 401 points. Early votes favour the (far) right…

      • gobsmacked 21.1.1

        Banks will win by less than the number who wasted their vote on the Labour and Green candidates.

        Thanks, guys!

    • millsy 21.2

      And only Banks. So we essentially have a National MP with an ACT membership card in his wallet.

  21. Carol 22

    Sepuloni is taking it to Paula Benefit… CS by 39 after 7.7%

  22. Salsy 23

    Key is headed well below 49%, trending down..

  23. SukieDamson 24

    TV1: Boiled licorice allsort anyone ?

  24. weka 25

    MaoriTV is giving an overview of the Maori Seats.

  25. just saying 26

    Just checked out my electorate. Glad I party-voted Labour because in these (extremely early times) National is close, and the very popular Green candidate is polling strongly. I do like this particular Labour candidate a lot (though not as much as the green candidate), and though it is a safe Labour seat, a strong Green electorate vote could do some damage.

    They haven’t counted my list vote yet. Mana isn’t registering.

    Had a quick look at ChCh. Chilling so far.

  26. This could be a very interesting night. Nats 49 left (including Peters …) 44 and the big urban booths to come in …

  27. Will National take in Banks or will they want to govern alone and again the polls were right, apart from having the greens a tad too high and nzfirst too low.

    So who is going to be labours new leader for 2014?

  28. Anthony 29

    Looking like a Green vote split in Auckland Central yet again.


    • Fermionic Interference 29.1

      and ohariu and labour green split epsom allowing the racist one in.
      For shame NZers who don’t understand their electoral system.

  29. DJL 30

    Anyone get a licence plate on the Holden in Cuba St? Sorry to change the subject, just came on the news. I’m on 1

  30. Insider 31

    Check out Gonzo Gower on TV3. Pissed already.

  31. millsy 32

    Winston’s coming back 🙂

    But Banks may be too, with Brash 🙁

    Labour are getting their asses kicked, but the Greens seem to be doing OK. Mana’s proving to be a fizzer.

  32. Salsy 33

    Geez Jacinda is so cool…

  33. lprent 34

    Off to Labours Auckland Central for a visit. iPad/iPhone so I might drop off. Others will add to the post when they have time.

  34. Sookie 35

    They are taking a suspiciously long time to count Epsom votes. Still only 6% or so. I was thinking of making a ‘F*ck You, Epsom’ sign to put in my rental car when I come up to Auckland in a couple of weeks, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to.

  35. Salsy 36

    Epsom closing Banks lead reduced from 401 to 330… only 8.5% counted

  36. Dan Hansen 37

    Appears to be a ‘rogue’ election result eh!

    I guess the debate over the horizon poll and landlines is well and truly over!

    • gobsmacked 37.1

      @Dan Hansen

      Could you provide a link to the polls (landline) which predicted the NZ First result?

      Could you provide a link to the polls (landline) which predicted the Epsom result?

      Just one will do …

  37. Blue 38

    Don’t worry about Epsom. If Banks wins, Act’s party vote means he’ll be their only MP in Parliament. It was a waste of time Key trying to save him – they may as well have just let Goldsmith win.

    • jaymam 38.1

      Banks winning is still one more seat to go with National. Same with Dunne. If the left wing voters had done a proper job they could easily have got rid of both those, by NOT voting for the Labour and Green candidates. I have been saying that for months. When will the left voters understand this?

      • mikesh 38.1.1

        There were probably many National voters who voted for Goldsmith. When will THEY ever learn? It cuts both ways.

  38. RedBaron 39

    Seen New Lynn, party vote Nat, cadidate vote Labour.
    Did i hear TV3 call Steven Joyce the (Key) family dog?

  39. Michael 40

    So, Chris Trotter just remarked on TV3 that this is shaping up to be our WORST ever result. Labour first contested an election in 1919, and if it keeps going the way it looks like it is tonight, we could be up for a sad, sad result. Shame.

    Perhaps Phil Goff will turn out to be our Bill English?

  40. gobsmacked 41

    Fascinating vindication of MMP tonight.

    Labour are losing about 6-7% of the party vote on 2008, but may not lose any electorates (net). They could gain two or three, and lose two or three. So in FPP terms, their result is “unchanged”.

    Just shows how stupid FPP is.

  41. So are you guys going to call this election a victory for Labour?

  42. millsy 43

    Andrew Little would be kicking the shit out of himself for not taking the Mana nomination last year. Young is handing his ass to him on a plate.

  43. Tangled up in blue 44

    Anyone know what percentage National have to drop to in order not to govern alone?

    • Blue 44.1

      At the moment it looks like being a 121 seat Parliament. So National needs 61 seats to have a majority.

    • McFlock 44.2

      depends on the “wasted” votes – %45 for 10% votes to random parties that don’t make it to parliament, if only 5% are wasted it goes to 47.5%. But that’s without overhang re-tweaking the numbers.
      It’s close.

  44. Afewknowthetruth 45


    I never got a chance to answer your previous question.

    I did decide to vote and supported an independent, and a party opposed to the status quo, plus MMP.

    I see that Belgium hasn’t had a ‘proper’ government for 18 months but has a similar credit rating to NZ.

    Posturing and changes of mind by Winnie could keep NZ ungoverned for 18 months. What a delightful thought.

  45. Chess Player 46

    Great stuff, you all did well and got Winston back in.
    After you stop laughing, you will start crying….

    • mike 46.1

      Who are you talking to Chess Player? The only reason Winston got in is because of the teapot tape fiasco. Before that he had nothing. I believe that was a John Key production.

      • Chess Player 46.1.1

        I think you’ll find a number of your contributors voted NZ First just to cause an imbalancing factor, and try to keep the game alive a while longer

        • wtl

          But only after the teapot scandal revived NZF so that they felt confident that their votes wouldn’t be wasted.

        • McFlock

          I love the “a number” – 1 is a number, but means little.

        • the sprout

          i think the number was 3, that would totally account for 135,837 NZF votes
          because each standard contributor commands about 45,000 votes 😆

        • mike

          I don’t disagree with your last point. But I believe my point is more pertinent than yours. Not one of the people you are talking about would have voted as they did if not for the opportunity, gain in the polls, and media exposure handed to Winston by the teapot tapes saga. Not one. Again, before that he had nothing.

          Was it worth a try? Absolutely. If Labour could have got more seats the left might just have been able to form a govt. We didn’t. Lucky old Winston. John Key gave him an openning, and he grabbed it. And you must be nuts if you think the majority of his votes came from ‘us’. They came from the teapot tapes. Great stuff John Key.

          A cup of tea can go a long way. Bigoted, racist, arrogant, narcississic John Banks in parliament? Great stuff John Key.

          • jbc

            Bigoted, racist, arrogant, narcississic John Banks in parliament?

            Winston and Andrew Williams are a bigger worry for me tbh.

            • mike

              Winston’s just an opportunist career politician who goes with the entertainment factor. I’d prefer him to a right-wing lock ’em up racist like Banks in any role, any day. Williams could have a brain-explosion at any moment.

              I’m not defending any of these gits. I’m just saying if you’re looking for someone to blame for their presence in parliament, that would be John Key.

              • jbc

                I’m not so sure. Banks is pretty transparent as far as I can tell.

                Peters is a dangerous precisely because he is a unprincipled chameleon.

                Peters would sell you a leaky home and give a sworn statement that it is not leaky.
                Banks would sell you a leaky home and say “buyer beware”.

                Look at it another way: I’d rather debate Banks than Peters because I would know where he stood on the topic.

                Seriously, I’d rather have 1 ACT MP than 8 NZF any day. I don’t like either.

                • mike

                  They are both career politicians, just different styles. I think we’re down to opinion on unprincipled chameleon vs unprincipled bigot here. Either way you get a leaky home.

                  “Seriously, I’d rather have 1 ACT MP than 8 NZF any day. I don’t like either.”

                  Seems to be a seperate point to our useless discussion. Like I said, John Key brought the lot of them in. One by design, eight by accident. I not looking for any positives here.

                  • Chess Player

                    Absolutely Key blew a lot of wind in Winston’s sails over the cup of tea, but you need to remember that Winston is an old school politician that is very in touch with his supporter base. He was getting is sails furled around the country halls while the main circus was getting all the MSM attention, and yours and kiwiblogs for that matter. For some reason certain people love the guy – god knows why…and they see him as an underdog which doesn’t help at all…

                    Just look at which vote went down (Labour by 100k) and which went up (Greens by 50k and NZF by 50k) – that’s been the real shift in the balance of vote this time round

                    So, we can thank a good number of Left voters for the fact that Winston is there, and some are regular contributors to this blog, a fact they will no doubt be reminded of over the next 3 years.

                    The double whammy is that some potentially good people on the Labour list don’t get in now because again, not enough party votes, cos they were given to NZF

                    That’s my analysis, and I didn’t have to call anyone ‘nuts’ either in order to state my case

                    • mike

                      “Just look at which vote went down (Labour by 100k) and which went up (Greens by 50k and NZF by 50k) – that’s been the real shift in the balance of vote this time round

                      So, we can thank a good number of Left voters for the fact that Winston is there…”

                      That’s a rather simplistic analysis. And saying the words “that’s been the real shift” doesn’t make it true.

                      NZ First has both left and right policies, a purely populist approach. I could by your standards claim that Winston got his votes from the demise of ACT (who lost 50k), these are voters after all have shown a willingness to vote for a minor ‘keep the govt in check’ party. ACT has shown itself to be a joke, and more like a ‘do whatever National says’ party, so maybe their supporters looked elsewhere. And it’s Winston’s face on TV courtesy of the teapot tapes, not Peter Dunne.

                      Or I could point out that Winston’s rise in the polls over the last 10 days during the tapes debacle corresponds with National’s drop (they were 54%). Many older voters vote conservative, how many of them, perhaps former NZ First supporters, heard Winston’s “Key disrespects the elderly” cry and came back to the fold. I don’t know, and neither do you. Or maybe some National supporters were offended by Key dealing with a racist bigot hated by many in this country. Some people have principles, (clearly not most Epsom voters, but many other people do).

                      My above argument is pure speculation, but that’s my point, that’s exactly what yours is. Your calculations also assume that Labour did not lose significant numbers to National. That’s a big assumption. No one can have any real idea of what number of previously left vs right voters voted for Winston.

                      He was 36,000 above the 5% threshold. If you suggest that 36,000 labour supporters voted tactically for Winston I just don’t find it credible. That would have taken some organising. That’s more votes than the Maori party got, and they had a national campaign. I must have missed the Peters-Goff cup of tea.

          • mikesh

            Don’t blame John Key. Blame the Esom voters, who lacked the moral stamina to vote according to their conscience.

  46. Carol 47

    Some interesting electoate results:

    Labour has taken Te Tai Tonga from the MP:

    Paula Bennet leads Sepuloni by 192 vtes @51.9% votes counted

    Ardner has just overtaken kaye @ 70% votes counted

    Crap now Kaye leads by 600 votes @74%

    But Sepuloni has over taken Bennet

  47. sodapaper 48

    Dam Peter Dunne is back- ponce going to keep on rolling.

  48. ianmac 49

    In view of the polls I think many chose to vote Green or  NZF not so much against Labour but a chance to be strategic voter.
    As it is first term for NACT and traditionally/historically they were expected to win, so I think that the Left has been marvellous. Go Phil.

  49. Pete 50

    National just dropped from 61 seats to 60

    Edit: it was picked up by NZF

    • Pete 50.1

      That seat’s moving all over the place now. It went back to National, then NZF, now Labour has it.

  50. weka 51

    Bennet and Sepuloni neck and neck. TV3 just called Bennet as gone, here’s hoping.

    • kriswgtn 51.1

      yeah but porky is on the list so shell be back in
      this is the one thing re MMP i dont agree with
      you lose your seat you should NOT get in on the list

      No matter what party youre in

      god listenin got john banks- someone supaglue his fukin trap
      wot a dick

  51. just saying 52

    I’m feeling more optimistic than earlier in the day.

    Key looks like being much more constrained than he might have been. It’s looking like bordering on 50/50 left/right.

    Still hoping for a substantial Labour reshuffle in the near future, but won’t be holding my breath on that one.

    And best of all, I reckon Dunne, ACT, and Key will all be gone in ’14 (if not before).

  52. Sookie 53

    Well done Greens, I knew we could make that magic 10% 🙂 Shit, I feel bad for Labour though.

  53. tsmithfield 54

    The conservative party vote of nearly 3% plus whatever other wasted vote needs to be distributed around yet. Nearly 50% of that will go to National, so they could go higher yet.

  54. millsy 55

    Another big winner on the night has to be the Greens. 13 seats is not a bad effort, given that I thought that those idiots who defaced the billboards would cost them votes.

  55. millsy 56

    And unfortunately the worst result for Labour since 1919.

  56. Pete 57

    Bloody hell – Brendan Burns is only leading by 4 votes in Christchurch Central http://www.electionresults.govt.nz/electorate-4.html

  57. Flossie 58

    Not happy that the Greens have said they will go with National – hopefully they will now change their minds and go with Labour! Cannot believe that the Christchurch party is vote going with National – also hurt that everyone forgets workplace safety when voting National too…corporate greed is alive and kicking. I am so upset thus far with tonight’s results. Go Lianne!

    • sean maitland 58.1

      Its indicative that hard working Kiwis want a party that works for them. Hand ups not hand outs etc etc

      Good to see the party that had integrity on its campaign and didn’t resort to mud-slinging and gutter politiking is getting to form the next government and take NZ into a brighter future.

      Two thumbs up NZ!

    • Brooklyn 58.2

      No, the Greens didn’t say that. Just the same MOU as last time which I think is a very constructive way of approaching opposition. Unhappy about the Christchurch electorate vote, Labour’s Chch MPs have worked very hard. Alas the knob-end vote is very strong this time around.

  58. Carol 59

    What difference will the specials/overseas votes make? Don’t The Greens sometimes pick up an extra seat with those?

    • wtl 59.1

      Yes, they traditional favour the Greens (one theory being that many specials are cast by students who live away from their electorates). I’d be cautious about assuming too much at this stage, but if National+Act+UF lead by only 1 MP, I’d say they would definitely not feel safe until the specials are counted.

      • Carol 59.1.1

        Well, they have the Maori Party too…. what a sell-out they are! I hope the Greens don’t support the Nats.

        But the NAct-UF-MP government wouldn’t have a big majority.

        The Greens made an effort to campaign overseas because they know they can pick up votes there.

  59. The two John’s slagged the elderly but…. the more I listen to Banks I get the feeling that he is suffering from some age related loss of acuity.
    Perhaps I haven’t been paying attention but has he always been like this?

  60. CentreOfLeft 61

    Oh God, what if Key gives Banks the Local Govt portfolio?

  61. Blue 62

    Epsom’s gone to Banks and Ohariu to Dunne.

    Act and United Future stagger on, living to fight another three years.

    • sean maitland 62.1

      I lived 7 years in Ohariu, and used to see Peter Dunne out walking quite often – even during force 5 storms with trees and cars getting blown around, not a hair would be out of place. When I’m age I would love that hair!

  62. gobsmacked 63

    National will lose a seat on specials (they usually do).

    Key’s majority will depend on the whips doing a good (i.e. tough) job. One MP goes astray, and National’s majority on legislation could disappear.

    Overall, it could have been a lot worse for the broad left. EVERY conventional poll predicted National would govern alone – yes, every single one (see pundit blog for details). In the end, Key depends on four old people who have no future (Banks, Dunne, Turia, Sharples).

  63. Deadly_NZ 64

    Oh well time to sell everything and look to head to Aus if there’s enough money to go.

    In 3 years time NZ could be a dirty, broke, country, with leaking oil rigs, and mines in our national parks. The wages will not go up, but Prices and Unemployment will. But it will be so hard to get a benefit there will be so many hoops to jump through that some will not bother to try, so crime numbers will climb. Burglary and other property crime will skyrocket. Yep the rich are about to make a Killing. And We are going to have to pay for it for the rest of our lives.

    • Draco T Bastard 64.1

      Oh well time to sell everything and look to head to Aus if there’s enough money to go.

      That’s what I was thinking.

      In 3 years time NZ could be a dirty, broke, country…

      No could be – will be.

      • lovinthatchangefeeling 64.1.1

        See ya. Do you need a ride to the airport coward?

        [lprent: Pointless abuse isn’t tolerated. Where is your point?. Read the policy. ]

        • Bazar

          Pointless abuse not tolerated?
          Where is that statement against half of vipers posts?

          Most of his posts just abuse me for no reason other then he disagrees, and in an nonconstructive abusive manor?

          [lprent: CV says why he is abusing you, if not in the direct comment, then in the comments immediately preceding. That is establishing a point and is what I am looking for. You may not agree with the point – but that is yours to argue with. Which since you often don’t engage in the discussion preferring instead to pontificate… CV isn’t particularly subtle or often effective but he does mostly follow the rules here.

          I don’t moderate on politeness. I moderate on things that constrain or destroy the debate. Pointless abuse leads to boring flamewars. Pointed abuse that doesn’t get too out of hand tends to free debate because it is frequently satirical about entrenched unthought through positions ]

      • lprent 64.1.2

        Yeah. There is little to nothing in the National policy to grow anything apart from pollution. I could increase my earnings by 30% or so in a lower cost economy and export the same intellectual property from Aussie.

        And I could look at combining my old earth sciences skills with programming – which would be kind of interesting.

    • infused 64.2

      Get a grip you moron.

      [lprent: where is your point? Or should I make one? ]

  64. Labour4Life 65

    Congratulations to National, you ran a better campaign, had better ideas and had a stronger leader.

    Well deserved win.

    This is a positive for the Labour Party, they can now brainstorm and formulate new ideas that are more consistent with the times we live in.

  65. Striving for nobility and all the virtues that lift the human race above the beasts of the field matters not a jot when the masses would rather favour a vacuous smile, an absence of credible policy, and a campaign designed to ignore complex ideas that would engage the fully evolved human brain, but catered simplistic soundbites that are designed to only stimulate the most primitive parts of the human-animal brain.
    The day is approaching when people will wake up to the shit they have been served. That soylent green is people and that it is better to live outside the matrix than inside it with National.
    Time for Labour to go back to the Labour of Savage.
    Hang Savage’s picture in every living room.
    Occupy the Savage Memorial.

    • T 66.1

      The day is approaching when people will wake up to the shit they have been served.

      People will recognise that they’ve been served shit, but I suspect that they will blame politicians in general (and bad luck and themselves), rather than any particular brand of politician.

    • prism 66.2

      WJ Don’t be too tough on the beasts of the field. They never sink too our lows. We are so fiendishly clever more of the time than we are high minded intellectuals and humanists.

    • seeker 66.3

      @ William Joyce

      “Striving for nobility and all the virtues that lift the human race above the beasts of the field matters not a jot when the masses would rather favour a vacuous smile, an absence of credible policy….” and – lies -even though they were warned and shown the lies being told.

      “….it is better to live outside the matrix than inside it with National.”

      Sadly I have to agree with you. I am deeply ashamed of many New Zealanders now. I will find it difficult to engage with anyone who is a Nat supporter. Their preference for selfish, shallow,
      duplicitous leadership to lead our fine country smacks of wilful ignorance and betrayal to to me. I so dislike lies and treachery and the horrible atmosphere of mistrust they thrive in that it will be better to disengage with all things national than to live having to feign respect for the shallow specimens of humanity that they apparently are.

  66. Anthony 67

    My god, Bennett won, bet she is thanking the Green voters at the moment.

  67. Disaster for Labour.

    Winston the big winner.

    National to govern with one coalition partner.

    New that the greens wouldnt get 13% and NZfirst was polling too low.

    Hope its a great three years.

  68. Trowlie 69

    It’s a draw in Christchurch central. The specials will decide!

  69. prism 70

    A tie in Christchurch Central between Brendan Burns and Nikki Wagner at 10.493 each plus some special votes to go I think.

  70. Pete 71

    Goodness me, with 100% of votes in, it’s a dead heat in Christchurch Central. It’s down to specials I guess.

    • DS 71.1

      Burns will take it. High proportion of special votes due to EQ displacement. And he really has been phenomenally hard working for his constituents over the EQ issues.

  71. Ben 72

    Well. That’s that, then.

    This is what New Zealand has voted for. And while the majority of people here don’t agree that the outcome will be the best for the country in the long haul, it’s a democratically elected government and we have to live with it.

    Credit to National for managing to pull this off. I think the political landscape will look very different in three years.

    I didn’t vote for John Key, but I hope he does a good job. (Hope in the absence of faith.)

  72. trademark 73

    65% voter turnout according to TV One. Rather sad.

    • rosy 73.1

      Agreed, that’s the story of the night really. Take the PR people off politicians. Make the pollies connect.

    • sodapaper 73.2

      Yer thats a shocker

    • Pete 73.3

      Total turnout in 2008 was 79.46% and National received 1,053,398 votes

      With special votes and 0.3% of the polling places to be counted, the Nats would still need to pick up around 100k votes to match 2008.

    • lprent 73.4

      Damn. That is bad……

    • jimmy 73.5

      You have to look as far back as the 19th century for the last time turn out was that low. A sad day in our history – the non voters judge all politicians to be the greater evil.

  73. Sookie 74

    RWNJ’s have little cause to be smug really. This is essentially a 50/50 split parliament between centre left/centre right, with the Nats nicking vote share off Zombie Act and not growing in popularity but maintaining. The wretched Maori party will be toast at the next election if they go into government, vote for asset sales and the economic situation gets worse for Maori voters, particularly if Turia and Sharples retire. Bit of a dilemma for them.

    • wtl 74.1

      Well said. It is a win for Key, as pretty much everyone expected, but not the win he would have wanted. Labour had a bad result, but again the result wasn’t unexpected. This election was always going to be hard for Labour to win, and at least they managed to limit the damage with many of the votes being picked up by the Green Party, which are in many ways their natural partner. On the plus side, it was a good campaign for Labour, and if they can continue to build on it they should recover in 2014. Hopefully, the Greens can build as well, and all the best to their new MPs.

      • William Joyce 74.1.1

        This is a stark result of a fractured left against a monolithic right.
        Time for the left to talk turkey with each other. Not to enter into coalition with the right.
        We need a conference of left leaders, with the aim of deciding on what we agree on what we share as values for our country, a code of conduct about what we will say of each other to avoid disharmony, and to take an aggressive role in changing NZ back to a caring human society.
        The right, internationally, have infected NZ with pro-corporate policies, exploitation of us and our fellow NZdrs by pro-international-capital and it needs to be stopped.

    • Gosman 74.2

      NZ First and the Conservatives aren’t center left. Even if you only include 50% of support for NZ first as center right the split is far more along the lines of 55% to 45 % split. That to me is suggestive of a decent majority support for the Right.

      Anyway our Prime Minister is about to speak.

  74. Tangled up in blue 75

    So if National has backed their own horse in Epsom then they would have had 61 seats?

    • Blue 75.1

      They effectively have 61 seats anyway. Let’s not pretend Banksy is anything other than a National MP in drag.

      • trademark 75.1.1

        Not exactly modern National Party material. Courtesy of Epsom, the war on dole-collecting porn-watching pot-smoking gentry-burgling polynesians begins.

        National’s favourites, on the other hand, tend to be solo mothers on the DPB.

    • jaymam 75.2

      If Goldsmith had won, National would still have 60 seats. The people who voted for the Labour and Green candidates have given National an extra seat, i.e. Banks.

      • wtl 75.2.1

        Not necessarily – the extra seat would go to whoever has the greatest Sainte-Laguë quotient. But with the current counts, you are right, NZF would have picked up the extra seat.

    • Puddleglum 75.3


      They would have 48% of seats (well, after getting rid of the ‘wasted’ vote). Epsom is an extra seat for National, in effect.

      It’s additional to the 48%, so better than if they had won it themselves, in which case one fewer National list candidate would have got in.

  75. ianmac 76

    The poisoned chalice will probably be at work. Didn’t like to say so during the election But the Economic crisis looming will be very tough on us and on Key to manage let alone keep to his promise about balancing the books.

    • M 76.1

      Yes ianmac, a poisoned chalice indeed.

      Wonder if there might be a snap election come 2013 when GD2 has had some time to seriously bed in.

  76. RedLogix 77

    Same as last election… huge numbers of conservative working class people still punishing Labour for the S59 reform and not voting. They may well carry on doing so for a generation.

    65% turnout is appallingly low… that’s the other disaster here.

    • Redbaron77 77.1

      As an illustration I’ve just checked my electorate – Northcote’s polling figure. In 2008 35,459 people voted. However only 29,577 provisionally cast their vote for 2011 (2005 it was 34,809). There will be special’s to come through but a 16% drop in the turnout is worrying. Seems like the booth I was scrutineering which had a solid throughput of voters all day long was the exception rather than the norm for the electorate.

    • KJT 77.2

      The goof was the retirement age this time.

      Labour should have got far enough away from Neo-liberalism to abandon that right wing TINA meme.

  77. What is the role of the MSM in this?
    They will say, “we had our finger on the pulse and that is why we predicted what we did.”
    Bollocks! They did not do (were not allowed to do) the research that was needed to check the facts, to ask the probing questions, to distance themselves from John Key when he dropped into the gallery to offer them a bottle of wine for Christmas – (made in the wineries he denied any knowledge that he owned)
    For 2014 the people need to be educated that they need to by pass the choke point of the MSM and go online (or elsewhere) for in-depth thinking. The MSM media are too vulnerable to the slick-willie PR presidential Steven Joyce campaigns and they need to be by-passed.
    The corporate media DO NOT serve democracy. They buy it.

    • Gosman 78.1

      Yeah like the way they sycophantically followed John Key’s line on the Teapot tapes – not!

    • Zola 78.2

      I totally agree with you on this. The media in New Zealand do an apallingly poor job. Without the internet I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. Thanks to The Standard and its writers and commenters for helping to keep me informed and sane over this past year.

      • infused 78.2.1

        Oh bullshit. Everyone was able to find out whatever they wanted. Key and National got nailed in the final 2 weeks and guess what? National barely lost any votes. Does that not tell you something?

        • Zola

          I don’t think a little sideshow over a cuppatea was keeping people informed – and as you say it was only over the last two weeks. Key has had an incredibly easy ride over the last three years. The media are lazy and many jouralists are unprofessional hacks.

          • seeker

            @ Zola 11.57pm and 12.19am

            Could not agree more with both your comments. The media for the most part is lazy, unprofessional and often biased.Some bad cases of Murdochlike canker I’d say.

  78. Herodotus 79

    Hate to see what it would have looked like had Phil not performed as well as he did and Key looked so tired.
    Also that those in Labour support Phil and don’t hang him out, there are 4-6 MP’s who owe him their position due to his performance. Hate to see this go viral.

    • DS 79.1

      Phil was outstanding.

      • Trowlie 79.1.1

        Absolutely. Phil is awesome. You certainly can’t blame him.

        • marty mars

          I agree – the whole labour caucus, advisers and whatnot have to take the blame. Phil was just the leader that got this result.

          • KJT

            Congratulations to Phil Goff. Hanging in there and soldering on even when it looked hopeless.

            Showed he would make a good Prime Minister.

            He has grown into the job and made me and others who doubted his abilities, eat our words.

            He probably will not get another chance, but he has earned it.

            The election result shows bullshit beats competence.

          • William Joyce

            His party has of take some of the blame eg Damien O’Connor for spitting the dummy and handing National an occasion to talk leadership struggle, Paul Little for being a useless party leader and raising shit-all money (bring back Williams!).

  79. Gosman 80

    Certainly a good atmosphere at the National party shindig. John Key looking very happy and winnerish 🙂

    • fender 80.1

      Yeah all those old ducks and their jewelery make a brighter future look a reality

    • CentreOfLeft 80.2

      Indeed… he looks like a freshly-wanked cock

    • infused 80.3

      Gotta love the hate here. This is why Labour isn’t in power.

      [lprent: as far as I can tell you are the cause in only a few comments. Banned for 4 weeks because you should know better than trying to invite a flamewar. ]

  80. If it is any consolation for you lot, check out the change in this iPredict stock: https://www.ipredict.co.nz/app.php?do=contract_detail&contract=PM.2014.NATIONAL
    I think it is still overpriced. I think 2014 will be very difficult after the Act and UF results.

  81. Dv 82

    I wonder if Key will get such an easy media ride in next 3 years.

  82. M 83

    Heaven help NZ 🙁

    Maybe Clayton can get Waimakarere and Sepuloni Waitakare from specials.

    Disappointing result for Peter Foster in Otaki – can’t believe Guy won by 5k – hope the poor deluded fools who voted National don’t have kids about to enter the workforce with the unemployment rate being what it is, nothing like regret to prove you’re alive.

  83. 65% voter turn out????

    That is pretty freakin low.

  84. jbc 85

    Just watched JK speaking about the “good wool of New Zealanders”. Did he just call us sheep?

  85. Blue 86

    What a horrible night. The anti-asset sales crew, Labour, Greens, NZ First and Mana have only 56 seats between them. The pro-asset sales crew, National, Act, United Future and the Maori Party, have 65 seats. The assets are goneburger.

    The Epsom poodles did their business and kept Act alive, gasping and wheezing, although Brash is toast.

    Peter Dunne and United Future also made it back, courtesy of the voters of Ohariu.

    Jacinda lost Auckland Central, Paula Bennett is again the shame of West Auckland, and poor Brendan Burns is tied in Christchurch Central.

    And the worst news of the night, it looks like Phil Goff is going to resign. Phil has been the shining light in the darkness of this campaign, and it is just gutwrenching that he might call it a day. Labour needs him, and it’s yet another kick in the guts after a really hard day.

    Can I please wake up tomorrow and have all of this be a really bad dream?

    • ianmac 86.1

      I thought Maori Party, Act, and UF were against Asset Sales?

      • Blue 86.1.1

        Not unless I’ve been hallucinating for the past few months. The Maori Party support them being sold to iwi, Act want to sell more of them than National do, and United Future give limited support to the idea as long as Kiwibank and some others are ruled out.

        • Reality Bytes

          Act is for total asset sales -market knows best- as per their ideology. Pita Sharples was on Telly last night saying they will block asset sales as condition of being a coallition partner.

          Dunne is just another whatever National wants vote, like Banks is.

          So it may all come down to Maori party support to decide if asset sales will happen or not. Or a slim chance that Mr Dunne grows a pair & a change of heart about who he really should be serving.

      • mikesh 86.1.2

        The Maori party are against asset sales. ACT on the other hand would sell the lot, not just 49%. United Future is against selling certain assets, but not the ones National want to sell.

    • fender 86.2

      Phil did do a good job and I don’t think any of the others could have matched his efforts. But some structural changes will need to be made. They could learn from the greens in that area.

    • dazed & confused 86.3

      The result is nothing that wan’t reliably and consistently predicted in many, many polls blue!

      • lprent 86.3.1

        You mean those polls showing National at 55% at the start of the week?

        • gingercrush

          I don’t think the polls were too bad. The last lot of polls certainly showed the momentum for National falling (though above 50%), NZ First rising (Morgan Poll was very good on that point) and Labour around 27% or so. Greens a bit overstated but no where near what happened in 2008 or 2005. Might be time to do those tracking polls that are done overseas rather than how polls are presented in this country.

          • lprent

            I have less concern about the polls in the days before the election – they are inaccurate but not grossly. No more then 2-3% per party usually.of course in a MMP environment that means that they are of limited use.

            What I am interested in is how effective they are in the weeks and months prior to the election at predicting outcomes. The answer to that has to be that they are essentially useless. Perhaps if they reported ll their results including how many failed contacts they had and their methodology, then we’d get a more accurate assessment about how reliable each poll is.

            • higherstandard

              Polling should be banned 6 months out from the election it serves no purpose apart from vexation.

  86. trademark 87

    Key’s confident on asset sales going forward (confident that he doesn’t need the Maori Party’s support to ram them through), 85-90% NZ ownership of the shares sold apparently. Mums and dads apparently. Brighter future apparently.

  87. Afewknowthetruth 88

    I find it both sad and amusing that so many people believe the current economic-political system will endure until 2014 and that there will be an oportunity to corrrect matters then.

    The global economic system is in a terminal nosedive and there’s no stopping it.


    The game is almost over. NZ will get hammered, just as most other nations will.

    Presumably the uninformed, deluded fools who voted for National, Act, UF, etc. won’t know what hit them when the ‘tsunami’ hits in 2012 and Key shows his true [Goldman Sachs] collours.

    And by 2014 what we have been enduring since 2008 will seem like ‘a picnic in the park’.

    • Draco T Bastard 88.1

      By 2014 NZers may be waking up to the fact that John Key and National are not there for them but their rich foreign owners.

  88. Labour4Life 89

    I’m sorry but the above comment referring to voters as “uninformed, deluded fools” is a classic example of the kind of support that undermines Labour.

    Quite frankly, the party could do without your support.

    You are obviously very passionate but in the interest of decency, showing your countrymen/women some respect is the least you can do.

    [lprent: perhaps you would have the decency to find out about where you are so we don’t have to watch you exposing yourself as a fool.

    This is a threaded forum. Use the reply button because no one can see who you are trying to talk to.

    You read like just another “concern troll” which get little toleration here because we have seen too many of the useless fools prattling on about stuff they barely understand. For instance this is not a Labour blog, it is a labour movement blog.

    I’d suggest you read the about and policy to amend your behavior. Because otherwise I will ban you for being a fool. ]

    • Lanthanide 89.1


      If someone is going to vote against their best interests, then they are uninformed and/or deluded.

      See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Myth_of_the_Rational_Voter

      • jbc 89.1.1

        That may well be the case – but people still don’t like being called stupid.

        It is precisely because voters are not rational that alienating them (even if based in their best interest) is not a good strategy.

    • jbc 89.2

      You are absolutely right there. The vast majority of voters aren’t political studies academics, environmental scientists, or mega wealthy investors.

      Any party that wants to lead government needs to appeal to “the 99%”.

    • Reality Bytes 89.3

      Yeah, it’s good to be gracious and respect people that got out there and contributed to democracy. At the end of the day people voted for what they believed in, even if the party they chose to believe in is not the one that you or I do. They supported their team for their reasons, and we did so for ours, and that should be respected. I doubt almost any people voted for masochistic or negative reasons.

      The funny thing is my Nat-bloc supporting mates almost didn’t seem that happy/reassured that their team had won, if anything they almost seemed a bit: Shit I hope I picked the right ones and they don’t stuff it up now 🙁 And they were also very gracious and respectful about the Green’s gains.

    • McFlock 89.4

      AFKTT doesn’t seem to be a labour activist.
      At best he’s a bit of a dick who loves saying “the end is nigh and there’s nothing you can do about it!”, and is convinced that the net benefit of the end of the world will be that he’s able to say “told you so”.
      Although anyone who voted for national because they really thought that key wold bring a brighter future is, basically, a moron. Self interest I can understand, evn aspirational self interest, but genuinely thinking that asset sales will make life better for nz at a population level shows a fundamental lack of analysis ability.

  89. Liberal Realist 90

    The question is now; will the MP and UF capitulate on asset sales for baubles?

    • Draco T Bastard 90.1

      Yes, they will.

    • seeker 90.2

      @Liberal Realist

      “The question is now; will the MP and UF capitulate on asset sales for baubles?”

      Maori Party want assets for Tukoroirangi Morgan of Waikato Tainui and Mark Solomon of Ngai Tahu, I think. I also think these are the biggest ‘dads’ of NZ. The MP believe that these tribes will keep them in Nz.,but I don’t think they will if they get a chance to make a profit. However, I hope they will, in fact, use their profits/windfall wisely for all Maori, and not just their tribes.

      Perhaps privatisation is the new way to redress previous’wins in battle.For instance France got England’s water and Germany, I hear, has got her electricity- and some can’t afford to switch on lights etc.My dad, who fought, in World War 2 will be turning in his grave. Hope nat supporters suffer when we lose our electricity to ‘profiteers’ because they will then know what the poor and vulnerable have had to endure under the ‘right’ idiotology.

      I am going to sell my house.(at least I have one to sell,thank God) and buy smaller with many solar panels so I will never have to ‘buy’ electricity again.This is my way of surviving national’s greed, but I am worried to death for the poor and the vulnerable. The Greens say they are going to help the 200,000 children in poverty and I think NZFirst will too. Thus there is still some hope left.

  90. John 91

    Epsom voters lied, they should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!

    The self interests of the one of the richest suburbs in the world stand in the way of our future!!!.

    John Banks has said that my brothers are wanking to porn, whilst taking drugs, then stealing from whitey so we can watch porn and do drugs. Fuck that racist motherfucker , it’s a sad day for me ,when Rich Epsom whitey will outright vote for a racist (who i thought were illegal). I thought racism was illegal, not in Epsom, not in 2011 Auckland.
    Peace and Love

  91. Bunnykinz 92

    Epsom. Delivering political corpses into New Zealand government since forever.

    Thanks a lot, Epsom.

    • dazed & confused 92.1

      Bunnikinz -my pleasure as an Epsom voter to hold my nose and vote for Banks. So many Labour and Greens in the booths voting for Goldsmith did the same I believe. 😉

      • lprent 92.1.1

        Problem is that NAct was so busy telling people to vote for Banks that the Act party itself barely cleared 1% across the country. I think it almost hit 3% in Epsom – an astonishing achievement 😈

        • IrishBill

          So after all that angst epsom deliver banks and act fails to deliver any more MPs. National would have been better off with goldsmith – at least he would have been a certain nat number. It’s lose/lose. Good.

          • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrel

            My God, IB doesn’t understand MMP. National gets the number of MPs determined by its party vote. That would have been the same number whether Goldsmith had won or lost Epsom. So the right has an extra MP by virtue of Banks winning Epsom.

      • Bunnykinz 92.1.2

        Ouch! That is a pretty big hit to take “for the team”. I don’t think I will go as far as thanking you for it though, sorry.

        I hold no judgement on people who vote tactically, but can never bring myself to do so. At the end of every election I have been in, I never felt regret in the vote I have posted (which is more than I can say for my friends who voted LibDem in the last UK election). I must say, I get really upset when people discuss votes for candidates/parties who didn’t make it “past the post” as a wasted vote. No vote for the person/party I want to see in Government should be considered as wasted. I just refuse to give a nod to second best. But again, I stress, this is no judgment on those who try to play the game.

        And again, “Ouch!”

  92. Nick K 93

    Go to bed John. You need the sleep.

  93. Living the dream

    Congratulations people, you bought the aspirational middle class dream Key was selling. You didn’t
    want the reality Goff was selling and why would you ?

    The reality is high unemployment, no jobs, stagnant wages, rising cost of living, NZ’s best and brightest leaving NZ in record numbers, an aging population reliant on welfare, an angry youthful
    demographic also reliant on welfare, a property investment boil that needs lancing and a wealth
    disparity chasm that will only widen with asset sales.

    I mean, who in their right mind wants to face that reality ?…and buy into it, let alone deal with it, when you can live the dream of aspirational middle classiness. You too can come from living in a state house to make a fortune then become Prime Minister. Thats the shit people want to buy into and the shit Key was selling.

    And man did we buy it, hook, line and sinker, cos like i said on Dim Post, everyone thinks they’re middle class these days. There is no working class anymore, only the underclass, consisting of the working poor and the unemployed. But no one’s going to admit to being underclass. That’s the fucking nightmare class you read about on the news, committing violent crime, breeding for business and living of charity.

    Sure, you may be jobless and poor or scraping to get by, but your parents weren’t and they were middles class so you are too eh ? You just have to keep believing, have faith that Key can keep your dream alive. I mean, you’re a real life wannabe kiwi mum and dad whose better times are just around the corner.

    But you know the only trouble with living the dream is, sooner or later you wake up and have to face reality, either by your own choice or by neccessity of someone forcing you to. And don’t you just hate it when the realization dawns on you that the dream you thought you were living was only happening in your mind and for all that time you were just asleep.

    sleep tight NZ, don’t let reality bite…Vampires are real !!!


  94. gingercrush 95

    Hmm can’t be reading above. I imagine there is some delusions though lots of rational stuff as well. I’m a bit stunned. I think every person on TV is wrong. Tonight was a good result for Labour. It may not look good but to win 27 or potentially 28% support is actually very very good. National is at a real risk of falling below 48% and having just 59 seats in parliament meaning John Banks + Peter Dunne is not enough. Essentially the right-wing vote has not moved from 2008 and in my opinion that is a disaster.

    I’m not sure why people are happy with how John Key and National did. Tonight was not a good night.

    • Sookie 95.1

      Interesting that we agree, it wasn’t a total victory, and they could lose a seat or two on the special votes, which makes passing asset sales a bit dicey.

    • lprent 95.2

      I will look at the numbers in the morning. But turnout was terrible at around 65%. I think National are down by about a 100k voters. Not a healthy position for a party whose voters usually vote.

      They look like they picking up the same problem that the left has had with voters expressing dissatisfaction by not voting.

      • Bunnykinz 95.2.1

        Do you not think that the voter lethargy was more a result of the media painting it as a foregone conclusion? I know that is a lot of votes to lose, but from here in the UK, it was really painted all over the place as being “in the bag”. I imagine that there will be as many people on the right kicking themselves for their votes (and for not voting) in the morning as there will be those on the left.

        • gingercrush

          I already know three people didn’t vote. Tomorrow I suspect more will be revealed.I find it disgusting myself.

    • Zola 95.3

      I agree with you there. National are teetering and the left is getting stronger. Key is going to have a hard time of it over the next three years. The tide has turned against his kind and I for one are prepared to take to the streets against his lot and all they stand for.

  95. mike 96

    Will someone please tell Phil Goff that he did an amazing job in this campaign. He grew into his role in a huge way, after years of the MSM telling the nation that he couldn’t win at 6pm every other night, and looked the part more so than Key. In 3 years he could be the true leader that we need.

    Don’t resign Phil. I think he is a team player – and that the best thing for the party is for it to take some time to really consider the options. Staying on as leader could very well be the best of them.

    • Reality Bytes 96.1

      Agreed. He did a very good job. It would be a shame to waste such expereince and talent.

    • KJT 96.2

      I hope Phil dosn’t resign.

      We will need a good Prime Minister, and someone with courage to lead us when National have done their worst.

      Don’t really see any other contenders that are Phil’s equal in Labour.

  96. fender 97

    David Parker got 3000 votes in Epsom that should have gone to Goldsmith and would have kept Banks out

    • gingercrush 97.1

      Yep. Electorates really need to be preferential.

      Talking about electorates. Looks like Labour actually held up very well and could still retain both Christchurch Central and Waimakariri depending on specials. And also gain Waitakere and of course won Te Tai Tonga and West-Coast Tasman. National lost West-Coast Tasman and performed badly in Palmerston North.

      Labour’s billboards need to promote the party vote far better they did.

      • IrishBill 97.1.1

        For National getting Banks and no more mps is a loss. He’s offering no more numbers than goldsmith would have. Essentially Key has the swallowed the bitter pill that is banksie without any payoff. In fact the banks pact may have cost national a couple of list seats. And act is pretty much over.

        • gingercrush

          But National wouldn’t gain an extra seat had Banks lost. Its not great I’ll give you that and of course it saw NZ First rise. Though maybe NZFirst would have risen regardless of the tape saga. Act needs to be transformed into something. I don’t know or how it can be done. But this election really reflects National’s entire lack of partners.

        • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrel

          Wrong IB. The right gets one extra.

  97. queenstfarmer 98

    Random thoughts:
    – poor-to-middling campaigns overall by both Nats & Labour
    – Nat WTF?? handling of teapot tape saga
    – Labour ran a very misleading (at best) attack campaign on key issues
    – Labour kicked National’s butt in advertising smarts
    – Key & Goff both good-but-could-be-better overall in debates
    – Incredible that Nat’s vote not only endured, but prospered, despite most trying conditions in generations
    – Winston – amazing comeback on the back of the teapot tapes and disaffected Labour voters
    – Amazing to see otherwise smart people think Banks wouldn’t win Epsom
    – Act needs to be put out of its misery pronto
    – Best campaign = Greens
    – Surprising amount people chose to waste their votes on Conservatives
    – Excellent concession speech from Goff (compare with Helen’s ungraceful exit in ’08)

    • lprent 98.1

      The low low turnout is a major problem.

      • gingercrush 98.1.1

        Expected really wasn’t it? I know I saw it. And I think it hurt the left more but I can’t help but wonder whether National’s vote would be even higher had turnout been better.

      • Draco T Bastard 98.1.2

        The low turnout is the only reason why NAct won. Labour and the rest of the left need to make that known.

        • gingercrush

          I think the left is certainly more harmed by low turnout. The same factor was in effect in 2008 as well. But National too is hurt by turnout and has been hurt by turnout in the past. 2011 has so many parallels with 2002 really except the other way.

        • Blue

          Not voting at this election is a passive endorsement of National. It means those 35% knew the Nats were going to win and weren’t bothered by it.

          • Nawait

            Got a rude surprise last night when I called the electoral office and was told that although I’m enrolled I’m disenfranchised as I have been outside NZ for a little more than 3 years. Guess if you vote with your feet your only option is to continue voting with your feet…

            I wonder how many kiwis overseas would of liked to vote today but couldn’t?

            • SHG

              If you haven’t set foot in NZ in the three years prior to the election you’re not eligible to vote. Simple as that. Don’t like it? Get on a plane.

              • Nawait

                Yeah, sure mate, forking out thousands of bucks and jumping on a plane upon finding that rule was a viable option, why didn’t I think of that

          • mikesh

            Perhaps. But it is also possible that Labour’s natural supporters were unimpressed with the current lot but preferred to stay at home rather than vote for National

            • lprent

              Looks like National had the same problem – but I think that their missing 100k voters went off and voted for Winston.

      • Anita 98.1.3

        I thought the turnout wasn’t too bad, just TVNZ are a bunch of muppets and didn’t include the specials in their calculation. So the 65% figure is bogus because it ignores the 220k special votes waiting to be counted.

        • lprent

          Ah. That makes it more acceptable with about 7% (back of the head calc) after the inevitable invalids. Still probably less than 73% of enrolled voters, who are less than 90% of elegible voters.

        • RedLogix

          The turnout for the last thee elections was:

          2002: 76.9%

          2005: 80.9%

          2008: 79.5%

          More or less averaging 78%, although 2002 was pretty low too. Looks like this election is barely going to crack 72%. That’s a huge drop Who were they and why did they stay away? The answer to that question is a big clue to the next election.

          Labour ran an excellent campaign, Goff exceeded all expectations, they had a decently balanced portfolio of policy that most people liked .. and Key looked increasingly worn and seedy as the campaign wore on.

          If rationality had anything to do with it, Labour would have had a landslide last night.

          But emotion trumps logic everytime. That folks is the lesson here.

          • KJT

            Labour and the Greens had good policies mostly and a real change from the Neo-Liberal meme that has dragged us down for 35 years.

            Unfortunately policy lost to a smiley faced puppet.

            We should push for real democracy, where we get to vote on policy.

          • Carol

            Maybe the missing voters are ones who went overseas?

  98. fender 99

    Key won Epsom for Banks

    • gingercrush 99.1

      Disagree. Key may have pointed but I believe Epsom voters chose right till the end to switch to Banks. In the end Banks has to be very thankful to Epsom voters.

  99. Super Guest 100

    You lefty types aren’t going to hear this much, and you certainly aren’t going to give it out, but, hard luck guys. I genuinely felt you ran a decent campaign, and if Phil Goff had spoken the way he spoke at his concession speech throughout the past three years, who knows what we’d be looking at now. It’s a damn shame you lost some of your better up-and-comers in Nash, Davis, etc. From a righty to a bunch of leftys, clean out the deadwood before 2014. Experience isn’t worth much if talent is absent, and talent IS absent. Mallard, King, Goff, Dyson, Fenton, Cosgrove all have to go, and anyone else from Helen’s mob, because Key’s beaten them twice now and he’ll do it a third time. Push Silent-T down the list and get Shearer in the top spot because he’s the only one I could conceive of voting for right now. Oh, and end this factional nonsense Clark put in there to help her megalomaniac tendencies come to fruition. People don’t care about brown or feminist or gay or unions, they care about policy only and that’s what you guys should start to care about more.

    I’m not going to wish you best of luck for 2014, because I hope you do worse than you did tonight, but at least take my commiserations for tonight.

    • pollywog 100.1


      except for the bits i don’t agree with but yeah…I wish John Key all the best for all our sakes too.

    • fender 100.2

      I think if it came down to policy the result would have been much different
      People who like brand key dont study too hard on policy imo

    • seeker 100.3

      @ Super Guest

      Pathetic and insincere sugar drivel. You would not know talent even if it jumped up and bit you, judging by the way you voted today.

      At least my irritation with you has finally worn me out enough to sleep now.

  100. fender 101

    I dont think Banks would have won Epsom without Key telling Epsom to vote Banks for farks sake

  101. pollywog 102

    No Carmel Sepuloni and no Kelvin Davis…

    Thank fuck we still got Kris Faafoi eh ?

  102. gingercrush 103

    Hmm Christchurch Central had lower turnout than Christchurch East. I don’t know how to explain and I don’t think I know my electorate very well as I thought Burns was going to way better. I imagine what happened in Christchurch was the result of the earthquake but I did feel after 2008 that it was the place in New Zealand with a lot of potential to change to a more National area. And 2011 might have just done that. It’ll be interesting to see the polling places for sure. Also where the hell did Jim Anderton Progressives vote go.

  103. Anita 104

    If anyone’s interested I’ve posted the Sainte-Laguë table here: http://www.kiwipolitico.com/2011/11/115-125-whos-at-risk/

    National is most at risk of losing a set on specials, they hold seats 120, 118 and 117.

  104. John 105

    The Act party are government again. I wish I had millions of dollars, I could BUY MY WAY into parlaiment. Epsom , tonight you made history as the

  105. John 106

    The Act party are government again. I wish I had millions of dollars, I could BUY MY WAY into Parliament.

    Epsom , tonight you made history as the WORST AUCKLAND SUBURB EVER, you are a disgrace to our city. You, the richest suburb, blocking the poor, the poor around here who are dealing with YOUR recession and are struggling to eat. Epsom, someone needs to make you transparent, you wealthy scared people.

    • bob 106.1

      wow – bitter much.

      They are entiltled to vote – just as you are. Who makes you God to decided if their vote os good or not.

  106. Nick K 107

    Go to bed John, you’ve had too much to drink.

  107. ak 108

    Yawn, yawn.

    Three sickening years of media saturation delivers poll domination, delivers votes.

    Delivers pus: as in “our first priority is welfare reform”.

    Watching Pita? Awake Pita? Get sucked in again and not even death will save you.

  108. John 109

    Booze is expensive. Go to Bed Nick, you need to grow.

  109. Rain33 110

    One thing I will take from tonight, is Chris Trotter’s scathing review of the treatment of Phil Goff……. not however from John Key, but from some within his own party. And indirectly Trotter made it quite clear who those people were.

    I personally was never sure about Phil Goff before the campaign, I knew he was a nice guy, but was not convinced of his leadership ability. He has gone way up in my estimation and far exceeded my expectations. This in the end brought my vote back from the Greens to Labour. However, I am vexed to learn that Phil Goff, while seeking the support of the nation and the thousands of Labour supporters around the country, may well have been distracted with the knives that were penetrating his back.

    If it comes to pass that Chris Trotters less than subtle innuendo’s were correct, then it is not the Labour leader that should feel disheartened tonight, some within Labour should know they are walking a fine line. I for one will not forget if it turns out that Phil Goff was virtually walking the sacrificial plank, blindfolded by some within his own party.

    Congratulations Phil Goff, you ran an honest and solid campaign, exceeding the expectations of many. I can only hope you got the support you deserved from certain members of your party. If it turns out you did not…my memory is long.

    • fender 110.1

      Yeah Phil did great. Imagine him and Jacinda as co-leaders. Better option than the 3 Dave ones being forwarded, and Shanes not the 1

      • Rain33 110.1.1

        There is a side to one of the ‘daves’ that I really don’t like, and could be extremely problematic if he was to become leader.

  110. gingercrush 111

    Meh. I found Chris Trotter to be terribly sulky and frankly pathetic tonight (well yesterday).

    Honestly though, he’s a good commentator but a bloody frustrating one as well. I’ve always enjoyed his analysis. But he has the ability to be entirely right on some things and utterly wrong on other things.

    • Rain33 111.1

      Trotter is not alone in suggesting that Goff had less than what should be expected in support from within his own party. It began leaking around the time of Carters departure.

  111. John 112

    poverty 2011 = another 3 years of poor flogging. fuck off cunt unless you are really struggling, fuck off.

  112. Peter Marshall 113

    Was at Sky City tonight, it was a great night.
    Go John key.

  113. seeker 114

    What on earth is wrong with you Peter Marshall? No true Kiwi ,or in fact human, would be celebrating the appalling future NZ is now facing. Do try and wise up before it is too late.Your idol worship appears to have gone too far.

    • sdm 114.1

      And thats why the left lost. You insult your opponents, you say that they arent ‘true kiwis or humans’. That attitude keeps your team out of power

      • Colonial Viper 114.1.1

        You’re economic traitors and traitors to the sovereignty of NZ. What do you want us to call you?

        • sdm

          If you want to descend to such levels….you are a child abuser for wanting to saddle our kids with debt.

          Pathetic huh? But keep up the name calling, voters loved being insulted.


          • KJT

            You mean the 38 billion and counting plus the extra 2 billion a year Nationals asset sales will cost us.

            Yeah. national voters prove that the intelligent people have already gone overseas in the last three years.

  114. tsmithfield 115

    I don’t think Goff could really be faulted. His performance exceeded expections. I very much doubt anyone else in Labour could have done a better job. So, I hope not too much of the blood letting is focussed on Goff.

    I think Labour needs to look more at the strategies they employed. Firstly, focussing on stopping asset sales gave oxygen to Peters who was pushing a similar message. Thus, Peters hovered up a lot of soft Labour support. Secondly, focussing on attacking National failed again, as it did in the last campaign. There simply wasn’t enough aspirational reasons to vote Labour. Thirdly, some of their more radical policies (CGT, raising the retirement age etc) effectively served to balance out public apprehension of asset sales. In other words, I think the public felt just as worried about Labour’s more radical plans as they did about National’s asset sales plans. Fourthly, Labour’s billboard advertising was very much electorate focussed rather than party vote focussed. I wonder if this had an effect on reducing the party vote for Labour.

    I thought National ran a very safe, bland campaign. They won’t be able to do the same next time. I thought the advertising from the other parties was much better and targeted.

    Next time National might need to look at having a “cup of tea” with the Conservative party, who did fairly well for first time around.

    • mikesh 115.1

      Labour seems to have made the prevention of asset sales the centre of its campaign without really understanding the issues surrounding fixed assets, getting embroiled in arguments about whether the dividends that the government would lose were more than the extra interest they would pay. The main point about government owned assets, however, is that they don’t actually have to make a profit, or pay a dividend. Power companies, for example, could supply electricity at cost, to the benefit of businesses and households. In fact any profit they make is essentially just another tax, and a non-progressive tax at that.

      • Colonial Viper 115.1.1

        A lot of voters and potential voters are OK enough to let our assets be sold to give National a virtually free hand.

        Those who voted Labour, Greens, NZ First didn’t of course. But not enough. Bye bye power assets.

        Bet you the NATs sell more than 49% because of ‘market conditions’.

        • M

          Yeah, can’t understand how so many opposed asset sales and yet voted for National and am constantly amazed they can’t see through this phoney.

          It’s mean but for the many that are likely to lose their jobs because of the GFC and National’s policies I will find it hard to restrain myself from asking “Who did you vote for again?”

          The same applies to some people, mostly women on the DPB who have voted for Key sucking up his lies. I know two women in this position who have retrained because of Labour’s TIA and are on the cusp of looking for work who rail against those on the same benefit they regard as inferior to themselves because as in one person’s words “My taxes will go to support those bludgers” conveniently forgetting they are not yet out of that camp. Saying to them that the lack of jobs is a huge obstacle and that if they grew up in less than ideal circumstances, say in a gang family or have a criminal record because of some petty crime committed in their youth that they are effectively screwed. These points cut no ice with these people who are so convinced they’re on the winners’ home straight, but what if it doesn’t pan out?

          I think I heard on the TV last night that welfare “reform” is one of the first items on the agenda with National – how quickly will the suckers who voted for Key twice bitterly regret their choice.

  115. Carol 116

    Graeme Edgeler has a provisional estimate of the final result after specials are counted, based on 2008 results. He puts National down to 59 seats and Greens up 1 to 14. However, there’s also still a one electorate seat that is too close to call.


    But if National ends up with 59 seats. They have a 1 seat majority without the Maori Party.

    Edgeler has also calculated last night’s results into an election with no threshold.


    It gives National 57 seats, Labour 33,
    no change to the other elected parties, but Legalise Cannabis would have 1 seat, Conservatives 3

    • mikesh 116.1

      Interesting no threshold analysis. However without a threshold the percentages would probably have been different – eg ACT, and probably Labour, would have had larger percentages with National and NZ 1st having less. Also, very small parties like Social Credit may have scored a seat.

  116. The state of the leaders at this interim stage of post election.

    Key – still popular and still leader
    Goff – good campaign but hasn’t been an effective leader
    Brash’s last act.

    And more…

    • kriswgtn 117.1

      and you didnt get in so yup yup

    • KJT 117.2


      Showed he would be a good leader. Courage and stick ability. Just what we need instead of show ponies.

      Proved all of us, including me, who were dubious about him, wrong.

      Hope he stays around. And gets rid of some of the old deadwood around him,He has the qualities we will need after National have finished fucking us.

      Now have the same sick feeling I had when Muldoon got back in, AND later when Labour went ACT.

  117. gingercrush 118

    Can we have a post-election thread or something?

    Polling Places details are out. Christchurch Central seems to be the great divide. You really couldn’t have a much sharper difference in opinion. Papanui, Merivale and Saint Albans went for Wagner. Linwood, Avonside, Phillipstown, Richmond and Shirley went for Burns.

    In Waimakariri. Kaiapoi went big for Cosgrove and Cosgrove did surpisingly well in Rangiora as well. He also took Redwood. Wilkinson took the rural spots, Northwood (its rather Stepford Wife territory).

    Rangiora looks like it was split.

    • gingercrush 118.1

      Auckland Central looks like Grey Lynn, Newton for Ardern. Ponsonby and Herne Bay for Kaye with elsewhere pretty even.

    • lprent 118.2

      I will do one when i get out of bed and have breakfast. Been a hard month or two. First code release (with the bloody RWC disrupting sleep) immediately followed by an election.

  118. Hooray! The election is over, and my ban expires.

    I just want to commend Phil Goff on an outstanding speech last night. It was passionate, yet very gracious, and if that is his last public act as leader, he goes out on a high note. It’s just a shame that more of that passion wasn’t seen during the campaign, and that more of that passion wasn’t seen by some in the caucus.

    • kriswgtn 119.1

      totally agree and pity the media are still stuk up lickinh keys ass

      Theyre still doing it on TV this morning
      Garner aint far off the size of a cow

      I watched Goff On wannaben on friday night
      he was so funny re the lamington on that clowns head

    • lprent 119.2

      Yep… Don’t tell me you’re glad to be here?

  119. Tombstone 120

    I think the country has made a serious mistake and I think it will implode over the coming months as people get pushed closer to breaking point by the way of social policies that will not address the issues but will instead simply ensure that those who have done well in the game of life have been appeased. Bunch of fucking self serving c*@ts! Dark days ahead under Key – for many I fear that is about the gist of it. Poor poor bastards. 170,000 jobs – you’ve got a lot of fucking work to do Key! Swine!

  120. Tangled up in blue 121

    I wonder if the Maori Party will continue to work with National.

    It seems to have seen them drop their party vote from 2.3 to 1.4. And they’ve lost an electorate seat to Labour.

  121. bob 122

    Rapt with the result – would have been happier if NZFirst go nowhere.

    Nats can push thru what they want and can make the changes needed to make NZ a better place for me and my kids.

    Accountability for the bludging benes (not the ones that actually need it), and playing down debt – not making more and more.

    Its a great day to wake up with another 3 years of a stable, sane, National lead government.

    • RedLogix 122.1

      Nats can push thru what they want and can make the changes needed to make NZ a better place for me and my kids.

      Things tend to go on pretty much as they start. You’ve had three years of this govt and so far we’ve been going arse-backwards on every measure, except perhaps for the sheer quantity of mendacious excuses and vacous, aspirational, promises from John Key.

      But maybe I missed something; maybe you know something we don’t… so what was it again that Key has promised to make NZ a better place to live? Specifically like?

      • burt 122.1.1

        The last 3 years started going ass-backwards…. the economy was going ass-backward when Labour passed it to National.

        • Colonial Viper

          You ain’t seen anything yet. 2nd term NAT govts are where this country typically loses it and a lot of people suffer.

          • burt

            CV… weren’t you claiming that we would have a centre left govt today ?

            People suffered under your beloved socialist failure govt CV – just it was the same people who voted for the govt which is why the self serving Labour party didn’t even break 30%.

        • KJT

          Still rewriting history, Burt?

    • Carol 122.2

      Nats can push thru what they want and can make the changes needed to make NZ a better place for me and my kids.

      A pity that the few who think only of themselves and there’s will benefit, while the majority of bennies and working poor who want to earn a decent living from a good day’s work will suffer.

      The REAL bludging bennies – the greedy corporates, bankers and finance speculators – will also be given a free rein and not be made to be accountable….. and with privatisation, ripping off much more of the tax-payer money than a small minority of bennies living on a pitance.

    • primdim 122.3

      Bob just stay on kiwiblog or wherever tory trolls live.

    • KJT 122.4

      Paying down debt. Can’t you count??

      38 billion plus of debt already and nothing to show for it.

      3 more years of voodoo economics.

      You are delusional if you think National will do anything to help NZ.

      Key is only in to steal from us.

      What an idiot!

  122. Change of tune last night from Key.
    In his victory speech he talked about three more years of a National led government.
    I thought we were supposed to vote for a John Key led government. Who are these National people? I haven’t seen them in the election.

  123. PC Brigadier 124

    In regard to the low turnout, I see partial apathy and partial acceptance that Nats were going to win. I live in an older electorate and I sense (absolutely no evidence other than a few polls which confirm in my mind) that we are seeing a demographic divide also. 60+ voters resist progressive change…they abhor tinkering with the pension, and the suggestion that their capital gain could be taxed. They cling to this to the deteriment of the change that I think is required. As this baby boomer demographic grows, I see the can kicked further down the proverbial road. I also see a demographic divide as Pakeha abandon Labour – either through apathy, disillusionment, or in some cases for alternatives like the Greens. Certainly what compounds these trends is the migration overseas of young NZers. I feel quite alone today, and wonder if Australia should have been where we took our two toddlers. But we are staying, and now rely on this changing electorate.

    • Carol 124.1

      I and plenty of the 60+ people I know would never vote National of for a right wing party, and would welcome progressive change. But I don’t know what proportion we are of our whole age cohort.

  124. Maui 125

    Good point. He may be hinting at a personal exit strategy.

    Who would replace him ?

  125. Mark 126

    Labour is very much a party for city-dwellers. How can they resonate more with the provinces? I live in Kaitaia and my Labour vote for my electroate MP was wasted. There are actually some of us here in the provinces who would like Labour to reach toward us (the “holiday highway” sledge was understandable but did not do too much to shoring up Northlanders’ support). Kelvin Davis is a top bloke and I actually think he would destroy Sabin in 2014 if he leaves TTT and stands for Northland.

  126. John 127

    politics new zealand style is uglier every election. i refuse to see john key as a leader, he’s a poster boy for the financial security of the financially oversecured, the poor need money, we are losing kids to an underclass of confusion and poverty, we are laying the foundations for slums to keep middle class n.z living the dreams that their magazines say they are entitled too, and if kids starve , that’s n.z.

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  • Things to know about Whakaari/White Island
    Brad Scott, GNS Science VolcanologistThis post was originally published by GeoNet. Following the 9 December devastating eruption at Whakaari/White Island we have put together some information about the island. New Zealand’s most active volcano Whakaari/White Island is currently New Zealand’s most active volcano, it has been since an eruptive episode ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    5 days ago
  • Status quo supports status quo
    The Justice Committee has reported back on its Inquiry into the 2017 General Election and 2016 Local Elections, with a host of recommendations about how to improve our electoral systems. Some of their recommendations are already incorporate din the Electoral Amendment Bill currently before Parliament, but there's also a recommendation ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • The Greens abandon NeoLiberalism
    Back in 2017, in order to make themselves "electable" in the eyes of rich people who oppose everything they stand for, the Greens signed up for NeoLiberalism, adopting a restrictive set of "Budget Responsibility Rules" which basicly prevented them from using government to make things better. Now, they're finally abandoning ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Lying about a failed war
    Since invading in 2001, the US has consistently claimed that their war in Afghanistan has been going well, even when it continued year after year after year. Of course, they were lying, and thanks to the Washington Post and the US Freedom of Information Act, we get to see just ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Artificial Intelligence and You
    How should we think about artificial intelligence and the implications that it has for our work and leisure? There are many articles on artificial intelligence and its potential impacts on jobs, and the ethics of applications. These are important topics, but I want to focus on some less discussed aspects, ...
    SciBlogsBy Robert Hickson
    6 days ago
  • Statistical manipulation to get publishable results
    I love data. It’s amazing the sort of “discoveries” I can make given a data set and computer statistical package. It’s just so easy to search for relationships and test their statistical significance. Maybe relationships which ...
    6 days ago
  • More lies on the Twitter (Dan Hodges edition)
    The other big story concerning Leeds Hospital is Boris Johnson's bizzare behaviour at Leeds Hospital, where he was confronted by a journalist and challenged about a four year old boy with suspected pneumonia who was left sleeping on the floor, rather than getting  abed like a sick kid would in ...
    6 days ago
  • LabourActivistPunchedMattHancock’sSPADGate
    So, for a brief period of history, it was alleged that a protester had punched Matt Hancock's SPAD (not a euphemism; special adviser) when Hancock visited Leeds Hospital.This was reported by the likes of Robert Peston and Laura Keunssberg, as well as the less credible Guido Fawkes.  It also quickly ...
    6 days ago
  • France’s anti-Zionism is anti-liberté
    by Daphna Whitmore Last week France passed a law that equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. It is based on a definition of anti-Semitism that includes criticism of Israel such as: “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    7 days ago
  • Another bus lockout
    Over the past year we've seen major bus problems in Hamilton and Wellington, as drivers have sought better wages and an end to the bullshit of split shifts, which basicly see them "married to the job". And now its Auckland's turn. When NZBus's drivers planned low-level strike action of not ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • Climate Change: Showing us how its done
    The government has been congratulating itself over the passage of the Zero Carbon Act, which sets out long-term emissions targets. But those targets are insufficient. Meanwhile, Denmark is showing us how its done:Denmark’s parliament adopted a new climate law on Friday, committing to reach 70% below its 1990 emissions in ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • New Fisk
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • Public sector dysfunction should not be allowed to undermine freedom of information
    Another day, another piece of legislation with a secrecy clause. This time its the innocuous-seeming Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill, which (after establishing a new body and making it subject to the OIA in three different ways) includes the rapidly-becoming-standard clauses enabling it to request information from other public ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    7 days ago
  • “This is England, this knife of Sheffield steel…”
    The state of the United Kingdom is fractured, torn up, shredded. The Empire is gone, it died a long time ago. And yet, the country is still tracking with a lead in favour of the ones who play to the ingrained, class-bound division for political gain. It is a disgrace ...
    exhALANtBy exhalantblog
    1 week ago
  • CORSIA, coming soon to an airport near you
    On 27 September, Greta Thunberg addressed a crowd of 500,000 at the School Strike for Climate in Montreal, saying: “You are a nation that is allegedly a climate leader. And Sweden is also a nation that is allegedly a climate leader. And in both cases, it means absolutely nothing. Because ...
    SciBlogsBy Robert McLachlan
    1 week ago
  • Cloaking hate speech and fake news in the right to free expression.
    It should be obvious by now but let’s be clear: The same folk who regularly traffic in disinformation, misinformation and “fake news” are also those who most strongly claim that their freedom of expression rights are being violated when moves are made to curb hate speech (as opposed to protected ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    1 week ago
  • The Physics (and Economics, and Politics) of Wheelchairs on Planes
    Michael Schulson When Shane Burcaw flies on an airplane, he brings along a customized gel cushion, a car seat, and about 10 pieces of memory foam. The whole arsenal costs around $1,000, but for Burcaw it’s a necessity. The 27-year-old author and speaker — who, alongside his fiancée, Hannah ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • To Advance Civil Rights, Oppose Transgender Extremism
    We are very pleased to publish this submission is from Lucinda Stoan. She is a social justice activist, mother, and educator, based in Washington State in the  US.   This detailed and comprehensive source-linked overview of trans issues and what is at stake will be useful for many people, especially in ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Faafoi should be fired
    Newshub last night reported that Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi had apparently promised to help out a mate with an immigration issue. While its normal for people to approach MPs for assistance in this area, when you're a Minister, the rules are different: as the Cabinet Manual says, Ministers must "at ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Adrian Orr – The Reserve Bank’s Revolutionary Governor?
    New Zealand's Underarm Banker: It bears recalling that the “independence” of the Reserve Bank Governor was for decades held up by neoliberal capitalists as the most compelling justification for passing the Reserve Bank Act. Interesting, is it not, how the ruling class’s support for the Bank’s independence lasted no longer than ...
    1 week ago
  • Driving Us Up The Poll.
    Rubbish In, Rubbish Out: Put all this together, and it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that anyone who responds positively to a pollster’s request to “answer a few questions” is just ever-so-slightly weird. Desperately lonely? Some sort of psephological train-spotter? Political party member primed to skew the poll for or against ...
    1 week ago
  • Jordan Williams, Colin Craig podcast series announced
    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. A long and bitter court feud between former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig and Jordan Williams has been settled, with an apology and compensation from Williams. On Tuesday, Craig sent out ...
    The PaepaeBy Peter Aranyi
    1 week ago
  • How plant-based meat is stretching New Zealand’s cultural and legal boundaries
    Samuel Becher, Victoria University of Wellington and Jessica C Lai, Victoria University of Wellington Earlier this year, the New Zealand-based pizza chain Hell Pizza offered a limited-edition “Burger Pizza”. Its customers weren’t told that the “meat” was plant-based. Some customers complained to the Commerce Commission, which enforces consumer law in ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • Scientific integrity requires critical investigation – not blind acceptance
    Some people seem to want to close down any critical discussion of the current research into the relationship between water fluoride and child IQ. They appear to argue that claims made by researchers should not be open to critical review and that the claims be accepted without proper consideration ...
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: The shameful reality
    The government has been congratulating itself over the passage of the Zero Carbon Act, which sets out long-term emissions targets. Meanwhile, Climate Action Tracker has the shameful reality: those targets are insufficient:While New Zealand is showing leadership by having passed the world’s second-ever Zero Carbon Act in November 2019, under ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • More secrecy
    The government introduced a Racing Industry Bill today. As an urban who horse racing as pointless-to-cruel, and gambling as a tax on stupidity and/or hope, this isn't normally a bill which would interest me in the slightest, beyond grumpiness at more government money for a dying industry. But there is ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Unlikely online bully, Liam Hehir
    Check. Check. One, two, three, four. Is this thing ON? Hello readers, I logged in last night (yeah, it’s been a while) to mark THE END of the landmark legal case, Jordan Williams v Colin Craig, which (gulp) reached The Supreme Court, in which New Zealand’s most-defamed man was suing the politician he ...
    The PaepaeBy Peter Aranyi
    2 weeks ago
  • The Birth Of Israel: Wrong At The Right Time.
    Before The Birth: Israel’s most fervent supporters set their clocks ticking in Biblical times. They cite the kingdoms of David and Solomon as proof that, in the words of the Exodus movie’s theme-song: “This land is mine.” The majority of Israel’s backers, however, start their clocks in 1933 – the year Adolf ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the Year 2019: Korero phase
    In an unreliable, strange and confusing world, Public Address is proud to present a measure of comfort and stability by annually asking everyone what words or phrases sum up the year that's been – and then giving some of them consumer goods as prizes for being clever or simply lucky.Well, ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Generalist to specialist
    Both my parents are pretty handy – and they seem to have the right tools for most jobs in the garage and they know how to fix practically anything. A similar story could be told about their generation’s experience in the workforce – being a generalist was not unusual and ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    2 weeks ago
  • A “coincidence”
    When it was revealed that NZ First had tried to enrich itself from public office via the Provoncial Growth Fund, the Prime Minister assured us that everything was OK as Shane Jones, the Minister responsible for the fund, had recused himself. Except it seems that that recusal came very late ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Member’s Day
    Today is a Member's Day, and probably the last one of the year. After the marathon of the End of Life Choice Act, most of the bills up for debate today are uncontentious. First up is the second reading of Chlöe Swarbrick's Election Access Fund Bill. This will be followed ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Worse than I thought
    The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee has reported back on the government's odious and tyrannical control orders bill. As expected, the fraudulent select committee process has made no significant changes (partly because they couldn't agree, but mostly because it was a stitch-up from the start, with no intention of ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • The cannabis bill and the referendum
    Yesterday, the government released its draft Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, which will be put to a non-binding referendum at the next election. I'm not a drug policy expert, but Russell Brown is, and he thinks its pretty good. And pretty obviously, it will be a massive improvement on the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Hard News: The Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill: pretty good so far
    As you're probably aware, the draft bill outlining the proposed legal cannabis regime to be put to a referendum late next year was published yesterday, and has already attracted a flurry of comment. It's notable that a good deal of the comment is about proposals that aren't actually new.A minimum ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Climate Change: Alignment
    One of the big problems in New Zealand climate change policy is the government working at cross-purposes with itself. It wants to reduce fossil fuel use, but encourages oil and gas exploration. It wants to reduce transport emissions, but then builds enormous new roads. The problem could be avoided if ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • How climate change will affect food production and security
    Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to climate.change@stuff.co.nz According to the United Nations, food shortages are a threat ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    2 weeks ago
  • More bad faith
    Last year, the government announced it was ending offshore oil exploration by no longer issuing new permits. The idea was that the industry would then die off as permits expired. Except almost immediately the government revealed its bad faith, by saying they would extend permits and alter conditions to keep ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Banning foreign money from our elections
    The government has said it will ban foreign donations to political parties and candidates, and will be introducing legislation to be passed under all-stages urgency this afternoon. While I agree with the goal, I don't see a particular case for urgency, unless the government is concerned about a flood of ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Reforming the Education Acts
    The government introduced the Education and Training Bill to Parliament yesterday. Its a massive bill, which replaces both existing Education Acts, as well as various other bits of legislation (including some which are still proceeding through the House). I'll leave the serious analysis to teachers and people who actually know ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Bite-sized learning
    Amelia SharmanThere’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to micro-credentials, those bits of bite-sized learning that can help workers stay on top of technological change.  What’s a micro-credential? While definitions vary, micro-credentials can be understood as short courses that allow people to learn new skills or have an existing competency recognised. ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    2 weeks ago
  • “Not The Labour Party We Once Knew.”
    All Smiles Now: Claire Szabo is taking up her presidential role after serving as the CEO of Habitat For Humanity. Which is absolutely perfect! After KiwiBuild was so comprehensively mismanaged by Phil Twyford, the party has not only elected a new president from a thoroughly respectable not-for-profit, but one who ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Marxist versus liberal methodology on transgender ideology/identity politics
    While much of the NZ left has transitioned to postmodern and identity politics in relation to transgender ideology, there are some very good articles about that deploy Marxist methodology in relation to this subject.  The one below is from the British marxist group Counterfire and appeared on their site here ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 weeks ago
  • Book review: The Farm by Joanne Ramos
    by Daphna Whitmore At Golden Oaks, a luxurious country retreat in the Hudson Valley, pregnant women have the best care money can buy. From the organic food, personalised exercise programmes, private yoga instruction and daily massages Golden Oaks looks like a country lodge for the upper class. Set some time ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 weeks ago
  • Loosening the purse strings
    When Labour was running for election in 2017, it felt it needed to demonstrate "fiscal responsibility" and signed itself up to masochistic "budget responsibility rules". It was a fool's errand: the sorts of voters who demand fiscal responsibility are also the sorts of voters who believe that labour can never ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Climate Change: How to get there
    Writing in Stuff, Joel MacManus looks at what we need to do to meet the Zero Carbon Act's targets. The core of it:1. Convert 85 per cent of vehicles on the road to electric. 2. Eliminate fossil fuels from all industrial heating up to 300 degrees Celsius. 3. Double our ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • anti-vaxxers in a measles epidemic: so many ways to be untruthful
    “Anti-vaxers are a pro-death movement,” those comments from Dr Helen Petousis-Harris speaking about six more Measles related deaths in Samoa over the past twenty-four hours. “Anti-vaxers are a pro-death movement,” those comments from Dr Helen Petousis-Harris speaking about six more Measles related deaths in Samoa ...
    SciBlogsBy Alison Campbell
    2 weeks ago

  • Record export highs picked for primary sector
    Sustained high growth in primary industry exports looks set to continue over the next two years with strong prices predicted for farmers, fishers, growers and rural communities. Minister of Agriculture and Minister of State for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor today released the latest Situation and Outlook report for ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    19 hours ago
  • New partnership to boost screen sector job opportunities
    Auckland’s growing screen sector is the catalyst for a new partnership between the Ministry of Social Development and Auckland’s economic development agency Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED). The launch today at FilmFX in Henderson, is to celebrate the partnership which looks to capitalise on the social and economic development opportunities ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • A minute’s silence for Whakaari White Island victims
    A minute’s silence will be observed at 2.11pm on Monday 16 December in honour of the victims of the Whakaari White Island eruption, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed. “Wherever you are in New Zealand, or around the world, this is a moment we can stand alongside those who have ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • NZ to help fund fight against measles in the Pacific region
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced New Zealand will contribute NZ$1 million of funding towards the joint United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO) Pacific Regional Action Plan for Measles.   “Prevention through vaccination is the most effective way of avoiding illness and a costly health emergency. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • New Zealand remembers Sir Peter Snell
    New Zealand is today remembering one of our true sporting heroes, triple Olympic gold medal winner Sir Peter Snell. “He was a legend, here and around the world,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. “Our thoughts are with Sir Peter’s wife Miki and their family.” “Sir Peter is recognised as New ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • PM congratulates Boris Johnson on election victory
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has congratulated United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his election victory.  “New Zealand and the United Kingdom are close friends and despite our distance we are strongly connected by our history and people,” Jacinda Ardern said.  “I look forward to continuing to work with Prime ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Building a platform for the future of rail
    The Government has released its long term vision for a sustainable 21st Century rail network that gets our cities moving, connects our regions and gets more freight off the roads.   Deputy Prime Minister and State Owned Enterprises Minister Winston Peters said the Government is committed to rebuilding New Zealand’s ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Prime Minister statement Whakaari White Island recovery operation
    I want to start by acknowledging the families who have experienced such grief and such loss since the extraordinary tragedy on Monday. Today was all about reuniting them with their loved ones. We've just come from the airport where many of them were gathered and in amongst what you can ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • New Zealand medical specialists to provide further support to Samoa
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further support for Samoa’s longer term needs as it continues to respond to a devastating measles epidemic. “Samoa’s health system has experienced massive strain in the wake of the measles epidemic. The volume of patients needing care during this outbreak, and the number of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Discounted electric-bikes offered to public sector workers
    Discounted electric bikes will be offered up to public sector staff across the country as part of the Government’s work to reduce transport emissions and support healthier transport options.  Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter officially launched the new initiative at Wellington Hospital today.  “The Government has negotiated bulk-purchase ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Australia and New Zealand confirm joint bid for FIFA Women’s World Cup
    The Australian and New Zealand Governments today launch an historic joint bid to bring the FIFA Women’s World Cup to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time. Australian Minister for Youth and Sport, Richard Colbeck and New Zealand Minister for Sport and Recreation Grant Robertson will announce the bold campaign, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Blackwater gold mine gets PGF boost
    The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) has approved a $15 million loan to help re-establish a gold mining operation at Blackwater Gold Mine, near Reefton, Rural Communities Minister and local MP Damien O’Connor announced at an event on the West Coast today. “This is great news for the Coast that could ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Papakāinga model inspires whānau well-being
    Papakāinga model inspires whānau well-being A housing project by Kohupātiki whānau in Hastings is an outstanding example of a Māori-led housing initiative that can reduce financial pressure and reconnect whānau to their whakapapa says the Minister for Māori Development Hon Nanaia Mahuta.  Minister Mahuta officially opened the Aroha Te Rangi ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Government provides more funding for major community wetland restoration project
    Restoration efforts for a significant wetland in the Hawke’s Bay are getting more support announced Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage. “Wetlands are vital to healthy landscapes and ecosystems. They function as nature’s ‘kidneys’, filtering and protecting water quality, acting as nature’s sponges after rain and are home to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Housing First to help Nelson Tasman homeless
    Nelson has today seen the launch of Housing First Nelson Tasman. Today’s launch marks the expansion of the Government’s homelessness programme, Housing First, to the top of the South Island. “Housing First is a proven programme that puts people who are experiencing homelessness and multiple, high and complex needs into ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • New funding to support Environment Centres working for sustainable local solutions
    New Government funding announced today will help communities make a difference in tackling environmental issues Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage announced in Hawkes Bay today. The Ministry for the Environment’s Community Environment Fund is dedicating $243,101 to growing the capacity and capability of the Environment Hubs Aotearoa’s (EHA) ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Government takes bite out of loan sharks
    The days of vulnerable consumers falling victim to loan sharks, truck shops and other predatory lenders are numbered, following the Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Bill passing its third reading tonight. “Too many Kiwis are being given loans that are unaffordable and unsuitable, trapping them in debt and leaving their families ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • New Zealand safer as Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders Bill) becomes law
    A Bill that prevents terrorism and supports the de-radicalisation of New Zealanders returning from overseas has passed its third reading, Justice Minister Andrew Little says. The Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill is a carefully targeted response to manage the risk posed by a small number of New Zealanders who have ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Foreign Minister and Pacific Peoples Minister to visit Samoa
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio will travel to Samoa on Friday, where New Zealand medical teams are helping Samoa respond to an outbreak of measles. “New Zealand has been working closely with the Government of Samoa and offering our assistance from the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New Pastoral Care Code will support tertiary students in 2020
    The Government has changed the law to improve student safety and welfare in university halls of residence and other student accommodation. The Education (Pastoral Care) Amendment Bill passed its third reading this afternoon and details of an interim Code of Practice setting out the Government’s expectations of tertiary providers have also been released. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New infrastructure funding tool to build housing developments faster
    A new tool to help councils fund and finance infrastructure could mean some housing developments happen a decade earlier than currently planned, Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford said today. “This new tool, developed by the Government in partnership with industry and high-growth councils, will allow councils to access private debt ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Vision to unite the primary sector launched today
    Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has welcomed the release of a bold new vision for the country’s vital food and fibre sector. “I’m delighted that New Zealand’s major farmer and grower organisations are today supporting the Primary Sector Council’s vision – Fit for a Better World,” he said. “The international consumers ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • NZ congratulates PNG and Autonomous Bougainville Government on referendum
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has congratulated the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government for completing a well-conducted referendum on the future political status of Bougainville. “New Zealand supported the referendum process by providing technical advice through the New Zealand Electoral Commission and leading a Regional Police ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Next steps for Upper North Island logistics
    In light of Cabinet’s position that freight operations on prime land in downtown Auckland are no longer viable, the Government will now embark on a short work programme to enable decision-making in the first half of next year, Associate Transport Minister Shane Jones says. Minister Jones is today releasing the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Surgical mesh restorative justice report received
    Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter has received the report back from a surgical mesh restorative justice process undertaken by Victoria University. The process heard stories, either in person or online submission, from more than 600 people affected by surgical mesh. “The report made for heart-breaking and confronting reading,” says ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • The Water Services Regulator Bill – Taumata Arowai a milestone for drinking water safety
    The Water Services Regulator Bill – Taumata Arowai , introduced to Parliament today, is a milestone for drinking water safety in New Zealand and will help improve environmental outcomes for urban waterways, rivers and lakes.  “This is a breakthrough for New Zealanders in terms of providing safe drinking water throughout ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Speech to new direction for criminal justice reform announcement
    Kia ora koutouE ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā matā wakaTēnā koutou katoaHaere ngā, moe maiKoutou ma ngā Rangatira Ko Anaru ahauKo au te Minita mo ngā TureHe Honore tino nui kei roto I ahau No reira tena koutou katoa Today, we are releasing two reports that are the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New direction for criminal justice reform
    The Government is looking to turn around the long-term challenges of criminal justice by taking a new approach to break the cycle of offending to ensure there are fewer victims of crime. Justice Minister Andrew Little released two reports today, Turuki! Turuki! from Te Uepū Hāpai I te Ora, and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New law sets up $300m Venture Capital Fund
    New Zealand firms expanding beyond the start-up phase are set for more support after today’s passage of the Venture Capital Fund Bill, Associate Finance Minister David Parker said. The Bill, which establishes a $300 million Venture Capital Fund, puts in place a key initiative of the Wellbeing Budget’s economic package. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New Zealand’s National Statement to COP25
    E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā iwi, e ngā rau rangatira mā. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa. Señora Presidenta, Excellencies, Delegates. International action A common thread that runs through the Paris Agreement is the commitment we have made to each other to do what we can to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • $12 billion in extra infrastructure investment
    The Government is lifting capital investment to the highest level in more than 20 years as it takes the next step to future-proof New Zealand. Finance Minister Grant Robertson has announced $12 billion of new investment, with $8 billion for specific capital projects and $4 billion to be added to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Strong economy, careful spending gives $12bn of surpluses
    The Government is forecast to run $12 billion worth of surpluses across the four years to 2023/24 as the economy continues to grow. The surpluses will help fund day-to-day capital requirements each year. These include fixing leaky hospitals, building new classrooms to cover population growth and take pressure off class ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Priorities for 2020 Wellbeing Budget outlined
    Budget 2020 will continue the Coalition Government’s focus on tackling the long-term challenges facing New Zealand while also investing to future-proof the economy. When the Government took office in 2017 it was left with crumbling infrastructure, severe underinvestment in public services, degraded rivers and lakes, a housing crisis and rising ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Minister welcomes data-rich coastline mapping tool
    The Minister responsible for the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 (te Takutai Moana Act 2011), Andrew Little has welcomed the launch of an online geospatial tool that provides data-rich, dynamic coastline maps that will significantly boost research and evidence-gathering under the Act. Te Kete Kōrero a Te ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Chief Victims Advisor reappointed for a further two years
    The Chief Victims Advisor to Government Dr Kim McGregor, QSO, has been reappointed in her role for a further two years. Dr McGregor has held the role since it was established in November 2015. She provides independent advice to government on how to improve the criminal justice system for victims. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • New Zealand tsunami monitoring and detection system to be established
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Civil Defence Minister Peeni Henare have today announced the deployment of a network of DART (Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami) buoys. “New Zealand and the Pacific region are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. It is vital we have adequate warning systems in place,” ...
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    5 days ago
  • DART Buoys Announcement
    DART Buoys Announcement Aotea Wharf, 9.30am 11 December 2019   Acknowledgements Acknowledgements to Minister for Civil Defence Hon Peeni Henare also here today. White Island It is with regret that this event shadows the tragic natural disaster two days ago. The volcanic eruptions on White Island have claimed 5 lives, ...
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    5 days ago
  • Final steps for racing industry reform
    Racing Minister Winston Peters has welcomed the first reading of the Racing Industry Bill in parliament today. This is the second of two Bills that have been introduced this year to revitalise New Zealand’s racing industry. “Our domestic racing industry has been in serious decline.  The Government is committed to ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding to promote New Zealand Sign Language initiatives
    Minister for Disability Issues, Carmel Sepuloni, is pleased to announce that $291,321 is to be awarded to national and local community initiatives to maintain and promote the use of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). “New Zealand is one of the few countries  in the world where Sign Language is an ...
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    6 days ago
  • How New Zealand defines and recognises veterans
    Minister for Veterans Ron Mark has announced today the Coalition Government’s initial response to work completed by the independent statutory body, the Veterans’ Advisory Board. “When Professor Ron Paterson completed his review of the Veterans’ Support Act in 2018, he made a number of recommendations, including one which I referred ...
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