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If you haven’t seen Pundit’s New Zealand election quiz you should head on over and take a look. It’s based on the award-winning US version and provides a pretty quick and accurate measure on how your views line up with each parliamentary party.

I got Greens 84, Prog 77, Labour 74, NZ First 62, United Future 57, National 26 and ACT 17, which apart from NZF and United being a bit too high seems pretty accurate. For some reason the Maori Party didn’t show up, but I’m assured it’s in there somewhere.

It’s worth passing onto friends and family too – I find that when the debate shifts from Helen’s teeth and onto policy most people are surprised to discover they don’t have much in common with John Key after all.

You can take the quiz here.

26 comments on “Election Quiz”

  1. It is quite cool, It picked me perfectly (which was was very very surprised about), I got put onto it by a good friend of mine (who isnt overly political) and we got almost exact polar opposites.

  2. Quoth the Raven 2

    I got 81% Greens 78% Prog and 74% Labour. There isn’t much to it I wouldn’t trust its accuracy (very short). I preferred this much better: The Political Compass. It put me at Economic Left/Right: -8.00
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.41
    That’s strongly left and libertarian.

  3. Outofbed 3

    94 green 66 lab 64 prog nat 34 act 10

    seems about right to me

  4. randal 4

    85 GREEN…83 LABOUR
    always thort I was an anarcho syndicalists revisionist adventurer!

  5. Erik 5

    The fact that Helen’s teeth come up at all really bothers me. I had some friends mention it, and I was like, ??!?. Are you serious?

    I spoke with a guy in wellie who had done a masters in the psychology of voting (really? Great!), and he said his research indicated that New Zealanders tend to vote along ideological lines (he might have said “party lines”) rather than personality.

    I was so relieved to hear that; I guess we will be able to check the validity of his research next week, since John Key does seem all about image, to me.

  6. lprent 6

    I got
    Labour 86%
    Prog 71%
    Green 70%
    UF 68%
    NZF 61%
    National 60%
    Act 39%
    Interesting – that is pretty much where I’d expect. Away from the loons of the right and very centrist because I focus on long-term issues and how to pay for them.

  7. # 1 New Zealand First Party 80% similarity
    # 2 The National Party 74% similarity
    # 3 The ACT Party 73% similarity

  8. lprent 8

    Brett – you can get your other parties using the drop-down in the 4th box

  9. Chris G 9

    Pretty good I reckon, definately do politicalcompass aswell.

    81 Green 78 labour 76 Prog 39 Nat 24 Act (Ew that’s too high for my liking)

    Pretty spot on, but I would have expected Labour above Greens. Clearly putting 4 points on environment made me green heavy. The allocation of points pretty important

  10. Chris S 10

    Chris, I’m pretty sure that the allocation of points doesn’t weight the questions you answer, rather they provide you more questions on that subject.

    You always answer the same amount of questions, the 20 points at the beginning is used to create more points of data for your most important issues, therefore provide a more accurate result.

  11. Chris G 11

    Yeah but if I do 20 on environment, wont I bombard it with my hardcore greeny aspect re. the environment? where as on other issues I feel im more labour

  12. Chris G 12

    It definately matters where you put your points.

    I did 20 points on environment and i was 96% green 71% labour.

  13. lprent,
    I got
    Labour 86%
    Prog 71%
    Green 70%
    UF 68%
    NZF 61%

    Lucky you!

    I got
    “Oooo something went wrong.”

    What’s with this thing.. do you play pluses and minues, set your own calibration units etc.. if so.. which..? Ideas welcome.. but I’d have to say how variation from centrist on the related questions/issues would likely range +/- 20 percent.

  14. Proctor 14

    80% Labour 77% Prog 70% Greens which is probably about right. Astonished how high NZF rates… perhaps they’re more centre left than I’d thought…

    Cool quiz though. Have forwarded on to the tory missus… will be interesting to see how she goes.

  15. burt 15

    The quiz is like a politician. You tell it what you want to hear and it delivers exactly that. I don’t actually know anyone who has done the test and been surprised.

  16. Ianmac 16

    jo zinny: Caught me out too. You have to use up all your points on the near right side. So if you think Education is your top interest click + once or twice or however high you think important to you. the higher the +’s the more qyuestions you will get. Go on to the topics until you have used your points. Then you can start the test.

  17. try a few more of the sections, seems Im like everybody except the hippies.

    # The National Party 80% similarity
    # 2 The ACT Party 74% similarity
    # 3 New Zealand First Party 66% similarity
    green party 33%
    labour 61%
    united 59%
    progessive 55%

  18. fitzyp 18

    Greens 79%
    Progs 79%
    Labour 76%
    NZF 74%
    United Future 65%
    National 46%
    Act 38%

    NZF seems far too high. Greens, Act and National seem a bit high but the its pretty accurate

  19. Felix 19

    Very difficult to take this kind of test without second guessing it as you go so it comes out roughly as you suspect it to.

    It’s the kind of thing that works best if you don’t actually realize there’s a result to it all.

    edit: shit I agree with burt. That’s twice in a year.

  20. Felix 20


    Hey Lynn, good to hear you on P.A. Radio, now I know what voice to read you in.

  21. burt. did you come out for nzf too?

  22. simon 22

    oh god I got 71% Maori party… Not bloody likely, ‘in the tradition of act/nat party extremists, “there’s no way I’d vote for that bloody woman”

    luckily 75% labour

    72% Progressive

    strange i probably vote for Winston if Labour didn’t exist, probably due to his entertainment value and sympathy for him being bashed so much by Media and Big Business at the moment… (oh yeah and because he’s bashing those tax dodging, whingy asians)

  23. Mello C. 23

    81% Labour
    76% Progressives
    75% Green
    74% Maori

    Seems about right, though I would have put the Greens higher. Interesting because I keep forgetting about Jim Anderton.

  24. Sarah 24

    I just scored 88% with the Maori Party which surprised me enormously, then Greens 85%, Labour 77% and the Progressives whom I would ordinarily vote for, only 71%. How weird is that? But then analysis was also interesting esp on removing tax for lowest income. That particular question for example has been interpreted in two different ways or Jim Anderton has a more educated view of the question economically.

    But I was very surprised, nay shocked, to see Jim Anderton supporting Private Public Partnerships in the Health Sector. Does he know this? I certainly do not agree with Jim or John Key over pushing mothers out to work. Bailey Kurariki’s mother was working 12 hours a day while Nia Glassies mother was also working 12 hours a day. Bailey Kuariki’s babysitters were street kids who murdered, while Nia Glassies babysitters were her murderers. Far too many kids in this country are killed, abused and damaged by babysitters – and all too often these bastards are all the mother can get to mind the kids and if she doesnt have a babysitter she goes to hell just the same. Harsh reality just isnt the sanitised little world of the Jims and Johns

  25. Camryn 25

    Thanks for the link…

    ACT 85%
    National 76%
    UF 56%
    NZF 53%
    Labour 50%
    Progressive 39%
    Green 31%
    Maori 29%

    Before anyone judges too harshly, I should clarify I’m as socially liberal as possible but a big believer in small government in the economic sphere too. I do wonder how I scored so badly with the Maori party… my strong support for no decrease in immigration perhaps? Oh… no… looks like we have 0% overlap in Employment matters. Probably opposing minimum wage increases. I’d kinda focused on helping people’s labour to be work more rather than just price fixing it.

  26. Lew 26

    burt: I know one of Helen Clark’s biggest fans who got NZF, United Future, National, Labour. She’s having a bit of an existential crisis about now.


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