Epsom voters: Please kill Act – you know you want to…

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For the last few elections Act has been grimly hanging on to life with the charity of the voters of Epsom. This really is the time to wipe the yellow stain off the reputation of their electorate.

Stain? Well it is quite clear that the Act party were unsuited for actual power. Rodney Hide the perk-buster in opposition turned out to be a bit of hypocrite on the subject when lust got in the way. He then turned on Auckland and tried to gerrymander a super-shitty on us that massively favored candidates that could spend enormous amounts of money. Even then they still lost the city to the left because they were so politically incompetent that voters turned out in large numbers to show what they thought of Act.

Epsom voters certainly helped provide us with entertainment in this parliament by being responsible for Act being there. Apart from Rodney, we had a MP who stole a dead childs identity. Some barely concealed bullying. And a Act caucus that disintegrated so much that none of the existing MP’s are standing for list positions. In fact it is hard to think of anything the Act party managed to achieve in their term in government apart from disintegrate.

Act’s current top candidates are two political zombies whose main track record is that they get rejected by the voters multiple times. They still rise to try to feast on the body politic. Please please give Don Brash and John Banks a merciful political death. It is hard to see them shambling around like shadows of their former selves.

Even the National voters in Epsom must be tired of being responsible to the existence of this tired and intellectually defunct party. For the sake of your neighbors in Auckland, please vote Goldsmith – he is after all your National candidate.

And in my opinion, anyone who is a Labour or Green voter in Epsom should help the National voters out and help terminate the twitching corpse of Act by voting Goldsmith. Vote like my niece will be. Holding her nose, she will vote Goldsmith for a better political system without Act. I’m pretty sure that my sister will as well.

Goldsmith might be a sycophant put in by National to lose. But he deserves your support. Who knows? He might be a better MP than Richard Worth(less) was. Only John Banks could be a worse representative of Epsom.

21 comments on “Epsom voters: Please kill Act – you know you want to…”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    “In fact it is hard to think of anything the Act party managed to achieve in their term in government apart from disintegrate.”

    ACT’s stance on the ETS forced National to get into bed with the MP. This move could be what save’s National’s bacon after this election.

  2. Jimmy 2

    Que Kiwiblog/whale oil rant in 3, 2, 1…..

    Don’t you know strategic voting isn’t fair if the left do it?

    • Ari 2.1

      It’s spelled cue, in this case, or queue in the other case.

      I don’t think it’s wrong to strategically vote, but I’d rather we had an electoral system that minimised the need to do so.

      • Fermionic Interference 2.1.1

        remove the coat tail condition of MMP and reduce the threshold to 3% bloody simple.

  3. Tiger Mountain 3

    Hear hear..
    a last gasp ACT mailer arrived today, (in the Far effin’ North), a 1st year graphics student would be embarrassed, bilious yellow etc. and it portrays a photograph of the Key/Banksie cafe fiasco as a good thing. Law’n ordah! too.

    How the mighty Freedmanites have fallen. A merciful release is well justified.

  4. Graeme 4

    For the greater good, all left leaning voters in Epsom must vote Goldsmith……its a vote for change.

  5. randal 5

    no wories lprent.
    binky has had his day strutting round the hustings with his particular brand of venom.
    new zealanders need somone new and not some tired nasty vicious old hack.

    • fender 5.1

      Couldn’t agree more, keeping Banks and Brash out of parliment is vital. My dislike for those two dinosaurs fills me with an urge to do a Micheal Laws outburst, but no I won’t sink that low.

  6. jaymam 6

    Would you like a nice picture to illustrate the story?

    Banks pic taken by me last Tuesday, Brash from the Listener I think.

  7. Eliot 7

    Unfortunate that Banks has anything to do with Act. They have messed up a real chance to keep the nanny state to a minimum by having him involved, a social conservative with a bad rep. The sad thing is, most people have no idea of Act policy, or the fact that they are meant to be the most liberal party that has a chance of representation. Their own fault too. Pretty sad day for libertarians if there’s no Act in govt.

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      ACT policy is to rail against rorts in Government, then take your girlfriend around the world on one.

      That and legalising marijuana.

  8. randal 8

    sorry elliot.
    libertarians talk up a big game but they never get elected and if they even get a slice of it they turn into demented right wing paranoids overnight.

  9. Treetop 9

    Would be nice for it to be the last Act for Act today and curtains tomorrow. At least they will get an audience.

  10. Insider 10

    Act became National’s bitch although Act was formed to give National backbone. They deserve to die in a ditch for that alone.

    If National did a deal with Act, what about the Maori Party? Why didn’t Labour savage them? They deserve it, especially considering many Maori Party voters gave their party vote to Labour!

  11. Tiger Mountain 11

    Fair enough point Insider. I can’t speak for Labour but in electoral terms it may come down to tweaking MMP. I don’t mind the extremes and minorities being represented proportionally as long as the system can allow them to get there independently on the basis of their support.

    “Savaging” of the Māori Party has been delivered by real world events. Identity does not trump class in a class based society.

  12. Steve Wrathall 13

    ” it is hard to think of anything the Act party managed to achieve …”
    -end to compulsory Student unionism
    – 3 strikes (already working)
    – 2025 taskforce
    – slowing down the ETS juggernaut while the rest of the world bales out
    – pushing the debate on raising the super age (even Goff agrees!!)

    Not bad for 5 MPs you describe so charitably

    Think of what the top 5 on current list could achieve.

    • Colonial Viper 13.1

      – Undemocratic leadership coups arranged by National
      – Backstabbing all the women in their caucus
      – Dumping the rest of their caucus by fiat
      – Resurrecting an undead neoliberal Don Brash
      – Successfully raising the issue of legalising marijuana then smacking it down again


      • One Anonymous Bloke 13.1.1

        And now desperately seeking electoral life support in much the same the way Rand spent her final days mooching off the state.

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