Frogblog: Greens call for inquiry into inquiries

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Greens call for inquiry into inquiries

Published: July 5, 2012

by frog

The Greens have been criticised by Prime Minister John Key, who said, ‘The Greens call for an inquiry on virtually anything.’

The remark prompted immediate calls from the Green Party for an inquiry, which would focus on why the Greens call for so many inquiries. According to a spokesperson for the Green Party it would focus on why the Greens insisted on holding the government to account and whether it was appropriate behaviour for an opposition party to oppose the government and inquire into its activities.

The Green Party announced it would convene a working group to determine the make-up of the inquiry committee, which would then report to the national executive before December. Once the gender-balanced committee was selected its first task would be to draft its terms of reference. Those would be ready sometime in the new year and the committee would report its draft by July.

The committee will not be headed by Paula Rebstock or Dame Margaret Bazley.

Sources within the Green Party predicted that the inquiry would probably be a whitewash, with its recommendations ignored. A subsequent inquiry into why the inquiry was ignored was likely. The Green Party would not approach Margaret Bazley or Paula Rebstock to lead the subsequent inquiry.

The statement by John Key prompting the inquiry was in response to the call for an inquiry into the police raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion, which the High Court ruled illegal.

“It’s sort of the boy who cried wolf a few too many times I think,” Mr Key said, rejecting the request.

The Green Party has previously obtained inquiries into such matters as the ACC privacy breach, fracking, the Sky City Convention Centre deal, the wrongful release of striking workers’ details,  SAS prison transfers, and the price of milk.

They were also considering an inquiry into whether the Prime Minister or any of his senior Cabinet Ministers were wolves, explaining, “every time the Green Party cries wolf it turns out there is one.”

12 comments on “Frogblog: Greens call for inquiry into inquiries”

  1. I think that the subject of always calling for an enquiry requires an enquiry.

    • Kotahi Tane Huna 1.1

      I sort of agree with Key: the Greens should confine themselves to calling for a single enquiry: into the financing, behaviour, and ethical standards of the National Party. Rip that out by its roots and most of the other issues will become moot.

  2. Dr Terry 2

    The National Party actually have “ethical standards”? I wonder where and what they are?

    • Deano 2.1

      their ethics were asset-stripped some time in the 80s when the wheeler-dealers replaced the last principled conservatives.

      • bbfloyd 2.1.1

        “Asset stripped some time in the eighties”. That assumes that the national had actual ethics at one time…. Can anyone point to when that was?
        I hadn’t realised that to be a robber baron required ethical standards….Silly me, thinking that all they needed was insane greed, and a total lack of scruples….

        • Colonial Viper

          Holyoake would do a far better job than the current crowd.

        • weka

          There is a difference between traditional conservatives and neoliberals. Some of the old National voters feel very uncomfortable about the modern NACT form of the right.

  3. prism 3

    Its recommended to have a laugh a day – this is good for today. Thank goodness for Green humour.

    And don’t forget AutoTunes on You Tube. Very very clever and pointed.

    • weka 3.1

      I laughed too.
       “every time the Green Party cries wolf it turns out there is one.”

      • mike e 3.1.1

        Tory trick inoculate the masses bore them to death with propaganda so they don’t care any more.

  4. Chris 4

    Trickey must be worried about all these inquiries.Some of them must bring up his underhanded ways of shafting our country.

  5. captain hook 5

    the tories are bent so everything they do must be called into question.

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