GCSB and fabricating the ‘truth’

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In trying to deny the truth of the Snowden documents relating to the activities of the GCSB, one of Key’s many ‘lines’ has been that the documents might not be genuine:

In response to specific questions, the Prime Minister’s office dismissed Snowden’s “stolen” information, saying the documents could be fakes.

“The Snowden documents were taken some time ago and many are old, out of date, and we can’t discount that some of what is being put forward may even be fabricated,” a spokeswoman said.

But yesterday:

No factual basis for suggesting Snowden GCSB docs ‘fabricated’ – PM office

The Prime Minister’s office has said it has no factual basis for suggesting Edward Snowden documents which exposed GCSB secrets were “fabricated”.

But it has also said some of those with access to the Snowden documents – apparently including journalist Glenn Greenwald – “have a track record of misrepresenting, misinterpreting and misunderstanding information”.

So, a backdown on the central lie, while trying to maintain an attack on the credibility of the material and those who report it. Trouble is, it’s not the reporter’s credibility that is doubtful here, it is Key’s. He’s the one trying to fabricate the ‘truth’:

19 comments on “GCSB and fabricating the ‘truth’”

  1. John Key is just lying.

    Talk about a National embarrassment… Our pony-tail-puller really does do that so well (and he is bloody useless at everything else)

  2. wyndham 2

    It has long been standard MO for John Key, when facing a difficult question in Parliament, to immediately throw doubt on the authenticity of the question. Then to cast slurs on the character of the questioner.

    He’s done it for years and only now has the MSM woken up to it.

    • felix 2.1

      You know those special bottles of wine from the PM’s secret vineyard, the special gifts that made the media people feel like part of the special team?

      Yeah, maybe they’ve kinda lost their bouquet lately knowaddamean?

  3. Tom Gould 3

    Key’s lying looks pathological which suggesting he genuinely confuses truth and lies and struggles with fiction and reality, especially memory. Which means the guy might actually have an illness?

    • repateet 3.1

      He has a malady all right – what my parents would’ve called “being a lying bastard.”

    • ropata 3.2

      Sociopaths lie for the fun of it. And they can’t be bothered trying to keep track of their tangled web of lies, just pile a few more on as long as they can get away with it.

    • Murray Simmonds 3.3

      Sorry Tom Gould, but it doesn’t look at all pathological to me. the lying is deliberate, intentional and with a clear goal in mind.

      The only “illness” he has is that he is stupid enough to believe what he is told by Uncle Sam, and the Multinational Corporates who aim to dominate the world economy for their own economic advancement (perhaps under the guidance of secretive groups like Bilderberg).

      And having believed what these offshore mega-organizations tell him, he then enacts policy wherever he can to facilitate THEIR aims, at the expense of ordinary New Zealanders. He then lies about it, to the ordinary New Zealanders that he has politically betrayed.

      These are not the actions of an ill man. They are the actions of a traitor who leads a traitorous, elitist party.

      • SMILIN 3.3.1

        Couldnt have put it better, what can we as a mass do about, FA except take the path of the 51ers

  4. dukeofurl 4

    I see that Armstrong has said ‘ponytailgate’ is over for the political journalists in Wellington.

    Code for the Editors wont be printing anymore stories.

    The GCSB story seemed to have been buried by the Press gallery after the election, so no matter what is further divulged it wont be headline stuff.

    The two other big political stories with a criminal element cant be covered anyway so its back to pumping ‘The bachelor’

    • Clemgeopin 4.1

      This is what I wrote under Armstrong’s yesterday’s post, ‘http://www.nzherald.co.nz/john-armstrong-on-politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=1502865&objectid=11443198’

      “I am dismayed that you were so quick and harsh on Mr David Cunliffe to resign on flimsy grounds but you are not making that call for Key when he has done much worse several times, including this pony tail pulling episode despite the waitress asking him to stop! Fair and balanced? Does not appear so!”

      [ I had also written another comment asking him when did he become John Key’s personal adviser and PR man. That comment did not get published.]

  5. Murray Rawshark 6

    But it has also said some of those at the centre of mass state spying – apparently including the Parnell Tugger FJK – “have a track record of misrepresenting, misinterpreting and misunderstanding information”.

  6. ianmac 7

    We have wondered before if the resignation of the head of GCSB did so because he knew that we were being lied to. Wonder if we will ever know.

  7. emergency mike 8

    I can’t discount the possibility that John Key murders kittens in his basement.

    I have no factual basis for suggesting that, but he does have a track record of being a creepy weirdo.

    (I do love the irony of ‘I have no factual basis for suggesting that but he does misrepresent information’.)

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