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Ginny Andersen a rising star

Written By: - Date published: 2:28 pm, May 11th, 2014 - 38 comments
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The very impressive Ginny Andersen topped a strong group of candidates at yesterday’s Wellington list conference. She’s worked for the police for the past eight years in policy and community work, is married with four children, one very new. She is also Labour’s candidate for Ohariu, and her  awareness of the pressures families are facing allied to her energy and experience will offer the voters of that electorate a very fresh alternative to the tired and lack-lustre Peter Dunne.

She says on her bio:


I come from a line of teachers, unionists, truck drivers, nurses and wharfies. My Great Uncle, Bill Andersen, stood up for workers’ rights and I am proud of that. Labour is about more than just fairness and equality. It is about caring what happens to people and being prepared to fight for it.

Amen to that.

She also says:

I am married, and a stepmother, a mother and a mother-to-be. We’re a busy family and I understand the pressures other busy families are under. With grocery prices, power bills and the cost of childcare always on the up, it’s always a juggle. Like every Kiwi parent I want New Zealand to be the best it can be for my kids – I want them to go to great schools; to be able to see a doctor when they are sick; to live in a clean, sustainable environment; and to have equal opportunity throughout their lives. That is what I believe Labour offers my kids and all Kiwi families.

That message will connect with the people of Ohariu – and beyond.

38 comments on “Ginny Andersen a rising star ”

  1. Ad 1

    While it’s tempting to rehearse some sad argument about which party will cut a deal to ensure Peter Dunne goes, I’d instead love to hear from activists on the ground in Ohariu about the public mood for change (if any), where campaigns can be helped, and what can be done not only to get rid of Dunne but also to raise the party vote for both Labour and the Greens in that electorate.

    • Rosie 1.1

      Hi Ad. I’ve been pretty vocal about some of the activities of the non party aligned People’s Power Ohariu, a group I’ve been involved with since about September last year. I’ve been vocal as recently as today, discussing our billboard campaign, in response to phillip ure and Jenny on Open Mike.

      The function of People’s Power Ohariu is to hold Peter Dunne to account for voting choices and other activities, and to raise awareness of those in the electorate of Dunne related issues.

      I’ve only been living in this electorate for two years and am not in a position to gauge the public mood accurately. I would say this though. Last year in August PPO hosted a public meeting in Johnsonville, the heart of the electorate where Dunne’s office is. About 60 odd people turned up to listen to speakers that could speak with authority about bills that Dunne had voted on or would vote on in the future: Helen Kelly talked about forthcoming changes to employment law – the Employment Relations Amendment Act which incidentally has passed it’s first reading with Dunne’s blessing, Adi Leeson from Ploughshares spoke about the then GCSB Bill, I didn’t catch the name of the man from the Salvation Army but he spoke about the social impact of the Sky City Convention Centre deal and John Maynard from PPO spoke about Asset Sales and the TPP.

      I can tell you the audience were fired up and angry. It was exciting. You could feel in the air that folks were fed up. Ordinary folks too. While you can’t ascertain future voting from one public meeting, from what people were saying, eg they wouldn’t tolerate another 3 years of Dunne and of the Nat Govt, it did feel like there was an energy and appetite for change.

      One interesting thing that happened lately too was that an anti Dunne editorial was published in the right wing Nat Govt supporting local newspaper, The Wellingtonian.


      Hopefully other Ohariu residents who are more familiar with the electorate can comment with their observations.

      Personally, I’m feeling hopeful about this year being the end of the road for Dunne and believe that Ginny Anderson is an excellent candidate for Ohariu – it’s a very family orientated area, hopefully voters will connect with her family centred values. I think time will show that people no longer believe in the values of Peter Dunne, he has proved that he’s not remotely family or socially centred despite his best efforts to paint himself as such. His actions proves otherwise.

      • Ed 1.1.1

        What was the title and date of the anti-Dunne editorial?

        • Rosie

          Sorry, links not working I see. The title of the editorial was “Is Dunne’s time up? published 1st May. It really is a good read.

  2. ianmac 2

    “She also says:

    I am married, and a stepmother, a mother and a mother-to-be. We’re a busy family and I understand the pressures other busy families...etc"

    That sounds right to me. Hope she does well.

    Will the Greens accommodate her in Ohariu?

  3. greywarbler 3

    Just reading the initial heading on Ginny and your backgrounding and positives on her, she sounds great. Rosie will possibly have things to add to Ad’s comments.

  4. As a member of the Ohariu LEC and campaign team I’m obviously very biased, but Ginny is a fabulous candidate and a wonderful person.

    If anyone wants to help out on the campaign, our volunteer form is here: (Sorry for the long URL!)

  5. thechangeling 5

    In the photo she looks a bit like kiwi actress Antonia Prebble, with that bright shiny face! Nice background indeed! Goodluck and I hope she gets rid of old Dunne and dusted in Ohariu!

  6. finbar 6

    Way to go.

  7. Philj 7

    Sure Ohariu Greens will do the right thing to oust Dunne. I think Peter gets support from the Chinese community as I’ve seen his mugshot advertised in a local Chinese paper. I now realise why Chinese tend to vote for Right wingers.

  8. Chooky 8

    Bill Andersen was a very impressive New Zealand trade unionist advocate for workers rights …if Ginny is as good as her ancestor was she will be great !…(completely the opposite of Dunne)

    Bill Andersen had a cool head, was quiet, determined and articulate…Arnold Pickmere described him thus: ” for many workers, this usually quietly spoken man seemed one of the few union secretaries who had their interests at heart – a humble, unyielding, honest person loyal to his principles

    …For many years he was president of the Auckland Trades Council. At the time of his death he was president of the National Distribution Union and leader of the Socialist Party of Aotearoa, formed after he left the Socialist Unity Party.

    Former Federation of Labour leader Sir Tom Skinner summed up Bill Andersen in 1991: “You always knew where he was coming from. Bill never stuck a knife in your back. It was always from the front and you could see it coming … an honest and sincere approach.”. (lol)


    • Bill Andersen was a great trade unionist – staunch. Maligned and hated by the Tories, but then anything “union” is hated by the neo-libs. It would be great to see a change in Ohariu.
      Dunne, Done, Dung!

    • Rosie 8.2

      +1 Chooky.

      One of the first things I learnt about Ginny Anderson was that she was Bill Anderson’s neice, which was reassuring and I thought, well if she’s anything like her Uncle she’ll have Dunne sorted out in no time!

      Dunne may be a tough nut to crack due to his longevity in Ohariu but there is nothing that tells us he will EASILY win again – too much as changed in these last three years, and it’s no longer smooth sailing for him.

      Feeling kind hopeful………………

      • Chooky 8.2.1

        God yes Rosie !…I will be drinking a glass of champagne the night I hear Dunne has gone

        ….he has been “a fly in the ointment”…this should be on his epitaph

        • Rosie

          Lol, Chooky. I’ll have to pace myself on the bubbly, but it will definitely be on standby in the fridge. Dunne’s demise will be celebrated, but the Big One is the ousting of the Key Govt on 20th September. I’m already excited about that day and it’s only May.

          I’d like to know what’s going on in other electorates too! Any changes in the wind out there?

          • Chooky

            …a special glass on Dunne and the rest of the bottle plus delicious nibbles on the NACTs going!!!…i am normally a one to two glass person but this night i will over- indulge …any hangovers will be worth it

            ….sniffing the air out here and talking to one or two non NACTS ….i think there is change in the air and a turning point in optimism has been reached…even the Nacts I think are open to change

            …TIME FOR A CHANGE ..

  9. Murray Olsen 9

    The extract from her biography is slightly short on detail. Apart from the bit about Bill Andersen, it could have been written for Paula Bennett. This post gives me no idea whether she is any sort of break from neoliberalism, whether she is in favour of more state houses, whether she means we already operate on a level playing field when she mentions equal opportunity. I suppose she doesn’t mention dragging sick people down off their roofs, but it is all very generic and fails to inspire me.

    • Chooky 9.1

      Bill Andersen should inspire you!….and the fact that she is proud of him…says it all!

      ( i am sure she stands for what he stood for )

      • Murray Olsen 9.1.1

        Not really into leadership cults, thanks. I certainly wasn’t inspired when Bill Andersen kicked the Waitangi Action Committee out of the Trade Union Centre. Working for the police and as a Wellington bureaucrat don’t actually inspire me a lot either. I suppose some of us are just hard to please, but then I don’t vote in Ohariu anyway.

    • There’s a more detailed bio on Ginny’s Facebook page, Murray:

    • Chooky 9.3

      @ Murray Olsen..(in addition to above post and Stephanie Rogers reference)

      “A public servant, I have a strong understanding of the mechanics of government, with particular expertise in the development of policy and legislation for Maori, Pacific and ethnic minority groups in New Zealand. I have an MA with Distinction in Political Science. Currently employed by the NZ Police I have previously worked as a Crown Negotiator in Treaty settlements and as a Private Secretary and Ministerial Adviser in Parliament.
      As an active member of the Manifesto Committee, Policy Council and Women’s Council I understand the value of members and sector groups contributing to policy development. I have been a campaign manager and learned the importance of striving to increase the party vote. My experience has taught me the value of the Party and the Caucus communicating effectively and working together.”

      Sounds pretty good to me!

  10. Philj 10

    Hi Rosie,
    When and where is PPO ‘s next meeting?

    • Rosie 10.1

      Hi Philj.

      There isn’t a date for one as yet. When events and meetings are planned I’ll always leave a message on Open Mike, for a couple of days. If you live in the area you will see signs up around the place advertising a time and place. The last meeting was about the Employment Relations Amendment Act, where we had some great speakers from the CTU, First Union, SWFU and NZNO – that one I advertised on the community notices on Radio Active, as well as the methods above.

      Ginny Anderson attended that one. From what she had to say you knew there was no mistaking where her loyalties lie

  11. fisiani 11

    Ginny Anderson is probably well meaning but when placed in an unwinnable seat and not a rainbow warrior destined for the top of the list it is risable to call her a rising star. Expecting a mother of a one month old baby to be an active campaigner is not fair on her baby. If only The Cunliffe had the mana to tell Trev to stand aside she could be the next MP for Hutt South.

    • mac1 11.1



      provoking laughter through being ludicrous.

      “a risible scene of lovemaking in a tent”
      synonyms: laughable, ridiculous, absurd, comical, comic, amusing, funny, chucklesome, hilarious, humorous, droll, entertaining, diverting, farcical, slapstick, silly, facetious, ludicrous, hysterical, uproarious, riotous, side-splitting, zany, grotesque;

      Now what has been happening in NZ politics recently to deserve those epithets?

    • Rosie 11.2

      🙄 @fisiani

    • Chooky 11.3

      @ fisiani…maybe the Father will look after the baby….maybe they will both look after the baby…after-all breastfeeding in Parliament has been done before by Ruth Richardson and others

      Trev is going well ….lets leave him as MP for Hutt South and attack dog for Labour

      …i know you want Labour and the Left to WIN!

    • It’s really inappropriate for you to make snide, conscending judgements about the welfare of Ginny’s child. It’s a boring, obvious, sexist tactic.

      Peter Dunne’s majority was only just over 1,000 at the last election, and a lot has happened in the past three years. Ohariu is a very winnable electorate and Ginny is a fantastic candidate for Labour.

      • Tracey 11.4.1

        he also objects to paid parental leave so try and reconcile that

        • Pete George

          “he also objects to paid parental leave so try and reconcile that”

          Are you referring to Dunne? If so you’re wrong, he supports Sue Moroney’s bill – his vote is giving it a majority – and UF policy is for double, 12 months paid parental leave.

          I think Ginnie Andersen looks potentially to be a reasonable candidate and anything could happen in Ohariu, it’s wide open, but no matter how good she is much will depend on the National and Green approaches.

          We’ll see how well she’s rated in Labour when they put out their list.

        • Rosie

          Lol Tracey, when I saw Fisiani’s comment I was going to ask “well, I guess you support extending Paid Parental Leave then?” but I do have a policy of NOT responding to those that dwell upon the river banks. Glad you cleared that one up for me!

      • Rosie 11.4.2

        +1 on both points Stephanie

    • Tracey 11.5


      a cry rarely heard from this government unless by think they mean dismiss

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