Hager Hit & Run and NZ’s Asian wars

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Nicky Hager will talk about his book Hit and Run, and the issues it raises about New Zealand’s values and role in the world at 5:30pm on Wednesday 7th June at Connolly Hall, Guildford Terrace, Wellington.

The book is about important and tragic events, but equally is about the incoherence of New Zealand fighting it’s longest ever war in Central Asia. This talk is particularly timely in view of this week’s visit of the American Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Nicky Hager is the co-author of Hit and Run, his seventh book. It is a Fabian society event. If you would like to attend, please register here.

13 comments on “Hager Hit & Run and NZ’s Asian wars”

  1. upnorth 1

    I will not be attending

    • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1

      Wise decision: it would be well out of your comfort zone. Find some nice reality television with Milo and slippers instead.

  2. Anne 2

    @ Mike Smith
    Any possibility of a video that could be posted here for those of us who don’t live in Wellington?

    • exkiwiforces 2.1

      I’ll second that as well as don’t live in NZ atm. If I was town I would’ve pop in to say g’day as I would’ve had chance to ask some questions toNicky and to you Mike about your relation who flew Vilderbeasts/ Vincent’s out of Singapore during war.

  3. Rightly or Wrongly 3

    First run timed with Key leaving Parliament.

    Now second run at publicity to time with the Sec of State coming to NZ?

    No one could accuse Hagar of missing an opportunity to make a buck.

    I wonder if he has reached the break even point in book sales yet?

    Apart from a few faithful I suspect recent events in the UK will depress any vague residual interest there may be in his book – I wonder if he has book 2 timed for August release?

    • greywarshark 3.1

      sounds right or wrong that you consider Hager a smart cookie, not one of those leftie muppets that Gnashionals set up as cardboard targets.

    • fender 3.2

      “Apart from a few faithful I suspect recent events in the UK will depress any vague residual interest there may be in his book”

      Callous. So you think people (other than “faithful”) will have forgotten or have little interest in the murder of innocent civilians (one was only three years old ) because of the murder of more innocent civilians elsewhere?

    • Wainwright 3.3

      It’s the Fabians, hardly a gig a the Cake Tin.

    • Mrs Brillo 3.4

      Anyone who thinks New Zealand writers ply their trade for the money has never talked to an author, a bookseller or a publisher. You earn more scrubbing dunnies in a care home.

    • reason 3.5

      No one could accuse ‘rightly or wrongly’ of having the slightest concern about New Zealand troops killing three year old children …..

      Or for any other children that suffer pain, trauma and death…. in the u.s.a wars of false pretenses, that gutsy national politicians always get blood lust for ….. and sign NZ up like eager little war criminal s.

      Just Like you RoW ….. they have no concern for the victims

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkuonQCw_jg …. terrible acting for the first 1 min 25 secs by a nazi …. and a good look at the nazis NZ is supporting at 4 mins 45 secs approx .

      Nicky Hager is a good man…… who seems to be hated by those who look like dirt in comparison to him.

      His decency shames the likes of Key, slater , farrar etc … and brings out the anger in the uglies.

  4. Wainwright 4

    Date should be 7 June.

  5. Ed 5

    Jon Stephenson speaking in Auckland on Saturday 17 June 3:00pm – 5:00pm

    ‘Investigative journalist and Hit and Run co-author Jon Stephenson speaks about the SAS raid that killed six civilians and injured 15 others, about the government and military’s response to the allegations in the book, and his recent trip to Afghanistan.
    Q & A session follows the main talk.’


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