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Hone goes under cover of earthquake

Written By: - Date published: 4:09 pm, February 22nd, 2011 - 47 comments
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With everyone quite rightly focussed on the destruction in Christchurch, the Maori Party have kicked out Hone Harawira and cancelled his membership.

The Te Tai Tokerau part of the Maori Party were already angry over a lot of things, most recently their not being told when this disciplinary meeting was – meaning they couldn’t attend, and the leaking of Te Ururoa Flavell’s caustic condemnation of his surely now ex-friend.  This must be breaking point for them.

Was it really mana-enhancing to not hold off on this until at least the immediate aftermath of the quake is over?

[Bunji: membership not cancelled yet – the Herald were a bit quick on that!]

47 comments on “Hone goes under cover of earthquake ”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    This politics stuff is really dirty shit.

    I suppose Mai Chen has advised the Mp that they can do this within the rules of their constitution. Every sign that due process has not been followed though, which means the decision is not likely to stand.

  2. Bright Red 2

    technically, he’s not gone just yet. The National Committee will be deciding tomorrow based on the Disputes Tribunal’s recommendations.

    But, yeah, he’s gone.

  3. Carol 3

    Hmmm. At the WINZ demo today a couple of speakers mentioned Hone. One guy (who was later arrested) said he was part Maori and supported Hone’s stand for working class Maori. sue Bradford added some supporting comments for Hone. A speaker from unite said now was the time for all groups to unite together, including with Hone and his supporters, and stand up for our rights.

  4. Shane Gallagher 4

    The Maori Party certainly have been learning well the lessons of their new friends in the National Party…

    Well, they think they have, but I am guessing the activists will be spitting tacks when word gets out.

    Cue end of Maori Party and start of new party under Hone’s leadership.

  5. Jim MacDonald 5

    opportunistically kicking hone out.
    political karma will bite. matter of time.

    captcha: consequence

  6. They haven’t kicked Hone out – simply recommended that the Maori Party’s National Committee do so (it is the only body that can take this action). But, as I’ve noted over at Pundit (and Mike Smith subsequently echoed on this site), the National Committee has to make its decisions by consensus … and there are up to 4 members from Hone’s Te Tai Tokerau electorate on the National Committee. So any one of those members (or a member from any other electorate) could stymie this by saying “no”.

    May not be game over just yet.

    • Jim MacDonald 6.1

      Ah ok. In transition through chaotic airports.
      Downloading (very slowly) news other than Chch earthquake.

  7. Tiger Mountain 7

    Whatever the outcome, Hone has valuably exposed the reality and contradictions of an ethnic based political party operating in a class based society.

    Were it so easy for hard lefties to demonstrate the similar dead end of reformist (all class, collaborationist) parties.

  8. toad 8

    Kia kaha, Hone!

    As a Pakeha, it is hard for me to say this as I don’t think Pakeha should normally voice opinions on Maori politics. But I am proud that you, who I have worked with in political struggle for many years, have not gone down the kupapa path that it appears your soon to be erstwhile colleagues are treading.

    Kia ora! Kia kaha! Ka whawhai tonu matou!

    • the sprout 8.1

      hear hear

    • With respect, that’s a bit precious, toad. We’re all, as NZers, entitled to an opinion on issues affecting Maori just as we can have them on issues affecting other groups of which we may not be a part (beneficiaries, for example). Because what’s done to one, or by one, affects us all.

      If you’re talking decision making then I’d agree with you, in the majority of cases… but again with a rider for decisions made by Maori about Maori issues but which affect others (if, say, they decided to build a great big belching coal-fired power station on Maori land).

      As for your message to Hone: hear hear! Anyone who will not bend when expected to trade their fundamental beliefs for political advancement is worthy of admiration.

      • QoT 8.2.1

        We’re all, as NZers, entitled to an opinion on issues affecting Maori

        While this is absolutely true it’s also fair to acknowledge that a shitload of Pakeha’s opinions are not going to be particularly well-informed nor formed from personal experience and knowledge. (My own included.)

        • toad

          Um, QoT, Rex used to work with Lhaws.

          He despises Lhaws now, probably as much as you and I do,

          But, unfortunately, bigotry is an infectious disease that takes a long time to recover from it. I’m not sure Rex is quite there yet. But I give him credit – he is working on it, and usually doing well.

          • nadis

            Sanctimonious git?

            I’m sure Rex appreciates your condescension. If only we could all think properly like the Greens. Catherine Delahunty is my role model.

          • Rex Widerstrom

            To quote another well known bigot, “please explain”… in this case how my holding an opinion about an issue affecting Maori, even if that opinion happens to favour the Maori perspective on the issue, makes me a bigot.

            With special reference to how, as the father of two part-Maori children, I have no right to an opinion on matters that may affect their destiny as proud Maori/Pakeha NZers.

            Off you go…

            And FYI, I never “worked with” Lhaws. He inhabited an office on the same floor. Occasionally I’d receive a message through Sarah Neems that something or other was expected of me. The answer would always be the same, and not repeatable here. So please don’t imply there was ever a time I approved of, did anything to promote, Lhaws’ policies and attitudes.

            I despised him well before he joined NZF which was why, when Winston announced he was coming across, I opposed it from the outset and was one of the few people to act against him (by travelling to Hawkes Bay to talk to people about the scandal that was going on there) and thus preciptated my eventual demise. Not looking for a medal, but accuracy would be nice.

        • Rex Widerstrom

          Acknowledged QoT. Sadly, and somewhat angrily (at the state of uninformedness, not at you!), but acknowledged nonetheless. Though I’d hope that an uniformed opinion (provided not an expression of bigotry) would still be welcomed by Maori as an opportunity to engage and educate, so your opinion becomes better informed. “Shut up, honky,” OTOH, which toad seems to consider the appropriate attitude, if not response, isn’t likely to advance anyone’s understanding.

          • QoT

            I don’t mean to accuse you of derailing, Rex, but this link about sums up the problems with that.

            Maori don’t have a duty to sit down and try to get through to every single racist Pakeha they meet in their daily lives. A lot have probably tried and got fed up and yeah, now prefer to just tell people who demand 101-level education in race relations to fuck off, because on top of all the other stresses and oppressions and general shit they get for being Maori, having to play Patient Calm Rational Credit To Their Race is just not on the cards.

            • Rex Widerstrom

              Yeah I agree… I specifically exclude all opinions prefaced by “The trouble with youse Marris…” and everything of a similar ilk. I truly don’t know how Maori don’t resort to throttling that type.

      • kultur 8.2.2

        Have to say though – pragmatism reaches into the culture of our maori brethren as well – fact is Hone regards us white guys as mofos – and colonial usurpers – he wouldnt want to racially mix with any of us – and he would be anti his whanau marrying our children … i mean – he even said it.

        Hone is a bigot – a racist and basically a rogue item … but he could be (now im being pragmatic like the rest of the bastards…) the key to derailing the nact-maori party cabal once and for all.

        Maori are crucial for all of us – but Hone is only a means to an end – he is a short term solution and then should be discarded as he deserves to live out his life as a well paid commentator padding his income with the taxpayers benevolence …. and of course being terribly cultural as he does it …

        Dame Whina Cooper – now there was someone you could respect …

    • kultur 8.3

      Of course pakeha should voice opinions on maori politics … we dont live in an apartheid system and it is undemocratic to consider that we should not have a voice.

      I think it is also unwise to ascribe terms such as kupapa dating from the maori wars into a 21st century setting. I suspect that the maori we deal with today have a good deal of understanding that now transcends the paradigms of the 19th century.

      Maori need to stop behaving like some privileged caste system and instead support democratic process that is not based on race….

      • QoT 8.3.1

        You know there’s a difference between “white people can never ever ever talk about brown people issues” and “white people sometimes need to shut the fuck up about shit they don’t know anything about”, right?

        • kultur

          Actually QoT im brown and have whakapapa to die for … so perhaps you need to take your own advice matey potatey … and i’ll leave you to read your own statements to that effect

          However i do forgive you for your sin of presumption … you are excused for your ignorance and assumptions …

          And just by the by fella me lad QoT .. i am of the same Iwi and Hapu as Hone – pays not to presume … who are you calling white bro …???

          • Adele

            Teenaa koe, kultur

            I also have whakapapa to die for, and your words merely indicate that you have been successfully assimilated into the borg collective / the majority / kuupapa opinion.

          • QoT

            who are you calling white bro

            Not you, actually, it was a statement of basic principle. I, as a white woman (but not a bro, sorry), acknowledge that white people do not in general have the experience or knowledge to make informed statements on Maori culture, and I think that’s it’s a bit rich acting like that statement is akin to apartheid. Because … no, not really.

  9. Todd 9

    I second that Toad.

    I wonder what else will be snuck in under the radar so to speak. It has certainly taken the focus of the Beemers and Benefit bashing.

    • Carol 9.1

      TV3 news has just interrupted its quake coverage to do a bit on Hone by Patrick Gower, who ended saying Hone would end up sitting next to Chris Carter – I think he meant it as a a slur.

      • Draco T Bastard 9.1.1

        I think he meant it as a a slur.

        That’s what it seemed like to me as well.

      • toad 9.1.2

        And if that happens, I’m confident the Greens will deliver Hone’s proxy vote too. It is a matter of democratic principle.

        I have to say it would have been a big dead rat for the Greens to swallow if David Garrett had decided to stay in Parliament and sought a Green proxy after resigning from ACT. But the democratic principle of MPs being able to vote on behalf of those they represent is more important than party politics.

        Captcha (it really was unfortunate, in the context): “bought”!

      • QoT 9.1.3

        I thought he was pitching a hilarious new odd-couple show.

      • kultur 9.1.4

        Coming from the most unphotogenic man in NZ complete with speech impediment … it may well have been a slur …

        But thats what you do when you are a media darling …

        • Marty G

          Don’t be hard on paddy. he’s a good journo. especially when chasing a good story

          • kultur

            Gower is a hack in my opinion – unpracticed and with limited polish or class … he has proved time after time to follow the suck on “keys and nationals dick” line … but thats only the impression i’ve been given from viewing and hearing him.

            NZ media seem to love Key and the neo liberal line … they seem to have an automatic disdain and loathing switch for phil goff and the Left ….

            Gower is not a good journo in my opinion – he is a talking head with various attempts at different and flattering lighting … and being made visible (god help us all) makes you – well – visible and supposedly credible … look what its done for key – i mean if i met key on the street i wouldnt give him the steam off my shit … but hell – women and men in the street seem to want to whip their knickers off and throw them into his BMW in adoration.

            Just a bunch of dumbfucks i guess we all are …

            no accounting for taste is there … vote Labour – if you really want to … if not just keep fucking whinging and moaning … and be prepared to be reamed up the ass for another 10 years or more … “oh but that nice mr key was so good during the earthquake … yeah right” time to get cynical boys and girls and wake up to these pricks once and for all….

      • Jum 9.1.5

        Patrick Gower is no friend of the Left.

        I think Hone will have more freedom to speak.

        • Marty G

          he’s former young labour, apparently. but that doesn’t mean he won’t put getting a story first

          • Carol

            Gower an ex-Young Labourite? Ah, that kind of explains something for me. I have been a bit uncertain about Gower’s political position. (In contrast Garner is an out-and-out Key-Nat fanboy). Gower seems to slip along the political spectrum in his reports, being more right wing sometimes, and showing some understanding of (or even empathy for) left views at other times.

            I guess working for a media corporate and fitting in with their kinds of brief and ratings imperatives will be likely to push a journo rightwards.

        • ianmac

          Patrick certainly has a funny pronunciation of “Maori.” Some people are “Marries.”

      • Lew 9.1.6

        Not that independents generally sit on the cross benches, together?


  10. kultur 10

    Yes – everyone is focussed on the earthquake – and that will be used by many now as an excuse to do all sorts of things. Political expediency is the order of the day – whether its shoring up bids for mayoralty – negative issues relating to your position as prime minister – and ensuring that the fawning ready to drool media focus on things that keep peoples mind on anything other than what happens in everyday life for others and the wider issues that affect all of us not just one group of people. Its called using others misery to keep attention off other important matters. Political whoredom and expediency are other terms as well…

    Christchurch has served Key well before – so has Pike River – South Canterbury Finance was a great coup for the moneyed elite …. Hone Harawira is the new Hone Heke – and i damn well hope he chops down the flagpole of the Maori Party and the smug Nact sycophants and burns their dreams and aspirations into ashes in their mouths. Maori are the key to retaining sovereignty and access to our country (despite Eru whatsisname who is the wellpaid lapdog of the New Citizen beijing driven party – he is just a whore for money … common to all cultures)

    We need to understand – the new breed of politician on the right is a pragmatist – they adopt a “lie for you and wait” attitude … they dont care about right or wrong .. and even some on the left unwittingly support them by becoming commentators and “serious thinkers of the left” – the darlings of some on the right who just get off on flirting with common decency and humanity (its a fad and a fashion – but hey its exciting for them … they will give up on it when it becomes – well … boring dahling )

  11. deemac 11

    how can people be impressed by how HH has handled this? He had great points to make about what the MP leaders have done but instead of using them to build a political platform he has flounced about like a prima donna, shooting his mouth off and generally looking petulant – the MP leadership are not the only ones who have had meetings and not told the other side etc. And if there is any truth at all in what Flavell alleged about Hone’s ambitions it’s extremely damaging to his credibility.
    If he’s your great left hope, god help you.

    • Colonial Viper 11.1

      During the formation of the Govt its quite likely that the Mp caucus and party pulled together over promises made by Key, Sharples, Turia over what influence the Mp would have and what it would be allowed accomplish.

      Over time Hawawira found that the reality was not matching the promise. In an extreme fashion.

      Did Harawira angle for a Ministerial post at the outset. It wouldn’t be surprising. He could have used it as part of the internal negotiations leading to the supporting NAT.

      If he’s your great left hope, god help you.

      There is no single saviour for the Left. I hope everyone gets that. It needs to be a team approach and Harawira could be formidable as part of such a team.

      • Crashcart 11.1.1

        Unfortunatly he could also be a beath blow. There are enough uninformed racists in this country that if Hone were to team up with the left they would see it as pandering to the radicle. Sorry but that won’t help win an election.

  12. deemac 12

    Hone as part of a team? Now that IS a funny thought!

  13. Hone has moved on


    I’ve stated on OpenMike that Hone will be a great independent but now is the time to begin building an alternative maori party to oppose the rightwing agenda of the current lot – they have turned to the dark side and cannot be trusted.

  14. richard bartlett 14

    I have never understood how The Maori Party, in its present form, could ever survive, given that history demonstrates that all alliances between disparate groups, simply working together to defeat a common enemy are doomed to splinter once that defeat has been achieved.
    Any such alliance whose basic common denominator is race will feature all manner of opinion across a broad spectrum of philosophy and political thought.
    That they might actually progress (even for the good of the majority) and further their interests in the long term, through the daily cut and thrust of parliamentary life is highly unlikely, not to say impossible. For this reason alone, this split in the party was forseen, and fortold the day after it was formed.

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  • Champions of Pacific education rewarded in Queen’s Birthday Honours
    Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio said the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours list show that across Aotearoa New Zealand there were many champions of Pacific education. “Education is so vital to the success of Pacific people that it’s truly fitting that a number of educators have been honoured this ...
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    1 week ago
  • PM congratulates Queen’s Birthday Honours recipients
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has added her congratulations to the New Zealanders recognised for their contributions to their communities and the country in the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours List. “This group represents decades of services across many areas, and those honoured highlight how many New Zealanders are going above and ...
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    1 week ago
  • Change of status for Rangiriri kura
    A change of status for Te Kura o Rangiriri sees it become a designated character school within the Māori-medium network, Associate Minister of Education Kelvin Davis announced today. “This kura has been providing Māori immersion learning since 2003 in the historic town of Rangiriri, so I’m delighted that it is ...
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    1 week ago
  • APEC trade ministers’ unite on COVID-19 vaccine steps and rejuvenating the WTO
    APEC trade ministers today committed to speeding up the cross-border flow of vaccines and related goods to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This followed the completion of the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting chaired by Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor early this morning. “As we face the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Further consultation for Melville schools
    Formal consultation is set to begin on specific options for the future of schooling in South West Hamilton, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says. “Recent engagement has shown that the schools and community want a change to Year 7-13 schooling for the area.  “I am now asking the Boards of Melville ...
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    1 week ago
  • Primary schoolkids dig trees for Arbor Day
    A new Arbor Day initiative announced by Forestry Minister Stuart Nash will see thousands of primary school children get the chance to plant native trees in their communities. The initiative is open to more than 2,400 primary schools. It is a partnership between Te Uru Rākau/NZ Forest Service and the ...
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    1 week ago
  • NZ Upgrade Programme kept on track
    The Government is increasing its investment in the New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZUP) to support New Zealand’s economic recovery. Over two thirds of the projects will proceed as announced despite increased costs due to COVID, with modifications being made to others. “NZUP is already supporting over 1,000 jobs with 13 ...
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    1 week ago