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It’s been amusing to watch the right wing propagandists scurrying around looking for any tiny piece of information to use against left wing commentators in an attempt to bolster their own inadequacies.

Not only do we have despicable people like Cameron Slater claiming that they’ve won in the High Court when they clearly haven’t, we also still have to put up with the spin-doctoring of idiots like David Farrar and Matthew Hooton who seem determined to carry on like the Dirty Politics saga never happened.

Hooton, who is perhaps the most deluded and deceitful right winger out there, has recently been mocking The Daily Blog and The Standard for not publishing the Jason Ede files. He’s claiming that if these blogs don’t produce the goods then there probably aren’t any Jason Ede communications with the National party attack bloggers at all.

Here’s a few of Hooton’s tweets to that effect:

Unfortunately for the moronic Matthew Hooton we already know that there are communications between Jason Ede and National’s attack bloggers…not just because Nicky Hager outlines it in his groundbreaking book, Dirty Politics, but also because the Prime Minister has confirmed that Ede was directly briefing David Farrar and Cameron Slater on ways to attack the opposition.

On August 18, the NZ Herald reported:

John Key: Ede ‘briefing the bloggers’

Prime Minister John Key says a staff member has been “briefing the bloggers” but has distanced himself from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, saying: “He’s not my guy.”

The comments on Radio New Zealand this morning come after Nicky Hager’s new book, Dirty Politics, revealed Mr Key’s close adviser Jason Ede had worked with bloggers Slater and David Farrar on “attack politics”.

Asked if he was aware that Mr Ede was running a dirty tricks campaign from his office, Mr Key said: “He’s been briefing bloggers, and of course he briefs people on the right, just as people I’m sure in the Labour leadership, over the years, have briefed people on the left.”

So where does that leave Hooton’s claim that there are no Jason Ede communications? Not only is Hooton a bold faced liar, he has such a weak grasp of reality that he would argue against something that is clearly factual.

The Jason Ede files obviously exist and whether they’re produced before or after the election by the media, the government or Rawshark will say a lot about our democracies functionality.

lprent: I’m glad that the Jackal cleared that up for me. I was wondering what in the hell one of those tweets was about.

The files were sent to some journalists in the mainstream media. David Fisher and someone else is what I heard. We don’t have a copy of them.

Matthew Hooton is simply lying when he is suggesting that we have them. I guess that either he is simply making crap up or he is a gullible fool. But I guess that lying for pay is his profession, so who would know? He works in Public Relations

32 comments on “Jackal: Spin Hooton spin”

  1. Someone on Twitter noted (I haven’t checked myself) that David Fisher hasn’t had a byline up on the Herald site in a week – suggesting that maybe he’s still speed-reading his way through some emails, say.

    • emergency mike 1.1

      Matthew Hooton says…… [Bullshit red flag]

      Matthew Hooton says “My sources say……”, “I’ve heard rumours that…..” [Bullshit mountain]

  2. Tracey 2

    Hooton is quite a horrid person. In some ways worse than slater because slater seems so proud of his tactics he doesnt deny thm.

    Hooton wears a suit and has nice offices and masquerades as a decent person with opposing politics to mine. That makes him worse because not only is he lying and conniving and is pretending he isnt.

    He is paid more to lie than Hager has probably been paid to expose the truth.

    Sent anyone elses street names to people wanting to harm those who have exposed you Hooton?

    • geoff 2.1

      Hooton had a ‘moment of clarity’ on RadioLive when he gushed out the truth about the National party but unfortunately that moment quickly passed and he has now slipped back into the sludge.

      • David H 2.1.1

        Sorry to say Geoff But that moment of Clarity probably came out of a scotch (or what ever his poison is) Bottle.

  3. adam 3

    Silly question, but didn’t Hooton admit he was back on the wagon? If that is the case, should he not take sometime to get himself together? I thought best practice was to get yourself away from the triggers for at least 90 days.

    I disagree with you method of politics Mathew, I also think you’re an ideological hack.

    But, as you are a human being – this destructive, repetitive behaviour – will end you – I hope you can see that, get some help.

    • left for dead 3.1

      A good comment their my old friend.also I think he starting to feel the lack of relevance,his behavior must have put him offside with a lot of his colleges.Get some help Matthew .

  4. redfred 4

    Anyone notice the time on the first tweet above 4:05 AM – 13 Sep 2014
    4 in the morning? Perhaps we need go easy he has admitted to his alcohol problem and a tweet at 4am smells a bit topshelf

  5. ianmac 5

    I never thought that either The Standard or the Daily Blog had any copies of the Emails. Bradbury just suggested to the journalists who did have them, that they better publish soon because if one of them doesn’t, one of the others will.
    Mind you if David Fisher is taking a week to check his facts won’t that be a first given the speed with he and his Herald mates published stuff about Liu within minutes of receiving and OIA.

  6. Tigger 6

    My sources tell me [random fact about Hooten’s anatomy].

    See. It’s vile.

  7. BLiP 7

    Hooton is like the EverReady Bunny of spin, the only time he stops is to lie. As well as staying up until 4am to work the social media, he was bright-eyed and as fluent as ever spinning and lying his way through the panel discussion on this morning’s Nation.

    As well as forwarding the line that Cunliffe lacks authenticity and “pretends to speak passionately”, Hooton sought to inject the lie that Labour had abdandoned its concern for child proverty because the shadow budget only addressed the income needs of the elderly. And so it went on, Hooton spinning more and more furiously until reaching his climax when the subject of John Key’s lying about the GSCB came up. As well as telling everyone that Glenn Greenwald’s work can be ignored on the basis that Mr Greenwald keeps company with “extreme left wing individuals” and, of course, the current sobriquet National Ltd™ is trying to stick on Kim Dotcom, “criminals”. Hooton went on to dismiss the mass spying on his fellow New Zealanders and our country’s so-called international friends as of less consequence than the “violation” of Cameron Slater’s privacy. At that stage, the other members of the panel burst out laughing. In most cases, that would give the speaker cause to reflect, but not for Hooton. The ad homs and false equivalences were flying through the air as he went into full flow dissemination mode feeding out new and supplementing existing bullshit to be used by the players and minions working in John Key’s Dirty Ops Network as Monday draws near. The current spin being put about by Hooton for those wanting to defend John Key’s lies comes down to an exercise in semnatic gymnastics pirouetting about the word “wholesale”. This “out”, apparently, negates the fact that the spying on New Zealanders has been “massive and indiscriminate”. Heh! Good luck with that.

    • Paul 7.1

      After Dirty Politics, I would like to know how TV3 justify him having a job on their panel.

    • emergency mike 7.2

      Yes I also noticed Hooton trying to act like Key was oh so clever to use the word ‘wholesale’. Next we’ll hear form Key that, why of course we collect that data, how else can we do our job protecting you from the turrists? And everybody already knew that anyway, nothing to see here, Labour does it too, at the end of the day, ackshully, most New Zealanders would agree…

    • Michael 7.3

      Because he can be guaranteed to spin and smear for the Nats and their big business friends. If Hooton was a decent human being he wouldn’t be in his line of business along with Slater, Graham, Lusk and co.

  8. vto 8

    he reminds me of snot

    • McFlock 8.1

      lol nah
      snot has redeeming qualities – occasionally it’s green, and it stops the lungs picking up muck instead of oxygen. Hooten doesn’t deserve to be called “snot”.

  9. Weepus beard 9

    He’s a liar alright. In one of those tweets he said, “it’s now 2:30pm”, when the time stamp clearly said 2:29pm.


  10. Weepus beard 10

    [Restored so that the nesting is not mucked up – MS]

  11. alwyn 11

    As this post says
    “Yeah right…. Perhaps he should ask before making a fool of himself.”

    No Mathew has been corrupted. He is following the Nicky Hager line where when person A sends an e-mail to person B, which says something about person C you simply regurgitate it as if it is true. Don’t bother asking the person C whether there is any truth in what someone else said about you.

    If it is good enough for Hager I suppose Mathew thinks it is good enough for everyone.

    lprent. There seems to be something funny going on for where comments are being inserted. This seems to have jumped in out of place.

  12. Saarbo 12

    I don’t want to be horrible but I don’t think Matthew Hooten is very well at the moment, possibly even less well than Cameron Slater.

    Or perhaps this is a pre-requisite for right wing bloggers.

  13. infused 13

    So where are they?


    • Bill 13.1

      You do understand the difference between email/facebook communications and telephone conversations, yes? And you have read the book, and so understand the statement within the book that most communication between Ede and Slater was by phone? Assuming you understand the above, I’ll take it you’re also aware that Ede essentially fucked up by communicating with Slater via different gmail accounts over the Labour Party computer hack, and that it was those communications that Hager got a hold of.

      Hmm…but why (assuming you ‘get’ all that) did you ask such a stupid fucking question?


  14. mickysavage 14

    TBH my dealings with Matthew suggest a keen intellect, a set of principles (completely different to our own) and a desire to express his beliefs. While almost all of the time I will disagree with him at least I prefer that the debate is with him, rather than with John Key who will bend the English language to make it sound like he is one of ours. At least with Matthew you know what the opposition position really is.

    • Kat 14.1

      Agree Micky….Hooton is definitely a media sanitised version of Slater.

      Same court, ball and racket though…..

    • Sans Cle 14.2

      I agree (only from listening to him). At least he wears his stripes on his chest, his ideological and partisan position is very clear, and whether you agree with it or not, he does not hide behind an assumed impartiality that so many others in MSM do. What you see is what you get.
      On the other hand, if true that he revealed personal details to the reprehensible Cactus e.g. Hager’s address, then that’s a different kettle of fish.

      • Rich 14.2.1

        People will do what the pack is doing though.

        Cactus Kate’s comments about teachers ‘rooting up a storm’ is this in action, and I think a lovely insight into the thinking of the elite (because it’s very, very unlikely to be her idea).

  15. Gosman 15

    I believe he is suggesting you don’t have them. He reported a far-left source suggesting The Standard did have them but it is clear from his tone in his tweets that he thought this was nonsense. Essentially this post is just confirming Matthew Hooton’s views. I do find is funny you are attacking Hooton on this point as he is probably the left’s biggest ally from the right over the Dirty politics saga.

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