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Jian Yang announces retirement so he can spend more time with his family

Written By: - Date published: 11:06 am, July 10th, 2020 - 54 comments
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Can I ask National to slow down the bad news as I am trying to do some work.

But this is very significant, Jian Yang, he with impeccable Chinese Communist Party links and of formidable fundraising ability, has announced that he is is retiring from politics.  He is joining a surging of exodus of MPs including Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley among others.

From the Herald:

National MP Jian Yang has announced he will retire from politics after the election.

His tenure as an MP has been clouded with questions over his links to Chinese spy agencies and his studies at Chinese military institutions. Yang has always said these associations are above board.

“After careful consideration and talking to my wife and children, I have decided, that after serving three most rewarding terms in the National Party caucus, I will not stand in the 2020 general election,” Yang said in a statement this morning.

“Accordingly, I have informed the Party President that I should not be considered by the Regional list ranking committee of the Northern Region in its meeting tomorrow, hence my announcement today.”

It seems that more and more National MPs cannot countenance the thought of three more years in opposition.  And this is going to further reinforce the growing impression that National is not representative of the diversity of our country’s population.

Can the last remaining National MP not forget to turn off the National Caucus Room’s lights?

54 comments on “Jian Yang announces retirement so he can spend more time with his family”

  1. ianmac 1

    No doubt Mr Yang will enjoy continued links with his pliable National Party.

  2. RedBaronCV 2

    If he is allowed too. Since he lied on his citizenship application maybe one day veery quietly his passport could be cancelled.

  3. Tiger Mountain 3

    I spy…

    Mr Yang did not exactly reach out to the wider public with his lengthy “radio silence” approach to politics. Perhaps he was there principally as a fundraiser and conduit to Chinese bigwigs.

    One can only imagine the years of pointed commentary we would have endured if the Govt had an ex spy trainer MP in their Parliamentary ranks.

  4. AB 4

    Pressure from 5-eyes 'partners'?

  5. Just Is 5

    Quite telling really, the collapse of confidence in the party by it's own members, how many resignations now, I've only got 10 fingers to count

    The way I see it is that many members of the National Party are very cocerned over their futures, the fallout from all the recent events has put a spotlight on the many underhanded tatics the party has been willing to indulge in.

    Good ridents, I say, Yang should not have been there in first place, exactly who was he representing?

    It's time for the National Party to do a complete rebuild of the party from the ground up, regain credibility… perhaps

    • ianmac 5.1

      Mac 1 said there were 15 resignations – I think?

      • Just Is 5.1.1

        Maybe we'll se a few more after election, lets hope

      • mac1 5.1.2

        I love the prescience of my 'so far'!

        Now to that 15, less Amy Adams coming back, we add two more- Yang and Walker.

        16 out of 55. Now a 29% turnover.

        Who will give me 33%, one third to get the bird?

        On June 29 I wrote "15 announced since 2017 as far as I can see, one resiled; 55 National MPs so 25% turnover in three years…. so far!

        Sarah Dowie, David Carter; Ann Tolley, Paula Bennett, Nicky Wagner, Amy Adams (but resiled);Alastair Scott; Maggie Barry; Jonathan Coleman; Steven Joyce; Bill English; Chris Finlayson; Jami-Lee Ross; Nuk Korako; and Nathan Guy."

        • RosieLee

          It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. Not.

        • the other Jeremy

          I wonder what the odds are on the turnover percentage at end of the term being higher than the party vote percentage they receive?

          • mac1

            If they are higher, then you could bet there'd be another turnover after the election as there was in 2017-18 when English, Joyce, Coleman, Finlayson all left.

            How many three plus termers are left in National who could well leave after another electoral defeat as their families all demand their return back home?

      • greywarshark 5.1.3

        Freudian slip – good 'rodents' I say.

    • Gabby 5.2

      Maybe they're going to move the entire management of Air New Zealand across all at once instead of just dribbling them in.

  6. Crikey! If even the CCP has lost faith in National, surely they're doomed?

    • Just Is 6.1

      Maybe the CCP have changed tact, try to infiltrate the party that is likely to Govern, given the PMs announcement about the investigation into the origins of the virus, and that she's not interested in a whichhunt.

      • woodart 6.1.1

        good point. labour are probably a better fit, long term, than national. bags of cash can go to many recipients.

      • greywarshark 6.1.2

        Hey I'm having fun here, no offence intended as everything is happening too fast to check all and it is funny what the brain tells the fingers, so which hunt would PM Jacinda mean? If it was bats that were the first offenders, we have plenty here!

  7. Janice 7

    I think three terms give him a parliamentary pension, ex MP travel and other perks. Perhaps he is p****ed off because Boag kept him out of her loop, even after all his fund raising activities.

  8. Muttonbird 8

    Muller is having a right old clear-out, isn't he.

  9. Scud 9

    I wonder if he was quietly to told go, because he wasn’t speaking to the English speaking parts of 4th Estate which was making life a bit uncomfortable for the “No Mates Party” IRT the new Security Law In Honkers & or the Spooks finally spoke to “No Mates Party” HQ about his CCP connections and the ramifications that would have down the track if they were to get back in Government some day?

  10. Shona 10

    And this dodgy lying unkiwi kiwi will collect an income from NZ taxpayers for the rest of his poxy parasitic life! 3 terms of snout in trough equals golden handshake parliamentary super. we are so effing stupid!!!!!!

  11. Fireblade 11


    Xièxiè nín de tóngzhì

  12. Tiger Mountain 12

    Leaving Parliament to “spend more time with the missus and kids” means Mr Yang may be quite busy if our glorious ex leader Mr Key is anything to go by-he gave that same explanation when he scarpered.

    John Key has been collecting corporate/banking directorships at a steady rate and popping up in all sorts of forums and golf courses.

  13. "Can I ask National to slow down the bad news as I am trying to do some work."

    Same here @ Mickey. Well not so much work as putting jigsaw puzzles together without the aid of social media, but as someone who has a memory that's not unlike the elephant, and who is reliant on others to point out the short term bits and what goes up on social media (Even 'social media" is MIS-named to my mind – it ain't very social).

    Hopefully!!!, I'm not expected to feel sympathy for Mish, or any other of the gNat casualties that did it all to themselves (Personal responsibility and all that). Couldn't have happened to nicer people.

    For the sake of democracy – we need an opposition, but sure as shit it won't be anything like the current crop, and whatever government (AND its administrative wing) is cobbled together after the election, they might start to realise that life is a far sight easier by just putting it all out there.

    But beware – the dirtiest are still trying to devise ways of bringing it all down – even to the extent of targeting partners. Fuk 'em

    • OnceWasTim 13.1

      Sorry in advance btw, but the most charitable thing I can say about a Boag and her dripping jewels, OR the leopard skin and her worshippers, OR the drummer boy and his worshippers, OR people that claim a membership to the 4th Estate but who fall short in so many ways ,,,, is "Ew!"

      But never mind tho Mish – I think the pension is about $400 or near enough weekly and I can help you with keeping your costumes in good order and your jewels polished if ya like ( for a small fee ). Tell Jenners and Burt too.

  14. Fireblade 14

    • greywarshark 14.1

      Got to watch people in panic mode. They can bite like rabid dogs etc. Keep your distance and remember the children. It is school holidays you know and as Nats seem to be ambivalent about children who aren't their own breed, they might revert to type which is that the biggest take big bites of the smaller and less aggressive breeds.

  15. logie97 15

    Just saying …

    Isn't Jamie Lee-Ross having an "unintended" day in court over the fundraising/donations from members of the community… perhaps there may be a connection?


    "Ross, Zhang Yikun, Zheng Shijia, Zheng Hengjia were charged with electoral fraud in February after a 10-month Serious Fraud Office investigation."

  16. RedLogix 16

    Good. John Key's lazy legacy getting a clean out. Good opportunity for the Nats to renew; if Muller survives the election it will be interesting to see what direction he takes them in. If any.

  17. Observer Tokoroa 17

    Do not worry

    The China man is the same as National
    Neither he nor National itself, has ever been a Democracy.

  18. Chris T 18

    Given it was Labour's election to lose pretty much since the day of Covid being announced, it is pretty obvious Muller is just cannon fodder that will end up with a decent spokesman portfolio after this one, for doing it.

    They look like they are doing an Eminem “cleaning out my closet”

    (Pardon the reference to the copyright case :))

  19. Jack 19

    Nine years and you get the parliamentary pension? Funny how many go once achieving the milestone.

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