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Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Prime Minister

Written By: - Date published: 8:36 am, December 21st, 2015 - 177 comments
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“John Key joins Tom in his cage

Go ahead Prime Minister, pick up the soap”

177 comments on “Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Prime Minister ”

  1. miravox 1

    No excuses, no reading the runes. He knew. This is him.


    • Redbaiter 1.1

      Look, I do not like Key, as any one who has read my blog will know, but these attacks on John Key for perceived transgressions of tyrannical politically correct dictates will backfire on you badly.

      Donald Trump is riding a wave of popularity in the US because he has tapped into public dislike of political correctness.

      The NZ Labour party are still flogging it like the proverbial dead horse.

      People do not like political correctness. Many of them, like myself, don’t like JK much, but are appalled at the delusional and nonsensical attacks the left continually mount against the PM. All underpinned by political correctness.

      As I say here, people want to see ideas and policies. They’re sick to death of this PC balderdash.

      Its a strategy that will most likely see JK win a fourth term.

      • McFlock 1.1.1

        Donald Trump has supported (amongst other outrageous policies) having a national database of people based solely on their religion.

        If you think opposing that is “political correctness”, you’re a prime example of democracy ensuring that populations get the government they deserve…

        • Redbaiter

          Islam is more than a religion, its a political ideology with beliefs that are at odds with the Constitution of the United States Republic. Namely its ambition to eventually achieve a theocratic tyranny.

      • lprent 1.1.2

        …but are appalled at the delusional and nonsensical attacks the left continually mount against the PM…

        Leaving aside your ‘Politically correct’ obsession which is rather irrelevant to your actual argument. Other people would argue that the public expousing of the neo-liberal nonsense by its proponents when they departed the rigours of academic rigour and that that you religiously parrot is similarly deluded.

        Lets look at actions? What was your attitude in comments to the very similar “delusional and nonsensical attacks that the..” right continually mounted against the PM (Hulun Klark from 2002-2007 and beyond).

        I could probably dig them out without a problem if you’d like. I’d just have to establish the linkage between who you are now, and who you were then. But suffice it to say that to me you just read like a hypocrite with an appallingly selective memory about your own behaviour.

        • Redbaiter

          I don’t think its about me.

          Everywhere I go I read the left lamenting the fact that they cannot put a dent in Key’s popularity or grow their own support.

          I’m telling you why I think that is. I think you’re out of touch with public opinion.

          I also think there is something badly adrift in Labour Party management and supporting this is the fact that they can’t appear to come up with any kind of winning strategy.

          All the resources and energy poured into trying to hurt JK and no result.

          What happens in any organisation if you continue to push ideas that do not work?

          I’ll tell you. You get fired moved or replaced.

          Something has to happen in Labour party HQ. Little is not a complete idiot. There’s actually a bit about him that I like, in that he’s more traditional Labour than the PC Progressive tree-hugging faction that seems to dominate.

          Surely he can see that its not working. He needs some ideas, some remedies and some fix it strategies.

          Edit- you know I agree with a lot of the criticism of JK. Just do not think endlessly bashing him with the PC stick is going to work.

          • lprent

            If Key wants to act like an arsehole, you appear to not think that people should not point that out – so a political party can win? You have a damn strange idea about how the left (or the right for that matter) actually operate.

            This isn’t being driven by politics particularly. It is driven by what type of society people think that we should have.

            The political parties seldom lead in pushing this view. It is the other way around for the main parties because they all have to pull from the apolitical ‘centre’. As you say, they don’t like slagging off the PM until it becomes the perceived ‘norm’ – as it appears to be heading towards for John Key at present (which is probably why his handlers are pushing the ‘poor me’ defence at present).

            In my experience the political parties get pulled by the supporters and activists rather than trying to push such ‘tactics’. The exception being the interesting and quite deliberate job that National did after they unwittingly tapped into that vein of bigotry after the Owera speech by Brash. But even there it was more by co-oping the activists in the absence of any effective left social media than doing it themselves.

            In this case with Key it is being driven by many peoples growing disgust that this unthinking fuckwit is at the head of our government. Some of us saw him for what he was when he entered parliament, others picked up on it later. But the political parties of the left have little to do with it.

            Now I recognize that you don’t see Key in quite that way, as a unfeeling personality devoid of empathy and forethought. It may be because you share a lot of traits with him, so you are blind to those aspects of his personality. I view him as one who uses and dumps people and groups of people without looking to see the damage he causes. He is almost the epitome of a poor employer chasing shareholder dividends in the next quarter rather than planning for the growth required to sustain the future. A parasite feeding on the wealth of others rather than a someone who creates wealth.

            About the only thing we seem to agree on is that he is a short-term thinker who is powered by polling rather than his brains or vision.

            BTW: I note that you didn’t look at your own actions against Helen Clark – in retrospect and given your argument here, I suspect that you have a bit of hypocritical guilt?

            • Tracey


              • lprent

                You must have seen me write on my opinion of John Key before?

                Possibly not. I got a bit tired of expressing my personal opinion of him here about 2010. He is a type well known in the business world. Basically a waste of space if you are trying to get anything done. He is classic swan, swans in, hangs around, does nothing of much value, and gets out when it starts disintegrating because they haven’t done anything useful. Everyone has to work around them posturing.

                I tend to be rather blunt when I express opinions.

                • RedLogix

                  He is a type well known in the business world. Basically a waste of space if you are trying to get anything done. He is classic swan, swans in, hangs around, does nothing of much value, and gets out when it starts disintegrating because they haven’t done anything useful. Everyone has to work around them posturing.

                  We used to call them ‘management surfers’ … they ride the crest of the wave into a role, then as soon as it breaks they’re off to the next one. It makes for a spectacular looking career, and many people get taken in … but in hindsight you see how little they actually achieve.

                  And later again, how much damage they’ve caused.

                  Because relatively few of us work for large global corporates, most New Zealanders don’t really encounter these types. Only once you’ve been suckered and used by them a few times do you get good at spotting them.

                • left for deadshark

                  You are spot on with your critique of that man Lynn. Blunt away

                • left for deadshark

                  Hello Lynn I’ve noticed when I hit the reply button, the curser drops into the name field instead of the comment box, any ideas. Thanks

          • North

            ‘Baiter…..Hitler had public opinion.

      • miravox 1.1.3

        “these attacks on John Key for perceived transgressions of tyrannical politically correct dictates will backfire on you badly.”

        I’m struggling to see where I attacked the PM. I said “this is him”. end.of.story.

        Is this not him? Please do tell – is someone was stepping in for the Prime Minister there?

        • Redbaiter

          I think Key is an idiot and he sure acted like one when he appeared on the subject radio show. Painful to watch. Just bringing the office of PM down.

          But it was nothing more than idiocy.

          To try and turn it into an attack on women, or indicating support of rape culture , etc etc is the error.

          • miravox

            “To try and turn it into an attack on women, or indicating support of rape culture , etc etc is the error.”

            I’m struggling to see where I did that in this comment too.

            I pointed out that what is on that video is who we have for PM. Is this not correct? But as far as rape goes, is this not what the people on that video were alluding to?

          • ropata

            Agree red, the left has said its piece, JK has stolen some more oxygen, so let’s move on. It’s like we have a hyperactive attention craving toddler running the country.

            The NatCorp strategy is to make every. single. goddamn. news. item. about. FJK, and we keep falling into it.

          • North

            So our PM is nothing more than idiocy. Oh God…..all the nation’s prayers answered. An idiot !

      • vaughan little 1.1.4

        dude, it ain’t a strategy. it’s a watercooler and we’re bitching round it. if you don’t like the topic, go off to whaleoil or some other watercoolerof your choosing.

      • Dialey 1.1.5

        it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with political correctness, and everything to do with common decency and propriety.

      • Smilin 1.1.6

        The best way to protect our democracy and values is to attack those who undermine them

      • Tracey 1.1.7

        “We should not tolerate conditions in prison that have no place in any civilized country,” Obama said in a speech at the NAACP National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday. “We should not be tolerating overcrowding in prison. We should not be tolerating gang activity in prison.

        “We should not be tolerating rape in prison, and we shouldn’t be making jokes about it in our popular culture,” Obama added. “That is no joke. These things are unacceptable

        Still, its just PC ballderdash

      • North 1.1.8

        I have a vivid mind’s eye of Michelle Obama turning to Barack and saying “B…..WTF ?”

        It’s not like he’s new to this shit……recall the laughy laughy about the child rapist/murderer Phillip Smith ? Recall the comment “I only apologise when…….” re Tania Billingsley ? Recall the ponytail shit ?

        The man’s a child with behavioural problems and a fucking disgrace ! Thank you not Michelle Boag and the Business Roundtable. For importing this buffoon.

  2. Paul 2

    A total embarrassment.

  3. Tory 3

    PM who can have a laugh and relate to New Zealanders = 50% support.
    Labour sorry for everything including their own gender = 28% support.
    Merry Xmas, although must be difficult when so bitter and twisted.

    • Paul 3.1

      I am appalled that you find rape funny.
      Is there nothing that this narcissist psychopath does that you won’t defend.
      Or are polls ratings you only defence?
      Because Hitler was popular.

      • Justme 3.1.1

        Yet, it was okay and much lauded a song about raping John Key’s daughter. Where was the voice from the left decrying that?

        Interestingly enough, the movie Deliverance is stored in the United States Film Registry as a significant movie for its time. And it is a hard watching movie.

        There is also a you-tube clip showing a marathon that is run in the backwaters of Tennessee where locals play up the Deliverance characters, and make the same calls to the runners, whilst playing the dueling banjo’s theme.

          • Justme

            No. I leave it to you lot and the Herald.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              …you lot…

              There is precisely one of me, and I’m always happy to correct myself when I’ve made a false statement.

              As my link proves, you are the one who has something in common with The Herald.

          • Tracey

            Doesnt read any material which may contradict the Govt memes

            • McFlock

              and thinks Deliverance was a comedy…

              • Justme

                Have you watched the movie McFlock? As I said, it is a hard watching movie.

                • McFlock


                  But it is also irrelevant. What was your point in bringing up it or the marathon – that john key is not alone in his shitty behaviour? How many of the “locals” are white ribbon ambassadors (or its Tennessee equivalent), do you think?

                  • Tracey

                    I think he was making a comparison by saying that those who think key and the prank are funny come from

                    ” … the backwaters of Tennessee where locals play up the Deliverance characters, and make the same calls to the runners, whilst playing the dueling banjo’s theme. “

        • Tracey

          Key is PM.

          Yes the left deried that song, including on this site.

    • miravox 3.2

      Not bitter and twisted Tory, just wondering how rape became flavour of the day.

    • Hami Shearlie 3.3

      I wonder if he will have a good old chuckle if [deleted]?

      [lprent: Too far. In my view it verges on advocating violence. ]

      • greywarshark 3.3.1

        Hami S
        Inappropriate. Not a thought to be published on TS.

        • Hami Shearlie

          Sorry lprent. Fair call. It just gets me so angry when Key treats women who have suffered assault and violence with the contempt and sneering he often does. I suppose the better class (rich) women on Planet Key never experience any of the dreadful things women in the real world do. They’re probably too busy getting their servants to launder and press all the golf attire for their menfolk while at their estates in Hawaii.

          A friend of mine knows a man who had very much the same attitude on this subject as Key does – until his sister was attacked. Things really hit home to him then, and he is a changed man. That is why I made that comment.

          • Bob

            “It just gets me so angry when Key treats women who have suffered assault and violence with the contempt and sneering he often does”
            Firstly, a joke about ‘picking up the soap’ would refer to male on male rape, so nothing to do with women that have suffered assault. Secondly, he didn’t even laugh (or sneer) at the joke he simply picked up the soap. Thirdly, he never played along to with the joke other than to say the soap felt ‘wet and greasy’, there was no inference of any link to rape other than the listeners own preconceptions. Finally, he was on a radio station and the listeners of that radio station will likely enjoy the comedy of the hosts (hence the reason they are listening), so sitting in a cage and picking up the soap as requested by the hosts is a way of enamoring himself to the listening public, something the left could learn a thing or two from.

            I think you are projecting and hearing what you want to hear, and while I did not read your initial post prior to it being censored, language that “verges on advocating violence” is far worse than what the PM does in this video. It sounds like you are advocating violence against women using the same long bow you have drawn, so maybe you should have a good hard look at yourself first.

            • Tracey

              5. He didnt immediately condemn the pank when he “realised” what he had been “duped” into.

              If you intended to mount the

              ” I may be the PM but I am just not very bright” defence,

              You succeeded. And it is not a good defence for a PM.

            • Reality

              That particular radio host made a nasty video clip of a Dancing With The Stars contestant which she was appalled by and let it be known she was disgusted. I suppose by your standards that is ok – just a bit of fun and lighten up and have a laugh. Wonder how you would feel if it was a female relative of yours being belittled.

              That particular radio host Is who the prime minister chooses to wallow with.

            • Hami Shearlie

              I was not referring to his male rape episode. I was referring to his earlier behaviour towards the female MPs in Parliament who had been sexually assaulted, and to his dismissive attitude to the young woman assaulted by the Malaysian Diplomat. My post which was withdrawn was perhaps a bit inflammatory, however it was in response to John Key’s recent attitude towards the rape of women . Not to mention his extremely casual attitude to the Roastbusters miscreants, or the repulsive and creepy behaviour towards the young owner of the pony-tail. He wouldn’t have pulled my ponytail without retribution! So so creepy that whole thing! Parents out there would be very angry if that pony-tail girl was their daughter I am sure. You did not read what I said in that post so why on earth are you commenting on it? . And I happen to be a woman myself FYI.

      • linda 3.3.2

        as long as its not his daughter its a joke to our pm what an arshole

        • Tracey

          Perhaps that is why Paris upset him so much cos his daughter is at the Sorbonne

        • Hami Shearlie

          I feel exactly the same, Linda. Everything is a joke to Key, as long as he and his family are protected from any kind of harm. However it is comforting to know that Miss Karma is alive and well. I like to think of Karma as a rather large heffalump with a very short wick!

    • weka 3.4

      National didn’t get anywhere near 50% support. But if you want to go off the vote on the day, the left and the right were fairly evenly split depending on where you think NZF fit in.

    • RedLogix 3.5


      The PM you support makes a cheap, smutty joke about prison rape and you justify it with bogus polling data.

      You really ARE being a rape apologist here.

      • Bob 3.5.1


        “The PM you support makes a cheap, smutty joke about prison rape”
        Citation please? Watch the video again with your blinkers removed, he doesn’t even laugh at the joke let alone make reference to prison rape.

        You are also projecting (seems to be a theme in this thread), Tory certainly makes no reference to prison rape in his/her comment, but certainly makes a point around public perception of the ‘holier than thou, we will read 2 levels too deep into a situation and damn you for it’ left.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Watch the wingnut twist and squirm and pretend that participation is not involvement. Bob takes one for the team 😆

          • Bob

            Watch the wingnut twist and squirm and pretend that John Key personally set the whole thing up and deliberately referred to prison rape.

            Good try at deflection OAB, how about you akshully watch the video for a change and not just run your mouth off playing the man because you know you have lost the argument as normal.

            As I have stated above:
            He didn’t even laugh (or sneer) at the joke he simply picked up the soap. He never played along to with the joke other than to say the soap felt ‘wet and greasy’, there was no inference of any link to rape other than the listeners own preconceptions. Finally, he was on a radio station and the listeners of that radio station will likely enjoy the comedy of the hosts (hence the reason they are listening), so sitting in a cage and picking up the soap as requested by the hosts is a way of enamoring himself to the listening public, something the left could learn a thing or two from.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Paging Dr. Bellman.

              • Bob

                Merry Christmas OAB, good to see year after year, some things never change.

                I’ve got a 2016 NY resolution for you, try to actually participate in a discussion, tough I know, but I honestly believe you have it in you.

                • One Anonymous Bloke

                  When you come up with a new argument, I’ll rebut it: if all you can do is repeat yourself I’m going to make reference to argumentum ad nauseam whether you like it or not.

                  Key’s participation in the ‘gag’ was essential for its intended audience to find it funny. Go on, pretend otherwise so I can laugh at you some more.

                  • Bob

                    Correct, his participation was essential, as he had agreed to visit a commercial radio station as a guest, and guests on commercial radio stations are almost always invited to participate in some form of gag, that does not mean he condones or made jokes about prison rape. Go on, pretend otherwise so I can laugh at you some more.

                    • RedLogix

                      So where is Key’s demand for an apology for setting him up as the fall guy in such a distasteful and ill-judged stunt?

                      Or a statement from him that there will be no more appearances on the Rock because of what happened?

                      His silence loudly signals that he was a willing participant and he actively condones what happened.

                      The is only one person pretending here Bob.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Baby steps, Bob.

                      You denied he had “made” the joke, and then you confess he participated in it. Would you care to revisit either of those mutually exclusive statements?

                    • Bob

                      So remind me RedLogix, at which point in the video above does John Key make a joke about or condone prison rape?
                      Just to the nearest 5 second block will be fine…oh that’s right, he did nothing of the sort, “His silence loudly signals that he was a willing participant and he actively condones what happened”, bullshit, he was a willing participant in a radio gag but at no point did anyone mention prison, rape, or anything else untoward. You have simply taken the simple act of picking up a piece of soap and extrapolated to your hearts content. The only ones pretending are those that seriously believe the PM did anything other than make a fool of himself in public.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Bob is really plumbing the depths of stupidity now. “Pick up the soap” has no subtext, just like “paging Dr. Dunning-Kruger”.

                    • RedLogix

                      So tell me Bob … if the ‘cake of soap’ and ‘pretty little mouth’ and the cage had no meaning whatsoever as you are claiming, then exactly what the hell was our PM doing?

                    • Tracey

                      Can you link to his condemnation of the prank and how long after he “realised”?

            • aj

              “he simply picked up the soap.”
              And sniggered and smiles as doing so.
              He knew perfectly well the implications.

              • Bob

                He was seated at the time, does prison rape normally happen while people are seated picking up soap?
                I don’t know enough about prison rape and have never joked about it in the past, but I was under the impression from Hollywood movies it normally happens while people are showering, not while sitting down in a cage.
                Did it occur to you he was sniggering because he was picking up what looked more like a urinal cake?

                • McFlock

                  Did it occur to you he was sniggering because he was picking up what looked more like a urinal cake?


                  he doesn’t even laugh at the joke

                  Which is it – he wasn’t laughing or he was laughing at “urinal cake”? And even if either is the case, should a White Ribbon ambassador really be oblivious to “you’ve got a pretty little mouth, Prime Minister”?

                  • Bob

                    He sniggered when picking up what looks like a urinal cake, and he didn’t laugh when someone said “you’ve got a pretty little mouth, Prime Minister”, two different things.

                    Perhaps you could point out where he laughed at a rape joke?
                    Again, just any 5 second time period during the clip above will be fine.

                    • McFlock

                      Every time he laughed or sniggered picking up what he was told was soap while sharing a cage with someone else.

                      But you’re being obtuse: I never said when he laughed. I merely pointed out that you have said he didn’t laugh, and then that he did laugh – apparently at urinal cake (very prime ministerial).

                      I then pointed out that as a white ribbon ambassador, even one oblivious to prison rape allegations under his government, he shouldn’t have let the “pretty little mouth” line go unchallenged. Or was that too obscure for him, too?

                      You seem to be arguing that our prime minister (let alone a white ribbon ambassador) is completely oblivious to innuendo about sexual assault, or at least lets it pass without comment. Is this really your best angle on his behaviour?

                    • Tracey

                      A urinal cake? You say he recognised that but missed the rest of the implcations?

    • mary_a 3.6

      @ Tory (3) – FJK is a perverted creep. He has a history in his responses towards sexual assault –

      Ridiculing David Cunliffe for apologizing for being a man, concerned through the high incidence of rape and sexual assault in NZ.

      There is Tania Billingsley, a victim of an intended sexual violation, who FJK refused to apologize to for allowing the offender to leave the country.

      Now this. The PM, who incidentally is supposed to be a statesman, being “one of the lads.” treating rape as a joke!

      That’s three regarding sexual violation.

      Then there was the assault of a waitress, through his constant fondling of her hair (ponytail)!

      Are we still counting …? Is there more to come?

      Anyone who condones the actions of FJK mocking rape is as equally disturbed as he is!

      Rape is nothing to laugh at!

    • Smilin 3.7

      Whois ? A PM who can have a laugh and relate to New Zealanders = 50% support.
      those who support someone who supports everything that is required by everyone else but those who live in this country
      u screw, up Key is a disgrace

    • North 3.8

      Strange you know……went to a dinner ‘poarty’ in a leafy Auckland suburb on the weekend. Buffoon of a man who hitherto has been the strongest supporter of this gauche idiot, on purportedly technical terms, reduced to this……”Oh come on……he’s just trying to be a good bloke !”. Putting aside that all us adults got over that insecure shit decades ago…….Kia Ora !

  4. NZJester 4

    Another internationally embarrassing headline from our PM.

    It is almost as embarrassing as hearing New Zealand mentioned in a TYT video as one of the countries that had a high percentage of people who think it would be alright to target and kill civilians during a bombing campaign.

      • CnrJoe 4.1.1

        In 2002 Cenk Uygur launched an online program called “The Young Turks,” which he billed as the first video news show on the Internet. In December 2011 Uygur took the program, with his name added to the title to differentiate it from the online show, to television on Current TV. The nightly show features guests who offer their opinions on topics from the worlds of politics and pop culture. Although Uygur was born in Turkey, the show’s title is not related to his nationality. It refers to a phrase used to describe someone who is an insurgent or radical in a political party who advocates for changes in the group.


      • NZJester 4.1.2

        “Which Cultures Are Most Comfortable Killing Civilians?” on The Young Turks YouTube channel?

  5. Anne 5

    Where’s John Oliver? Or has Key gone too far for him this time?

    • Hami Shearlie 5.1

      I think Mr Oliver’s mouth is still agape – he needs more time to actually make himself believe that this man really is Prime Minister of ANYWHERE!!

      • shorts 5.1.1

        John and his editorial team stopped doing stories on NZ when they realised, these instances weren’t amusing one offs… but how we actually are

      • Detrie 5.1.2

        Actually this sort of behaviour and just doing/saying what you want with almost no limits reminds me of Trump. Both individuals and their ‘outgoing’ behaviour will always appeal to a distinct, easily manipulated sector of the population. These naive people just don’t realise they’re dating a sociopath. http://bit.ly/johnkeysociopath

  6. Paul 6

    Kyle MacDonald: John Key shouldn’t be White Ribbon ambassador

    ‘Contrary to what some have suggested in the last few days, I do have a sense of humour. I just don’t think sexual violence is funny.
    The sexual assault rate in New Zealand is far higher than the world average. New Zealand rates as third-highest alongside Australia, and about one in five women and one in six men will experience sexual violence in their lifetime.
    We also have one of the highest rates (the highest in some reports) rate of domestic violence, with one in three women experiencing intimate partner violence in their lifetime.
    And call me old fashioned, but I believe that our Prime Minister should be a leader, a statesman even………

    …………..So if, like me, you expect more of White Ribbon, and more of our Prime Minister then add your support to my petition with Action Station to dump John Key as an ambassador.
    Until then, and sadly, I’m taking a different pledge. I can’t wear a white ribbon again until White Ribbon Campaign start acting in line with their stated mission and values.


    • weka 6.1

      Kevin MacDonald or Kyle MacDonald?

    • Rosie 6.2

      And the petition Kyle MacDonald instigated, to request White Ribbon stand down as an ambassador:

      Open mike 21/12/2015

      • Rosie 6.2.1

        Should read ” White Ribbon stand Key down as an ambassador”

      • veutoviper 6.2.2

        And here is a direct link to the petition.


      • Rosemary McDonald 6.2.3

        Or, send a message to White Ribbon…this is what I sent a wee while ago….Oh! The irony of their “Key Messages” page.

        Psychological/emotional violence is a very common form of violence experienced by women and children. Many women say it is the worst kind of abuse.Psychological/emotional abuse is about manipulation and coercion, and affects your emotions and personality, rather than your body. Victims of emotional abuse can feel like they are going mad, are very frightened, and feel like they have no choices and are often made to feel like it’s their fault.This form of abuse is often underestimated. It’s not recognised by many people because it can be subtle and hidden. Survivors say psychological abuse attacks their spirit and self-esteem and its effects can last the longest.

        From your very own “Key Messages” page.

        You men really need to think about the impact of your continued support for an abusive man. The fact that that abusive man is the Prime Minister of New Zealand makes this much, much worse.

        Drop Key as an ambassador NOW, please.”

  7. cogito 7

    We are paying the salary of this low life dickhead piece of filth. Kiwis should get some guts and get rid of him.

    • mary_a 7.1

      @ cogito – but how do we get rid of the despot FJK? Doing it legally through the ballot box doesn’t work, because he’s still here, riding the wave of power, through deceit, corruption and lies!

      Other than organized passive resistance or civil disobedience protest, I honestly can’t see any means of disposing of FJK. Even then he’d use his personal police force and military to quell the dissenters, violently!

      Of course there is revolution. However, I honestly can’t see enough Kiwis coming together as a powerful collective force to revolt! Such action would require a strong, charismatic, dedicated leader, who was able to win the faith and trust of his/her “troops” (for want of a better word). No one comes to mind in that regard.

      So what else is available to us?

    • Smilin 7.2

      You got my vote hell yeah

  8. greywarshark 8

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Prime Minister –

    mooning? That might be too cheeky even for him.
    debasing the country
    refusing affordable actions to keep people in basic work
    ditto to keep people basically housed
    ditto to keep children healthy, happy and well brought up
    ditto to keep our resources in good condition and available for our children

    Absent from the House when important matters of ethical behaviour are being raised, absent from intelligent input when in the House, absent through visiting overseas cultivating people useful to him, looking after his investments, spending time in Hawaii.

    Present (as in I’m standing behind you NZs watching) as people –
    lose necessary income on their investments,
    lose their life savings because of leaky home syndrome,
    suffer depression and poverty and suicide,
    because of inadequate jobs and pay, with limited opportunities for better,
    because of inadequate or no housing with ditto
    because of inadequate health provision with ditto
    because of climate change disasters and other types, with irreplaceable loss of personal and public resources,
    because of the lack of opportunities for people to work and to live a good life determined by themselves,

    because of the determination of the elite to wipe out all ‘menial’ jobs that can be done more cheaply overseas causing huge unemployment, under-employment and third world or colonial living conditions.

    because of the continuing of the wipe-out mentality of the elite in signing up secret treaties with our countries’ elites that will remove human living conditions for the masses as their jobs are off-shored, robotised etc.

    because of the almost complete lack of planning and implementation of policies to meet the problems that the present climate change trend is already bringing
    because of the almost complete lack of acceptance and responsible action to attempt to reduce the effects of climate change by cutting emissions and other problems.

    So what next? A progression to totalatarianism, war? Some reading for the break (in short daily doses only) – links about times and actions around the great wars.

    One way of firing slow economies and reducing population would be to participate in a (last) great war which would obviously include most of the unemployed (not needed and a waste of space) and half of the middle class (ditto, after computerisation and automation). Objectively, war is a good money earner for armament-maker countries and WW2 provided many lessons in practical tactics that have been honed in the smaller wars since.

    If one compares the era 1918-1929 (which was the start of the Great Depression), the frenetic behaviour, the fun-filled, pleasure-oriented public mood, then to the present it sets John Key’s theatrical behaviour in context. I feel that we are poised on the cutting edge of disaster, with our economy inherently unhealthy and even in good times based on borrowing overseas. People’s feelings have become paramount for measuring business health – do businesses feel confident, are ready to employ or invest? Do people feel wealthy because their house values are rising? Feelings are all, not actual relevant statistics, and all the time, the figures for deprivation are growing.

    It is not possible that this era can end with us off the cutting edge, and on firm ground and prepared for difficulties, reasonably self-sufficient, because of the mind-set and indolence of the in-power group. And when the puppet Key can’t be usefully manipulated more, who next until we come to the end, between a rock and a hard place. At present we are under a spell of apparent good times, everything must be okay! Right. I’ve put a spell on you!

    The years between 1918 the end of WW1, and the start of WW2 in 1939 (only 21 years after the end of WW1 touted “The War to end all Wars) there were gay young things, short skirts, the Charleston, nightclubs, theatricals on stage, but behind pulling the ropes adjusting the mechanics of the real theatre, were the architects of the future. “Following his appointment as chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg on January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler began laying the foundations for Nazi control of the state….By the end of July 1933, almost 27,000 people—virtually all of them political prisoners — were incarcerated in these camps. …After 1939,…the concentration camp system expanded rapidly…Those used as forced laborers were deliberately undernourished and mistreated with the intent that they be “annihilated by work.””*
    While this was happening some of the British aristocracy including the future King, were friendly with Hitler, and his drive to boost the German economy and nation impressed them. Collateral damage to people was not noticed by their limited peripheral vision.

    This is informed appraisal of the Wars One and Two and their times.
    * http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007656

    • Detrie 8.1

      Your paranoia is showing. I actually don’t think all this from Key is ideology or part of some master plan to anything. It’s all personal, ego-based, with short term objectives being popularity and wanting to be liked by those around him. These types of people just get caught up in it all, as probably happened to ego-driven Roger Douglas and Co. i.e. Seemed a good idea at the time, just perverse, evil outcomes sending the country down a wrong path. Fortunately this case is far less damaging, only making New Zealanders look like idiots on the world stage. Still, it does sow the seeds for a leadership change to someone else who has a political vision beyond self. (Is there one?)

      Bottom line? He’s become bored with us, the humble, poor voters… Just give him a knighthood and let him retire to Hawaii. http://bit.ly/johnkeysociopath

      • greywarshark 8.1.1

        You are ignoring decades of politics. What is happening today is on a continuum and not some one-off brainfart on the part of the National Party and PM.

      • Paul 8.1.2

        You are a dull troll.

      • Tautuhi 8.1.3

        Winston tried to make New Zealanders aware however he was written off as a nutter?

      • Smilin 8.1.4

        Yes ego driven i refer to his speech as a young nat with all the gaul of a privileged twat
        “Yes one day I would like to be PM OF THIS COUNTRY”
        I wish I hadnt been doing 60 hr weeks back then I might have taken the time to change how I saw the future. The plight of the working class in a nutshell

  9. Magisterium 9

    Ripped off, video contained no footage of The People’s Champion whatsoever

  10. fisiani 10

    Wow!. The Key Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.
    Get a life!
    The more you bang on hysterically about John Key the more you turn off real New Zealanders. Who is writing your material? Preaching to the choir yet turning off the people.
    I do not expect you to learn. I anticipate the Key Derangement Syndrome will only intensify when he wins in 2017 and 2020 and 2023.

    • Paul 10.1

      So you support making jokes about rape, I guess?
      As long as it’s your God Key who does it.

    • McFlock 10.2

      lol, 2023.

      I strongly suspect he’s lost interest in the job and will hand it over sometime in 2016.

      • Pat 10.2.1

        you may be right…we can hope

        • Steppenwolf

          You can ‘feel’ it, can’t you?

          You can feel it, in the air.

          In your soul.

          Change – big change…..coming.

          • greywarshark

            Feel the Love – Good feelings won’t come from John Key – try the Rudimentals in session.

        • ianmac

          But looking at the contenders to replace PM. He/she might be worse. Imagine Joyce or Collins as our Leader. Hell’s Bells!

        • Pat

          have reconsidered and on reflection would say although Key has lost interest (he certainly doesn’t appear to be making an effort and is increasingly reckless) it is still his intention to run at the next election and his recent foray into light entertainment is designed to attract a portion of the first time voting demographic with his “brand”…in this age celebrity name recognition and a feeling of personal knowing is all important….just look at the number of media personalities in both local and national governance, most with no relevant background to their duties

      • Graeme 10.2.2

        Is this part of the exit strategy???

        I can’t believe this would be spontaneous and without the knowledge of the PM and his minders. The whole thing was set up to create outrage and an opportunity.

        Wonder if we’re going to see a strong, moral, maybe female leader emerge to take the mantle from a contrite incumbent who will sail off to something else….

        • greywarshark

          That’s clever Graeme. Could well be the scenario.

        • McFlock

          Well, I think that (at the very least) it’s an acknowledgement that his core support comes from appealing to thugs and alienating opponents from the entire system.

          certainly policy and performance have nothing to do with it, otherwise he’d be defending his government in substantive interviews.

          But also I think he’s not even particularly trying for prime ministerial credibility these days – whether that’s a strategy of playing to his boorish strengths or just him doing the easy media stunts where he won’t be challenged (i.e. the minimum he can manage without a full-blown revolt in caucus), that’s a debatable point.

          As you say, I doubt the cage stunt could have been an outright ambush by the presenters. Funnily enough I believe it mirrors where several of his past and present caucus members quite likely should (and might yet) reside.

        • Tracey

          A moral leader? Do tell.

      • Smilin 10.2.3

        How about a revolution in the street french style

    • Tautuhi 10.3

      You giving odds on that treble?

  11. Rudi can't Fail 11

    Good to see by the comments here Whale Oil is alive and well on the left.
    There is no difference between the two whatsoever.
    Both are generally filled with trash and filth.

    [lprent: Like all raving lunatic trolls, you fail to point to or link to any specific examples. Preferring instead to smear everyone rather than to provide evidence of your pig-ignorant stupidity and lack of evidence, probably because you are scared of withstanding the critical analysis and ridicule that giving details would result in.

    Please read the policy, and note that if you want to make an assertion of fact as you did in your comment, then you are expected to specifically point to evidence, and to make that evidence related to specific instances. That you accurately described yourself “trash and filth” is not acceptable as a plea in mitigation.

    Adding you to autospam – it is clear that you are not competent to accept the responsibilities of a commenter here. ]

  12. fisiani 12

    70,000 people came here to enjoy our great country and government and PM. Do you seriously think any of these people are Labour voters? Do you seriously think an Aucklander with a Chinese sounding name will vote Labour. Why are they joining the National Party in Auckland in droves?

    • McFlock 12.1

      Do you seriously think 70,000 of them would support a PM who finds rape funny?

    • cogito 12.2

      “Why are they joining the National Party in Auckland in droves?”

      Because they like bent corrupt interfering dictators, like they have back home in China.

      Obama got it right when he sarcastically asked Turnbull if he actually talked to the NZers. Key is a figure of international derision, a clown, a galloping colonial clot, a national embarrassment.

    • Pat 12.3

      “Why are they joining the National Party in Auckland in droves?”

      like the sharemarket, you draw in the mugs so you can salvage something and leave them holding the bag

  13. Gangnam Style 13

    I forgot about the ‘joke’ to the Chilean president, about not inviting the kiwi child abuser to lunch. Maybe BLiP has another list around.

  14. look panda, and we all fall for it

  15. Once was Tim 15

    I’ve jiss wotched ONE Netwerk News (Your Newzzzz).
    Whilst I’ve no doubt there are elements within that take their ‘craft’ searissly (and who hope to win some sort of hideous plaque at the next {SPONSOR insert} award, whereby they can thank their mutha and brutha, and say things like “there’s no betta ward than to be jujjd by ya peers” and “Oi owe it all ta thos that cum before me” ……..
    ONE networj News (of fuk it! the errors and effort in bothering to ‘bekspace’ in order to givim a proper name going forward is more than they’re worth) ……
    ONE Netwerk Neeeeyoos left the oitum with the offering that it was all in the Christmas Sprit.

    Christ Almighty!!!!!
    Do they not realise that there are (ekshully) some people (utterly powerless but wing-waiting) that’ll prolly difoine their future goan fowid?

    Christ Almighty (again). @ the number being crossed off the list of those capable of being committed to (and even understanding) those quaint old ideas of a 4th Estate, the VERY basic principles of democracy, the Public SPhere,, influence.
    (thank your God there are quite a few around the place that remain capable)

    Jesus H Fkin Kroist

    • sabine 15.1

      don’t watch tv. seriously, just don’t.

      • Once was Tim 15.1.1

        rest assured, I don’t usually watch NZ MSM TV – it’s just that someone tipped me off to this abomination of a story that was about to be aired. Innocuous enough to begin with ….. but unsurprising the overall framing.
        I can’t even remember whether or not it was Max Headroom who was centrepiece at the autocue or a ‘blonde assistant – slightly lesser specimen’ of the craft.
        I guess if I was in Auckland I could shuffle off down to that waterfront establishment where the glitz and glam folk water their throats after a long long long hour of reading letters off a mirror and pretending to look ‘authoratative’.

        [r0b: Tim – you have some extra junk in the name field of your comments which is why they are going in to moderation]

  16. fender 16

    Interesting poll here on Stuff where 56% of the 12,687 respondents believe Key should have his White Ribbon ambassadorship revoked.

    Shame that the many articulate and well reasoned comments scathing of Key’s behaviour have disappeared though.

  17. Once was Tim 17

    Am I mistaken? It’s just that according to Mr Key, the soap was a bit smelly when once picked up.
    IF that was Mr Key’s response, I’m just wondering how and why the claims that he didn’t know or understand the inference to male rape, or how those nice people at white ribbon can have swallowed the spin and bullshit. (that’s quite apart from the desperation of trying to spin things so that Christmas time makes things very different).

    Have I ‘mis-heard’ something or have I been ‘mis-sold’ a pup?

    • Bob 17.1

      Perhaps because it was a urinal cake and was indeed a bit smelly?
      I don’t think that you have misheard, I think you have heard exactly what YOU want to hear and extrapolated to make the PM look as bad as possible because you don’t personally like his politics.

  18. Paul 18

    Fan girl Claire Trevett minimises Key’s behaviour.
    As Stewart says “You may even be a woman. A woman who likes men who enjoy this stuff. You have a condition known as Stockholm syndrome. Look it up.”


  19. North 19

    Yeah Good Old Trev’ of Te Herald….tryin’ hard to suck Key’s arse while allowing that it’s all a bit embarrassing in a PM. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11564464

    Good Luck ‘Trev……there’s a few trips/junkets in this gig yet.

    Otherwise ‘Trev writes pathetic shit that my (English second language) moko’ could trump.

    • Bob 19.1

      “tryin’ hard to suck Key’s arse ”
      Are you making a joke out of sexual violation?

      • North 19.1.1

        Consented behaviour is not violation Bop. Were I making a joke at all it would be about you Bop but you’re doing fine all on your own. All for the love of the child prime minister !

  20. b waghorn 20

    I’m a bit bleach about this particularly bit of rubbish keys been up to ,its a bit of a long bow to draw saying he’s condoning rape .
    But when it comes to the removal of his ambassadors role with white ribbon , should not his repeated pulling of a waitresses pony tail have counted him out of the role.?

    • Rosie 20.1

      “But when it comes to the removal of his ambassadors role with white ribbon , should not his repeated pulling of a waitresses pony tail have counted him out of the role.?”

      Absolutely wags. The prison rape jolly jape is just the last straw, appalling, offensive, crass and hurtful as it is. Key has been an ambassador for White Ribbon since 2010.

      When I found this out my head exploded.

      WTF are they doing with someone like Key representing their organisation?

      I’m writing to Rob McCann about this today. I have his email address if any one else would like to write to him. I won’t put the email address up without the permission of the mods though. Not sure of the protocol there

    • Bob 20.2

      “I’m a bit bleach about this particularly bit of rubbish keys been up to ,its a bit of a long bow to draw saying he’s condoning rape .”
      Thank you for being the voice of reason in an otherwise overblown thread.

      “But when it comes to the removal of his ambassadors role with white ribbon , should not his repeated pulling of a waitresses pony tail have counted him out of the role.?”
      Short answer, yes.

  21. left for deadshark 21

    Rob I’ve noticed when you hit reply, the curse drops into the name field instead of the comments box, any ideas. ta 🙂

    edit : help anyone….

    • Rosie 21.1

      I get that too, and just have to watch out for it so you don’t start typing away in the name box.

  22. Karen 22

    This is an interesting blog about Key and the White Ribbon Trust.


    I see now why the CEO didn’t want to lose Key based on the funding they get from government. While the only Women’s Refuge in Christchurch has to close because of cuts in government funding the NZ branch of White Ribbon is cleaning up.

    • Rosie 22.1

      Yes, Draco T Bastard posted that very interesting and well written post last night. Well worth a read.

      PS – I did write to Rob McCann btw. Just got an automated reply, saying they were away for their Christmas break. Kind of annoying because I spent quite a bit of time writing it.

      Can’t let this go away like everything else.

  23. tanz 23

    Bob Harvey was on the news, sticking up for Key, giving ballast to the radio station. Go figure….

    Key as a (supposed) statesman should have known better in the first place. Would Helen Clark have entered the cage? Dimwit Key just plays their daft games.

    • Anne 23.1

      Bob Harvey was on the news, sticking up for Key,…

      Not surprised. He’s well into his dotage now and wouldn’t know if he was coming or going.

      I expect Helen’s husband keeps her up to date with what is happening in NZ. I understand she keeps in touch on a daily basis with both her husband and her father. She will never reveal her views of course but it must privately cause her some apoplexy.

  24. http://willnewzealandberight.com/2015/12/22/no-room-for-joking-around-rape/

    Written as the son of a retired nurse who used to collect evidence for the police when they were prosecuting.

  25. logie97 25

    if it was an incident in isolation then maybe …
    However it is a common behaviour with Key.
    He does not appear to have the nous to tell people that their behaviour is inappropriate.
    Reflect on the occasion with Paul Henry over the Governor General Anand Satyanand being a Kiwi.
    As in that case and this one in the cage, Key should have fronted up to the presenters and said their line is inappropriate. That should have gained him kudos.
    But not Key. He either plays along with it and is comfortable with it (or is not quick witted enough to realise what is appropriate for his position.

    • Anne 25.1

      He either plays along with it and is comfortable with it (or is not quick witted enough to realise what is appropriate for his position.

      Former I should think. He’s playing to a particular audience and he doesn’t care about those of us who believe in “appropriate” standards because we stopped voting for him long ago – or we never started – so our responses mean nothing to him.

    • Grey Area 25.2

      “He either plays along with it and is comfortable with it or is not quick witted enough to realise what is appropriate for his position.”

      Both I think. But unlike as some think, at the end of the day I actually think he’s not very smart. He doesn’t think quickly on his feet and often just says whatever comes into his head and most of the time it’s not pretty.

      He either doesn’t have the warning bells a person with strong intuition and intelligence has or if he does he ignores them because he mostly gets away with behaving badly. A shockingly subservient media aids him when his mask slips and he reveals his true nature but his followers cannot, or will not see it.

      Sadly he exposes (and plays to) an ugly side to New Zealand society.

  26. Neil 26

    I see the video has been removed, I wonder who ordered it removed? Political interference?

  27. Tanz 27

    I also think that Key just craves the limelight, at the cost of good governance or being a solid statesman, and grabs every op that is offered. A bit of a lad, just having a blast, What country to run?

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