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Lawyers, guns and money

Written By: - Date published: 8:05 am, November 9th, 2020 - 51 comments
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Over in the United States of America the country is descending into chaos. But so far the farcical type of chaos as opposed to the violent type of chaos and this is a good thing.

Trump is refusing to concede and still claims that the result is fraudulent. Some heavyweight Republicans, George W Bush being the latest have come out against him. But still there are only very few Republicans who have spoken publicly, what is it with the Republican Party are they that willing to trash America’s democratic norms.

The Republican press conference relating to the election declaration was that Monty Pythonesque John Cleese could only dream of writing it. They wanted to hold the conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia but it appears they were told to get lost.

As Trump had already tweeted the details of the conference they did the next best thing. They went to the Four Seasons Garden Centre also in Philadelphia.

The optics were not optimal. The Garden Centre is located between a crematorium and a sex shop.

Who was dying and who was being screwed is not clear.

Super lawyer Rudy Guliani fronted the conference. He offered exactly, precisely no evidence that wide scale fraud had been happening. You would think that if it was so widespread they would at least have a couple of cases documented by now.

Trump was playing golf at the time.

The Murdoch Press has turned against Trump. It appears that even they have standards.

Even Fox News’ Laura Ingham is urging him to at least change the tone of his comments.  From Yahoo News:

If and when it’s time to accept an unfavorable outcome in this election, and we hope it never comes, President Trump needs to do it with the same grace and composure that he demonstrated at that town hall with Savannah Guthrie,” she said Thursday. “President Trump’s legacy will only become more significant if he focuses on moving the country forward.”

And watching the Trumpian response to this is very funny. I wonder where they will go to?

Something similar is happening over here. Judith Collins and Stephen Joyce have both tweeted congratulations to Joe Biden but these simple tweets have attracted some backlash from NZ Trumpians. I hope the SIS is taking note.

And there are rumours that Trump has started negotiating an exit package, presumably with a get out of jail free card. What else would you expect?

The feeling I get so far is that the end of Trump will be a comedic farce. Fingers crossed …

51 comments on “Lawyers, guns and money ”

  1. Adrian 1

    Trump knows that now Deutsche Bank can move to get its 2 billion back, that he is going to be fighting numerous lawsuits he has no money to pay for and he is going to end up in jail, Melania will divorce him and can't wait to get out of there, the children will be broke as there is now no money left and there are no friends picking up the phone.

    At last !

    • Treetop 1.1

      What about his assets?

      • Adrian 1.1.1

        He doesn't have any that are not exceeded by his debts. By some calculations I have read regarding just Deutsche Bank alone, his personal guarantees exceed the value of the assets. Then there is Simion Mogilevich the Russian Don-of Dons who according to reports on the New York Attorney Generals case against Trump took over the guarantees of his original DBank liabilities the last time he was heading for bankruptcy , which leads on to the charges of being "owned "by Putin as it is assumed Mogilevich operates under Putin's aegis.

        He and all who sail on him are fucked.

        • Tricledrown

          Given Deutche Bank has been caught laundering money I wouldn't be surprised they just roll over and let him off as they have already written off US$250 million on Trump Tower Chicago.

          Trumps claims of being a billionaire given he has been losing 100's of millions over decades with multiple bankruptcies ,none of his golf courses make a profit,his hotels are barely viable most of his casinos have gone bankrupt.he has only paid $750 in tax in the last 20 yrs.

          • xanthe

            "Trumps claims of being a billionaire given he has been losing 100's of millions over decades with multiple bankruptcies ,none of his golf courses make a profit,his hotels are barely viable most of his casinos have gone bankrupt.he has only paid $750 in tax in the last 20 yrs"

            That would be a fair definition of billionaire perhaps ?

    • SPC 1.2

      The only unmortgaged business asset might be the so called Trump brand value/goodwill (hahaha), so it would be interesting to see what divorce lawyers would seek as a settlement package.

      He was paid over $200M for The Apprentice, so he must have some money put away somewhere – maybe offshore so he escapes taxes.

      Some say he will start his own TV network, for mine he cannot afford that. His options include promoting Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui GTV Media Group TV outlet in return for a big payoff or a reality show to replace the Kardashions (or both).

      • Adrian 1.2.1

        The Trump brand has to be worthless now in the cities surely. Maybe a few motels in some southern backwater where at cut rates one can set up a meth lab.

        • woodart

          gold standard adrian. cheap, plated , peeling, tacky, but gold standard.as seen outside your local garden centre..

  2. Incognito 2

    Hmmm, a Monty Python sketch or a Quentin Tarantino ending?

  3. Andre 3

    It is certainly a relief that the decomposing jack'o'lantern's efforts to steal the election with violent MAGAmorons and sleaziest swamp-lawyers have turned out to be the same kind of bloviating lazy clueless incompetence that most of his other efforts have been.

  4. Incognito 4

    The Murdoch Press has turned against Trump. It appears that even they have standards.

    Nah, the Murdoch Press saw the writing on the wall and jumped.

  5. WeTheBleeple 5

    Trump's legacy is the US covid map right now resembles the electorate map. All those small counties that could have been relatively safe with isolation and leadership – deep red. His legacy is death.

    Much of his nonsensical 'undo it because Obama did it' moves he's made will be reversed by Biden's team in the opening days of his governance.

    Trump has exposed the flank of the billionaire class, the GOP, and their utter disregard for human life. They think they're strong, much like National's screeching in 2017. Without holding power, the BS is more readily exposed.

    When the blinkers come off from Trump's followers, those working poor, the backlash will be tremendous. The GOP will not be able to fart without angering the now righteously angry deep south.

    Trump's legacy will be to totally undo decades of the planning of tedious fantasies for racist assholes everywhere. He almost had it, but in losing this election has instead completely exposed the corruption of the GOP, the greed of the billionaire class, the hypocrisy of the evangelicals, and the failing of the white right to look after their own.

    He has screwed everyone who touched him. Perfectly on form.

  6. mac1 6

    This response to Judith Collins, referred to in the online citation, was very apt.

    ""I hope you lot learn the lesson here. This style of politics of division and hate is being thrown out en masse by the people," one person wrote."

    Indeed, I would have hoped that the final election result here in NZ with Labour at 50% and National at 25.6% would have already given the message to National that their style of politics, their diffident candidate choice and their poor choice of policies, and often changing them. did not work in 2020.

    Bluff and bluster, berserkers and boofheads, bullshit and bullying.

    Instead, I hope that the Labour government with Green support will teach National what a ‘strong team’ is, what a ‘strong economy’ looks like, and create ‘more jobs’ with decent wages and conditions as for example the fruit-picking and wine industries seem to need.

  7. Anne 7

    Jeff Bell cartoon for November 9, 2020
In a nutshell.

  8. Anne 8

    So Rudi, the drunk from New York presides over a press conference the morning after… in front of a garden centre which is alongside a sex shop and a crematorium.

    How very apt!

  9. Humpty Dumpty built a great wall.


    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

  10. Byd0nz 10

    Untill the American people vote in a Gvt that will withdraw all the occupying forces back home and desist interference in others affairs there is nothing to rejoice about. The track record of the US, be it Republican or Democrat in regard to warmongering has not yet happened and there is doubt it will ever reach that point.

    Rejoice away with your faulse hopes and admirations of the latest farce if it makes you feel good, it wont last and soon you will be berating the Biden leadership or prove you are far from being left wing as you profess to be. Down with the US.

  11. Sanctuary 11

    Trump may be gone, but let's not kid ourselves. Trumpism is now endemic in the Republican party and it's no more virulent than in the apparatuses of state repression – no one loves Trump more than the police unions of America.

    In the middle of an utterly mis-managed pandemic, with a corrupt administration full of clowns, incompetents and chancers, Trump came with a few hundred thousand votes of coasting home with a comfortable victory. Worse, Trump's supporter voted FOR Trump, the massive turnout that got Biden over the line was overwhelmingly AGAINST Trump. All the Democra's victory showed is that with the tailwind of a crisis that requires technocratic competency and a massive, potentially non-repeatable turnout against an existential threat the centre can still just about squeak a narrow win.

    Biden's speech was masterful, but it was a mainly a masterful display of wishful thinking – a desire to return to a fairy tale normality circa 1992 that is never returning. If he genuinely thinks that just telling everyone to dial it back and try and get on a little better will work then he is in for a very rude shock.

    Like UK Labour the Democrat establishment has of course wasted no time in punching… left, attacking it's parties left despite the progressive Democrats doing very well in general. Number one target of the Dem establishment, AOC has been unusually vociferous on social media in the last few days. Although she has only been in congress for two years, she is now clearly one of the most powerful Democratic politicians and clearly the de facto leader of the left faction and she can see the blame game the DNC and the centrist establishment are going to try and play. Down ticket, the Democrats suffered reverses with their tired proscription of centrism. The grassroots movements – Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police – that mobilised so many voters are going to be betrayed by corporate Democrats, and I doubt they'll bother to vote for Biden again – yet there is no discernable sign that the feeble gerontocracy that sits atop the Democratic party even recognise the country that the Trump loyalists or the BLM/Defund the Police protesters live in. They seem to have no strategy to build a sustainable winning electoral coalition.

    Trump won't be running for the GOP in 2024 but a Trumpian candidate will. The Democrat establishment will potentially be offering at best another Hillary Clintonesque like candidate in Kamala Harris and at worst an octogenarian Biden. The one they'll do anything to avoid – including losing to the GOP contender – will be nominating AOC.

    • left_forward 11.1

      No hope Sanctuary? (ironic name).

    • Phil 11.2

      The Democrat establishment will potentially be offering at best another Hillary Clintonesque like candidate in Kamala Harris and at worst an octogenarian Biden.

      Biden has been clear that he sees himself as a single-term President. But, of course, power is intoxicating so who knows if he will stick to that commitment.

      The main difference between Harris and Clinton is that Harris hasn't been subject to 30+ years of sustained character assassination from a surprisingly far-sighted (on this subject alone) Republican party.

    • roblogic 11.3

      Don't annoy me with the facts!

    • mickysavage 11.4

      Good comment. A slightly less obnoxious more competent candidate could have won.

      Scary …

    • aj 11.5

      Trumpism is now endemic in the Republican party and it's no more virulent than in the apparatuses of state repression – no one loves Trump more than the police unions of America.

      Let's not mistake what Trump stood for, and what we should call it. Fascism

  12. ken 12

    It will be a fitting end if he is evicted at gunpoint and thrown onto the streets.

    • Stuart Munro 12.1

      Trump was always a publicity hound – his defenestration ought to be characterized by the flamboyant ambition that ruled his presidency. He might try man-powered flight off the Chrysler building, holding the bait for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, or, if he's really courageous, explaining to the Russian Mafia why he won't be repaying his debts.

  13. Sounds like Trump is well and truly F$%ked IMHO ?

    However it is not over until the Fat Lady Sings ?

  14. Andre 14

    Goodness in images

    • Tricledrown 14.1

      Ironic Given Jim Henson ,sesame street was filmed in and around Trumps property developments and Trump defunded PBS .Henson slipped in snide remarks about Trumps bullying tenants out of their apartments calling him Grump.

      • greywarshark 14.1.1

        A great melange – new word for me! Got it out of the newspaper quiz. It's very informative reading a newspaper that you've paid for and helped to retain in this country's ownership.

        These images are really good Andre. I'm thinking as I look at Barack Obama that he has lovely white teeth. Seeing how bad they are at picking Presidents in the USA why not line them up like at a horse fair, and check their teeth and health status. It would cost less than the costly farce they go through now. Less chaotic.

        And for better quality farting in the Low as well as the High House, get rid of the old farts and get younger ones in. No Pres. younger than 35 and none older than 55, would be a band that still have their marbles, and likely to feel part of a community before they get to that gated or living-on-my-island age.

  15. barry 15

    Actually trump just came out and said the things that the Republican party have been dog whistling for a decade. the nasty side of politics that Trump rode to power has been there all along, and will persist after Trump is a footnote. I was not a fan of Reagan and Bush for their politics, but they were not openly racist and bigoted. The tea party started the rot.

    It will take another generation to clean up the Republicans. Joe Biden may not be very effectual at economic or energy policy change, but he may be the right person to reach across the divide, if any reaching is possible.

  16. Maurice 16

    Let us hope that this transition – or is that 'transformation' – involves Lawyers and money and not too many guns ………

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