Little’s Big Parliamentary ‘Member’

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Obviously listening to Danyl’s need for positive gossip, we have a great top Herald clickbait story about Andrew Little’s rugged naked body.  Possibly not of his office’s placement, it would appear the artist did the donkey work for him…

Still in the need to combat John Key’s Lava Jato coverage, in the world of StuffMe clickbait it’s a great start…

(All the best to Mark Rayner in the Wallace Art Awards).

32 comments on “Little’s Big Parliamentary ‘Member’”

  1. Good humour with this. Little looked and sounded relaxed this morn on the telly. Pixilated is so puritanical though – human body bad, such a dismal view.

  2. James 2

    prob not his offices placement – given how most of his press team have quit over the last week, I’m guessing they have better things too do.

    personally – I think the rug is stupid. If key did it you would be jumping around saying how disgusting it is.

    • Leftie 2.1

      Since May of this year 3 of Andrew Little’s media staffers have either left or are leaving for roles in NZ Rail, Tourism NZ etc, so I have to ask, so what James? I do not know why the msm are including Matt McCarten who is still working for Labour in an extremely important role in Auckland.

      • Chuck 2.1.1

        “Since May of this year 3 of Andrew Little’s media staffers have either left or are leaving for roles in NZ Rail, Tourism NZ etc, so I have to ask, so what James?”

        No Chief of Staff, Labour press team at half strength with no chief press secretary and election year just around the corner is not a good look. Rats leaving a sinking ship maybe?

        Chief of Staff when your boss is PM would be the pinnacle of most peoples careers (who are involved in politics). So the question is why would McCarten ditch the chance to be COS for Little as the PM in waiting? Either McCarten was pushed or he saw the writing on the wall (took one for the team) and this is “plan B” a desperate attempt to rally the Auckland vote.

        Although I see Little is stressing the point that McCarten will not be campaigning but “outreach” for Little such as organising events and meetings when Little was in Auckland. This play on words is to allow Labour to use its parliamentary budget to pay McCartens salary.

        • Leftie

          Really, what’s the panic? Andrew Little has time to get the kind of staff he needs together, and Auckland is Matt McCarten’s turf, there is no better organizer with the set of skills that he has to head Labour’s new Auckland base, than Matt McCarten.

          Are you odious Claire Trevett’s parrot?

          Andrew Little is working within the rules, and has made himself clear, so what’s your problem Chuck? And since you like Trevett so much here is what she wrote in an article just over a week earlier. ” Labour leader Andrew Little is to open a new Labour Party office in Auckland and re-deploy his chief of staff Matt McCarten as Labour prepares for battle in 2017.

          Little said Labour’s new office in Auckland would open by the end of September and McCarten had offered to head it.

          It was part of the planning for election year, including how to target the voter-rich Auckland.

          McCarten had volunteered to take on the role and was not being pushed.

          “He wanted to do it. His strength is in the networks and setting up programmes and places for me to go to and getting stuff organised. And that is what I need.”

          Labour currently does not have a party base in Auckland other than its MPs’ electorate offices.

          <a href="

    • Anne 2.2

      If key did it you would be jumping around saying how disgusting it is.

      He did do it. It was a ‘blue’ rug. I think you need to work on your sense of humour.

      Actually neither of them had anything to do with it. An artist having a bit of fun that’s all. Check your facts before you burst into print.

    • Ben Clark 2.3

      If key did it you would be jumping around saying how disgusting it is.

      Actually I wouldn’t. I’d be pissed off that he was getting another easy good news story, and annoyed it wasn’t the Left getting the attention…

      I thought John Key’s car wash was obvious, cynical, and, depressingly, would work. What a great Kiwi bloke, not too big to wash the car… or make sure everyone knows about it. But with the state of modern media, you’ve got to play the game.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.4

      Notice the lack of people jumping around saying how disgusting it is. Don’t worry James, you’re wrong about everything else too.

    • Cinny 2.5

      Pssst… James…
      No one modeled for either the rug of Key or the more recent one of Andrew which the artist created.

      Art is supposed to evoke emotion, if it does not, it is not art.

      Nude forms are humans at their most vulnerable, it takes a lot of talent to show a persons character in nude form, clothes are much easier to use when depicting a character. Knowing this alone enables one to understand that the artist whom created the rugs is talented.

      Any mature mind is able to appreciate art, only the ill informed would label art as ‘stupid’ without reasoning why. JS

  3. Visubversa 3

    The lazy Herald just stole the picture from Glenda Fryer’s Facebook page. No acknowlegement – no copyright considerations – nothing.

  4. Repateet 4

    David Farrar’s making a big thing of it of course. At the risk of being cut off, I’d say that it’s right up his alley as he continues to be one of the real dicks in NZ politics.

    • James 4.1

      Is he really? All I saw was a caption contest with the entire post reading

      “Dear God the image burns on the retina.

      For some reason a Labour Party activist though this was a good idea.”

      Hardly making a big deal of it is it?

      • Leftie 4.1.1

        “For some reason a Labour Party activist though this was a good idea.”

        What made him think that? The same artist did a nude artwork of John key earlier in the year.

        • Cinny

          Is the artist an activist?
          Much respect to the artist, he has a sharp eye, captures the true personality in both pieces, obviously knows his subject matter to be able to evoke their contrasting characters.

      • Repateet 4.1.2

        I could hardly say he’d made a “little thing” of it. And it is prominent, the article I mean, but then I suppose size is in the eyes of the beholder.

        At least you didn’t quibble about Farrar being described as a real dick.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 4.1.3

        Obviously Farrar doesn’t get out much.

        …ceramic teapots with David Bain-head lids… 😆

  5. Owen McMahon 5

    This artwork I think may be a Little Cavalier.

  6. If that’s painted from life, he can always start a new career in porn if the politics gig doesn’t work out.

    • mac1 6.1

      I’m sorry, Psycho Milt. As a retired health teacher at a boy’s school, I have to insert this damp squid into the discussion.

      “Length of the flaccid penis does not necessarily correspond to length of the erect penis; some smaller flaccid penises grow much longer, while some larger flaccid penises grow comparatively less.” Wikipedia.

      • “damp squid”


        • mac1

          Oooops! Damp squib, though damp squid in this context works.

          “…… a “damp squib” was literally an explosive that failed to perform because it got wet. Often misheard as “damp squid”, the phrase “damp squib” has since come into general use to mean anything that fails to meet expectations.” Wikipedia

      • TopHat 6.1.2

        With Mr Little as a “Shower” not a “Grower.”

  7. Reality 7

    I thought Andrew Little was excellent in the TV1 interview on this “artwork?” He kept his dignity, but showed he has a really good sense of humour. For a serious man it was good to see him smiling. He did not behave like a silly teenager craving attention like John Key does.

  8. Cinny 8

    A true Alpha Male, a Leader that takes it all in his stride.

    Does NZ Politics finally have a sex symbol? Russia has Putin, Canada has Justin and NZ has Andrew.

    Kudos to the artist, beautiful piece, the soft textile contrasts beautifully with the strong form he selected.

    This artist did another political piece a few months back, it didn’t get nearly as much coverage in the press, interestingly enough his depiction of Key in a similar manner, made me laugh, because for me it reflected his true form, a wanna be alpha male, here’s the link

    I’d rather look at the next PM than the current any day of the week. However I’ve my own Alpha Male to admire, lucky girl 🙂

  9. TopHat 9

    I think it was very sporting of Mr Little to fold it in half to stay inside the pixalisation.

  10. That’s Andrew’s campaign billboards sorted then.

  11. reason 11

    I think the rug has had the Photoshop treatment …. It’s clearly Putins body …. and horse ……….. with andrew littles head

  12. Cinny 12

    In the Herald this morning… Andrew Little Rug vs Nick Smith Rug… so funny, excellent cartoon 😀

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