Lockwood: unsurprisingly relaxed about global warming

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28 comments on “Lockwood: unsurprisingly relaxed about global warming”

  1. By the look things I’d say he’s more than relaxed. I mean jeez AYB, a little photo shopping could have saved my my eyes from that.

  2. BeShakey 2

    Now I know where National have been hiding all that policy they’re going to be releasing.

  3. monty 3

    Are you guys members of Rainbow Labour?

    I think you need to get a life sometimes. Surely your obsession with national Party MPs is at best sad, at worst – well desperate.

  4. Ari 4

    What if they are members of Rainbow Labour? Would that upset you?

    But yeah, come on guys, less creepy focus on the private lives of MPs- you did just call out someone else on that, remember. Enjoying the beach is a terrible way to make an ad-hominem on a climate sceptic, anyway. Much better is finding out that they have weird views of how science works, or simply don’t understand climate science.

  5. Tane 5

    I think ayb was taking the piss, Ari. This image is from a calendar released by Lockwood a while ago in his role as a politician. It was widely publicised at the time and was a source of great hilarity.

  6. frog 6

    This does seem to be walking along the same line you criticized other blogs for crossing recently though. I’m not even really sure what the point is you are trying to make, except to confirm the false stereotype that climate change is about warmer weather, rather than dramatically uncontrollable storms and droughts, environmental destruction and habitat loss.

  7. James Kearney 7

    I suggest you go and get a life Frog. It’s highly strung humorless types like you that give the Greens a bad name and why folks like me steer well clear of you and your dull party.

    I thought the post ws funny. It was lighthearted and topical and poked fun at a politician who should know better. Lockwood Smith put that picture on his own calendar and it was a laughed back then without any Green finger-wagging. So why the histrionics now?

  8. Wilson 8

    James I think you’re being unfair. If frog had actually seen the post Steady Eddy wrote about Kate have then I’m sure he would have made a more considered comment. I saw it and I can tell you there is no comparison between the two: those creeps lied and defamed and slandered Kate to try and end her career. There was nothing funny about it.

  9. James Kearney 9

    Perhaps, but I still think Frog was being a bit PC, for want of a better term.

    I mean how dry can you get? Crying about how a picture of Lockwood in speedos “confirms the false stereotype that climate change is about warmer weather, rather than dramatically uncontrollable storms and droughts, environmental destruction and habitat loss.”

    Give me a break.

  10. Ari 10

    I’m not sure I like the idea of making fun of a politician for what they look like in their swimming gear, regardless. I know I’d look pretty ridiculous, too, so… 😉

  11. AncientGeek 11

    Should have been filed under humour?

  12. Daveo 12

    You have to admire Lockwood’s physique for a man of his age- I hope I’m looking that good when I’m 60!

    VEry good post a_y_b, almost made me fall off my chair.

  13. Tane 13

    James, settled down and leave frog alone. I don’t want to turn this thread into a flame war. And hey, I happen to like the Greens.

    frog, to answer your question, the point of the post was to have a laugh. It wasn’t intended to be nasty in any way, or to make light of climate change. We can’t be serious all the time brother, and sometimes you have to give things the benefit of the doubt.

  14. r0b 14

    Thank you Tane. Speaking also as a big fan of the Greens, welcome Frog. I read your blog often. I wish you and your party well.

  15. Razorlight 15

    So its fine for you lads to have a laugh at someone elses expense but if someone on the right attempts to take the piss, it is personal gutter politics.

    Thats cool. Im just working out the rules you follow.

  16. all_your_base 16

    Cheers Tane etc, apologies for having neglected this thread.

    I don’t give a toss about Lockwood’s personal life but I did find the Speedo vanity shot pretty funny.

    Will upload the whole calendar shot to clear up any potential confusion about the source.

    Ancient Geek: as per your suggestion have also added the “humor” tag (though reluctantly, as Frog so rightly points out, climate change is no laughing matter)

  17. frog 17

    Sorry. My attempt at facetious humour around stereotypes – by talking about climate change in a moralistic way – obviously flopped.
    I did see steady eddy’s post, and you are right it is in a different league. But as a whole I think the NZ political blogosphere is getting unnecessarily more personally. And whatever your intentions towards Dr Smith with this post, it did seem to carry unintended cruel undertones.

  18. hmm 18

    The problem you guys have is that everytime you make a post like this and people complain you say “It was meant to be funny – stop taking everything so seriously”.

    But when other blogs do similar posts you jump up and down and say “it’s not funny” and or “it’s obviously just dog whistle politics”.

    If you’re going to a serious voice-piece for the labour movement it would help if you were consistent.

    And if you were really a serious voice-piece for the labour movement I thought we would have seen some comment from you guys on the major party of your movement shooting itself in the foot by not being transparent and breaching the Electoral Finance Act that it passed with loud rhetoric about restoring transparency to the NZ political scene.

  19. r0b 19

    So hmmm – so what “dog whistle” do you see in this case?

  20. Sam Dixon 20

    So, actually Frog was being funnier than everyone else but the humour just went over our heads. Sorry for not getting it Frog.

    It’s kind of like how the Greens have the best policy on lots of stuff but most people just think they’re weird.

  21. big bruv 21


    Some MIGHT think the Greens are weird however almost everybody KNOWS that Labour are corrupt.

  22. Matthew Pilott 22

    Please stop calling yourself ‘everybody’, bruv, it’s disturbing.

  23. ghostwhowalks 23

    Are there any photos ( in the public arena of course ?) of Lockwood Smith and his prize Bulls?

    There is the Blue Chip banner one of course, shown here

  24. Sam Dixon 24

    Speaking of Blue Chip, I see Doug Graham is tied up in Lombard,the latest dodgy finance company to hit trouble. What is it with National and dodgy money?

  25. ghostwhowalks 25

    National is allways a cheap date when it comes to corporate donations.
    But there is quite a list of former NP cabinet ministers and failed companies.

    Even Key was in with that Dairy Futures ? which had to shut up shop because the price of milk powder went through the roof.
    I think it was a sort of options play on the Future of Fonterra, just the thing for a wall st gnome. But no real basis to any of it

  26. ghostwhowalks 26

    Just musing about MR FEBRUARY in the above calendar.

    What are the hunks on the other months? Are there Firemen , League players ?

    Wonder if there are any pre school teachers or even old folks home on other months. Or Does Lockwood ‘not go there’

    Captcha denied nearby

  27. Scientists in the U.K. have reported evidence that further refutes one theory of global climate change.

    In the heated debate over global warming, there is an opposing idea, called the cosmic ray theory, which contends that climate change is simply caused by cosmic rays coming from the sun.

  28. Pascal's bookie 28

    Alec, Hi.

    I read something similar this morning.

    Are you talking about this?


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